Choosing beautiful and stylish paintings for the living room

If you do not know how to decorate the living room, then choose paintings. Fortunately, now you can find an option for any style that will look organically in the interior of the room.

Special features

The pictures are good because they do not occupy free meters. All space can be used at your discretion. The wall is still not used in any other way, which means that it can be occupied with paintings of different sizes. They even help you to hide some kind of defective, unevenness or stains, for example. Just hang a picture of suitable size, and you do not have to re-paste the wallpaper.

One more important plus is that the paintings are presented in a different price category, which means that everyone will be able to find something to their liking and not exceeding the budget.

You can buy as a creation of a young author, which, perhaps, after a couple of years will be ten times more expensive, or you can do with a reproduction of Van Gogh or Monet.


For the hall, you can choose different pictures, or even use your own photos or drawings.


First, the paintings in the living room can be made of different materials. This applies to the canvas and paints. Artists paint both on plain paper and on tapestry fabric, and on wooden planks. But the traditional option still remains simple oil paintings on canvas.

As for the paints, the most vivid are the canvases painted with acrylic or oil. More delicate images are obtained when working with watercolor. In the monochrome interior, pictures painted with ink or pencil look good.

Now also various posters or images printed on a 3D printer are popular. They look unusual and perfectly decorate a nursery or a room in a modern style.


Large or small apartment - this is also important.

The principle of choice, as a rule, is very simple: the larger the room, the larger the size of the painting that is chosen to decorate it.

You can also use interesting modular pictures. They represent a single image, divided into several parts.However, instead of modular pictures in the spacious room you can always hang a few small ones, creating an interesting composition.

But for a small room it is better to find a small picture in a neat frame.

With the help of a properly selected image, you can even change the appearance of the room. To do this, select the canvas in the living room with a vertical pattern. But the image with horizontal patterns will make the room visually wider.

Colors for living room

It is also important to choose the right color scheme. Most often, the picture is just a subject of decor, so all other details should be adjusted to it, and not vice versa. The picture should be combined with furniture, wallpaper and curtains. It is especially important to consider the color of the wall on which the picture hangs. You can choose an image that seems to be part of this background, or you can use the canvas as a bright accent against a beige wall background.

What you should not do exactly is to hang a bright picture on a too bright or, on the contrary, dark background. It will be invisible and unremarkable in this case.

If you can not decide what color range to choose to decorate the room,stop on black and white or pastel. In almost all cases, this decoration will fit into the interior of the room as well as possible.

Style and decor

Portraits and landscapes are suitable for interior decoration in almost any style. For each of the areas it is customary to choose your own details.


If you choose minimalism, then you will like bright abstractions or stylish modular options. You can also select an image where there is a recognizable object on a plain background. For example, a sprig of orchids or a tulip in a vase. The image can be drawn in detail as well as a simple abstraction.

Also, monochrome images or the same discreet photos perfectly fit into this style. They look good and in the ascetic bright room, and against the background of a bright wall.


Despite the popularity of paintings in modern style, the classic remains relevant. If you appreciate the old school and academic art, you can decorate your living room with one of the reproductions of classic paintings. Or just pick a simple and clear image of the forest or the sleeping city.

And so that the image fits into the interior in a classic style or modern style, then it is worth choosing another suitable frame. For example, wooden or decorated with gold or pattern.


In a loft-style room, bright images in pop art style look interesting. They are colored, visible and recognizable at first sight. And instead of buying an expensive picture of Marilyn Monroe, simply purchase a stylish poster or poster.

Well in a spacious studio and look different landscapes, painted in oil or watercolor. Against the background of a brick wall, such a bright color stain looks organic.

If you live in a studio with a living room in a loft style, you can decorate your room with bright paintings painted by hand. Unleash your inner artist and create something bright, despite the rules and restrictions.

Such a color picture will attract attention and become a bright and original interior decoration.

Scandinavian style

Many people like the Scandinavian style. Decorate the living room with a bright interior and wooden furniture with stylish flower landscapes, pictures of the sea or flowers. And to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of cold Scandinavia, the walls can be decorated with images of fjords, glaciers or northern forests.

Which one to choose?

When choosing a style plays an important role.So, in a room decorated in the English style, a picture in the “Classic” style would be best to look at, and in a half-empty living room it is better to hang simple pictures without an abundance of traced details.

Be sure to consider the size of the room, as well as the combination of canvas with furniture. For example, to make the sofa seem bigger, you can hang several small pictures above it.

Designer Tips

Choose a picture for the living room is not so difficult. It is much more difficult to combine several images in one living room at once.

The easiest move is to compose a composition from different pictures. They can be made in different techniques, but at the same time should be combined with each other.

If you hang several author's pictures, it is better to place them next to each other. You can also buy the same frame for them.

Choosing reproductions of famous paintings, pay attention to the quality and elaboration of details. Even an inexpensive reproduction should not look like a frank cheap.

A mistake is mindless hanging pictures in the living room. Before you make a composition of them, think over it and consider how the placement of paintings will change the perception of the interior.

Large pictures, for example, are recommended to hang at a decent distance from each other.

This is done so that you can see each picture separately, and the images on them are not merged. Modular pictures are an exception.

If you want to hang only one picture, then some bright image placed in the center will do. And in order to fill the empty space, it is worth, on the contrary, placing several pictures on the wall.

You can also choose images, focusing on their topics. For example, above the dining area there is a place for still lifes with fresh fruit, and a place to relax will decorate the landscape, which is worth choosing in color.

Before you hang a picture in your living room, take into account all these little things, check whether the image is suitable for the topic, and whether it will complement the interior well, and not look like a foreign object in the room.

Beautiful examples and options

A beautiful picture can serve not only as decoration in an apartment, but also as a useful tool for zoning a space or hiding certain problems.

For example, if the apartment has one of the walls darkened, or the whole room seems too gloomy, you can slightly revive the interior with the help of light detail.Such an example will appeal to all those who do not want to live in a small dark room.

You can also dilute the solid interior with a bright accent, for example, an impressionistic canvas.

An unusual design solution can also be called an “art wall”. This move is used by many art lovers. In this case, the entire wall is decorated with images from the ceiling to the floor. It is best to choose products in the same theme, or in the same color scheme.

If you plan to hang the canvas in the interior, stylized as a classic, it is better to choose the standard version of the location of paintings. In the classic interior, the pictures are hung symmetrically and neatly. The best location is above the sofa. As for the paintings themselves, then fit the portraits or landscapes, which are written in oil.

If after placing one picture the wall seems empty to you, then you can supplement it with several more smaller pictures.

Many do not want to decorate their room with a picture, because for this they will have to make a hole in the wall. This can be avoided if you just put a picture on a shelf or table. In this case, the principles of choice are the same.

Those who know how to create beauty with their own hands, you can hang in front of everyone a beautiful handmade pattern.

Even if you cannot draw like a professional, you can always create a simple abstraction on paper. Well, or entrust this business to your child.

Now there are many talented creators who constantly create bright works of art worthy of decorating your living room. Choose whatever you like and use to decorate the interior. The room will immediately sparkle with new colors.

How to choose the right picture for your home, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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