Create a stylish interior of the kitchen-living room

Lack of space or the original construction of the dwelling (in the “studio” format) often force people to put up with the combination of kitchens and living rooms. But this does not mean that you just have to agree on the kind of builders given them, the possibilities for elegant decoration are much more than it seems. You just need to know them all and be able to apply.

Special features

The interior of the kitchen-living room is becoming more popular from year to year, because the combination of these rooms allows you to simultaneously expand the space and give it maximum individuality. In a combined room can be used as a classic low-key style, and modern solution, when the emphasis is on the openness of space.

It is difficult to perform in one part of the room a specific format.and the other is the opposite. Only professionals can implement such a plan correctly and adequately, without violating the canons of design.

Speaking about the merits of merging kitchens with living rooms, we should mention the appearance of a wide, fully open room, which is easily divided into certain functional parts. Creating closely located dining and working areas can significantly reduce unnecessary movement around the house, making culinary manipulations not so tedious. Right in the process of working on lunch, dinner or breakfast, it will be possible to talk with other family members. But remember that you will need to buy household appliances, creating the lowest possible level of noise.

In the studio, the connected rooms are already present from the very beginning, but in the “Khrushchev's” apartment we will have to demolish the intermediate wall. It is important to know that this kind of manipulation requires permission to be obtained, otherwise redevelopment is considered unauthorized and punishable — a large fine or even eviction.If instead of extracting the maximum benefits from the living space you want to make rational use of the large space of the cottage, you should think about a combined dining room. With proper implementation of the plan, it will be possible to create an attractive, full of air and freshness room, pleasing both the hosts and guests.

Merging the kitchen with the hall is a serious decision, and with all the advantages that have already been discussed, it should be remembered about possible problems. For example, in Europe and the USA, where such a move is widely used, the houses are mostly heated by ready-made semi-finished products, and not engaged in a full cycle of culinary work. Even a very powerful extractor will not eliminate all odors, they will still reach distant corners of the room. In addition, a jointly assembled kitchen and hallway will get dirty as intensely as an autonomous kitchen room. And due to the large size of the territory, it will be harder and longer to restore order than we would like.

An alternative solution is a partial combination of two rooms, when the partition is dismantled approximately to the middle (in height or in length). The resulting space allows you to organize interestingzoning using drywall sheets; in other cases, a screen, a sliding structure, a bar stand, or simply an elegant curtain can help divide the functional areas.


In addition to general considerations, the design of the kitchen-living room also needs to take into account specific style considerations.

The Scandinavian format allows you to solve several problems simultaneously:

  • increase the space in the room;
  • create a larger workspace;
  • select a site for a solid table;
  • organize all this territory as cozy and comfortable as possible.

It is permissible to use rectangular arches for visual separation of the kitchen and living areas; It is very important that these rooms do not merge with each other. The Scandinavian style is characterized primarily by the maximum introduction of light colors into the interior, the intensive use of natural materials. At the same time, no designer will deny himself the pleasure of using bright decorative objects. Contrary to popular belief, the predominance of white paint makes the kitchen relatively resistant to pollution, the room ceases to be brand.

An important advantage of this color is its compatibility with many other colors, which allows you to experiment without violating the Scandinavian canon.

No less attractive can be neoclassical. The release of space is achieved through the use of built-in equipment, the use of relatively narrow upper cabinets. One of the walls is most often made accent, covering with wallpaper or another covering with a not too bright ornament. You can use figurines, small vases to decorate the space. It is easy to add the motives of minimalism to this or to any other style, one has only to choose furniture with laconic geometry and not too flashy colors.

Classic interior kitchen combined with guest space is appropriate in almost all cases; if you do not know which option to choose, stop on it. Extremely clear lines, expensive furniture made of natural wood, the elimination of unnecessary parts and decorations, undoubtedly, will appeal to many people. In situations where you want to combine the classics and modern motifs, to achieve high practical qualities, it is recommended to choose a loft.

Format high tech it is distinguished by expressive straight contours, an abundance of glass and metal structures, preference for appliances of household appliances hidden inside furniture products. A certain number of spotlights emanate light on all this magnificence.

Color solutions

The color of the kitchen-living room is extremely important, it is this parameter that largely determines their perception. If, for example, you lay the floor with gray ceramic granite, combining it with metal facades of household appliances, plumbing fixtures and fixtures, you get a very attractive solution.

In most cases, they are still trying to create a visually monotonous interior. If several colors are used at once, they should be harmoniously combined. Since the kitchen is usually smaller than the living room, it should be made brighter, for example, a dark blue or other saturated colors.

But the part of the room where you will relax should be decorated in the most calm tones that do not provoke negative emotions.

Light colors help to solve such an important task as the visual expansion of space. White paint can be quite diverse, varying its shades, it turns out to create quite an interesting and fresh look.The original move is to combine white tone with cream, brown and sand colors, sometimes purple color is added to them.

Decor items

Decorative elements can play the role of both an external accent and a component that unites the whole room. In the latter case, try to keep the framework of the chosen style as accurately as possible. The introduction of a round chandelier just above it, and ideally above the dining table itself, will help focus on the autonomy of the dining room. Ceiling lights can also act as visual spacers, especially when flooring has the same role.

The number of combinations with a fireplace is relatively small.: he either divides the territory into functional areas in the same way, or acts as the main organizer of it. An alternative to the old-fashioned hearth is a large TV or other attractive-looking item.

Finishing ideas

The kitchen area can be visually emphasized by the box located on the ceiling; inside this box is often placed the backlight. If you place the structure on the entire perimeter of the room,it will become a visual link. Venetian plaster can be used to cover walls, and sometimes ceilings, in connected rooms. But still more familiar are the other options.

In the kitchen part it is required to use only such materials that are not exposed to the harmful effects of water, chemically active detergents, fats and soot. Most often you have to choose between ceramic tiles, ceramic granite, natural and artificial stone. The guest fragment of the kitchen-living room is much more free; there one can be guided by one's own tastes, design considerations. Laminate, carpet, linoleum are widely found; better off people sometimes elect floorboards. On the walls they lay tiles, stick all kinds of wallpapers, use varnishes, paints and enamels.

Try to ensure that the overall style of the space is identical in all the main zones, on all surfaces of the room. Trendy and stylish tones of 2017–2018 are not limited to light shades; bright blue tones will look attractive too. In addition to color combinations, you should think about which textures will be used in a particular case, they are very diverse with many decorative materials.

How to choose furniture?

Catalogs of Ikea and other furniture stores provide many opportunities to select suitable products. But it is necessary to take into account the basic principles and points, so as not to be mistaken. In the dining area it is recommended to put not too large tables and soft chairs, thereby achieving genuine comfort. A low-hanging chandelier will help make the space more elegant.

The limitation of the recreational part may be a sofa; in this case, the corner variants are especially good.

Decorating countertops and bar racks with an oak plank makes them much more attractive and luxurious than simple options. Where it is necessary to place a full-size folding table, it is recommended to use furniture arranged in the shape of a letter G. Often, designers use furniture that looks like a designer to design kitchens and living rooms; if the space is not only common, but also as open as possible, experts believe that corner sets are the best solution.

The color of the headset is absolutely impossible to do so that would not be combined with the color of other furniture. The tonality of the facade may be identical to the color scheme of the walls (and then the furniture seems to be "lost sight of"), and may be sharply contrasted with respect to it.If the overall layout of the apartment - studio, the most attractive will be the glossy facades.

Options for different houses and apartments

For a country house and apartment, decorated in a similar style, it is very good to use ceiling beams. A more aristocratic interior requires appropriate design elements, among which bay windows attract attention. It is inappropriate to use them in city apartments, because too many permits will be required, sometimes they can prevent alterations in the supporting wall at all.

In a small apartment, an attractive solution is the combination of a living room and a kitchen without demolishing partitions; To avoid the need to agree on such a step, simply remove the door and replace it with a stylish arch. But surely one that opens up a broad perspective and a free overview of the kitchen space from the living room, and the guest space from the kitchen. Consider that in a small apartment stylistic and furniture novelties do not always look good, if you cannot understand whether they are permissible - consult with experienced designers.

The differences between the Russian approach to the combined kitchen and living room from the European (American) one should not be ignored.Immediately decide whether you need to erase the boundaries between parts of the room to the end, or it is better to leave clearly marked lines separating the functional areas from each other. The conditional division of space is achieved, for example, thanks to the kitchen "islands", especially if their different faces are decorated in accordance with the fragment of the room to which they are turned.

Important: in a house equipped with a gas stove, a complete demolition of the wall between the kitchen and adjacent rooms is prohibited by safety rules. Designers often get out of position, applying part of the design under the bar, and at the same time leaving a semblance of a doorway.

Such a move will help and increase the illumination, and clearly observe the territorial division.

Projects under the area

We characterize several projects design kitchen connected to the living room.

If the total area of ​​the dwelling is 30 square meters. m and more, it is still desirable to combine not only the kitchen and living room, but also the loggia (balcony); By creating a common space out of them, you can make life more comfortable and expand opportunities for experimentation. Kitchen size 8-10 square meters. m will look good with a clear zoning.

When the total space is very large (the area is 20 sq. M, 21, 25) the distinction is also important, so that the functionality of each part is favorably emphasized. The idea of ​​the difference between them is due to the use of dissimilar floor coverings.

A 16 meter long room can be finished in the Scandinavian style:

  • if its parts are continuous, it is recommended to concentrate all the furniture on one of the sides;
  • kitchen set most often put in the form of the letter D;
  • it makes sense to choose a built-in refrigerator and a large height case (hiding all the necessary equipment);
  • they refuse from the upper cabinets, otherwise not too much territory will be overflowed, completely open shelves will act as a replacement for them.

With an area of ​​15 and 17 square meters. m approach will be about the same.

We create furniture for the room

If you want the house to have a square living room, and it does not quite meet this requirement, you can move the front door, then the similarities will increase. When the square is created or is available initially, you can safely install even bulk furniture.

The rectangular kitchen-living room does not look too attractive, but there are a number of ways to decorate it more elegantly, to smooth out disproportions.Begin work with the formation of the most detailed sketch, which will display all the pieces of furniture and all the aisles, marked the distance between them.

Important: do not leave passages less than 0.8 m, they are completely impractical and even outwardly look very bad, it seems that the room is overloaded. In rectangular rooms, it is imperative to clearly highlight a certain object that will concentrate all attention and serve as a semantic organizer of space.

Beautiful examples

Bright, friendly kitchen-living room is ideal for any country house, with rare exceptions. Light yellow walls and a ceiling with an abundance of white stripes, snow-white furniture, many light sources will underline this idea. On one of the walls can be placed attractive photographs and small paintings, collected in the accentual species group.

And then the designers were clearly inspired by the idea of ​​the most natural housing. A huge room with a staircase almost all framed by light wood. The only exceptions are floor mats and a few accessories. The windows of strict geometric configuration look solemn and festive.An excellent combination with a white sofa are several multi-colored pillows; the staircase is set off by ornamental objects placed along it.

The kitchen-living room in the country can at first cause bewilderment over the overflow of space. In fact, it is used quite competently and clearly. Developers pay tribute to naturalness, abundantly using wood and stone, putting a small plant in front of the fireplace and a larger one to the left of it. The whimsical configuration of the ceiling, where pleasant yellowish boards can be seen behind the white decor, holds the same thought.

In the small kitchen-living room one has to unwittingly bring everything closer together, so here, the sofa is distant from the kitchen furniture and the stove is just enough so that you can freely pass. White and black colors are set off by the green recess of the kitchen part of the room. The main lamp - on the ceiling, round shape, with a nice black rim, gives a cool white light. Lighting devices of a more attractive appearance are hung directly above the working area.

How to combine the kitchen with the living room, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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