Modular furniture for the living room: making the right choice

The living room is considered the hallmark of any home. This room is distinguished by its hospitality and functionality. It often gathers the whole family, as well as held a friendly friendly gatherings, so the interior of the hall should be as harmonious and attractive as possible. However, in drawing up an attractive setting, one should not forget about the practicality of all interior items. Today we will talk about comfortable modular furniture, which is the perfect solution for a modern living room.

Special features

Nowadays, to create an original and functional interior is not difficult, as furniture stores can boast a chic range of products that can be chosen for any style.Especially popular today are thought-out designs, which are called modular.

Such options produce many well-known brands, so each consumer can purchase the best option at a reasonable price for him. Modular furniture today is quite common, not only in living rooms, but also bedrooms, offices or dining rooms.

Convenient and functional designs have a number of distinctive features.which played a significant role in their popularity. First of all, it is worth noting the practicality of such products. Modular furniture has several separate elements that can be interconnected by switching places. Thanks to this feature, all households and their guests can customize this or that construction for themselves.

In addition, such options can be safely addressed if your living space is non-standard. Modular construction today is often put in small apartments, where every centimeter is "worth its weight in gold."

This is due to the fact that such furniture is very easily transformed and takes exactly the formwhich the owner wishes and will require the layout of the room.

Furniture, in the composition of which there are separate modules, is represented by the widest range. Such thought-out systems can be angular soft sofas or non-standard and trendy headsets with beautiful glossy surfaces. It should be noted that each specific module relating to a particular model may be a separate and independent part.

Modern modular systems can boast of high mobility. Thanks to the collapsible design, they can be easily transferred to a new place without extra effort. That is why such products are often placed in children's rooms, because even a small child will cope with the majority of them.

A set of modules in one design can consist of a large number of parts. There may be more than 10. Yes, and the types of such functional sets are different. Each module can have its own special features and design. Moreover, they may have different decor elements. For example, large modular designs are often equipped with doors and shutters with different patterns and prints, as well as opening / closing mechanisms.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of modular designs include:

  • Availability of quick-release fasteners. It is thanks to these thoughtful details that the cabinets and soft corners are so easy to disassemble and change their configuration.
  • Variety of shapes and sizes of modules. This fact suggests that you can choose the perfect option to any dwelling, whether it is a spacious or very small apartment.
  • Small sizes. As a rule, modular systems look very neat and aesthetically pleasing. They easily fit into many interiors without overloading and not weighing them down.
  • Versatility. Designers claim that such furniture is absolutely unpretentious. She will be able to pick up to any ensemble.
  • Multifunctional. As mentioned above, modern modular designs are very easily transformed and move within the dwelling. It speaks about their mobility and multifunctionality.
  • Easy to use. It is very easy to use such pieces of furniture, which makes them more popular than the cabinet versions. You do not need to have special knowledge or a strong physique.

As for the negative aspects of modular structures, these include the following aspects:

  • The lack of carved decor. As a rule, such furniture does not have an intricate and complex decor. It is almost impossible to find beautiful carved details that look great in classic and fancy interiors.
  • The inability to create a unique interior. A stylish design ensemble with such furniture will hardly turn out. As a rule, it has a fairly simple form.
  • Standard sizes. In most cases, parts of modular systems are produced with standard sizes, multiples of 5 and 10. For this reason, it is quite difficult to find the perfect option for a compact room.


Currently, modular furniture enjoys an enviable popularity, as it saves time in search of ideal models. In addition, many consumers are attracted by the possibility of "restructuring" furniture for themselves.

Most often, the number of modules for a living room includes the following components:

  • Compact lockers;
  • Wall and corner shelves;
  • Spacious dressers;
  • Small bedside tables;
  • Puffs.

Of course, it is not necessary to arrange all the listed items in one room at once. To begin with, place the most necessary parts in the hall and only then proceed to the selection of less important items.

Modern buyers are faced with a not poor selection of various modular structures, which include various functional elements. Consider the most popular and popular options.

Cabinet wall

Such furniture most often has small dimensions and does not overload the space in which it is located. In such models, there are often lockers of different sizes. Their purpose is not only to store the necessary things, but also to place on them beautiful designer decor items. It can be elegant candlesticks, various books, photo albums, photographs in frames, statues and other similar objects.


Particularly popular today modular shelving. Modern manufacturers produce similar furniture in various versions. This may be a practical design with a computer desk and side tables or a simple open version with shelves.

Such furniture is needed not only for storing decorative trifles and books / notebooks, but also for placing fresh flowers in color-appropriate pots and vases or a neat fish tank. Today you can meet more original shelves, which, in addition to their standard functions, carry out the appointment of a safe in the hall.

Chest of drawers

This design is today one of the most popular. Do not think that such furniture finds its place only in the bedroom. Modern models of drawers can be found at the same frequency in the living rooms.

As a rule, such pieces of furniture are used in small halls. They are often purchased as a replacement for large and bulky cabinets that take up too much free space. In such constructions, some compartments often serve as invisible safes.

Corner cupboard

Such furniture is very comfortable and roomy. Combining a lot of positive qualities, modular corner cabinets have small dimensions, so you can safely buy them for small rooms. In addition, they look organic in many ensembles, which speaks of their universality.As a rule, important documents, personal belongings and other similar objects are stored in such items.

Little table

For the living room a small coffee table would be an ideal option. Most often, such furniture is placed in front of a sofa or armchairs. If recently, such constructions were simple and static versions, today this table can be bought with the possibility of transformation.

Bar counter

Do not think that the bar - this is solely an element of the kitchen or dining room. At present, such interior items are often found in living rooms. Especially often they are located in similar areas in apartments with redevelopment or studios, where the kitchen is combined with the hall.

Cushioned furniture

Sofas and armchairs are also modular. These designs consist of several soft sections that are easily detached from each other. Thus, different elements of a rectangular or angular sofa can be arranged as small chairs or cozy ottomans.

One of the most popular products is a multifunctional sofa bed. This comfortable and useful model unites in itself a place for sitting and a sleeping bed.Often, similar designs come with a drawer or drawer.


In the production of modular furniture for living rooms used various materials. This indicator is very important and affects the cost of the finished product.

If you want to create a harmonious and presentable ensemble in the hall, then you should turn to higher-quality and attractive structures made of reliable and noble materials. These include natural wood.

Models made of solid wood are expensive, but they look unsurpassed and are absolutely safe for the health of households.

Most manufacturers use in the manufacture of modular designs such wood species as:

  • Oak;
  • Birch tree;
  • Pine;
  • Ash;
  • Larch;
  • Maple;
  • Nut.

The main advantages of such products is their environmental friendliness and reliability. Natural wood is strong and durable, especially if you provide it with proper care. This is where some difficulties arise that many consumers attribute to the shortcomings of wooden modular furniture.

The fact is that natural material requires regular maintenance.It consists in periodic antiseptic treatments. If you neglect this process, then in the wood bugs can be got, to get rid of which will be very difficult. In addition, the raw material will crack and lose its saturation.

It is also worth considering that natural wood does not tolerate high humidity. If you encounter a similar problem in your home, then the purchase of wooden structures should be abandoned.

A good imitation of wood is such a popular and inexpensive material like laminated chipboard. Furniture made from it looks much simpler, but it is much cheaper. The chipboard serves for a very long time and does not require special attention. However, its main disadvantage is that it contains hazardous resins containing formaldehyde. These compounds are harmful to human health, therefore, experts recommend buying structures made of laminated chipboard class E1, as they have a significantly lower content of these substances.

Also relatively inexpensive MDF structures are very popular today. They look attractive and last long.The surface of such structures can have both a matte and glossy surface. However, such models are also afraid of moisture and moisture. In addition, many buyers note that over time, fasteners in such furniture sag along with doors and sash (if we are talking about a locker or cabinet). Such defects can be avoided through careful handling.

Also today, high-quality and reliable metal-frame constructions are on sale. They are not subject to deformation and do not require special care. It is enough to wash dust from them and remove pollution, if any.

Plastic modular furniture - not the most reliable and durable option. It can be painted in absolutely any shades and look very original, but this does not affect its strength. Plastic cracks and breaks very easily under external influence. In addition, the composition of this material often contains toxic compounds that are harmful to health.

If you are determined to purchase such a model, then you should ask the seller for a quality certificate and carefully read it.The document should indicate the detailed composition of the product in which no hazardous substances should be present.

As for upholstered furniture, it can have both wooden and metal frames.

The following popular materials are used for its skin:

  • Leather;
  • Leatherette;
  • Ecoskin;
  • Different types of textiles (organza, chenille, plush, jacquard, velvet, corduroy, cotton).

Color solutions

Today in the shops you can find modular furniture for the hall in a variety of shades.

Let's get acquainted with the most fashionable and stylish options:

  • White and black. These classic models look spectacular and bright. However, black designs should be used only in rooms with a light finish, otherwise the design will turn out too gloomy.
  • Green. Such furniture looks bright and original. In the hall with similar products should be more careful in matters of color. Do not overload the interior with a large number of rich palettes.
  • Wenge and shades of brown. These colors are among the most sought after in the design of the hall. They make the room more comfortable and hospitable.
  • Gray. This neutral color is easily combined with other colors.however, they should not overload the space so that it does not become too "bland".
  • Beige. This color also belongs to the classics. It looks great with both contrasting and similar tones.


Drawing up a harmonious living room design depends largely on the style you have chosen for it. So, an ensemble made in a modern style is recommended to be supplemented with modular structures of laconic shades. They may have glossy surfaces and glass inserts (for example, tabletops).

In a futuristic high-tech style, a modular leather sofa and cabinets (floor and wall) with shiny surfaces will look spectacular.

Similar solutions are suitable for another modern style - minimalism. For him, you should buy the most simple and discreet furniture of the correct form.

In classical ensembles wooden structures of calm and pastel shades look best. Non-standard headsets with chrome and metal in such interiors look out of place and inharmoniously. Prefer traditional forms and decorations of modular furniture.

Overview of the best manufacturers

Let's get acquainted with a small rating of the best manufacturers, producing high-quality modular furniture for living rooms:

  • Ikea (Netherlands);
  • Factory Swan (Italy);
  • Italian company Natuzzi editions;
  • Belarusian factory "Rechitsadrev";
  • Derelikt (Poland);
  • Furniture factory "Courage" (Russia);
  • Zarechie Company (Russia);
  • Another Polish company MebDom;
  • Giulia Novars (Russia);
  • Studbrock (Germany).

All listed manufacturers are well-known and popular. In their assortment there are products made from a variety of materials - from natural wood to heavy-duty metal. It is worth noting that the products of Italian and German brands are much more expensive.

Tips for choosing

Choosing high-quality modular furniture for the living room must be taken seriously and scrupulously in order not to stumble upon low-quality goods.

You should search for one or another model by the following criteria:

  • The quality of materials. The modular design must be made of environmentally friendly and safe materials. Be careful with options that are too cheap, as they are often made from toxic materials.
  • Build quality. Pay attention to the build quality of the structure. All parts must be performed as efficiently and reliably as possible.If the modular system is made conscientiously, then its elements can be located not only in the hall. For example, sections of a rectangular or corner sofa of high quality will look aesthetically pleasing in the bedroom or children's room.
  • Dimensions. Dimensions of modular structures should fit perfectly into the existing layout. So, for a small living room or a narrow hallway, the best option would be a mini model that takes up little space, but will be useful and functional.
  • Design. Try to choose a modular furniture that is suitable in style and shade to the main interior. You should not dilute the classic atmosphere with ultra-modern versions with chrome inserts, and in modern interiors artificially aged wood products will not look.
  • Manufacturer. Experts recommend contacting only well-known manufacturers who have positively proven themselves over the years. Thus, you will save yourself from buying low-quality structures that will not last long.

To learn how to make modular furniture with your own hands, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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