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In the new house or apartment, the first place where repairs and upgrading takes place is the kitchen. The owners have a serious task: how to arrange it so that it meets the needs of all the household. In addition, the size of the room dictate their own rules. And it is very difficult to determine the design and style, especially when it comes to the joint area - the kitchen-living room. In this article we will analyze the most appropriate interior styles for such a room.


Today, designers skillfully combine many styles. Bold experiments allow you to create a multifunctional, comfortable, in terms of ergonomics, and, most importantly, stylish, not devoid of individuality space. Using different features of different styles is much more interesting than sticking to any one.

Modern kitchens can be organized by fusion or eclectic style., they combine in themselves many areas, such as loft, eco-style, modern, chalet, contemporary and even marine or 60s style. Eclecticism combines the incompatible, this applies not only to materials and objects of different styles, we are talking about objects from different eras. Fusion has the same concept and combines not only styles, but also cultures, mixes bright colors, different textures and materials.

Nevertheless, sometimes you want a single and holistic space. Consider the modern style so popular today for the kitchen-living room.


In modern modernity, little remains of its historical appearance.

The main distinguishing features are still there, they include:

  • a set of clear geometric lines with smooth;
  • the presence of a large number of modern technology and gadgets;
  • smooth glossy surfaces;
  • almost complete lack of textiles;
  • minimum decor;
  • functionality.

The Art Nouveau-style kitchen is the perfect solution for a small room. Space will be given to it by the glossy glossy surfaces of the façade of the kitchen set, which do not burden the decorative details and the neutral color scheme.The kitchen set itself can be clear and straight, or it can be asymmetrical. For example, the corner set is rounded off at the corner, which is convenient from the point of view of saving space and security (no sharp corners).

Initially, this style was distinguished by the high cost of furnishing.but, despite this, now we can afford to add furniture to the interior of any material - wood, glass, metal, even plastic. Multi-colored chairs of unusual shape made of plastic will be the highlight and accent of the kitchen. Light colors predominate in the color palette, but they can be diluted with bright accents. Often the accents are the facades of the kitchen set, they can be made in several colors.

Like the surface of the entire headset, the apron and the table top should be smooth and shiny. Tabletop and apron are made of the same material as the facades - MDF or plastic, coated with acrylic, varnish or film. But the apron can also be made of frosted glass or with a bright contrasting pattern.

Previously, a soft, muffled light prevailed in modernity, now we appreciate the well-lit spaces. Therefore, the replacement of one chandelier came spotlights around the ceiling.


The ethnic styles in design include such styles as Mediterranean, English, Italian, Moroccan, Oriental, American. They are united by a culture and tradition. Let us consider in more detail one of them for the interior of the kitchen-living room.


The style originated during the reign of Queen Victoria in the XIX century, absorbed replicas of the most luxurious baroque and rococo styles with their gilding and stucco. As well as the colonial style of immigrants.

Distinctive features:

  • furniture made of natural wood, preferably antique;
  • the presence of Oriental motifs both in decoration and in decorative objects;
  • discreet color scheme;
  • high-quality and expensive textiles.

The kitchen-living room in this style is furnished with a white-dairy set of solid wood with paneled facades and gold-plated handles. The table top and sink are made of natural stone, and the apron is made of Spanish ceramic tiles with an oriental pattern or white brick. By the way, any household appliances harmoniously fit into such an interior, the hood is drawn into the portal. The dining room is made of natural wood, the chairs are covered with expensive textile material with patterns to match the walls.

For the decoration of the walls choose patterned expensive wallpaper or fabric, in cases of limited budget - paper wallpaper. Ornament usually from strips or flowers. The ceiling is whitewashed with an elaborate chandelier, framed by stucco, and the same eaves around the perimeter. And on the floor only polished parquet or granite with high wooden plinths.

The color scheme is usually in beige, sand, gold and light gray colors with a predominance of dark or mahogany. The decor is porcelain figurines, dishes, paintings in expensive baguettes and vases.


Historical trends are so ancient that they have many centuries, and they managed to undergo changes more than once. But they are still characterized by natural materials - country, rural colonial. And the demonstration of luxury - art deco, baroque, classic. Consider one of them.

Country music

For the kitchen-living room is best to choose a country style. This rustic style comes in different versions - Russian, English, American, Italian.

There are common features that unite them:

  • natural materials for furniture, decoration and decor;
  • furniture and decor items, made as if with their own hands;
  • deliberate aging or wear in the elements of the situation;
  • the prevalence of the natural color palette;
  • the predominance of natural ornaments - flowers, patterns, peas;
  • a lot of textiles.

The kitchen set, despite the fact that it is made of solid wood or veneered chipboard or MDF, should give the impression of lightness. Therefore, for this style, the upper cabinets are replaced with open shelves. These shelves are decorated with beautiful dishes, in the case of Russian country - Gzhel.

Facades, usually paneled, natural wood or white. The tabletop, like the whole set of wood, and the apron of ceramic tiles with an ornament. The dining group is also made of wood, but the chairs can be wicker or wrought, of different colors.

In the decoration of walls using painting, wooden wall panels, ceramic plate, wallpaper with floral patterns or plaster. The ceiling is whitewashed, can be decorated with wooden beams. Kitchen-country should be bright. Prefer light shades of green, brown, olive, beige and cream. It is decorated with textiles, knitted napkins, linen tablecloth, variegated blankets and blankets, chintz curtains.

What style to choose?

We considered three popular styles from different directions, you can choose any of them for the kitchen-living room.

However, the choice depends on the following factors:

  • room space;
  • redevelopment options;
  • budget opportunities;
  • functional load (whether the kitchen will be a place for a snack or I will constantly cook there).

Interesting ideas of interior design

Typical for modern smooth rounded lines and glossy facades in rich cherry color.

Modern, but with the direct geometry of the kitchen set.

English style dairy kitchen with paneled facades and a portal under the hood.

A beautiful example of English-style cuisine with a chic chandelier decoration above the table.

Bright spacious kitchen with an abundance of textiles, wood and stone.

Aerial blue kitchen with imitation stove around the stove.

What style of kitchen to choose, see below in the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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