Features of creating an original living room design

The living room is the space in the house where you can not only dine with friends and relatives, but also socialize with your family, have a rest alone or take up a hobby. The design of the hall in the apartment should be approached especially thoughtfully.

It is important that the interior of the living room does not stand out from the general concept of the interior of the whole house or apartment, but it has its own zest and created a special comfort. You can stylishly furnish both a spacious and a very small living room: the main thing is to properly use the available space. It is important to choose the appropriate color finishes, lighting, furniture and accessories.

Room features

To make the interior of a living room in a brick or panel house harmonious, it is best to think in advance about the design project - only after that you can buy wallpaper, flooring or furniture.The nuances of design should depend primarily on the characteristics of the room.

Consider the following important points:

  • Spacious rooms of 15 square meters. m can be divided into several zones. This will be useful in large families - you can allocate space for each family member with the help of symbolic partitions or simply with the help of color finishes and lighting. In one living room it is recommended to make no more than four zones, and the best option would be two or three zones. They should differ slightly in design, but fit into the overall concept. By dividing the space into zones, you can organize a cozy corner for the rest of each family member.
  • If you plan to use the hall exclusively for its intended purpose - for receiving guests, it is possible not to select zones even in the spacious room. This decision is mainly for large apartments. At the same time, too free empty space can look uncomfortable, so accessories like carpets, pillows, rugs, photographs and paintings in frames, clocks, vases and jewelry boxes are especially important in this interior. They will make the atmosphere homely and original.
  • Small room is not desirable to divide into zones. The design of such a room should be as uniform as possible - this will allow you to visually make the room more spacious. Even if the room is medium in size, it is worth considering that, after placing the furniture, the actual living space will not be so much. Good lighting is important: panoramic windows and bright chandeliers will be a plus. Also look good glossy elements of furniture, mirrors and closed cabinets instead of open shelves.
  • The arrangement of the living room in the studio apartment should be approached creatively. Separating the living room area can be done in different ways - it is easier to do in a rectangular room and more difficult in square space. Depending on the situation, there are two options for allocating a living room in the studio. The first option is to make a living-dining room with a dining table and comfortable seating. The second option - to make the living room-bedroom, for this is usually enough coffee table and a wide comfortable sofa.
  • Sometimes they make a kitchen-living room from a large room in an apartment: such a room can be a walk-through or separate. Space is divided depending on your interests.If you like to cook, you probably need to allocate a lot of space for the kitchen, but if you want to use the room as a space for socializing, hobbies, reading and board games, you need to make a larger living area. The kitchen can be of different shapes - angular, rectangular and even island.

It can be separated with the help of furniture color and decoration, with the help of beams, arched structures, bar counter, or simply with the help of lighting.

Style selection

The style should not be chosen separately for the living room, but for the whole apartment as a whole - the living room furnishings should be combined with the other rooms. Depending on the style, it will be necessary to select interior solutions for the hall.

Consider the following options:

  • Classic and Baroque - This is a luxurious interior, referring to the atmosphere of noble mansions. At the same time, such an interior will not be a budget, and the severity of furniture and accessories creates a cold and detached feeling, and many in such interiors are uncomfortable. The advantages include the fact that such design options are designed in a bright range, thanks to which they visually expand the room,and also look truly luxurious and emphasize the status of the owner.
  • Colonial style - This is an interesting and original decision, which is now back in fashion. Furniture in this interior is mostly made of dark wood, and accessories are often purely decorative. Old books, maps, ship models, animal skins and landscapes in frames will decorate such an interior. This interior is interesting, but not too exotic, so it is quite suitable for a standard city apartment.
  • Modern minimalistic hi-tech - This is an option for young people who value simplicity, original design and new technologies. The furniture should have an unusual shape - usually it is made of plastic or metal. For the decor fit glossy surfaces, mirrors, glass, solid colors of unusual shades. In such a laconic style should be drawn up narrow small-scale premises.
  • Country style is in fashion now - even the owners of city apartments want to feel like a part of nature in their own home. The design of furniture and accessories in this area is usually as simple as possible.The main thing is high-quality eco-friendly materials, mainly wood. Due to the materials, such an interior can be expensive, but the investment will pay off, because high-quality parquet, textile wallpaper, wooden furniture and stone or ceramic accessories will delight you for many years.


  • Eclectic style can combine elements from the most different styles. It is this free and unusual design that is often chosen by the owners of modern apartments. The stained glass chandelier is adjacent to the modern plastic wardrobe, and the hanging indoor plants in Provencal style - with exquisite classic wardrobes and chest of drawers.

If you think up such an interior and choose things with taste, you can get a very interesting living room - it is within this style that you can best express your individuality.

Finishing materials

Decorating a room is exactly what it takes to start a renovation. Finishing options can be very different: having familiarized yourself with different materials and their properties, you will be able to choose exactly what will best allow you to express your idea.Sometimes the most common designs can look very stylish and interesting.


On the floor finish often pay little attention, but for the design of the living room is important.

Consider the following materials:

  • Parquet - This is the best finishing option, although costing such a floor will be quite expensive. In addition, natural wood can be scratched from furniture, so it will require special care. First of all, the parquet will appeal to lovers of eco-friendly materials, as well as connoisseurs of luxury.
  • If you want to save on repairs, the easiest way is to trim the floors. linoleum. In this case, linoleum is unlikely to be durable and does not look like a wooden floor. Among its advantages, it is worth noting perhaps the low price and variety of colors.
  • Now extremely popular floor finish laminate flooring - this is a moderately inexpensive material that really resembles a tree in its texture. At the same time, it is less demanding to care than the flooring, and also much more durable and environmentally friendly than linoleum. Design options can be different - from imitation of wood of natural shades to bright multi-colored boards or abstract and vegetable patterns.
  • Floor finish tiles rarely happens - this option is suitable for the living room unless you plan to do the floor heating. By itself, the tile is cold and it is unlikely that such finishing will be comfortable. At the same time, such a floor can look very stylish - a modern tile can be laid out even with a decorative mosaic.


Ceiling decoration is usually not very diverse. Most often, the ceiling in the living room is simply neatly covered with white plaster. If the rough finish is done inaccurately or the ceiling is uneven, you can stick thin blocks of foam or plasterboard. Finally, stretch ceilings can be made if space allows. Sometimes the ceiling is made colored or pasted over with wall mural, but such options are extremely rare.

In modern living rooms, especially if they are combined with a kitchen, bedroom or have several zones, various designs on the ceiling are popular.

Consider similar options:

  • Often beams are made on the ceiling.This is typical of country style, modern, colonial style and eclecticism. Beams are usually wooden, although various exceptions are possible: for example, beams made of plastic or metal.First of all, such constructions help to divide the space of a room without taking up extra space. In addition, the beams can be found and practical application - for example, place a hanging chair, hang a part of the room with tulle or fasten pots with indoor plants in the Venetian style on them.
  • Arches are also popular. The arched design can be placed instead of the entrance door to the living room, to delimit the space inside with the help of the arch, or to make it exclusively decorative, framing the door. With the help of arched structures, you can combine the space and divide it at your discretion. The arches are made of drywall, wood or plastic. They can also find practical application - for example, place several shelves along the arch.


The decoration of the walls in the hall is an especially fascinating and creative process. Now you can find a huge variety of colors and textures.

Consider the following fashion options:

  • Wallpaper still remains one of the most popular options for wall decoration in the apartment. Indeed, in the stores now you can find a huge variety of wallpapers for every taste, they are easy to glue on their own, and with proper gluing they will please you for many years.Most often choose between natural paper wallpaper and textured vinyl options that are less environmentally friendly, but look more impressive.

Also, textile wallpapers that resemble the texture of fabrics and give a special highlight to the interior have now become fashionable.

  • Painting the walls is also popular now. You can make smooth colored walls or give them texture - for example, now you can make volumetric strokes or small spraying. This unusual design perfectly helps to hide the flaws of the rough finish. Depending on the layout of your living room, you can combine one or more colors.
  • One of the new fashion trends is 3D wall design. You can make special lining on the walls of any shape, which will give the interior an unusual look. Most often, such three-dimensional elements are made of plastic or use drywall, which can also be painted in any color. The best of these experimental options are suitable for spacious rooms decorated in a modern style.
  • Malding - These are small decorative elements made of plastic, plaster or stone, which are applied to the walls. These can be frames or embossed patterns. Most often, moldings are left white and placed in classic interiors, but exceptions are possible.
  • Stucco molding is another fashionable wall decoration within the framework of a classic style. Mostly they are copies of famous sculptures made of plaster. Cost of such decor will be quite expensive, but the stucco looks really luxurious. At the same time, in the interior, remote from the classics or baroque, such design elements of the decor are unlikely to look organically.

Colors and prints

The colors in the interior of the living room should be thought out - it will depend on them the atmosphere in the room. The choice of color should take into account the design, layout and size of the room. If you select several areas in the living room, they can be decorated in different colors, but they must look harmoniously together.

When choosing a color, consider the following recommendations from designers:

  • Try to avoid monochrome white. Such a room can look uncomfortable, as well as in white color will be obvious all the shortcomings of decoration. The pure white colors of the walls are permissible except in classical interiors, but even there they are trying to diversify with embossed moldings and patches in pastel colors.White furniture in the interior can look good if it has an interesting design and is combined with colored elements.
  • For small rooms recommended light colors and light furniture with glossy facades. This color scheme will make the room look more spacious. You can choose both warm and cold tones. Their combination can also look good. If you have a finish in cold shades, you can diversify the furniture in warm colors and vice versa.
  • If you have a spacious living room, you can afford more saturated dark colors. Keeping the whole interior in pastel shades is not recommended - it can seem too monotonous and impersonal. It is recommended to combine saturated and light shades in the interior. So, bright blue can coexist with a translucent beige, purple will be an interesting combination with an olive tinge, and gray - with a rich brick color.
  • Especially popular now is wood furniture of natural colors. In small rooms it is better to take light options, and in a spacious room you can use dark wood furniture or combine several colors.

Now you can find options for decoration and furniture with a variety of prints.

Consider the most relevant of them:

  • Flowers and plant ornaments - This is a traditional option that fits well into almost any interior, giving it a special beauty and comfort. Such prints can be found on paper, vinyl or textile wallpaper, on carpets, on upholstered furniture, curtains, and sometimes similar painting can be found on cabinet furniture.
  • Unusual abstract ornaments now also popular in modern interiors. They can be presented in combination with more traditional patterns or without them. Most often, such prints have geometric shapes.
  • Oriental patterns - this is another trend. Most often they can be found on the wallpaper or carpets. You can join this fashionable trend even if you don’t want to withstand the whole interior in an oriental style - such prints can perfectly fit into the colonial style or eclecticism.
  • The placement of photos on separate panels or photo wallpapers has become popular. It may look very interesting, however, if you choose this option, it is worthwhile to think over the furniture layout in advance: it’s better that the photo does not overlap.


Illumination in interior design is often not paid due attention, but it is thanks to the correct light you can put accents in the decor of the room and divide it into several zones.

Consider some of the best ways to decorate a room with light for different types of living room layouts:

  • The only source of light will suit you in two cases: if the living room is quite small by the meter, or if it has panoramic windows facing the sunny side. It is best to choose a chandelier with three or more lamps. The design will depend on the rest of the interior - now you can find both traditional and fashionable modern options for any budget.
  • You can choose stylish options for additional lighting - mainly table lamps and floor lamps. They can be very interesting: of unusual shape, with textile inserts or with stained glass. Such things will become a highlight and a bright accent in your interior.
  • In the spacious living room, where you want to select several zones, you definitely need several sources of light. You can take two simple chandeliers and place them on different sides of the room, place the lamps around the perimeter, or combine one bright chandelier with small lamps for additional lighting.Well, if you can adjust the brightness of the lighting in the room - from the brightest to the dimmed light.

Interior items

Accessories in the setting of the hall play a huge role. With the help of small accents, you can adjust the design, diversify the interior and create a unique comfort. Interior items can be purely decorative or have practical value.

Consider the following items that can fit into your living room:

  • Carpet - This is not only a stylish accessory. It will allow to warm the floor and make your stay in the room more comfortable - especially, in the winter period. You can choose a classic carpet of cotton, wool or acrylic, a chic rug with a long nap that imitates the skin of an animal, or a fashionable mat now — a lint-free woven rug that requires minimal care. Sometimes they also make carpet flooring that covers the entire floor - usually it is a material with a short natural nap in dark shades.
  • Chests - These are useful things that fit into any version of the traditional interior. They can remove excess clothing or household items.Sometimes they can still function as benches - in this case the lid is a comfortable seat. The design of such chests can be very diverse, and under any interior will be able to choose a good option.
  • Now often in the living room is placed narrow, tall or round aquariums. They can be built into the walls or furniture, as well as stand alone. Aquariums look spectacular and give the room a special atmosphere. Some people are fond of breeding exotic fish, however, if you are not interested, you can simply make a decorative aquarium with beautiful algae, stones and snails. In size, such options can be very diverse.
  • Window decoration in the living room is very important. Now you can find interesting decorated cornices, which will become a bright accent in your interior. Also, special attention should be paid to the choice of curtains. Sometimes only thin tulle is hanged in the living room, although night curtains may be interesting to complement the decor of the room. In addition, if there are sleeping places for guests or children in the hall, you should definitely hang up thick curtains - simple monochrome variants and models with prints, frill and fringe are in fashion now.
  • Stylish Vases can significantly decorate the interior.Depending on the design of your living room, you can choose interesting options from stone, metal, plastic, glass or ceramics. Vases can be put on the table, on the shelves or even on the floor.
  • Candles in candlesticks - This is another interesting element of the decor. Now you can find a variety of candles - white, red, black or multi-colored, they can be of any shape and size, and also have the smell of aromatic oils. It is also worth choosing a stylish candle holders for them. For classic interiors and interiors in the modern style, metal models are suitable, in a country-style apartment, ceramic models can look good, and budget-friendly plastic options will fit into modern interiors.

If your interior is monotonous and it lacks bright spots, you should definitely consider all kinds of candles in candlesticks.

Try to furnish the living room according to your tastes, needs and hobbies - only this way the space will become truly comfortable and habitable. If you are doing music, you can place a piano in the room; if you are passionate about needlework, it’s worthwhile to make room for it. Books, music CDs, photo albums - all these things will make your interior special and individual.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Regardless of your preferences, needs and budget, it is important that all things in the living room are harmoniously chosen. Sometimes you can furnish a room simply and tastefully, and sometimes create a luxurious interior.

Consider the following options and examples of good design:

  • If you have a limited budget, you should not choose a classic style in the interior. You are more fit eclectic and Provencal style. In such interiors, much can be done with your own hands - for example, you can sew curtains, pillows and blankets, as well as weave baskets for storage and pots for indoor plants. The creative process will be enjoyable and exciting, and the result will surely please you.
  • In a one-bedroom apartment you can combine the zone of the bedroom and living room. If the area of ​​the room is small, a wide and comfortable folding sofa is best for this. On it you can spend your time with guests, and then decompose and use instead of a bed. If the room is large, you can select two zones - one with a TV and armchairs, and the other with a bed. Zones can be divided using arches, beams, screens or curtains.
  • In the classic interior priority is given to luxury and restraint.Such a space can be difficult to make comfortable. This will help small accessories - try so that they do not stand out from the general style, but at the same time made the situation more fresh and diverse. These can be vases, candlesticks, flowerpots, rugs or pillows.
  • If you chose an eclectic design, try not to make the interior too colorful. As a basis for design, it is recommended to take no more than two or three shades, the other colors can be except bright accents. For example, in an interior in pastel colors, bright and dark accessories will look good. If you made a bright finish of the walls, you should choose furniture in muted colors.
  • Interior country style can sometimes seem overly simple. To make such a living room more interesting, you can add decorative elements - electric fireplaces, brickwork on the walls and carpets imitating animal skins look good.
  • The minimalist modern interior often turns out to be too empty and pale. To concise design looked advantageous, it is important to use interesting and non-obvious color combinations in your interior.For example, instead of a cool shade of gray, it’s worth taking a warm one, and combining it is not with black and red, but with purple and beige. It is worth avoiding pure colors, preferring complex composite shades.
  • Very interesting can look combined kitchen-living room with a bar. It will help to divide the space and make the room comfortable and cozy. Usually in such layouts a lot of space is allocated for the living room area, and the kitchen is minimal.

In any living room it is important that the room has a semantic center around which the rest of the interior will be organized. This can be a TV, piano, fireplace or aquarium. The main area will be occupied by upholstered furniture around the semantic center. And aside, you can select a separate small zone or several zones with the help of colors and lighting.

Tips interior designer, how to choose a style for the interior, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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