Choosing a bar counter in the living room

Bar counters are not a new invention, but their popularity began to grow with the advent of large apartments, private houses, mansions. With deliberate actions such fashionable objects of life can be installed in small apartments with small kitchens. Our designers cope with any tasks.

Special features

The bar counter in private houses and modern apartments is increasingly being strengthened as one of the important attributes of the living room interior. With their installation, the space of the room becomes more functional. A variety of bar counters makes it possible to choose the most suitable option for any living room. The actual rack consists of a minimum set of items.

This is a high table top and stools or high chairs with footrests of various original designs, depending on the style chosen.In fact, the bar continues the kitchen and separates the dining area from the main kitchen. Sometimes this stand is used instead of the dinner table, especially if the family is small, 3-4 people.

Completely from the dinner table do not have to give up, for a large family it is simply necessary.


Bar counters have their own characteristics that distinguish them from ordinary dining tables:

  • You can create designs of compact sizes for small living rooms and kitchens. A large enough company can sit at the counter with rounded edges. Simple serving does not require a lot of time and items, as is necessary for the dinner table;
  • the bar counter naturally divides the kitchen and living area, creates an original atmosphere in the house;
  • Modern home designs of racks can not cause associations with bars and other places of rest and food, their styles and models correspond only to the interior and layouts of new apartments and private houses.

Models and styles

The living room with a bar counter gives the apartment a completely new purpose and changes its look, style and expands the design possibilities. Now there are several styles:

  • Hi-tech. Alliance of metal and glass prevails here, emphasis is placed on bright elements. Sparkling metal supports, glass worktops, stainless steel, fluorescent lighting. The directions are different, from sports to fantastic.
  • Classic. This style emphasizes respectability and thorough taste of the owner of an apartment or private house. Bar racks in the style of classic finished with expensive and durable wood, but in the budget version, you can use materials MDF and chipboard. Racks are distinguished by a relatively large number of carefully trimmed small parts made of hardwood.
  • Modern This concept contains the requirements of sophistication and elegance in all details, while the practicality and performance of the main functions of furniture, including kitchen and bar, should be consistently maintained. The versatility of the Art Nouveau style is based on the variety of colors, which allows you to enter the bar counter in the living room with any interior. All products in the Art Nouveau style are distinguished by clear lines, confident and rigid construction. To eliminate repetition and incompatibility of style, make bar counters for individual projects.
  • Disco, easy and dynamic style.It is also called youth. Disco style interiors express color, dynamics at the same time as comfort, ease of contact. Bar racks in this style are distinguished by metallic chrome surfaces, an abundance of plastic, good artificial leather. Bright colors and unchanging sparkling ball above the stand give their special charm.
  • "Folk" country style. This is not only cowboy aesthetics, but also the flavor of the country in which the housing is located. Actually in the saloons the bar counter was just the link of all the elements of the interior of the institution. It is formed from natural materials, sometimes finished with stone, linen fabrics, straws. Country style is supported by the presence on the rack of metal containers and ceramics, similar in performance to folk motifs. Wooden chairs are simple, but strong and comfortable forms - an obligatory accessory of bar counters of a country.
  • French "village" provence. The simplicity, ease, ease of this style attracts lovers of rustic comfort. Rack is made of solid wood. The style of Provence is difficult to mix with country or rustic.Provence exists in unity with nature, which enters the house and from the threshold conquers all space. The main thing in this style is the use of natural materials and pastel aura. Details in the interior are made of wood, clay, ceramics, stone, copper alloys, cotton and flax. From all this simple consists of sincerity and tenderness, simplicity and kindness. The apparent ease and naivety of Provence should not be misleading. They can be achieved only by knowing the history, life and features of the use of antique accessories.

A little away from complex styles worth loft. In the loft style, the roughness and antiquity in the external impression of the interior are noticeable above all. Everything depends primarily on the table top. The free choice of the form allows the tabletops to be represented as quadrangles with any edges; this can be an even cut of wood.

The surface should be well-treated, impregnated with a properly chosen color or skillfully and qualitatively painted. Color can be any. In the manufacture of bar counters loft use:

  • well prepared wood;
  • chrome and nickel-plated metal parts.

Covers from natural and durable artificial leather and selected accessories.

An interesting development is a closed bar counter installed in the kitchen or in the hall. In this rack have different shelves and drawers, from which it turns out the cupboard, where they put bar dishes and containers with alcohol.

Where to install?

When installing the bar in the living room, it becomes the center of the interior of the entire space of the room. Living room - a place of rest for the whole family, receiving guests, holding holidays. The bar counter will attract general attention to itself, and if it is implemented as an island, then its functions can be further expanded. Using the effect of contrast of color and texture of the material, the bar counter can be successfully distinguished from the general interior, it will not break the overall harmony, but will create opportunities for a variety of options for every taste.

In a house with high ceilings, you can install multi-level bar counters. Each level is mounted on separate rods, which after assembly is decorated for the overall design of the rack. Single-level - these are the most common bar counters, they are cheaper than others, but can be decorated under expensive.When choosing a model of a rack and bar set, one should take into account the interior design of the kitchen and living room, making extensive use of material and color usage

In spacious apartments, this kit becomes a natural partition between the living room and the kitchen, creating a kitchen and living area. In the construction of bar counters apply the principle of minimalism, in which the most important thing is convenience and comfort. You should not overload them with shelves, coasters, enough cabinets in the kitchen itself. For different tastes and preferences rack can be installed behind the sofa or in front of the sofa, along the wall or make it a corner. The main thing is convenience, comfort and reference to the overall design of the living room of an apartment or house.


These are the main parts of the bar counters of any style, model and method of manufacture. There are a lot of materials that are best suited to perform the basic functions of bars and highlight the beauty of bar sets. Tabletops are made of solid wood, artificial stone, marble, glass, plastic. There is one material that can replace any of the listed qualities.

This is Corian, which is harder than marble, but is easy to grind.Outwardly very attractive, it is possible to bend it to give different forms. The material is non-toxic, so it can be used in the kitchen.

Colors and finishes

Black marble in the design of the bar becomes a real work of art. Light marble form a rectangular spacious structure, which can take the whole company. Here different functions are combined.

Laconic stand lined with artificial black granite. White bar seats contrasted noticeably and at the same time emphasize the general preparation of the living room in high-tech style. Attention is drawn to the linear bar counter in the lounge area of ​​the penthouse. Here they illuminated the facades of the stand and the kitchen apron with onyx trim.

A narrow rack of dark brown-tinted marble with beautiful light streaks becomes the partition between the kitchen area and the dining space. Here, too, a contrast with the interior of light colors was used, which emphasized the bright and noticeable design.

For the bar (island) offered curly glittering metal legs and they became the most expressive elements in this composition.Bright look and subtle elegance are the result of the use of Art Deco style.

Gilded carvings and mini-columns, which are completed with rich capitals, form a sophisticated beautiful baroque composition with a T-shaped stand. Bar stools upholstered in natural leather the color of fresh cream are successfully added to it.

The compact peninsula stand for two seats looks great in a small white kitchen. Everything is combined with a furniture set, and its embossed facade is decorated in the same way as kitchen cabinets.

Tips for choosing

Such an abundance of styles and designs can make it difficult to choose a good bar. An experienced designer will help to understand your preferences and suggest the desired option. Luxury and price are inextricably linked and your choice may become overwhelming. Financial preparation and accurate preliminary calculations must be thorough and with a guaranteed margin. It will be unpleasant if a good idea gets stuck in half the works or at an important finishing stage.

Opportunities of people with great wealth should not lead to extremes and excesses, emphasizing excessive luxury. Congestion with antiquities, mixing styles can disrupt the harmony of design and instead of admiration cause only ridicule.If style and design are chosen, all calculations are made, all expenses and schedules are coordinated, safely bring the matter to a beautiful and complete result.

On how to make your own original bar, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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