Secrets of the design of the living room in bright colors

Creating a harmonious interior of the living room is a special topic, the knowledge of which will make it possible to arrange the space correctly. This room looks most advantageous in light shades of color palette. To understand what are the secrets of the living room design in bright colors, it is necessary to find out the peculiarities of the impact of these shades on a person, their relevance in a particular style, fashionable combinations with each other.

Special features

Living room is a special room of any home. It is she who unites households, is a central area for family gatherings, reception of guests, festive celebrations. This is a public space, emphasizing space in light colors is an appropriate design technique that fits all.

The effect of shades on the mood and well-beingis a scientifically proven fact: depending on the temperature of the tone chosen as the basis, it is possible to fill the space with freshness, warmth, and make the atmosphere of the hall at home cozy.

Bright shades of the situation under the force of a visual increase in the area of ​​the room. This concerns the height of the ceiling, the width of the walls. These colors can save the living room space from clear boundaries, even if they are complemented by rich contrasts.

The main rule for creating this interior is the dominance of one color in it, which can have several shades of different saturation, demonstrating the versatility of the chosen color.

A distinctive feature of these tones is the visual ability to give the room the right perspective. It is no secret that often the layout of the living room leaves much to be desired: ledges, curvature of walls, partitions, narrow doorways, small windows complicate the decoration of the room, are a barrier to creating an ideal environment.

Using the right light tone colors allows you to visually align the walls, align the projections with the main plane, make the windows and doorways larger.Using the desired tone, you can make the room volume, while free and not cluttered.


Making the living room bright shades has a lot of advantages:

  • This technique allows you to visually beat the lack of space, which is especially important in the premises of the small-sized plan;
  • able to convey the desired atmosphere of style through the texture or print of walls, furniture, lighting, additional furnishing accessories;
  • it has excellent aesthetic perception, it looks luxurious, premium and hints at the good taste of the owners of the house;
  • allows you to fill the room with light, which is especially important if the living room windows are located on the north side;
  • has a household and guests to relax, adjusts to rest, confidential conversation, friendly atmosphere, neutralizing stressful situations that have developed during the working day;
  • allows you to beat the shortcomings of the room's perspectives, passing them off by virtue (by emphasizing contrasting lining materials);
  • does not bother you for a long time, does not irritate the eyes, while unobtrusively zoning the space of the hall into separate functional areas (guest, fireplace, dining areas).

Light tones used in creating the interior, allow you to create different mixing textures of finishing materials. They are not limited in the choice of bright contrasts, provide a wide list of shades that emphasize the strokes, changing the visual perception each time along with the replacement of the shade of small elements of the decor, such as furniture covers, capes, cushions, carpets, wall lamps, picture designs.


With a lot of advantages, a hall decorated in bright colors has several disadvantages:

  • light colors of the color palette are impractical: to maintain cleanliness in this room, which is an area with high traffic, you need to do repairs more often, clean upholstery, carpeting, change wallpaper, wipe panels;
  • tones need the right choice, otherwise, instead of a mood for a positive, they will provoke boredom, develop depression;
  • operation of the furnishings of this interior should be careful and delicate: traces of accidental mechanical damage, children's creativity, food and drinks stand out well against a light background;
  • the materials planned for the creation of this interior composition must be selected thoroughly, choosing what is easier to wash and clean, not forgetting about removable covers or furniture capes, durable lamp shades, moderation of the carpet nap.


So that the interior of the living room is harmonious, it was pleasant to be in the hall, you should take note of a few tips from experienced designers:

  • based on the monochrome combination with the predominance of white color, bring cheerfulness to it by means of lively greens, without minimal color paints, this interior will quickly get bored;
  • Do not overload the room with an abundance of prints: the diversity of colors irritates the eyes; it will be uncomfortable to be in such a living room (having chosen a pattern on the walls, do not repeat it in the upholstery of furniture or curtains);
  • so that the room does not merge into a single spot, use bright contrasts in soft, muted shades of the color palette, positioning them moderately around the perimeter (in the color of the floor material, carpet pattern, lighting fixtures, the tone of the doorways, furniture decoration);
  • if the color of the wallpaper matches the tone of the furniture, buy a companion for them a couple of tones darker: so you can zone the guest space, while separating it from the wall;
  • do not tiling the walls to match the floor: the color of the floor should be at least two different;
  • try to avoid an abundance of cold colors: together with freshness, they change the friendly atmosphere to the cold of communication;
  • Be careful with the number of bright accents: purple, blue, purple tones compete with light shades, interrupting their importance;
  • To soften dark furniture on a light background, add to the interior ensemble an intermediate tone similar in color to dark.


Light shades used in the design of the living room can be used in a different style, it is a kind of classic of many design trends. They look great in a modern, classic and some ethnic interior styles. At the same time, they are irrelevant where one cannot do without creativity and richness: light tones are a kind of sophistication.

African, avant-garde trends, kitsch style are alien to them. Although in grunge they look perfect, even if the texture of wall coverings is an imitation of rough surfaces made in the form of light decorative plaster, masonry or brickwork.

Most of them are harmonious in such areas of design as:

  • minimalism;
  • classicism;
  • neoclassical;
  • vintage;
  • Provence;
  • antique style;
  • baroque;
  • Venetian;
  • Gregorian;
  • Greek;
  • Italian;
  • Contemporary
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Each area has its own characteristics, which are manifested in the moderation or pretentiousness of the furnishings, originality of finish, the relevance of certain materials.

For example, classical areas welcome the design of rooms in the spirit of palace ensembles with gypsum stucco and gold in the decoration of the ceiling, walls, furniture pillars, the presence of forged elements in bronze and compliance with the principle of specularity in the composition.

Ethnic stylistics are inherent elements of national cultures, which are manifested in the decoration of decorative accessories, drawings of paintings, ornaments, textiles.

Modern areas prefer a mixture of light modern materials, they are inherent emphasis on the functionality of each interior detail, so often in a small living room buy furniture-transformer.

Colors and decor

The rules for drawing up the interior composition are the use of three or four shades.This is exactly what is needed so that the living room does not look boring: the abundance of light spots without bright contrasting strokes is impossible: they emphasize the beauty of light colors, make them expressive. Tone is chosen as follows: two main contrast and one close to each. This allows you to mix in the same style cold and warm colors, to balance the desired temperature of the style.

The basis of the design can take natural and sunny colors: beige, cream, golden hues, ivory, diluted white sand and bleached green tone. To fill the room with air, you need to add a white shade to the color type of the interior.

Harmonious combinations, relevant today, are the combinations:

  • cream-colored walls, white ceiling, brown flooring, gray accessories;
  • light gray walls, white furniture, beige curtains, brown furniture accessories;
  • adding to the monochrome duet of white and gray shades of beige and sand colors;
  • white ceiling and floor lamp, light gray furniture, beige-colored pillows and coffee table, olive hue in the strokes of the accent wall, curtain textiles, projection of the ceiling area;
  • in the design of beige walls, flooring, white ceiling, light furniture and metal surfaces.

It is not necessary to take the lilac pink, powder paints as the basis for the style: they are good for the decoration of the bedroom, the nursery, but in the living room it is better to choose colors that are comfortable for all households.


Fashionable solutions for decorating the living room space are bright accents of central lighting: chandeliers with crystal and forging, the eaves of rooms, gypsum stucco with gold leaf, wallpaper print, the use of moldings and baguette in decorating the walls and ceiling of the apartment’s special room.

You can focus on upholstery textiles, covers, cushions or padded stools. The furniture, decorated with colorful capes, looks beautiful and elegant, creating a home-like atmosphere in the hall. Fabric can be textured, with elements of stitches, ruffles, ornaments, while it must be expensive and emphasizing the status of households (in priority velvet, wool, natural leather, silk, satin). Elements and color of the decor should overlap with each other, but they should not be many: it is important to create a feeling of spaciousness.

To make the interior beautiful and memorable, you should choose one bright accent of the decoration of the hall and two or three echoing it, but not interrupting its significance.For example, you can decorate a room with a beautiful chandelier with candles in several rows, complementing the lighting with wall sconces or a floor lamp with a floor lamp.

You can accent the light brown sofa, choosing to it two chairs in the shade of light oak wenge in a similar style with the same finish of the legs and armrests.

An interesting method of decorating is to use color: you can select the space with original textured wallpaper, repeat the shade in the decoration of the adjacent wall on the facade of the furniture and support it on the opposite accent wall in the color of the cushions against the contrasting background of the sofa.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The interior of the living room in bright colors of the color palette gives a lot of possibilities for design.

You can put a modular gray corner sofa with contrast decorative pillows along one wall, decorate the walls with beige wallpaper with lace patterns, emphasize the guest area with a glass table and light carpet, decorate the ceiling and walls with massive lamps with glass or crystal.

A room with columns and a bay window can be decorated with cream and gray-blue whitened tones, adding to the decor the white color of curtains, columns,floor covering and part of the ceiling, demarcating the space between the working (bay) and guest areas, using the same shades in each of them.

The living room combined with the kitchen and dining areas, made in beige and cream tones, looks original: using different lights for each functional space, you can achieve unobtrusive organization, while using different materials for each section of the hall.

If there is very little space, it is worth adding a mirror cabinet façade to the furniture, visually increasing the space, lighting up the room as much as possible, beating up the lack of space with stylish shelving and narrow functional furniture.

About how you can still create a living room in bright colors, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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