How to choose furniture for the living room?

 How to choose furniture for the living room?

The living room was always set aside for the reception of guests, family gatherings, dinner parties. It is here that it is customary to watch movies with friends or set the table for a family celebration. For this reason, the right choice of furniture for the living room is one of the most important requirements for the apartment as a whole.

Special features

In order for the central room in the house to be cozy and meet all the requirements of the owners, it is first of all necessary to choose the right furniture for it. In addition, it is also worth paying special attention to the placement of furnishings in the available space.

When choosing it is worth remembering that furniture for this type of room should not only be beautiful and harmoniously fit into the decor, but also practical enough, since it is in the living room it is usually the highest passability in the apartment, because all family members gather here and guests are also received.

Both modular and upholstered furniture should harmoniously fit into the general interior of the room, it should correspond to the color scheme of the room. It is inappropriate to use furniture that will look like a thorn in the general interior design of the living room.

And in order to create a practical interior in which the room will be used in full, it is necessary to choose pieces of furniture of the most suitable sizes.

Modern living room furniture is designed to meet all the requirements of the consumer. Its features include:

  • Mobility. Modern cabinet furniture can often be transformed. The ability to purchase modules provides convenience not only in operation, but also in transportation, while furniture can always be moved and assembled in a new way. This property will help if you want to change - it will be easy to change the design of the room without spending on new furniture.In addition, this solution is very convenient for small rooms, you do not have to buy a whole wall, you can restrict yourself to several modules and create a harmonious and practical interior for the hall.
  • Today it is easy to get furniture in individual sizes for different rooms. Therefore, to choose interior items is not difficult, even for the most non-standard premises. The cost of such options, of course, is high, but the payback of such exclusive items usually turns out fairly quickly.
  • In addition to the size and shape, there is another feature of modern furniture. Today in the shops you can find pieces of furniture for almost any style decision. Modern, country, provence, classic - for each option, you can find something of your own, which harmoniously fit into any interior.
  • Many materials used in the production, also open room for choice. You can stop the choice on wooden cabinet furniture or choose facades with MDF, even plastic is used in production. For upholstered furniture manufacturers offer a huge range of different upholstery of different textures.One of the most popular options today is eco-leather, it is most convenient for the living room, as it is easy to clean and has a high degree of wear resistance.
  • Another feature is the versatility of furniture, it can serve as an excellent option not only in the living room, but also in rooms that perform the functions of several rooms at once. Thus, the living room can be in the same room with the dining room, be combined with the kitchen or bedroom.


To simplify the selection of furniture for the living room, you must first remember those types into which all the furnishings are divided.

So, stands out:

  • Cabinet;
  • Modular;
  • Cushioned furniture.

Choosing any of these subspecies, it is necessary to remember that the main selection criterion is, of course, quality, because as mentioned above, the living room is the most visited room, therefore, for a longer life, you need to choose the right and high-quality furniture.

The most extensive range has modular furniture, you can also call it "typesetting". This is a set of different units of furniture that can be moved if necessary.As a rule, such kits are made in the same style, which makes it much easier to select the necessary elements of furniture. This includes not only the headsets and walls, which today are represented by various modules, but also other important elements of the living room.

Most often, modular kits include the following items:

  • Mirrors;
  • Various cabinets. They can be either wardrobe or other purposes, they can have a direct location, and they can be angular;
  • Dressers;
  • Bedside tables;
  • Coffee and dining tables;
  • Shelves;
  • Racks;
  • Even sconces or floor lamps can be supplied with modular furniture.

If a person has chosen modular furniture, he, as a rule, receives either a catalog with a full range of modules, or he will get acquainted with them directly at an exhibition in a store. Then there is an independent selection of the necessary parts of the kit.

A distinctive feature of this option is its mobility. The composition of the modules quickly turns into a transformer and can easily change the configuration, location and placement of selected items.

To make the right choice, you need to know the dimensions of the room, which will help you choose the right modules and not overload space.Among the materials from which the modular furniture is made, emit wood, chipboard, MDF and other elements that imitate wood. In addition, often used and additional materials for the decor - glass, plastic; The structure is sometimes crowned with metal fittings.

Cabinet furniture is, as a rule, stationary elements of interior design. This includes various cabinets, racks and walls that have a common rigid base and cannot be easily disconnected as modular variants. Built-in furniture can also refer to the cabinet.

The most popular elements of case models are various kinds of cabinets. Most often they are placed in large living rooms, they can store clothes or any other items. Most often cabinet cases are carried out to height of the room and rest against a ceiling. In addition, in this case, you can cite as an example the phenomenon of built-in construction. Such cabinets usually have rather large dimensions, but at the same time benefit from their spaciousness.

An element such as a hanging shelf or shelving is also common. On them, as a rule, there are various elements of decor, books, lamps, and if the rack is quite large, there can be placed an audio system or a TV.The hinged design is convenient both for small rooms, and for dimensional rooms.

There are hull walls. In this subject several elements are combined at once. There may be a closet and shelves, and a rack - all of this is a single structure.

The last type of furniture used in any living room is upholstered furniture. This includes various sofas, armchairs, poufs. And if the cabinet and modular furniture are designed to create the most practical interior that will accommodate a large number of storage places, then the soft component serves precisely to ensure comfort.

Soft and comfortable sofa, which will be harmoniously matched to the interior, will give maximum comfort to residents of the apartment and its guests. The main rule for choosing upholstered furniture is the quality of the upholstery material, since it must be durable and easy to clean.

Fashion trends

Fashion changes regularly, and these changes, as a rule, concern all spheres of life, be it musical styles, clothes, events, concerts, food, tourism or interior design. Similarly, in the design of the living room - from season to season, new fashion trends are emerging, which many modern designers and connoisseurs of beautiful furnishings strictly follow.

Changes in design trends are usually associated with the following factors:

  • Every day more and more new materials for repair appear on the construction market.
  • New colors are coming into fashion.
  • There are new interesting interior items that dictate changes in the overall design of the room.
  • In addition, the determining factor may be the overall economic situation in the country. A crisis can bring cheaper items of furniture into fashion, and stability can increase the pricing policy in interior design trends.

However, changes in trends in interior design are not changing as rapidly as in the world of clothing design. Usually, due to the durability of repair, trends remain for several years, transforming only through accessories and accents.

So, highlight the trend of living room design today is the presence of light in the room. Today, the most popular are the bright spacious rooms with a large, ideally a panoramic window. Many sources of daylight and minimal space clutter are needed.

For this reason, designers advise owners of small rooms to make redevelopment and combine several spaces in order to create a more functional and bright room.

In connection with the previous trend One of the most popular styles of this season is minimalism. That it allows you to create the most open space, where there will be a lot of light and air. In no case should there be a lot of furniture and other elements, in addition, they should have a direct and concise look.

Some mixing of different styles is also welcome. However, in this case it is necessary not to get too carried away, so as not to turn the room into a confrontation of different directions.

Each item in the room must have its own functional purpose, otherwise its presence is inexpedient and goes against the modern design trends.

Quite a popular phenomenon is not the first season is the use of used materials for the manufacture of furniture. So, for example, furniture from pallets is very popular, they also often use ordinary corrugated cardboard or cardboard boxes to create furniture.

The next trend depends on the universal desire to protect the environment. So, interior designers advise to use only environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials that do not harm human health and the environment.

From the listed tendencies follows one more.This is definitely the choice of colors of the living room. Pastel colors and natural shades are popular. Beige, brown, green, peach and other suitable colors create a good color for almost every taste.

Trend interior is the most comfortable interior, the cost of which is quite affordable for an ordinary person.


All interior coatings of cabinet and modular furniture can be divided into glossy and matte surfaces. The overall appearance of the room will depend on the choice of a surface, in addition, a properly selected coating can provide a binding to one or another style decision.

The glossy surface is suitable for small rooms because it reflects the light perfectly and thus visually increases the space. However, this ability has only high-quality gloss. The cost of such coverage is high, but for the sake of the effect of expansion, you can spend money. In addition, high-quality gloss is very practical - even if scratches form on the surface and dust accumulates, due to light reflection it can hide defects.

To create a glossy surface using materials of different properties and different cost. For example, one of the most common options is a glossy PVC film. It is applied to the facades of MDF using vacuum technology. The film is easy to clean, it can have various patterns, milling is often present on the facades with a film. However, such coverage has its own significant disadvantage - With sudden changes in temperature, the film may peel off from the base.

Furniture made of acrylic plastic also has a glossy surface. The gloss of this coating is slightly higher than that of the PVC film, its coating color fades and scratches are not visible, if necessary, you can restore the surface using polishing. However, moisture can damage facades, since the already visible joint between the inner material and the outer surface will delaminate even more. To solve this problem, some manufacturers use a metal frame for framing facades and hiding joints.

In addition, lacquered painted facades can promise a nearly perfect glossy surface.The surface is primed, put the main color, and then in several layers coated with glossy varnish. After complete drying, the surface is ground and polished to a shine. For more gloss, manufacturers cover the facades with wax.

The complex process of manufacturing such facades is reflected in the cost of the final product, but the advantages of coating fully pay for the costs. So, the advantages include good gloss, you can make facades of almost any color, in addition, many manufacturers offer individual color choices. In addition, the facades are environmentally safe and are not afraid of changes in temperature and moisture. However, there is a minus - painted facades retain hand prints when touched.

Popular and matte surface of the facade. The right choice of color will help harmoniously fit matte furniture in both small and large space. Matte surfaces are most often made of plastic or MDF.

Furniture made of matte plastic is not afraid of moisture and retains its original color for a long time, and is also very resistant to various mechanical damage.However, it also has a tangible disadvantage - such furniture is quickly contaminated, and cleaning takes place only with the help of special cleaning agents.

Furniture items made of dull MDF are also not afraid of moisture, they are environmentally friendly and safe.

However, MDF is afraid of mechanical damage, so during operation it is necessary to protect the facades from bumps and scratches.


However, first of all, the practicality and service life of furniture in the living room will depend not on the coating, but on the material from which it is made.

There is a list of basic requirements for materials:

  • They must be eco-friendly. Regardless of the style and interior solutions, natural wood or MDF will be an excellent option, but you should not forget about plastics either. Contrary to popular belief, it can be safe, but you must require special certificates from the seller, confirming his safety.
  • Furniture should last for a long time, because repairs are rarely done for a year or two, so you need to choose strong and durable materials that will last at least ten years.
  • Proper furniture should have a high degree of durability. Mechanical damage, dirt, scratches should either be easily removed or not visible.
  • Ideal materials should be easy to clean, even without the use of special cleaning products.

These requirements apply to any furniture that is suitable for furnishing the premises for any purpose. Speaking specifically about the furniture in the living room, it can be noted that it does not have such serious requirements as, for example, furnishings for a nursery or kitchen. It is appropriate and glass, and wood, and plastic furniture. Often used metal. Also the furniture from an interline interval is popular. The choice of the necessary material will directly depend on personal preferences, as well as the style of the room.

In most styles used in modern design, the versatile material is an array of wood. You can find cabinets, chairs, shelves and other items made of oak, alder, pine.

Plastic is most commonly used in styles. high tech, and metal - in style loft. In addition, tempered glass is often used in these styles.

It is important to choose and high-quality practical material for upholstery of sofas and chairs, as well as for chairs. Well suited for upholstery linen, tapestry, chenille.

Color solutions

A key role in creating a harmonious and comfortable interior living room plays a color decision. You can create a refined aristocratic interior, light and airy, relaxing or strict.

The choice will be primarily influenced by personal preferences. In addition, the following nuances should be considered:

  • The determining factor will be the style decision of the future living room. Each of the modern styles has its own rather limited color spectrum. For example, the classic of pastel tones, it will look good brown, green. Baroque and modern will highlight burgundy, emerald and blue. In the loft style - white, brick and black, in minimalism and high-tech black, white, as well as various bright shades such as yellow, orange, red can be used.
  • The size of the room is also important when choosing a color solution. For example, for very small rooms, the use of too dark colors, which will further narrow the space, is excluded.but light, delicate shades and a large amount of light, on the contrary, will be an excellent option for small-sized living rooms.
  • Dark furniture and too bright colors should be used only in rooms with a neutral wall covering. If the walls are rich in decor, it is better to abandon the use of decorative sofas and cabinets. It is necessary to observe the balance of color solutions. Black furniture will fit well in the style of minimalism with white or cream wallpaper.
  • The simplest room for the selection of color designers consider living rooms with large windows that overlook the sunny side. It is under this condition that you can choose almost any color of the situation.

Black and white are considered to be the basic colors for the living room. With the help of only these two colors, you can create a unique interior, in addition, these colors are easiest to complement with bright accents.

White color is an excellent basis for creating the original interior of the living room, it is only necessary to complement it with bright accents and decorations that fit the overall style decision of the room. In addition, white is one of the best tones for visual expansion of space.As for the black color, then it is afraid of using not only ordinary people in the interior, but also eminent designers.

However, you should not be afraid of this color, with the proper placement of accents and selection of companion colors, you can get a truly chic interior that will delight its owner and all its guests for many years.

If there is a fear of overdoing or creating a boring white room, a bright neutral color palette will always come to the rescue. Beige and gray tones are most attractive in creating a simple relaxing interior. These solutions are able to provide the most comfortable and harmonious atmosphere.

However, when creating such an interior, you should not be limited to only one color, otherwise you can get a dull and gloomy interior. For example, beige will look harmoniously with chocolate, and gray is very well diluted with pink or peach.

In addition, you can use for the arrangement and brighter colors. Both warm and cold colors can be a good option for a living room.

Among the warm shades, brown, red, yellow and orange are the most popular.These shades create a positive and harmonious interior.

As for the compatibility with the shades of furniture, furniture in wenge color will perfectly fit into the yellow living room, and for a brown interior the color bleached oak will be an ideal solution.

No less popular are cold shades - green, blue, blue. These colors have to rest and relaxation, so it is perfect for people with the most active schedule of life.


Modern living rooms are made in the most common styles. These include:

  • High tech;
  • Art Deco;
  • Modern;
  • Minimalism;
  • Provence;
  • Country music;
  • Classic.

It is necessary to focus on the most popular destinations.

Classic style over the years, does not lose its relevance, many people have equipped their living rooms in this style before and continue to do so today. A distinctive feature of this style is the rich furniture made of natural wood. For example, the most commonly used mahogany or oak. In addition, fireplaces or their imitation are installed.

Bronze decorations, ornate shelves, heavy cornices with curtains and paintings in massive baguettes adorn and complement the classic style.

For styles hi-tech and minimalism, in contrast to the classics, the ease and minimum of furniture and decor is relevant. Unusual models of furniture made of plastic with a metal decor - the most appropriate choice for the room, made in these styles.

In the large living room looks harmonious style baroque. The maximum use of natural materials: wood, silk, velvet, as well as the abundance of gold in the design distinguishes this style from other ceremonial styles. Only expensive, richly decorated furniture, marble columns, large mirrors, frescoes and stucco molding are admissible here.

Living room style modern replete with natural ornaments. It is dominated by soft pastel colors, and there is also a large panoramic window and a fireplace, on which various interesting figurines and other decorations are usually installed, corresponding to the style decision.

Modern designs often use styles. country and modern. You can also find rustic styles. Most often they are used in the setting of living rooms, which have a combined layout with a dining room or kitchen. It is dominated by light colors, natural fabrics, aged elements and floral prints.

How to place?

The hall, as a rule, has a standard set of items that must be placed. This set includes a table, wardrobe, sofa and TV. Depending on the purpose of the hall, this set may vary. For example, if it is combined with a bedroom, then you need to add a bed, if you have a dining table and chairs with a dining room, if you need to equip a place to work, then a written or computer desk and additional shelves or shelves for books appear.

In order to properly arrange all the necessary items in a small room, first of all it is necessary to draw up a detailed plan with full marking of all entrances, exits, windows and sockets. This will help to arrange the furniture correctly, without blocking outlets, without blocking the natural light and without overly covering the room with an excessively large amount of furniture.

The layout both on the plan and in the real space should be planned, starting from the central piece of furniture. Most often the sofa acts as such an object, it is he who centers the room and is the main element of the living room.

After that, it is necessary to determine how much the furniture increases with use - how far the sofa group extends, how much the cabinet opens.It is necessary to calculate the space for the free movement and functioning of the furniture.

In addition, you must follow the composition.

You should not force a small room with a large number of items, just as you should not put a single table in a large hall.

If earlier the mirror arrangement of objects was used most often, then today the main trick is asymmetry. It is with this technique that you can get the most harmonious interior, even in a small room.

A popular technique for small apartments is to create additional airspace by using low furnishings, even wardrobes today are trying not to do under the ceiling, which leaves additional space. Even if sufficiently dimensioned wardrobes are used, their placement usually takes place in one of the darkest corners, where the cabinet will not be very noticeable and distract attention.

Today, it is entirely appropriate to leave one of the walls free or fill only a part of it - so the space will be further expanded, more light and air will appear.

For information on how to correctly arrange the furniture in the living room, see the following video.

Living-dining room

Modern apartments usually do not have large dimensions that allow you to create a separate interior units, so sometimes the living room is combined with other important for living rooms. There may be a bedroom, office, kitchen, but most often there is a combination of a hall-dining room.

The main rule of any combination of different functional areas is, of course, that both zones must be in the same style. So, for example, if one zone is performed in the classical style, and the second is in the loft style, the general view will be very ridiculous.

The division into zones can be carried out at the expense of the color solution, but here it is also worth remembering about the harmony and compatibility of color solutions. In addition, you can choose to separate the elements of furniture. For example, a sofa can become a dividing element between two zones, also for this purpose you can use different chests of drawers and low racks.

The territory can also be zoned due to an asymmetric ceiling, for example, above the dining group,or you can make a slightly lower ceiling with spotlights built-in above the working area, and a dining room with higher ceilings and a large chandelier.

The location of the functional elements of both zones of the room must be verified, empty space must be left, and all family members should be easily placed on the available furnishings.

Even if the dining room and living room have small overall dimensions, you can resort to some design tricks that will help to properly furnish the room and get a harmonious and comfortable interior for all:

  • It is better to use light colors - this will help to visually expand the space.
  • Raise low ceilings will be able to wallpaper with vertical stripes or a vertical pattern, they can be combined with plain models, as well as with suitable printed surfaces.
  • Glossy surfaces reflect light well, so the use of ceilings and furniture with such facades is another option to expand the space.
  • In addition, the uncluttered space looks a priori more,therefore, it is necessary to limit only to the maximum necessary furniture.
  • In addition, the use of mirrors will help solve the problem of a small space.

Bedroom-living room

The second most popular association is the combination of a bedroom with a living room. It would seem difficult to connect these two zones, but this task is one of the simplest in modern interior design.

To create the right combination of the above two zones, you only need a comfortable place to sleep. To do this, you can use a sliding sofa bed, which will be used as a soft seat during the day, and transformed into a comfortable sleeping place at night.

Also a great option would be a transforming bed, which, if necessary, is removed in a niche in the wall and imitates a wardrobe.

In addition, you can use a regular standard bed, only to divide the room into zones, separating the bed with a screen or an artificial partition. You can also use different dressers or shelves to separate.

You can put a bed on a special catwalk - this is an elevation of the floor, which, in fact, acts as a shelf for the bed and divides the room into zones.

When combining zones, it is worth remembering that the room should not be too cluttered, otherwise an unpleasant impression will be created. Arrangement of furniture in such a room should be as thought out. In addition, the furniture is better to maintain in the same style, so as not to create a collapse of the composition and dissonance in the room. If you do not want to choose suitable items of furniture, you can immediately choose a set. In this case, the selection will already be carried out by qualified designers, and the user will only have to correctly arrange the furniture in the room.

The color solutions in this case may also be different, but for the bedroom area it is better not to use too bright colors. Communication with the bright living room area can be accomplished using bright cushions in color or a suitable blanket.

To expand the space, it is also appropriate to use light colors that reflect light, glossy surfaces and mirrors well.

The use of asymmetry is a possible option not only for the floor in the case of the podium, but also for the ceiling. Different levels will help to adjust the intensity of lighting and visually change the dimensions of the room.

Create a design project

To create the perfect interior you need to create a design project of the room. In fact, this is a set of plans and drawings showing all sizes, openings of windows and doors, which will help in the realization of the chosen interior design.

Naturally, the design of large rooms will be different from the design of small ones. 20 square meters m, of course, is able to accommodate more items than 18 meters. When a plan is made for an empty room, it is necessary to fill in the location of the furniture with reference to sockets, switches and other functional elements.

After an approximate sketch has been drawn up, it is necessary to draw a diagram where all the elements of the future room will be placed on different scales and from different sides.

This plan will become an indispensable tool in the repair process. If it is not possible to compile it yourself, you can contact the studio that provides interior design services; they will create a design project of any room according to sketches and required sizes, taking into account all the comments and suggestions, which can be used for repairs later on.


Today, there are many on the market, both Russian and foreign manufacturers of living room furniture for every taste and wallet, suitable for any style and various dimensions.

Among the most popular are:

  • Furniture factory "Lapis lazuli". Production is located in Kaliningrad, and high-quality design products are sold in almost every corner of Russia. The range of furniture here is quite large, you can choose and cabinet, and modular, and upholstered furniture, in addition, competent sellers can make a design project that will help not only visually imagine the future interior, but also correctly arrange the elements in the room.
  • Belarusian furniture Pinskdrev also sells in Russia. Here are all kinds of furniture at reasonable prices and very good quality.
  • Furniture made in Poland is also quite popular. For example, a Polish company "Mikolajchik" ready to provide the buyer with not only individual models of living rooms, but also complete sets of necessary furniture to create the perfect design.
  • German quality has always been famous for its exclusivity in all aspects.The company acts as an example of excellent quality. Gwinner You can buy separately all types of furniture as well as complex options from this manufacturer.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Creating a beautiful interior in an ordinary apartment is not easy, but when it turns out, admiring glances are guaranteed.

A stylish elite baroque living room will delight for a very long time, the design will never lose its relevance.

Original solutions in modern styles - minimalism, hi-tech and loft, also deserve attention.

A classic-style living room with a fireplace, where the sofas will be correctly arranged, will be an excellent solution for a large and comfortable living room.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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