Shelves in the living room: modern design and practicality

 Shelves in the living room: modern design and practicality

In any home there are functional storage systems. These include not only lockers and cabinets, but also convenient shelves. Today we will talk about modern designs and their role in the design of the living room.

Special features

The times of massive walls and cabinets are over. Designers try to create light, maximally open spaces even within the framework of traditional styles. This trend is more consistent with open shelves and racks. Shelves in the living room - it's not just a storage system. They help to form the internal space, highlighting the necessary zones in it.

In addition, shelves of unusual shape or color turn into decorative objects themselves. This function will perform several shelves, reinforced at different levels.


The material determines not only the strength of the shelf. The form, design and character of the object, as well as its style direction depend on it. Therefore, in many respects it depends on the material how appropriate the subject is inscribed in the interior. Manufacturers offer shelves from traditional and unusual materials:


It is the most comfortable for perception. It creates a feeling of comfort, tranquility and security. Different breeds are very different texture and color. This allows you to choose furniture that is suitable for interiors from country to loft. Wood is easy to handle, decorate, create unusual objects with their own hands.

Chipboard, MDF, LMDF

Recycled wood panels are inexpensive, good looking and can withstand a large load, for example, books. There are matte and glossy, bright colors and soothing shades of wood.


Allows you to embody unusual designs. It looks interesting in combination with glass and wooden elements.Metal shelves will decorate not only loft-style and hi-tech living rooms.

Forged products are appropriate in both classic and stylized rustic interiors.


Only suitable for light shelves. Also make decorative glass screens for shelving.


It is possible to make a niche, a TV stand, and a bookcase from GKL sheets. Structures are easy to paint and decorate, and you can increase strength using metal profiles. It is convenient to make them from the drywall left over from the wall cladding.


Suitable for compositions of decorative shelves. This material today is presented in a rich color range. In addition, there are plastic shelves quite inexpensive.


The basis of a variety of design solutions are only 4 types of designs. Consider them in more detail.


Shelves consist of vertical supports and shelves attached to them. Helps to beautifully and compactly place an abundance of things. The rack can be assembled from almost any material: from wood to drywall.

Designers often use them to zoning a space or turning it into a decorative element.

Racks can be located at an angle to the floor, and the cells - differ in shape and height, or climb the ladder. There are constructions of complex shape, inside of which there is a place for reading. Cylindrical and built-in shelving racks help preserve the space of a small room.


Corner shelves beautifully designed small rooms. You can use triangular shelving sections, modular or transforming structures. Light shelves allow you to place flowers and souvenirs, and modular options are suitable for books.

From modular shelves (square or rectangular, open and glazed) it is easy to assemble an abstract composition for the living room. In the traditional interiors use wooden shelves, and in progressive you can experiment even with plastic.


Hanging called narrow shelves for photos and trivia. They are often decorated with free areas of the walls.

Designers are experimenting a lot with the shape and design, making them vertical, curved or suspended from the ceiling. Shelves have only a decorative function, so they can be glass.

In various styles

Now let's figure out how to choose a rack or shelf so that they are in harmony with the decor of the living room. For this you need to take into account the design style and atmosphere of the space


Distinctive features of style are restraint, striving for perfect harmony and appeal to ancient culture.

For a classic interior, models from natural wood are preferred. They can be decorated with carvings, forged metal plates, and shelves of the shelves - to remind the capitals of the columns. It is important that the subject looks complete and simple.


To the pretentious, a little bit of theatrical luxury, so all the pieces of furniture are richly decorated: with bronze or gilding, carved or forged elements. The preferred material is wood. Perhaps its combination with glass and metal parts.

Country music

For this style fit natural wood or aged. Its surface is varnished or painted. It is well combined with dark metal. It seems that the regiment is made by hand by the owner.


The charming simplicity of this style is emphasized by wooden shelves.Most often they are small, intricate shapes, decorated with carvings or paintings, white or pastel shades.

High tech

Furniture items turn into abstract compositions. The style is characterized by a clear geometric shape, contrasting colors, a combination of metal and glass, and chrome-plated details. You can use glossy MDF panels, plastic, drywall.


Experiments with materials (old water pipes) and form are welcome. Modern elements are intricately combined with traditional ones.


The style draws inspiration from different cultures, thanks to which objects of unusual shape and decor appear. Made only from natural materials: wood, rods, cords.

How to choose?

A few tips that are better to pay attention to, choosing shelves for the hall:

  • Decide on the purpose of the subject. It is better to immediately imagine what will be stored on it. Based on this, choose the material, size and design.
  • Wall shelves or shelves of unusual shape attract attention. You can make them a "highlight" of the interior. It is better to place the shelves on a plain surface of a contrasting color.
  • If the shelves play a supporting role, pick up simple variants of clear form and a minimum amount of decor. You can do it yourself.
  • Consider the location and size in advance. It is better if they are made of the same material.
  • Color is also important. It should choose a shade that is combined with the rest of the furniture and does not merge with the walls.
  • Ask how much load your model can handle. For example, corner transformer shelves are not designed for massive objects.
  • You should not save on quality: chipboard and MDF panels should be smooth, without scuffs and chips, and accessories - attached securely.

Where can I put it?

Space for shelves is in any interior. Designers offer different layout options:

  • On a free wall.
  • In the corners.
  • In the window opening.
  • On the ceiling.

Shelves are placed not only along the walls: the structure for storing books will fence off the workspace or space for reading. As a temporary partition, you can use transforming shelves, if necessary, changing the placement of the walls.

Glass shelves do not clutter the space. This can be used to decorate the walls in the small living room. In smaller rooms, light furniture looks better: even massive objects seem lighter.

Corner structures behind the sofa will compactly accommodate the necessary. The room at the same time will not seem cramped. The storage area for books and large items will be a shelving section, and flower pots can be placed on the floor shelf.

What to put?

The contents of the shelves helps to shape the living room atmosphere and talks about the owners: their lifestyle, tastes and values. Many decorate the room with photos, knick-knacks, or unusual objects. You can put them on the rack, and you can put them on narrow shelves for small things.

Properly placed flower pots will turn the room into a corner of the magic garden. It is convenient to use shelves, top shelves of racks or designs in the window opening for flowers. It is better to fill them with small plants like violets, so that the living room remains light. Sturdy shelves made of wood, MDF or double drywall withstand a collection of books, beautiful dishes and other massive items. You can also find a place under the TV or speakers.

But remember: it is necessary to maintain order on the shelves.Dust, an abundance of knick-knacks, somehow dumped books will spoil the impression of the room.

How to decorate?

If you have old furniture - modular shelves or wardrobe, then try to change their design. The rethought object will become the compositional center of space and will save at least 10,000 rubles.

Consider several ways to restore old items:

  • To paint with white or unexpectedly bright paint: light green, blue, red. If the size of the surface allows, you can make a color stretch or paint with acrylic. To turn the modular shelves of the Soviet era in modern, just remove the back wall and repaint it.
  • Decorate using decoupage technique, decorate with carving, mosaic or fabric. The result will be cute additions to the interior in a rustic or ethnic style.
  • Change design: from one old shelf get at least two new ones. Wardrobe or bookcase can be converted into a rack. To do this, you need to remove the doors and legs (if they were) and put the missing shelves. It will only update the surface.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The main purpose of this rack is a convenient arrangement of books.Only the cornice at the top indicates its classic style. Thanks to this detail, it does not violate the harmony of the classic interior. Original shelves attract attention, and therefore are an important part of the composition. Without them, the situation will become normal, but if there are many such items, the guests will lose their orientation in space.

Interesting is a suspended shelf in retro-style, as well as unique home-made shelves from the remnants of drywall. Such designs allow you to beautifully place books and trivia in the corner, and the backlight (if any) creates an atmosphere of magic.

Decorative shelves successfully fill the space above the sofa. You can also use stylish compositions of suspended shelves.

How to make an interesting shelf with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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