Choosing chairs in the living room

Living room - a place in the apartment, which is intended for the comfort of the owners of the house and having a good time with the guests. The living room furniture reflects the sense of taste and quality of life of households. Therefore, the choice of comfortable, soft and stylish chairs for the living room is so important. Often the chair is included in the furniture set with a sofa, but in modern stylistics it is increasingly used chairs that are an independent part of the interior, complement it and carry a separate functional load.


The chair can be made of natural or artificial materials. It largely depends on the financial capabilities and functions that this piece of furniture will perform in the room.


When it comes to the frame, it is most often made of wood or metal.These are the most durable options. Modern models (for example, modern style) are characterized by metal frames and durable plastic. The frame material is more than half the cost of the product, which determines the price you pay for the piece of furniture.

To save money, manufacturers more often replace natural materials with artificial ones that are easier to maintain. Often, instead of wood, low-cost models use chipboard or MDF (if the frame is hidden).

It is recommended to buy chairs that have upholstery only on the back and seat. Legs, armrests and sidewalls can be without upholstery.


Upholstery can be made of genuine or artificial leather. The skin is easy to clean, it is easy to clean, more durable than artificial, but it is an order of magnitude higher. Leather upholstery is typical for modern furniture, loft, ethno and hi-tech. Jacquard, velor, upholstery or microfiber fabric upholstery is considered to be quite durable and economical compared to leather. Some types of fabric (eg, flock) have special protection from scratching pets. When buying, you need to pay attention to the quality of the seams, the presence of defects in the form of folds and tears.Some manufacturers often leave the armrests without upholstery, it allows you to extend the life of the product, reduce the number of cleanings and expensive repairs, replace the old upholstery with a new one.


Before finding a suitable chair you need to think about how it will be used. In the living room, it can be designed for convenient reading, watching TV, working, relaxing, relaxing and receiving guests. Often, this furniture item is used as an extra bed or an element of decor.

Depending on your requests and needs, you can stop at one of these varieties:

  • If the chair is designed to work at a computer or reading, you can give preference to a modern office chair. It has a comfortable back and armrests. It is easy to adjust in height.
  • If it is intended for convenient reading or watching TV, a classic soft armchair with a fixed, even back is suitable. It has four low legs and a medium back height.
  • If you need an extra bed, the folding bed (chair-bed) is the ideal option.By design, it can be expanded, have roll-out transformation, be with armrests or without them. Often, such products are equipped with spacious linen drawers, which allows you to store them in bed linen.
  • If the apartment is small, you need to choose something very compact, you can give preference to a small corner chair. This is a great option for people who appreciate comfort and practicality.
  • Creative young people, lovers of informal get-togethers often choose unusual suspended chairs (made of cloth, wicker, wooden).
  • A rocking chair often becomes the favorite subject of the living room for older people. There are many modern models of antiquity. They can relax and calm down, read in a comfortable position or follow the fire in the fireplace. They occupy a lot of space, they are chosen for a spacious hall or house territory of a country house.
  • Those who value innovation and bold solutions in interior design can pay attention to fashionable chairs on one leg. Their features are a stable leg of different lengths and a streamlined sitting position. Here the most courageous design decisions on a design and color are possible.
  • The chair chaise lounge will be suitable for a big drawing room. It is intended for relaxation, daytime sleep, may have a metal, wooden frame.
  • The chair bag is often chosen for youth parties in the living room. This type of chair is a big soft pillow with a cover and a filling. This model is safe: it is impossible to fall from such an armchair, it will not cause injury, it can take any place in the room (it can be placed in the corner, or in the center of the living room if guests come).
  • Lift-chairs are high-tech beautiful models that change position relative to the floor when you press a button. They are intended for elderly users and people with disabilities. This model can have a folding back (recliner).
  • Another variant of the technological chair is special massage models designed for relaxation at home. With the help of special buttons you can choose one or another mode, such as vibration or tapping, massage of the neck, legs, back. You can also adjust the intensity of the massage.
  • In the spacious living room of a country house, rustic-style interiors can often be seen cozy wicker chairs.Popular options of rattan, bamboo, walnut and cane. Many are attracted to furniture made from natural materials. In this case, this is the main feature. The beautiful original wicker chair is easier to clean than the fabric.

The modern market offers a wide range of models that can be neutral or bright colors, a variety of shapes and designs that hint at belonging to a particular idea of ​​style.

Depending on the size of the room, you can choose small (mini), large, standard sizes, which will allow chairs to look harmoniously in the guest area of ​​the living room, without overloading the space.


Today, a variety of models allows you to decorate the living room with new armchairs to match or contrast the existing furnishings. They can coincide with the sofa according to the texture, shape, smoothness or rigor of lines, decoration. Some varieties can be decorated with sofa cushions, soft blankets or bright capes, others do not need additional decoration. Here are some common styles.

Classic style

The chair in a classic style is distinguished by elegance and decor with gold leaf.It has low legs, medium back height and armrests. It can be decorated with small pillows to match the upholstery. Classic chairs are suitable for those who need to decorate the living room in the spirit of the palace solemnity.

English style

The name speaks for itself. Such a chair bears in the interior an imprint of English elegance and aristocracy. The peculiarity of the English-style armchairs is the high back, small shortened armrests. Upholstery can be of fabric or leather. Coloring upholstery fabric is a strip or cell brown. In such a chair is nice to sit in the evening by the fireplace. You can decorate it with a monochromatic contrasting pillow of elongated shape.

Japanese style

Original small chairs without legs or with short massive supports. Such a chair can have a wooden frame or be frameless. His seat is soft, it is performed with a good elastic filling.


Chairs in the Art Nouveau style, concise and simple in design, ergonomic and original in design. The frame can be metal, wood, in the design using plastic, fabric, leather or fur.The emphasis is on simplicity and minimal decor, with the manufacturability and ergonomics of the models, their unusual forms and design.

Ethno style

This style is characterized by wicker chairs, wood options, stools and upholstered chairs made from natural fabrics. Shades of chairs in ethnic style are diverse and depend on the specific direction chosen. They can be natural wood, light, white.

Color solution

The color scheme of the seats is an important factor in any model. With the help of the color conveyed the right mood, the idea of ​​design. Hue especially matters if the chair is bought in an already finished interior.

It should blend harmoniously into it in style and color, can be the same color as the rest of the furniture in the room (then choose the upholstery is not difficult), or become a bright accent, standing out from other furnishings.

If the interior is designed in a classic style, all the furniture has a calm, neutral upholstery. Dilute the interior can be more bright pillows. Chairs better to choose the tone of the furniture. If the style of your interior is characterized by a bright contrasting palette, you can choose a model of the corresponding bright colors.But do not forget that the bright palette visually reduces the space, it is better to avoid this in small-sized living rooms. If upholstery fabric has a complex texture, it is important not to overdo it with bright colors.

See the following video for tips on choosing a chair.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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