Kitchen-living room in the Scandinavian style: interior design ideas

Today, apartments with a combined kitchen and living room have become increasingly common. It is convenient and practical for small apartments. To make the room seem even smaller, you need to choose the right style. In this case, the Scandinavian style is suitable: one of the most practical, functional interior styling solutions.

Special features

Scandinavian design ideas have their own characteristics:

  • White color and pastel palette. The first thing that catches your eye is the light design of the room. Thanks to him, the area increases and becomes lighter. That is why designers like to use this style for small apartments and rooms.
  • Natural materials in the design of the apartment itself, furniture and decorative items.
  • Abundant lighting.This style is characterized by a lot of lighting (natural and artificial). Do not worry that the room can not be done in the Scandinavian style, if it does not have large windows: for this you can use wall, floor and ceiling lights.
  • The lack of many decorative details: need space and air.
  • The severity of the lines and the presence of correct forms. It is unacceptable to clutter the apartment with furniture of various volume designs.
  • Proper division of space. This is especially noticeable in the design of the kitchen-living room, where a bar counter or an imitated wall with columns can divide two functional zones.
  • The functionality of each thing. In the apartment, each thing lies in its place and is responsible for its function. The interior is difficult to see useless items.

Such features allow the style to be popular not only in the northern countries, but also in the Central European region. This style is one of the popular stylistic solutions of modernity.

Color design

The use of a single white color in the interior can create an atmosphere of an operating room or a hospital ward, which in itself is unacceptable in an apartment.Therefore, white color is easily combined with other shades. It should not be forgotten that the base is a light scale (beige, milky, light blue, pale pink shades and ivory).

Allowed smooth growth of one color to another. For example, the ceiling in the kitchen may be white, which turns into a beige or cream color in the living room.

In the kitchen-living room the optimal shades for the design of furniture, structures and walls with a ceiling are gray, steel, pale blue colors, the color of fresh green. For lovers of bright color, you can use it in detail and as an addition to the main range.

For example, a bright motley carpet will look good in a white or dairy kitchen. And yellow chair covers will add light to the gray, beige interior of the kitchen-living room. In the choice and combination of colors it is important to maintain a balance, you can not use many bright and different colors at the same time.

For a variety of wall designs, you can use wallpaper with an ornament. There is a special rule here: in this way, only one wall can be formed, and the rest must be made uniform. It will not allow to break the laconic concept of style.

You can also use plain wallpaper of contrasting or similar colors. It is allowed to create a bright accent in the working area of ​​the kitchen (cooking zone) using an apron made of ceramic plates. It may contain a drawing or be monochrome.

To dilute the color design of the walls, you can install a clock with an unusual design or hang a picture. Harmonious design should be in the details. They most often make out in bright and juicy colors.

In the kitchen, it can be curtains, towels, tablecloths, chair covers, and rug; in the living room, you can arrange cushions of the same colors on the upholstered furniture as the details in the kitchen.

Interior decoration

Interior design depends on the selected material. For Scandinavian design these are natural materials or their imitation.

Such design does not accept plastic furniture, steel inserts or structures.

The most popular material is wood. This set is often installed in the kitchen. In addition, wooden furniture is relevant as a bar, table. Preference is also given to wooden chairs, an ottoman.

Despite the severity and a certain conservatism of style,Certain areas of the walls can be finished with ceramic tiles, lining. Contrasting in material and color to the walls in the living room and in the kitchen look interesting. For example, the kitchen can be decorated in dark colors with the addition of tiles, and the guest room can be pasted over with light wallpaper or painted with paint.

Furniture is best to choose from veneer or solid wood. This applies to the living room and kitchen. In this case, preference is better to give a glossy surface that reflects light well and increases the space.

It is best to choose furniture of standard shapes and sizes. Tables can be chosen round or square, bar stand - rectangular or oval. In such a kitchen-living room will look good built-in furniture that is easy to fold and assemble.

A prerequisite is a well-lit dining area. Above it should be a chandelier with several light bulbs or a lot of spotlights.

For windows should not come up with original compositions of thick fabrics. A fairly transparent organza or light curtain, which can be complemented by roll constructions. Window decoration can be done using blinds or roller blinds.Do not forget that they should also be light shades. You can decorate the window with the help of white curtains and linen curtains gray, cream color.

The kitchen-living room in the Scandinavian style - a combination of comfort and practicality, strict forms, a variety of colors and natural material.

How to arrange the interior in the Scandinavian style, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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