How to choose a chest of drawers in the living room?

Living room is a special room of any home, differing in functionality and hospitality, which largely depends on the furnishings. Often part of the living room is a chest of drawers, which allows the room to have a spacious view due to getting rid of a lot of things. To understand how to choose a chest of drawers for the living room, you need to know the characteristics of this piece of furniture and take into account its relevance in a particular style.

Special features

The concept of "dresser" today is quite diverse. Translated from the French dresser means "comfortable." This is a stylish accessory of the living room, which is different in design, dimensions, spaciousness and functionality. These factors determine the relevance of a particular product in the hall.These are several pieces of furniture that are combined into one: a chest of drawers may look like a typical cabinet with drawers, a cupboard, or part of a wall with a glass facade.

Depending on this, this accessory has several varieties:

  • wall - an option that is fixed directly on the wall, which is especially convenient for rooms with a minimum of free space (mainly small models that do not create a large load on the wall);
  • added - a dresser in the living room, which is part of the furniture ensemble (sold with a sofa or table, this is functional and roomy furniture in a single style and color);
  • island - a stylish and externally attractive piece of furniture that is installed in the center of the room (a bright functional accent, for example, a kind of bar);
  • standard - version for installation along the wall, almost always being part of the modular design of narrow width and considerable height.

At the same time, the placement of the dresser can be different: some designs look like pair narrow cupboards, between which there is a low closed pedestal, or it is an option with a small glass showcase that demonstrates the interests of the owners of the house (for example, figurines, dishes, sinks).Other products are modestly placed in the corner, giving the role of a living room accent to a set of upholstered furniture in the guest area.


Varieties of drawers in the living room depend directly on the purpose of this furniture. In addition to the convenience and beautiful appearance, they are different storage capabilities of necessary things. The chest of drawers is not a cabinet: it has horizontal drawers. It is a mistake to call it a rack: this product is a closed type of furniture, although it has shelves.

Depending on the destination, a dresser in the living room can be:

  • angular;
  • long
  • short;
  • standard length;
  • with a mirror.

At the same time, any product is selected taking into account the available area of ​​the hall, or ordered by individual measurements and a sketch, selecting the design in a single color scheme and design with the available furnishings.

Corner models are convenient because, due to their location, they allow to save the useful area of ​​the room by occupying the corner of the room. They do not burden the space, suitable for small living rooms. These products have drawers for storing objects and the top plane, which usually serves as a stand for various decorative accessories (for example, vases, figurines, plants in pots).

Long versions are more spacious, they have a lot of drawers and a long top plane, sometimes manufacturers equip them with the original exit platform for a plasma TV. Thanks to the shelf for TV, space is saved in the guest area of ​​the hall. Large dressers are an alternative to a full wardrobe. These models are different (for example, modular, with a window-showcase).

Often in the interior of the living room can be found a chest of drawers for storage of dishes (buffet). As a rule, in such products there is a closed space and a showcase in which a service is arranged. In this case, the facade has doors for opening, and the main closed part is rolled out by means of rollers. Variants with glass demonstrate the interests of the owners of the house: they represent the contents of the shelves in all their glory.

Mirror varieties are remarkable in that they are able to visually change the space of any room, be it a small living room or a spacious hall. They can have a pendant mirror, or mirror surfaces of the facade and even legs.

Often, to give a special atmosphere, the chests are decorated with lighting: this makes these pieces of furniture stylish accents of the guest room.

Forms and dimensions

The classic shape of the dresser is a rectangle. However, it can be the most diverse: in the shops you can find high, narrow, wide, low, radius (rounded facade) varieties.

Conventionally, they can be divided into straight (linear) and angular.

They can be compact small, standard plan and large, while differing in appearance: some are like a box, others have an upper shelf, the third - the lower shelf, the fourth - convex on the front facade and sides.

In addition, they may be elements of the rack, or console shelves. Suspended versions are more like boxes. The dimensions of the dresser are different and are subject to a specific design, the most popular options are 90x46x85, 84x48x80, 87x48x88, 67x48x112, 88x48x87, 90x50x90, 90x45x100 cm (length x width x height).


In the production of modern dressers used different raw materials. The best material is wood: today, manufacturers have learned to make dressers out of it elegant, so wood products are not cumbersome. The array is coated with varnish, ennobling the texture of the tree: this way you can install chests of glossy planes in the interior that visually increase the living space of the hall.

Today, the dresser is decorated with glass: it is able to fill any model with lightness and airiness, even if it has a painted, mirrored surface, photo printing, and a lace sandblasting pattern. Especially noble, it looks in dark chocolate translucent (tinted) shades, whether it be models with a mirror, or products with glass doors.

In addition to basic materials, fiberboard (MDF), metal and plastic are involved in the production of modern furniture. Chromium is a component of the frame of models of modern stylistics, plates are lighter than wood, however, their shelf life is less, they are less resistant with mechanical damage.

Plastic as the main material is very unreliable, as if manufacturers did not prove the opposite: it is harmful to the body (if installed near a heating device, it begins to release harmful substances into the air).

Style selection

Modern versions of the dresser can be entered in almost any style of interior, except for those where they are inappropriate.

Using the design techniques, you can arrange the chests so that they catch the eye, or vice versa, merge with the decor and color of the walls, which is inherent in certain modern designs.

The use of a picture on the facade of the product will be successful: you can beat the desired design idea and visually fill the space with a special atmosphere and mood.

The legs of the chest of drawers with carved lines or gilding will be appropriate in the classical directions of stylistics (classic, classicism, neoclassical, English and Italian style), which is characterized by symmetry, proportionality and palace solemnity.

If you need a model for modern style, minimalism, brutalism, you should pay attention to the product without excesses, which are characterized by strict straight lines, a minimum of openness, special emphasis is placed on the functionality.

If you want to decorate a living room in a Chinese, Indian style with a chest of drawers, demonstrate a different non-standard design, you should focus on products with photo printing, choosing the option with a specific print and color inherent in a particular direction.

Models of light shades (for example, white or ivory tones) with carved decor, a mirror and curved legs will suit the rustic color in the spirit of country and Provence. Radius models are also good. For such a creative style, like a loft or grunge, the view does not matter: most importantly, the furniture must be wooden and always brand.With regard to products for children, it is better to choose chests of drawers, relying on convenience rather than pretentiousness: they should be simple, because they will have to be used not only by an adult, but also by a child.

Color solutions

This furniture is of different shades, but it is limited in the choice of bright contrasting tones. Often, chests of drawers are made in a natural natural range, which is characterized by light beige, brown and brick shades. If that dictates the style, the models perform in white. In addition to it, today the focus of attention is the shade of light wenge oak, sonoma tone, truffle, milk oak, dark wenge, apple and walnut. Of the dynamic tones worth noting orange, brick tones.

Less often, the furniture has a contrasting finish in the form of black strokes (they make the lines expressive, give the product originality and elegance). Rare shades, contrasting with the basic white tone, are green and olive colors. Such furniture looks strong, it is selected in the same color scheme with the main pieces of furniture, otherwise it looks separate.

Decorations of drawers are prints, with which you can fill the living room space with the right color.Especially attractive are the varieties with surface finish in the form of floral ornaments: they fit perfectly into the subject of ethnic design trends.

How to place?

It is necessary to place a dresser in the living room in such a way that the approach to it is free. It is usually placed against the wall so that it does not interfere with anyone and at the same time was the center of attention.

You can place it:

  • opposite the main sofa of the guest zone (recreation area), placing a plasma on a long vertical plane;
  • placing under a cantilever shelf on the wall (or another protrusion), decorating the surface of the upper plane with a pair of photographs within, or with plants in vases;
  • under the mirror on the wall, setting symmetrically with respect to each side face of the mirror sheet with regard to its frame;
  • in the location of the picture, either a panel or a small art gallery, if the height of the chest is lower (it should not block the decoration of the walls);
  • for the dining area, if the living space is larger and accommodates this functional area;
  • behind the sofa, or from any of its sides, if the model is small and does not close access to the window or the dresser itself.


On the modern furniture market there is a wide range of dressers that can satisfy different preferences of customers. Among them, a special place is occupied by companies from Portugal and Italian manufacturers.

In the rating of high-quality products were:

  • Vental;
  • "Pyramid";
  • Hoff;
  • "Alternative"
  • Ariva;
  • "ThreeYa";
  • "Aquaton"
  • Idea;
  • "Master".

Each manufacturer, if desired, can find an option worthy of placement in the interior of the living room. Buyers participating in the voting, mark the convenience and durability of the models of these firms. At the same time, there are some remarks: in some cases, users note that along with an attractive appearance, some models do not have adequate reliability. This applies to slab products (LSDP): there are no complaints about the dressers from the wood massif.

Beautiful examples in the interior

  • A compact figure-shaped chest of drawers with an original façade, made with a floral print, looks particularly stylish: it harmoniously combines with the white color of the wall decoration, does not interrupt the interior, and has support in the form of a vase of unusual shape with flowers.
  • White chest of drawers with a mirror and glass windows,drawers and side doors with gold-plated trim is an excellent mini-bar of the room, decorated with fresh flowers and a desk lamp with a floor lamp in a single style.
  • A stylish wooden dresser with an additional open bottom shelf, carved legs and floral carvings decorate the living room: by adding two suitcases, a table lamp, books and original clocks to it, you can create a special atmosphere.
  • The dresser buffet decorated with carving and gilding can support the style of the dining area in the welcoming living room. It consists of a classic rectangle and an open shelf hanging structure: made in the shade of the dining room furniture, it harmoniously blends into the design of the light room.
  • A dresser with a mirror facade and metal decor of the faces will be the decoration of the modern design: it looks stylish and adds space to the interior.

How to pick up a dresser in a drawing room, look in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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