Upholstered furniture for the living room: beautiful options in the interior

The choice of upholstered furniture is an important stage in the arrangement of the living room. Armchairs and sofas occupy, as a rule, a central place in the room. They create comfort and coziness. The furniture has a number of features associated primarily with the functional load. When choosing sofas and chairs for the living room, it is also important to pay attention to the quality of the frame, filling and upholstery of the furniture, as well as its style. It must comply with the interior design.

Special features

Upholstered furniture should fit into the existing style of the living room interior, harmoniously blend in color, texture and shape with the rest of the design elements in the apartment. The size and shape of the room itself is of great importance.

A sofa for a spacious living room will be very different from a compact sofa designed for a small room.

In addition, the functions to be performed by the furniture are taken into account - for noisy meetings with friends, for a relaxing evening alone or in a narrow family circle, for business meetings or luxury receptions, for a large or small family, etc. You often have to create in the living room several zones, and then you need the choice of suitable upholstered furniture for each zone separately. Upholstered furniture can be used rarely (for example, in a country house) or vice versa, be a daily gathering place for families.

Upholstered furniture in the living room can also occasionally serve as an overnight stay for guests. In this case, choose the appropriate sliding sofas and chairs, rather wide and long models.

The living room can be a separate room or combined with a kitchen, bedroom, office, etc. In this case, the furniture will allow you to separate the area for receiving guests. In this case, the sofa should not stand near the wall, but on the conditional border of the living room, as if separating it from another zone.

It is equally important to take into account what care a purchased kit requires. Sometimes proper maintenance of furniture ensures its durability, but it requires a lot of time and money.


Depending on the functionality and style, upholstered furniture in the living room may vary significantly. There are elite upholstered furniture for spacious modern living rooms, compact sliding transformer sofas for small rooms, corner or p-shaped sets, sofas and armchairs, as well as small comfortable ottomans for guests.

Depending on the purpose of upholstered furniture, the design of the sofa may be different. For crowded gatherings and comfortable watching movies in the evenings, corner sofas are best suited. In addition, such a sofa can be transformed into a large bed. It is also important the presence of an internal box under the unit for sitting. Folding transforming sofa is especially practical in the case when the house does not have a separate room for guests. On this couch can be arranged for the night a few people.

Modular designs allow you to change the shape and size of upholstered furniture. depending on the need. Separate modules can be rearranged, combined or disconnected.

This allows lovers of permutations to update the situation or adapt upholstered furniture to new challenges.


Upholstered furniture can be made of both artificial and natural materials. Textiles can be used as upholstery (for example, velor, flax, tapestry, split, phlox and others), leather, including artificial, or fur.

Previously, the choice of expensive natural materials was justified by the fact that they do not wear out as quickly as artificial ones. But today, when manufacturers of artificial materials guarantee their durability, this is no longer such a weighty argument when choosing textile or leather plating. Often, manufacturers combine different materials.

Increasingly, designers stop on the choice of natural leather. Leather furniture is, of course, expensive. However, its main advantage is wear resistance. Repair and clean this furniture will have only occasionally, and it will not be difficult. Leather upholstery gives the sofa more luxury and brutality.

Artificial leather or textiles justify themselves in the event that an economical upholstery option is needed, and you also need to protect furniture as much as possible from damage (for example, animal claws or tricks of young children).To do this, there are many special protective equipment for the care of products made of artificial materials. However, of the main drawbacks, it is worth mentioning the low breathability, which is why you don’t really want to sit on such a sofa in hot weather, as well as the rapid wear and tear of the products.

If the upholstered furniture should provide warmth and comfort on cold days, textile upholstery, which can be made of velor or short fur, is perfect. Such furniture requires frequent cleaning, at least with a vacuum cleaner.


The sofa and armchairs for the living room should harmoniously fit into the overall style of the room. An important role is played by the color gamut. When choosing the color of furniture, it is important to consider not only the design of the living room, but its size. Furniture in the tone of the walls is better to choose for a small room. Contrast colors only visually reduce the room.

The furniture of neutral shades, for example, gray or beige, perfectly harmonizes with any interior. Unlike upholstered furniture of bright contrasting shades, it will not get tired and will not go out of fashion. Choosing gray or light beige furniture, you can not worry about having to change the furniture with the following repair.

This sofa goes well with any palette and fits more easily into any style.

The furniture of white color was fashionable at all times. It will not make the room cramped, it will easily fit in both modern and classical interior, it will create a feeling of cleanliness and lightness. Sofas and armchairs of soothing colors, as it were, flow into the interior of the living room, allowing you to achieve harmony and restraint in design.

Absolutely the opposite effect can be achieved by selecting headsets of bright shades. The furniture becomes a bright touch, the center of the interior, working on a good mood and comfort, correctly places accents and becomes a certain highlight, a bright touch. An interesting solution is a combination of cold shades of the walls with warm colors of upholstered furniture. Then the living room looks stylish and modern.

Bright contrasting furniture - ideal for large rooms with bright wallpaper. Turquoise furniture will revive the design, make the room interesting and bright. Dark shades of furniture will give expression to the overall interior of the living room with light walls.


As mentioned above, the choice of furniture always takes into account the overall style of the room.

The living area with upholstered furniture should be in harmony with the rest of the interior. It can be made in the tone of the general decoration of the room or contrast with it. A modern living room in today's high-tech style requires elaborate furniture design that is as functional as possible. A sofa, as well as chairs, can have a built-in lighting or designer lamp, sliding shelves and armrests. Furniture most often has leather upholstery.

Upholstered furniture in the classic-style living room is complemented by a floor lamp, beautiful soft cushions. Classic allows you to combine fabric and skin, monochrome and contrasting combinations. Classic furniture can have rich baroque décor (curved legs, wavy and curved backs of sofas, fringe).

The minimalist style is characterized by strict simple forms of furniture, monochromatic shades, simplified design of sofas and armchairs without unnecessary decor.

For the interior in Provence style, combinations of shades of white, beige or light lilac, as well as pink and blue colors are characteristic. Upholstery is often made of textiles, usually natural fabrics, such as velor, velvet, silk with floral motifs as a pattern.

The Scandinavian style assumes the presence of simple one-color furniture (without patterns and with a simple texture), providing comfort and not standing out from the overall design.

Bright accents - pillows, paintings, boxes.

Loft style - modern, dynamic. Comfortable soft corner sofa from the skin of dark shades reflects this direction as well as possible.

How to choose?

Of course, the choice of a soft sofa for the living room - a matter of taste and needs of residents. For large living rooms usually choose a set of sofa and chairs. It can also be a set that includes a large sofa, a sofa for two and an armchair. An excellent solution - when sofas and chairs surround a coffee table. This is an ideal option for a large meeting room with friends, socializing.

For a small room of 18 square meters. m more suitable one corner sofa or other compact furnishings. It is better to place the sofa against the wall. In this case, the room will be a little more space for other items of interior. For both large and small living rooms, you can choose a module. If necessary, modules are swapped or placed around the room, if guests are in the house.

Classic - a set of sofa, poufs and chairs in the same style. This furniture set is suitable for the living room, which often hosts meetings with friends. It is easy to fit into the interior, it is quite functional. If you have decided on what exactly you need, you can start searching for suitable options.

So, it is important to determine from which material you need a set (wood frame or chipboard, leather or textile upholstery). It should be noted that the frame of chipboard economical, but not the most durable option. It is better that at least the frame was made of wood. Such furniture will last at least 10 years.

The filler may be latex or cheaper polyurethane foam (PUF), which is preferred over the old-fashioned frame on the spring. A rather expensive filler option is latex made from the sap of a rubber tree. Latex is durable, less likely to cause allergies, is a natural material and will last for at least 10 years.

It is important when choosing a set of upholstered furniture not to go beyond the style and color of the living room.

It should complement the interior, not only providing comfort, but also to be harmoniously incorporated into the overall design of the living room.

Beautiful examples and options

Stylish modern living room, loft style. White leather corner sofa with black accents looks great in black and white living room interior.

Beautiful upholstered furniture perfectly fit into the interior of the living room in a classic style. The baroque decor of the sofa, the armchairs and the coffee table with curved legs, the patterns on the upholstery and the carved exterior frame in the living room with beige-pink walls create a cozy and warm atmosphere for welcoming guests.

Fashionable modular sofa in the living room in high-tech style. Calm neutral tones, conciseness and functionality come to the fore.

Interior delicate shades in the style of Provence. A soft, cozy sofa with a distinctive floral pattern separates the living room area from the dining room and kitchen.

For information on how to make repairs and hauling the sofa yourself, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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