Living room in a modern style: features of the planning room of 18 square meters. m

The living room is a room that is available in every dwelling: a high-rise apartment building, a private country house. It is rightfully recognized as the most functional and useful: not only the family members spend their time in it, but also their guests, friends and relatives. Today we will talk about how to beautifully and harmoniously decorate a hall of 18 square meters. m

Special features

Thanks to the widest range of various finishing materials and furniture items, modern owners of apartments and houses have the opportunity to decorate their homes in absolutely any way. Many of them currently prefer modern style in interior design.

An area of ​​18 meters is considered small, although in today's apartments there are also more compact halls (elongated, square).As a rule, living rooms of such dimensions are more often present in the "Khrushchev" and the stereotypical panel house.

The atmosphere of such an area should be carefully and carefully thought out, taking into account all functional areas and the necessary pieces of furniture. Modern interiors of private houses can be effectively beaten with various wall coverings, visually changing the layout. For example, with the help of wallpaper with vertical stripes you will visually lift the ceiling, and with the help of wide stripes you will make the room more elongated.

It is recommended to perform a futuristic ensemble more attractive and bright with the help of a large number of light sources.

The main feature of modern furnishings is a sufficient amount of light and neutral colors that need to be intelligently supplemented with natural and artificial lighting. For the most part in these settings there are parts made of metal, glass and plastic, which is a feature of modern stylistic solutions.

All the listed materials look great in a single combination, forming an original and thoughtful image of the room.Do not forget about glossy surfaces and objects ideally correct forms. Such elements are most often found in modern interior styles.

The combination of rooms

More recently, the combination of different rooms into one functional space seemed to be something non-standard and even wild. Today, such design solutions in one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are quite familiar. They are quite common, as they allow you to save space on your home and make it more useful.

Halls are often combined with a dining area, which is usually located in the kitchen, as well as sleeping and fireplace areas. Of course, the main role in such premises is played by the guest area with a sofa and armchairs.

Here it is important to correctly zoning so that the space does not seem overloaded and uncomfortable.

A dining table with soft chairs is a good solution for the living area. To have such furniture should be so that it does not interfere with the passage and does not have too impressive dimensions.

As for the bedroom in the hall, today this arrangement is considered to be quite comfortable and functional.For example, a budget option is the design in the living room of a small second floor in the form of a bed. It can be installed above the computer desk (if there is one in the room) or above the soft corner.

If your living room is 18 sq. M. m has a rectangular shape, which is a characteristic parameter for apartment buildings of the 137 and 606 series, it is better to expand it visually so that it does not seem cramped, especially if you combine different functional areas in this room. To do this, you can turn to pasting the narrow walls with wallpaper of light tones, and wide - darker.


Zoning is a design method for arranging all interior items, without which it is impossible to do in multi-tasking living rooms that combine the function of a recreation area, a bedroom, a kitchen and a work corner. The most common zoning methods that relate to the classics of space division are the following solutions:

  • Visually divide the area of ​​18 square meters. m can be using different finishing materials. They may vary in color and texture. The fireplace area should be relaxing and soothing, so you should decorate it with wallpaper of pastel shades or coatings with imitation of bricks, and the remaining walls should be plastered with contrasting tones.
  • A spectacular way to zoning are different floor finishing materials. Such techniques are especially common in studio apartments. If time and money allow, it is possible to design multi-level surfaces that are perfect for dividing a room.
  • Slightly less often the owners divide the space in the hall with the help of different shades of ceiling coverings.: A common option is a multi-level ceiling. It does not look harmonious everywhere, but not too deep a niche (without a sharp drop) with suitable lighting is quite suitable for a room with an area of ​​18 square meters. m
  • You can divide the available space with the help of light. For this purpose, spotlights or ceiling lights are suitable, the lighting of which will visually highlight and separate the different functional areas of the hall.
  • Today in the shops you can meet beautiful and useful partitions., with the help of which it will be possible to separate this or that area in the living room. Also, many people use woven screens to divide space.

Colors and decor

In modern style it is customary to use simple and concise colors, devoid of colorful prints or flower arrangements. The most harmonious and attractive in modern ensembles are all shades of white.They look rich and visually expand the space, making it fresh, bright and spacious.

On a snow-white background, decorative objects, painted in contrasting and rich colors, look particularly bright and saturated. For example, plastic red or yellow vases, black photo frames or thick blue covers on upholstered furniture will catch your eye, thus diluting the dull whiteness of the room.

In modern style, white paints can be combined with wooden surfaces, which are characteristic details of the classical direction.

The beautiful effect created as a result of such combinations is easily explained by the fact that white is easily combined with any textures and tones.

Sharp contrasts will look good in a modern living room. For example, it can be a bright combination of red and white, black and white, beige and dark chocolate or ashy, as well as other similar tandems. With the help of such paints you can make the interior of the living room dynamic and alive.

If you do not like such sharp contrasts, they cause you irritation, you should give preference to monochromatic surfaces.In the design of a progressive living room, you can use gray shades. However, they must be diluted with bright accents and chrome parts. Otherwise, the ensemble can be boring and bland.

In the stylish halls, executed in a classic style, you can use the following original decor items:

  • rattan or wicker clothes;
  • colorful vases of glass or painted plastic;
  • ready decorative fireplace;
  • curtains and tulle discreet colors (without bright patterns and colorful designs);
  • laconic floor carpets of calm and contrasting shades (they can also be used to visually divide the space in the hall);
  • mirrors on walls, pedestals, cabinets facades;
  • glass, metal and wooden objects of small size (figurines, vases, decorative figures).

Design Tips

Modern style gives owners the opportunity to experiment with courage and appeal to the most unexpected combinations. The main thing is to take into account the layout of the room and its location. For example, it is recommended to place furniture along the walls in the sitting room, leaving the central part of the room free, otherwise it will be inconvenient to move around. Let's get acquainted with some of the nuances of decorating cozy living rooms with an area of ​​18 sq. M. m


For the design of the walls in modern interiors, you can use the following materials:

  • liquid wallpaper;
  • stekloboi;
  • metallic wallpaper;
  • non-woven or vinyl (more dense than paper) wallpaper;
  • decorative and textured plaster;
  • monochromatic high-quality paints;
  • coverings that mimic stone or brick masonry;
  • brick or stone (suitable for strong and reliable walls);
  • plastic and plaster panels with embossed ornaments, or simple smooth versions;
  • wooden wall panels.

Designers recommend to give preference to finishing materials of gray and white shades. They can be diluted with dark brown, dark blue and black variants, select certain objects in the room (for example, a sofa or a table).


In the modern and sought-after modern style, the ceiling can be decorated in the following ways:

  • leave it just white (beige);
  • to build a multi-level plasterboard construction with recessed lights;
  • install stretch ceilings (glossy films);
  • to supplement the ceiling with LED strip around the perimeter or in certain areas;
  • in a multi-level structure, install a suspended ceiling in the center and equip it with lamps.

The color of the ceiling in the modern living room of 18 square meters. m can be pale peach, beige, cream, white, milky or pale yellow. It is interesting to look at the options in which white coatings are combined with black, forming a very original and bright contrast.

However, with such combinations, you need to be careful not to visually reduce the ceiling and not to make it low.


In the living room of modern style it is recommended to use the following flooring, which will not stand out from the general ensemble:

  • glossy or matte tile;
  • laconic and monophonic floor board;
  • The seamless semi-gloss or glossy laminate is black, white, ashen, dark chocolate or dark gray;
  • monophonic carpet.

Particularly impressive and original in modern living rooms look multi-level floors. With their help, you can make a zoning of space, give it a special look.

If you want to create a more expensive and luxurious ensemble, you should turn to floor materials that imitate granite or marble with its characteristic contrasting patches.Such coatings, as a rule, are expensive, but also look rich and presentable.

In the hall area of ​​18 square meters. m, you can safely combine different floor coverings in contrasting shades. For example, in the center of the room it would be nice to look beige tile or seamless laminate, and at its edges - a chocolate shade of this material. These design solutions look original.


It's no secret that in modern style futuristic pieces of furniture are often present. Many of them resemble unusual designs from the future, having not only ideal geometric, but also non-standard forms. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot put standard furniture in a modern living room.

In such ensembles the following items of furniture will look great:

  • low corner, round or straight sofas, as well as chairs upholstered in genuine leather, leather or leatherette;
  • cantilever suspended pedestals and tabletops without supports (such models are mounted on the wall);
  • tables and upholstered furniture with chrome and metal legs;
  • coffee and dining tables with glass worktops and chrome-plated supports;
  • high floor lamps, lamps with metal legs and base, bright shades, as well as trendy track lights with chrome-plated surfaces;
  • plain tables with glossy surfaces and fittings of shiny metals;
  • built-in wardrobes and shelves for books and decorative items.

Designers recommend placing a large number of various electronics and modern gadgets in such rooms.

Such details will be a great addition to the modern style.

Beautiful examples and stylish ideas.

Modern style is characterized by the fact that it is possible to combine monochrome and decorated surfaces with different prints. For example, a sofa and ottomans with checkered black patterns will look organically against the background of pale blue or white walls. In such an environment, bright cream niches with a TV compartment, built-in double lamps and compact metal chandeliers with chrome-plated surfaces will also be perfectly combined.

Contrasting colors in the modern hall is an interesting and bright solution. In such ensembles, you can have black and white or black and beige upholstered furniture, beige and brown cabinets with glass doors and shallow niches with dark chocolate edging with a TV compartment.Similar paints can be trimmed and the ceiling, making it layered.

For such interiors are the best recessed lights.

In modern designs, combinations of coffee, snow-white and blue shades look especially attractive and stylish. For example, against the walls of the color of coffee with milk and white ceiling, a white sofa with blue pillows will organically look, next to it you should install blue curtains and white tulle on the window.

The dining area, if there is one in the room, can be identified with soft peach wallpaper with white stripes. Put a white small table, chairs in such a place and hang hanging circular chrome lamps above them.

The living room in modern style can be finished with white wallpaper or plaster, one of the walls can be easily decorated with real brick coatings. For example, it may be the space behind a TV mounted on a wall. Put an angular sofa of a gray shade and a black open cabinet near his armrest in front of him.

Complete the harmonious ensemble with a beige floor carpet, live potted trees and a rounded ceiling chandelier with a glossy dark surface.

In the small living room, the sleeping area can be separated with white light screens. In a room with textured gray plaster and white floor, this solution will look very organic. You can dilute the situation with small niches with scarlet lighting and a leather black sofa with velvety decorative pillows. Place a glossy white laminate or tile on the floor to create a striking contrast.

See how to plan your living room in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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