Design a small living room: features of planning and zoning

Many people wonder how to properly design the interior design of a small living room. Despite the small dimensions of the room, there are many options that will help to use the place in your home rationally and with taste.

Special features

If you are planning to update the design of your small living room, you should carefully study the features of planning and creating an interior.

Among the subtleties include:

  • When buying furniture, choose items without convex parts. The bulges take away extra centimeters, which are not very many.
  • When working with a small-sized living room, you will be able to redevelop the entire apartment. For example, many people in Khrushchev combine a room with a kitchen, which makes the interior original.
  • To equip a new interior will help you choose the right color scheme and competent lighting.
  • In the living room of 15 meters, it is best to purchase modular miniature walls and built-in wardrobes to help you win some space.

Regardless of the style in which your living room is made, classic or modern, it is important to think through every inch of space and make it functional.


For small apartments is characterized by limited space, so many people decide on the zoning of the room. To functionally plan the situation, you need to correctly place the accents and highlight the most important areas in the room.

Zoning of a small apartment can be done through the following techniques:

  • work with lighting.
  • installation of partitions;
  • by combining wallpaper;
  • arrangement of niches;
  • special arrangement of furniture items;
  • separation by a podium and an increase in the area of ​​a very small room by joining a loggia.

Modern ideas offer several options for zoning space:

  • Neighborhood living room and bedroom.The bedroom should be located at the window, as according to the rules, a place to sleep should be as far as possible from the entrance.
  • Zoning with the kitchen. You can equip both zones based on your preferences. However, designers advise to put the kitchen next to the window, so that cooking was as comfortable as possible. The living room in this situation will be a passing room.
  • Living and dining area. Such zones are complete, so your project should take into account a sufficient area for each unit.
  • Neighborhood with the cabinet. For the last zone, a small corner will suffice. Planning repair, think over option with auxiliary lighting.
  • Living room and children. This combination is considered unusual, because most parents donate their room to the child. If you decide to furnish the room with the help of such zoning, you should carefully plan the design and divide the zones with the help of partitions. Such a step will allow the child to rest in its territory.

Separation using furniture

This method is the easiest and most affordable. By choosing it, you provide your premises with several functional areas at your discretion.Due to the large sofa corner, you can accommodate your guests during the daytime, and in the evening you can use this place to sleep.

To give the zone intimacy, you should use a portable partition or screen.

This solution is convenient, especially if your living room has a couple of chairs and a coffee table. If one of the family members is tired, he will be able to go to rest, and the rest of the people will remain at the table and continue to communicate.

With mobile walls

This technique is suitable for those who wish to separate a small bedroom from the living room. The stores sell miniature designs that can be laid out at the right time. Partitions are made of glass and plastic. To hide your bed from strangers, hang curtains on the structure.

You can also use the small walls-islands. Length 1.5-2 m will be enough. Usually on one side of the wall set the cabinet under the TV, closet or rack. Such a decision will help to clearly zone the room.

Use of openwork partitions

Such designs act as a decorative component and help to divide the boundaries of functional areas.Designs are metal, wood and plastic. Outwardly, they look like small architectural structures, but in most cases they make a nice ensemble of attractive shelves.

Acquisition of niches and cabinets

Niches and wardrobes do well with zoning. The greater the height of your cabinet, the clearer the separation looks. If you want to divide the territory with a miniature niche, arrange it with long objects. For this purpose, suitable table lamp, figurines or even flower vases.

Using the podium

This is the most successful way to zoning the living room. When choosing it, keep in mind that the podium will be appropriate in rooms with high ceilings. By installing such an addition, you clearly identify functional areas. Designers recommend to equip the podiums with drawers to increase their functionality.

Different types of finishes

The use of different materials in the finish immediately show the division into zones. Often, this technique is used by designers, as it allows you to create two independent territories in the living room. You can use the same material, but with a different styling.Such a solution applies only to floor tiles or other small coatings.

To maximize the separation of zones, lay on the floor carpets with different patterns or surfaces.

Work with lighting

Light plays a key role in creating the interior, so working with it will help emphasize the boundaries of the plots. For example, lighting the workplace with the lights off in the bedroom will help other households to relax.

If only one light source is used in the living room, it is not enough for a room that is divided into several functional zones. Excessive illumination of one of the areas should be excluded, as this will spoil the whole situation. The best choice in this case are spotlights. Position the main chandelier above the main area, and install several spots on the auxiliary site.

False Column Zoning

False columns are considered a convenient method for zoning any room. They are most in demand in the living rooms, as this part of the house is classified as solemn. Installing antique columns will help divide the space and make the interior original.

A large column can act as a chimney imitation or as a false wall. The choice of any design will help you win a certain space in which the second room will be located.

Design style

When working in an apartment with a small living room, consider a new style. A well-thought-out setting will help not only to plunge into a pleasant atmosphere, but also emphasize the sense of style of its owner. Designers offer different styles of interior, among which each person will be able to find a suitable option. The choice of stylistics depends on the color of the room, a set of additional attributes and decor.

Modern style

This design loves functionality and accuracy. Prefer clear graphic lines, pastel tones, along with modern materials. Add new electronics to the decor, and you will get the perfect room that emphasizes the lifestyle of a busy person. The modern design is somewhat similar to the office, but the decor with the help of textiles, small pillows and indoor plants will add a feeling of home comfort.


The design of the hall in a classic style lies in a harmonious environment in which everything is symmetrical. Give preference to white colors, crystal chandeliers and gold-plated mirrors. The use of such attributes will help fill the room with a soft glow.

The main decoration of a small living room are carved pieces of furniture. Suitable options ivory or polished wood. Used stucco, convex reliefs with arches complement the interior, giving it the atmosphere of a medieval palace.


For the Baroque style suitable monumental furniture, upholstered in expensive textiles. Backs and armrests should be decorated with carvings and be gilded. A living room in such an interior will look more visually if you add mirror inserts to the decor. A large number of stucco and carved objects will help dispel attention and give the room a solemn, expensive setting.

Parquet flooring is common.


Provence will immerse you in the charming simplicity of southern France. Such an atmosphere endowed with romance at the expense of lace,floral prints on the wallpaper and pastel shades in the interior. Your guests will appreciate the design of a new living room for drinking tea from a beautiful service.


For a small loft-style living room, bare walls, a minimum of furniture and French windows should be provided. Abstract images, black-and-white photographs and metal floor lamps can play the role of a decorating component.


This style speaks for itself - the minimum number of things, the lack of jewelry. The room should be located only the necessary furniture with modern appliances. Only silver, beige and blue shades are allowed. You can resort to rich accents, but the gamma should be calm.


The room, made in the Scandinavian style, should have a snow-white background, on which are allowed some bright accents. Focus on natural light. Such an interior will give the room freshness and a sense of freedom.

Colors and decor

In living rooms in which the correct color scheme is made, households will be able to experience maximum relaxation and comfort.The choice of shade can not be made only on the basis of their taste preferences, should be repelled from the characteristics of the room and goals that you want to achieve through pigments.

A room decorated in bright colors will visually look bigger. Most of the stylistic trends are based on white walls with bright accessories. Design techniques based on this technique are simple and convenient, and therefore are popular. White finish in the living room will give freedom in the choice of other interior items. Furniture of any color will suit it, along with textiles and decor.

Even the choice of neutral shades will give your room a special charm, due to which you will not need to puzzle over combinatorics.

Ate you decorated the ceiling and walls in white, choose dark flooring. This combination will visually enlarge the boundaries of a small room, and it will not seem overloaded. To neutral shades of furniture did not make the interior boring, use accents.

For this fit color paintings, wallpaper, textured finish. You will receive an original solution that will not become an imbalance of the whole room and will give the design a zest. The arrangement of the room with pastel colors and furniture in the same range will be a good alternative to white color. The method will allow to arrange the vertical plane in the room. Thanks to the beige palette, you will get a warm atmosphere, and the blue-beige furniture will relax the atmosphere by adding notes of coolness and freshness.

The white living room successfully harmonizes with mint, light green and pistachio inserts. In such a room it's nice to relax and gain strength after a busy day. If you use natural materials in finishing, pay attention to warm, natural tones. Dark wooden furniture goes well with a pastel palette that emphasizes a romantic, cozy atmosphere. This interior looks quite original in the country house, where the finishing of clapboard and other wood materials often prevails.

You can play on the contrast of dark and light colors. This option is suitable for a living room of any size. When choosing this method, keep in mind that for a small room you should use more white color.Large items should be made in gray scale, and black can be used for dosed decoration. For those who do not like plain walls and prefers wallpaper with a print, there is a rule: you can not use a large picture in a small room.

The scale image will narrow the already small space. Small drawing visually expands the room.

To visually expand the boundaries of a small living room, you should use a pair of neutral or light colors. Darker colors can be used for flooring, furniture and decor. The pattern should decorate only one item. If it is decorated with walls, choose plain textiles.

Necessary materials

Since ancient times, it is considered that the living room is the most spectacular part of the home. It should be the most beautiful furniture, mirrors and textiles. In this room, it is customary to receive guests and relax in the circle of households. Regardless of which environment you choose, romantic or office, you should competently approach the choice of materials for each surface.


As a flooring for a small living room suitable laminate, natural parquet or carpet. Also popular is the currently fashionable liquid floor. It can be used to imitate a stone, wood or ceramic granite surface. A gloss or polished layer will visually increase the height of the room. If you live with small children, you can arrange the floor carpets. They will soften the fall and will warm the child in the winter season.


The walls in the small living room should have a light shade, without the visible color stains. Prefer monochrome painting and seamless wallpaper with a narrow vertical pattern. Alternatively, you can use masonry, paneling or polished stone. Dilution of panoramic wallpaper with a volumetric effect will help to decorate the interior.

If you use plasterboard walls, equip them with niches with lighting for equipment, interesting collections and an aquarium.


The best solution for a small room - stretch ceiling with a mirror effect. Depending on the chosen interior, it is possible to equip a two-level or a combined ceiling.With a limited budget, you can always do a simple alignment with further painting in white. A square or pavement from a false ceiling will not work, as it will visually reduce its height. Massive chandeliers are also not suitable.

Extra Decor

You can significantly transform the interior design, if you choose equipment stripes. Visually expanding the area of ​​a small room can be done with the help of a horizontal line, and the vertical lines will visually lift the canvases.

Based on the fact that there is a lack in your room, use the striped design. This color goes well with mirrors, if you use a combination of moderately. Place the mirror on one wall, and on the other - a glossy surface. If you plan to place a closet along the wall, choose a product with glass doors.

Lamps and three-dimensional paintings also help to change the visual perception of the room. Due to the three-dimensional images on the wall you can not only decorate the living room, but also visually make it wider. From the side it will seem that another dimension begins near this wall.

The issue with lighting needs to be carefully considered. Add the maximum amount of light if your room does not go out on the sunny side. In this issue you will help spotlights, sconces or floor lamps. Decorative light will give the room enough light. There are many models on the market of lighting equipment, among which you will find the best option.

Professional Tips

In order to properly arrange the living room spaces and eliminate many of the mistakes that newcomers often make, you need to study the recommendations of the designers. It is necessary to make a start from the living room form, since for each room there are different subtleties.

The square shape allows you to place any pieces of furniture near the walls or in the center of the room. Due to the angular shape, you can give the situation a diamond shape. In narrow and rectangular rooms, as a rule, the doors are placed opposite the window, which gives the room the effect of a corridor.

Not everyone will like this environment, so you can get rid of it using the following techniques:

  • Cover the window with white curtains, on which there is a horizontal drape.
  • The door should have a large size and light shade. The choice of such a door leaf will help to visually expand the narrow walls.
  • Place racks with long shelves in vacant areas.
  • The wide side should have a smooth or glossy surface. Choose wallpapers with visible vertical stripes of contrasting colors along the entire length.
  • The floorboard should be parallel to the narrow wall.
  • Prefer furniture with high back.

If you made a zoning and got a living room of irregular shape, you will need a non-standard layout. For such a case, suitable angular or semicircular furniture, coffee tables with an unusual shape, walls with beveled edges. Do not forget about the lighting, which should be enough for each site.

Many apartment owners decide to combine a living room and a balcony. This method will help to get additional space and place on it a flower corner or a study. With this layout, remember about the insulation of the balcony so that the heat does not leave the room.

Following the recommendations from the experts,You will be able to independently equip your home with a competent environment, focus on the right areas and hide the existing shortcomings.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The design of a small-sized living room will differ significantly from the design of larger rooms. In a room where there is little space, you need to be rational in filling each centimeter and using it wisely.

For these purposes, you can furnish your room with the help of modular cabinet furniture, which can easily be transformed into a corner for the reception of friends. In addition to these pieces of furniture, designers recommend to look at the chair-pear or buy a chair bag. These are stylish beskarkasny things in which it is possible to relax comfortably after working days. The chair completely plunges into its contours and gives an atmosphere of comfort. Such furniture can be used as an accent if you buy bright models.

If you liked the Baroque style, your guests will appreciate the stucco on the ceiling, large furniture with decor and sculpture. Think over every corner of the living room to arrange mini figures and other interior components in it.For textiles should use velvet, satin fabrics.

Butterflies made of fabric and paper, along with other handicraft items, will help to complement the living room in modern style. Put your creativity on the shelves and your guests will appreciate your talent.

Simple ottomans will make the familiar interior interesting. In addition to the appearance, such elements are practical, as they can be used as a stand for the legs and even a small table. Choose an ottoman that will harmonize with the overall concept of the room.

If your goal is a cozy living room with a homely atmosphere, create it with photos on the walls. The location of interesting moments on the walls will help to decorate not only the living room, but also any other room.

Unusual massive animal figures, located on the floor, will help to create the right accent and make an unusual atmosphere of the living room area.

How to combine the living room with the kitchen in a small apartment and what to look for, says the expert in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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