How to create a harmonious interior of a small living room?

The living room is the most important room in the house, which can tell a lot about its owners, their hobbies and lifestyle. In the case of a successful design, this room becomes their pride and people gladly show it to their guests. Therefore, everything should be carefully thought out not only in terms of aesthetics, but also practicality. In small apartments each centimeter of space is on the account, therefore the area should be used to the maximum.

Special features

Little living room - not a reason for frustration. Even if you have a room with a very small area of ​​12 or 15 square meters, you can also create an oasis of comfort and homely heat in it, which will be comfortable for you and your guests.To do this, just refer to the appropriate decoration and furniture.


The interior of the room depends on its shape. If you are dealing with a narrow elongated space, the most reasonable thing in this case is to arrange a soft corner with a sofa and an armchair along one of the long walls. If length permits, you can add it to a small serving table, at which it is pleasant to gossip with your best friend with a cup of coffee.

It would be logical to install the equipment on the opposite wall. - TV, stereo, home theater and other similar devices. At the same time, it is better to do without bulky nightstands and monumental walls. It is worth using open shelves in several levels. As an additional decor on the walls, it is possible to use mirror tiles and wall sconces. The light reflected in the mirrors will make the room brighter.

In order not to violate the integrity of the wall, you can decorate it with plasterboard niches, on which you can place books, photos, small vases and other decorative elements. The main thing that they were not too much.

Traditionally for small rooms, designers do not recommend using too dark or too bright colors. It is not appropriate here and too large pattern on the wallpaper.It is better to make the walls one-color in soothing colors, and the brightness will add accents.

Decorative plastering is ideal for decorating the walls of a small living room., wide or liquid wallpaper or you can just paint the walls with paint. The main principle - on the walls should not be visible transverse joints - they visually reduce the area. The drawing should be as simple and clear as possible - leave the complex patterns for larger premises. Geometric lines, imitation of masonry, as well as wallpaper in 3D will be appropriate.


As a flooring in the living room would be well suited natural parquet or self-leveling floor. If funds allow, you can add extravagance to the interior using a ceramic granite slab with a glossy surface - it will visually add a few centimeters to the room. Another thing is when it comes to a small area, which means that there is a high probability that this is an economy class housing. And many consider it expensive to make expensive repairs in a small apartment, so a laminate can be an excellent alternative to parquet. It is worth at times cheaper, but it looks not worse.

If you have small children or cool floors, you can put carpet on them. It is better if it will be fixed with baseboards around the perimeter of the room. Choosing a carpet for the living room, give preference to products with a discreet ornament. Its size depends on the shape of the room. In the elongated rectangular areas, the carpet path will look good, and in a square room you should lay a small oval or round mat.


If the height of the ceiling allows, for its design, you can use the tension multi-level design. At the same time, the lower ceiling should be around the perimeter of the walls, and the higher space should remain in the center of the room.

In a room with low ceilings, you can also install a tension option. It is better to use a glossy or mirror texture. But to hang in a small living room massive heavy chandeliers are not worth it. Let it be built-in ceiling lights, wall or floor sconces of shiny metal. White chrome is perfect for high-tech, and gold color is universal and suitable for almost any style.

You can decorate the ceiling with the help of drywall. This is a more economical option than a stretched canvas, but from it no less interesting compositions are obtained. It is permissible to paint it in the color of the walls or repaint in a contrasting shade. In addition, it can be used to hide all existing irregularities or communications. If you have restless neighbors - drywall will significantly reduce the noise level.

It used to be fashionable to glue plastic PFH panels to the ceiling, but today there are less and less fans of this type of finish, and as an alternative you can use cork. At the same time distinguish rolled and tiled stopper. The first type is more suitable for small areas - it leaves a minimum of joints. But the tile is easier to glue and at a cost it is cheaper.

This material has a lot of undeniable advantages:

  • As in the case of drywall, cork perfectly absorbs all the noise. Where, if not in the living room, have fun parties, and the cork ceiling will save you from the noble rage of your neighbors.
  • This is a completely natural material that does not cause allergies.
  • The stopper perfectly retains heat and can be saved on additional heating.

This material is especially good for a humid climate, as it perfectly retains moisture. Cork does not require preliminary preparatory work and is beautifully decorated - the ceiling of it can be repainted many times. However, despite all the obvious advantages, this type of decoration is not particularly common for mass consumption due to its high cost.

Colors and decor

It's no secret that for a small living room is better to use a solid decor. But if this option seems to you too boring, you can afford to finish with a small and not very frequent pattern. In the limited space of a small room, no more than 2-3 colors are allowed. At the same time one of them dominates, and the rest are used as additional decorating elements.

It can be textiles - curtains on the windows, a cape and pillows on the sofa, carpeting, photo frames. Consider the recommended colors that are considered the most appropriate to create a cozy interior of a small living room.


It is a favorite among all colors, as it can be used both as a main background and as an auxiliary shade.It is perfectly combined with all other colors, so it can be used both on vertical and on horizontal surfaces. White color is perfect for the Scandinavian design style.


This neutral shade is not as easily soiled as white, but it can also be used dosed out in decorative elements or as a base. At the same time, he allows the most daring combinations, softening and muffling too bright and avant-garde colors. For a classic interior, you can take a few shades of gray - from almost white to dark asphalt.

If you want to create a stylish and interesting interior, you can arrange the walls in silver color, and above the seating area with a corner sofa and armchair, hang up swivel lamps with soft pink light.


This color is ideal for the basic decoration of a small living room in a classic style. With him a good mix of furniture and textiles in brown tones. For beige, lamps with a diffused warm glow are not bad.


The shades of this color are many, from wet sand to dark chocolate. Use such colors in small rooms should be careful.If you want to stick brown wallpapers on the wall, it’s better to do it only on one surface. Materials with textured decorative finish look very interesting. The original brown color in various imitations - under the skin, under the old plaster or under the sand.


Psychologists say that it pacifies the psychological state of a person. In the living room, decorated in such colors, it is pleasant to return home after a working day and, stretching your legs, snugly sit in your favorite chair with a control panel or a book. Blue color cools, so all its derivatives are recommended for hot climates. It works well with white, beige and brown. Looks good pair of "blue with yellow." Remember how several years ago everyone went crazy over the famous wallpaper with stars - yellow on blue and blue on yellow.


The color of spring, hope and the beginning of a new life - it has a positive effect on the general well-being of the household. It looks most advantageous in combination with wooden furniture, indoor plants and a waterfall - yes, even in a small living room you can make your own waterfall, in any case, its imitation. Similar ideas can be supplemented with paintings with light and with the image of water.A small table lamp with a built-in mini fountain will fit in well.


All shades of lavender and purple are suitable for a small cozy living room where a couple of lovers live. The atmosphere created by this color sets a romantic mood. Lilac shades look most advantageous in contrast with white, pale blue or pale pink.

Expert advice

Designers recommend combining either warm or cool shades. Together they do not work. As for the style of the design of small rooms, traditionally experts advise to choose a minimalist interior. In a small space, everything should be functional and thought out. No unnecessary and unnecessary items. But this is not a reason to refuse cute decor objects that give individuality to your space and make it complete.

If desired, even in cramped conditions, you can equip a modern home theater - the plasma should be hung on the wall, the speakers placed at the corners, some of them hidden behind curtains, and some can be used as flower stands. For overdue guests can offer a folding sofa.If the space is very tiny - you can use an air mattress and soft bean bags. Also, any kind of transformable furniture will be appropriate here: folding chairs, a table on wheels, which slides under a cabinet for equipment, a folding sofa or a bed that attaches to the wall.

Interior designers advise zoning the space with a variety of techniques. It is necessary to use all available surfaces. If the room has wide window sills - do not close them with long curtains, but use as a table for receptions. In this case, the cornice should be hung as high as possible, and preferably to the very canvas. The design of curtains is better to choose simple (without complex folds). If a lambrequin is intended, it should also be purely conditional, without hanging elements.

If you are a happy owner of high panoramic windows, you can organize an additional sofasitting on which will be watching the street. It is permissible to put it on the podium, under which should create additional storage space. With the help of light, it is also possible to do conditional division of a room into zones. The main thing is that there should be a lot of it, and it should be multi-level.

In a youth lounge with noisy parties on the ceiling, a spinning disco ball would be appropriate, and for a family of several members it would be nice to divide the room into zones using a curtain or a decorative plasterboard slide. For those who prefer a more conservative interior, it is preferable to choose furniture with high backs - so the living room will appear higher. Furniture with striped horizontal upholstery and curtains to match the sofa will help to spread the walls wide.

Beautiful design examples

With the help of interesting photo wallpapers with 3D effect, you can visually expand the most important room in the apartment. For a classic interior suitable natural themes - the sea, forest, flower field, waterfalls, delicate bouquets and other similar images. In the decoration of the hall in a modern style often use the image of the night metropolis.

Unusual will look on the wall space themes, such as the rings of Saturn, the constellation of the zodiac, the solar system, or just the night sky with the effect of illumination, which is provided by the built-in wall spotlights. You can take an image on the Internet, order a large-format print, and install the LED itself or entrust it to specialists.

Often the living room is also a bedroom at the same time, and in the studio apartment it is also a kitchen. In this case, it is advisable to install a bar counter, which will play the role of a dining table, and also separate the kitchen from the place of rest. At the same time, depending on the shape of the room, it can be done both along and across the room.

Quite often, adjacent rooms are used to expand the boundaries of space. So, if there is a loggia next to the living room, the wall is demolished, and the loggia itself is warmed and precious extra meters of usable space are received. However, if the wall that you want to demolish is bearing, then you need to make a project to strengthen the interior space, which must be coordinated in special bodies. Be prepared for the fact that you may not be allowed to demolish this wall, because it may threaten the integrity of the whole house.

But to expand the living room at the expense of the hallway can be quite painless for the house. If you like going into the apartment, immediately fall into her heart - in the living room, then this is your option. In this case, it is worth installing near the entrance wardrobe compartment with mirrored doors in the entire height of the room.It is possible to hide all outerwear, and the order in the room will not be disturbed, and the mirrors in the entire wall will expand the already existing room.

A few meters of the floor near the threshold will logically be laid out with ceramic tiles, and on the rest of the surface lay laminate to match the tiles. In this case it is better to abstain from large carpets and carpet, because even with daily cleaning the dust from the street will get into the room, and cleaning the carpet is much more difficult than cleaning the floors. If you still want to lay something on the floor, throw a small decorative rug in the middle of the room. As an option, you can not demolish the entire wall, but only to expand the doorway, decorating the doorposts with mirror tiles. With this non-standard approach, the opening itself will be practically invisible, but the living room will look original.

Tips on how to visually enlarge a small room can be found in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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