How to choose a dresser with a mirror?

It is difficult to imagine the interior of any apartment dresser - a multifunctional element of style. The progenitor of it was a chest for storing clothes, to which, over time, retractable shelves were added. Such know-how led to the appearance of the most convenient element in our house, translated from French “commode” means “convenient”.

What is it?

A chest of drawers is a special cabinet with a table top and drawers designed to save various objects (from pastel linen to household chemicals or favorite toys). The combination of the compact size of the cabinet with the spaciousness of the cabinet makes it possible to arrange such a model in any mansion. Today, the furniture industry offers a wide range of similar products.They differ in many ways (color, shape, height, decor).

In appearance distinguish the following products:

  • · Standard dresser;
  • · Long accessory;
  • · Model with a mirror;
  • · Chest of drawers;
  • · With ironing board;
  • · Chest transformer.

Externally, a copy with a mirror cloth is not much different from the dressing table.

This furniture with a round mirror in a classic style for girls and women. The versatility of such a locker allows you to place it in any corner of your home. A folding make-up mirror will be appreciated by every girl and woman. However, today there are also species for the stronger sex. Consider what species are found, what is their uniqueness and what should be guided by the choice.

Types and features

To destination allocate the following products with a mirror:

  • For the living room. Such options have a special style of manufacture, they are richly decorated with carvings and other patterns.
  • For the bedroom. These types are more concise than the analogs of the guest room. Bottom boxes are designed for laying pillows, sheets, upper need for all sorts of accessories, cosmetics, jewelry.The fair sex will be appreciated by female models with a dressing table, so that there is an opportunity to see yourself in all its glory.
  • For the nursery. Such furniture is distinguished by the size and design. In the colors of the models for girls, preference is given to gentle pastel tones; boys will have more masculine shades of blue, green and violet.
  • For the dining room. There are often additional glass doors behind which are stored sets, dishes or elite alcohol.
  • For the kitchen and bathroom. Distinctive features are ergonomic design and sharp lines. Often, such a chest of drawers combined with the sink.
  • · For wardrobe. Designer fantasy is where to roam: a chest of drawers can be hidden inside the closet or drowned in the wall between the cabinets. Foldable mirror will save space.
  • For the corridor and the hallway. In these models, the emphasis is strictly on functionality.

The location of the dressers with a mirror are:

  • floor standing;
  • suspended;
  • stationary;
  • mobile;
  • wall mounted;
  • island

The shape of the chests are distinguished:

  • traditional rectangular - classic varieties;
  • Corner - perfectly fit into any corner, saving space;
  • radius - models that need space to be placed in the interior;
  • Designer - a variety of forms (for example, piled one over another suitcases).


In the manufacture of dressers with a mirror using different raw materials. Plastic is lightweight and easy to clean. From it produce lockers for the kitchen or bathroom. But they do not look presentable enough. Comfortable and expensive dressers from solid wood. It is an eco-friendly and durable material. Such models are often decorated with exquisite patterns, carvings, they have original and elegant pens.

The main disadvantage of wooden products is their price.

Wenge furniture is especially popular now. - a tropical plant capable of withstanding severe weight loads. The unusual color is a golden brown with black streaks. In the interior, this tone is successfully combined with other natural: oak, maple, ash. However, it can be repeated in the color of the flooring or furniture.

Other materials involved in creating stylish modern dressers include rattan.It is eco-friendly, combines attractiveness, lightness and durability. Chipboard and MDF are like wood, but they are cheaper. Accordingly, in terms of service life and quality, they are inferior significantly, they are more common in furniture stores.


It is necessary to correctly calculate the location of your future purchase. In addition to the fact that the boxes should be easily moved and moved, you should still pass freely without touching them. Of fundamental importance are the parameters of the drawers (length, width, height, depth). The model can be long or narrow, it is necessary that its dimensions correspond to the stored objects (whether it be blankets or a collection of favorite disks). Standard height ranges from 85 to 160 cm, if the chest of drawers is lower - it will already be a pedestal.


The color range offered by the manufacturer is unusually diverse. These are various shades of wood, bright colors for children's furniture, noble monochrome. Choosing a model with a mirror, we recommend to look at the color of the Sonoma oak. This is a very popular type of bleached oak today, which will perfectly fit into almost any interior. This aristocratic Kohler goes well with wenge,looks equally good with matte and glossy surfaces.

Mirror shape

The choice of mirrors today is truly wide. In addition to the usual rectangular, round or oval options, you can choose any unusual silhouettes according to your desire. In the furniture stores you will be offered absolutely incredible mirror canvases in the form of numbers, various shapes, symbols, abstractions. The round and oval mirror of a dresser organically looks in any interior.

Rectangular varieties should be selected based on the size: the larger the footage, the larger the reflective surface should be.

Style and design

Dressers with a mirror make in classical and modern styles. The first ones are made of wood, under it, such dressers often have curved outlines, carvings on the facade. A worthy example can be a set of "Gioconda", made in the luxurious Italian tradition with smooth curves, elegant decorative inserts. Pompousness and luxury of such an element of the interior will serve as an indicator of wealth and prestige of the apartment owners. Modern dressers have a minimalist design without decor (with strict and clear lines).Products in the Art Nouveau style can be placed in the children's room, decorating the most stylish and laconic image of the interior with a black glossy child of the chest.

How to choose?

In order to buy the desired object without unnecessary throwing, you should follow a few simple rules:

  • Determine the place where you put your dresser. Make the required measurements, taking into account that the boxes need space.
  • With the help of a properly selected product, you can visually change the volume of the room: a high and narrow piece of furniture will allow you to raise the ceiling, low and long - push the walls apart.
  • Pay attention to the fittings and sliding mechanism. Models with telescopic door closers are much more reliable and noiseless than their roller counterparts.
  • The fundamental importance is given to color. A white chest of drawers will look better than a dark one, saving space in the room. Reflective surface perfectly helps to expand the space.
  • It is important that in their style the dresser fit into a single image.
  • The mirror must be securely fastened to the base or (in the case of the mounted version) have good fasteners.
  • Try to choose a trusted manufacturer.

Beautiful examples and options

Below we offer to consider some especially interesting types of interior solutions.

The most popular manufacturers of luxury furniture are Italians. The luxury of lines and materials will not allow such an interior to go unnoticed.

  • A chest of drawers with a sliding mirror is convenient for its functionality; such a mirror will be protected from external influences.
  • The option of a transformer with a folding mirror will be appreciated not only by the visage specialist, but by each girl.
  • An armchair and a dresser with a mirror in the same style will look elegant.
  • Volume of space will add models of drawers with glasses.
  • An excellent combination for a spacious hallway - wardrobe in combination with a chest of drawers.
  • Strict and concise modern models look incredibly stylish.
  • It is impossible to deprive the attention of charming models for children. A model with a mirror is more relevant for girls' bedrooms, but it is also entirely appropriate to look at the boy’s apartment.
  • Do not despair if you do not have the opportunity to purchase an antique locker. A flight of fancy and skillful hands will help to turn the simplest wooden chest of drawers from a grandmother into an exclusive model, overlaying it, for example, with wallpaper, decorative paper, or simply throwing colored stripes along the entire chest of drawers.

From the next video you can learn how to make a dresser with a mirror with your own hands.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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