Kitchen-living room in the style of "minimalism": features and characteristics

Today there are many styles in the design of the apartment. Some appeared quite recently, while others appeared decades ago. Minimalism, as a design style, is at the peak of its popularity. Although it appeared relatively recently - in the mid-60s, it came to taste for extraordinary people who love order and those who want to visually increase their living space.

Features of design

Paradoxically, it is only possible to decorate the living room in a minimalist style only in large apartments. The idea of ​​such a design implies a large area on which only practical and functional furniture is placed. If the apartment is small, it will need redevelopment. The living room is combined with the kitchen and is divided by decorative elements - a column or a small partition. For such redevelopment will have to conduct an examination and get a new plan.If a non-bearing wall is dismantled, it will not be so difficult to do.

To dismantle the bearing wall, the inspection commission will not allow it - it is life threatening.

With proper redevelopment and design in the style of "minimalism", the apartment is greatly transformed:

  • Even in small apartments it turns out to significantly increase living space.
  • The living room and kitchen are filled with sunlight, evoking a feeling of comfort and tranquility.
  • All modern technology is harmoniously suited to this design.

Materials and colors

In the kitchen you need to choose materials that will complement the overall composition. You can, of course, use porcelain tiles, but if you choose the wrong color and surface structure, it will strongly contrast with the living room area. This will visually separate the overall style of the kitchen-living room and will look ridiculous.


The decoration of the walls with minimalism occupies the main place in the decor. In this interior, they are the first to catch the eye. The design of the room in the style of minimalism initially suggests that a maximum of 2-3 shades will be used. Most often it is white, black and light gray.They make the interior more visually and emphasize its simplicity and practicality. The walls of the room in this case can be decorated with embossed plaster. The main thing: to match her tone with the main color of the room.


The ceiling in any case is finished with white flowers. At the same time, it should have a perfectly flat surface. To align the ceiling used materials that do not contain sand. In addition, the white color of the ceiling will be combined with any basic shade of the room.

On the white ceiling you can fix lamps of any hue and shape - in any case they will perfectly fit into the overall design.


For the floor is best to use natural wood or materials that mimic its structure. Such materials are expensive, and prices can reach 100,000 rubles with an area of ​​20-25 square meters. To save, you can cover the floor with linoleum, repeating the pattern of wood, but it must be solid or without visible joint lines. But the use of natural materials, such as wood or cork, would be preferable.

Features in the choice of furniture

Of course, an important element in the completion of the premises is the correct furniture. It should be not only a strict design, but also to perform its basic functions.

Cabinets are best to choose recessed into the wall. They will save living space and at the same time remain roomy. Instead of a coffee table in the living room area it is better to arrange a sofa with wide armrests. So you can combine two types of furniture into one - it will be both a place for receiving guests and a seating area.

Large mirrors on the walls will perfectly fit into the overall style decision - they will add more visual space to the room. It will be enough to install a large diagonal TV, and the interior of the reception area can be considered complete.

Kitchen furniture also need to choose built-in. This will not only free up the useful space, but also become a logical continuation of the living room design. It is better to pick up the handles and accessories in tone with the main color, in order to avoid sharp contrast. For the visual separation of the living room and kitchen areas, in addition to decorative elements, you can use additional furniture. For example, a bar counter would be a great solution.

Regardless of where the furniture will be installed - in the living room or kitchen, you should follow one rule: it must be functional and with simple geometric shapes.

For whom the design is suitable?

Of course, preferences in the choice of style is a personal matter. But minimalism is first and foremost practical, and not suitable for all categories of people. Minimalism does not "tolerate" unnecessary details and things. So for families with children, it will not work. Scattered toys, walkers and playpens irretrievably spoil the overall design style. A minimalist room is ideal for lonely people. Cleaning this room will take less time, and its calm atmosphere will relax after a hard day.

To learn how to make the layout of the living room with a kitchen, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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