Kitchen-living room in the style of "Provence": comfort and practicality in the interior

Provence is a rustic style that originated in the south of France. This interior is romance, ease. Today, this design is often chosen for a variety of rooms. This is a very good interior for a combined room - kitchen-living room. This style provides practicality and comfort.

Distinctive features

The decoration in the Provencal style is suitable if you are aimed at creating a special atmosphere and maximum comfort in the room.

When thinking about how a design should be in such a room, certain rules should be considered:

  • In such rooms is not recommended to use gold-plated and shiny elements, glossy, plastic products.
  • Accents better to make live indoor plants.
  • To decorate the room, use napkins made of lace, embroidery and other similar decorative elements.
  • Avoid using too prominent, very bright objects.
  • Try to keep all modern technology hidden.
  • Decorate the room with antique pieces of furniture.
  • Choose only natural materials: linen, cotton fabrics, stone, wood, and so on.
  • Decorate the room in soft, light colors: turquoise, beige, mint, white, lemon, pink, lavender.
  • For furniture, use floral motifs.

Space delineation

Thinking through the design of the kitchen-living room, decide what will be the border between the zones. In this case, the composition should be complete, united - remember about harmony.

You can consider the following options:

  • The use of different materials for walls, different floor coverings.
  • You can choose the arch, but they are more suitable for a classic design. It is not recommended to choose them for rooms with low ceilings.
  • The use of fireplaces. You can also divide the room into zones using aquariums.
  • Zoning with furniture: a table at which the whole family gathers at dinner, a comfortable sofa and so on.


With the help of a suitable finish, you can deal with two questions at once:

  • Choose for all areas in the room the most practical materials.
  • Split the room using the flooring.

The kitchen part you can select using floor tiles. It is easy to wash, it is not afraid of pollution. For the living room is better to choose a laminate or parquet surface, a coating that mimics natural wood (you can with artificial abrasions). This floor will be just wonderful to combine with a rustic design.

You can raise the floor in one of the zones (for example, kitchen) by a few centimeters. Creating such a podium is a very good way to zone a space.

For wall decoration, it is recommended to choose wallpaper that has an unobtrusive pattern, or plain coatings. If you want to arrange a room in the Provencal style, you can choose other materials: brick, ceramics, wood panels, decorative plaster, stone elements, textiles. It is also possible to use paint.

In the recreation area one wall can be finished with wooden materials., artificial or natural stone, ceramic mosaic.However, you can do the opposite - select the zone where the kitchen is located.

If the room has a high enough ceiling, you can decorate it with wooden beams. For rooms with medium or low ceilings, this option is not suitable. If you chose a brick for decoration, please note that some place will be “eaten” - you should not use such material for finishing a small room.


For Provencal style it is recommended to use furniture of not very complex shapes. A large number of threads is not welcome - such elements are typical for classics, like gold-plated surfaces. Furniture items should be created from materials that imitate wooden surfaces, or from natural wood. Optimal shades - light brownish, white. Dark, massive, bulky products are not suitable for Provencal style.

You can choose for such an interior deaf cabinets that stand on the floor, hinged drawers with glass inserts, open shelves. Beige, olive, bluish, white tones are also used. You can use bronze, iron, copper elements.

Some have a dining area in the middle of the kitchen-living room., thus dividing the space into two parts. The shape of the table can be square or round. Such products must be durable and match the tone of the surfaces in the kitchen.

A very good option for a Provencal style dining area is wicker chairs. In the recreation area, you can arrange shelves where various things, chests of drawers will be stored. It is better to choose furniture from walnut, light oak, ash. The room should not be overloaded: deciding on how much furniture to put there, be guided by its size.

A good choice would be a bright sofa, the upholstery of which is natural: there may be floral patterns on it. It is recommended to use a lot of pillows. Chairs can be combined in style with a sofa.


The area where the kitchen is located can be decorated with dishes: beautiful bottles, jars that store spices, clay jugs, mugs and porcelain plates, and so on. In the recreation area, place nice trinkets, paintings, old photos, candlesticks, various statues. Wicker baskets, fresh flowers can be placed on the floor.

For interior decoration it is recommended to use:

  • beautiful furniture covers, bedspreads;
  • embroidery;
  • towels, aprons, checked or flowered tablecloths;
  • lampshades;
  • various napkins.

The materials used should be cotton, cambric, satin, linen. For window decoration, choose curtains from natural light fabrics. They should be bright. To decorate the kitchen, you can use dried plants.

The ideal decoration of the room, decorated in Provencal style, will be a fireplace. He will create the maximum comfort in the room, the atmosphere of comfort. Choose a chandelier with wooden, ceramic, forged elements for such a room.

When creating an interior in Provence style, consider the main features of this area. In this case, you will be able to achieve an atmosphere of light, lightness and cause associations with the romance of the French province.

Examples in the interior

Using interesting furniture and textiles, high quality, you can make even a small room functional and cozy.

To divide the space into two zones, you can use the bar.Since the room is decorated in the style of Provence, it is better to make it artificially aged.

If you want to make the room brighter, you can use white parquet for flooring.

For the style of Provence is characterized by the design in pastel colors.

To learn how to decorate the kitchen-living room in the style of "Provence", see the following video:

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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