Sideboards for dishes in the living room: stylish solutions for the interior

The very first sideboards and cupboards for dishes were made in France at the end of the 18th century. This furniture received wide circulation in circles of nobility and wealthy citizens. At that time, it was fashionable to parade expensive ceramic dishes and all sorts of porcelain decor items. Since then, the fashion for these items of furniture in the highest circles of society has remained unchanged. And nowadays almost anyone can buy a good and not too expensive sideboard in the living room.


As a rule, sideboards are purchased just for the living room, so manufacturers offer a huge variety of different style directions of this piece of furniture on the market, so that the buyer can easily choose furniture suitable for any of the design styles. By device configuration, sideboards can be divided into the following types:

  • standard models, shaped like ordinary cabinets;
  • low wall dressers;
  • full and low wall models;
  • sideboard showcase with glass doors;
  • built-in models;
  • angular variations, indispensable in rooms where it is necessary to save free space;
  • modular and sectional designs.
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The most common and popular style solutions in the design of this type of furniture include the following options:

  • ethnic style or Eco style. For the manufacture of models of furniture in this category are used exclusively natural materials of the highest quality. As a rule, these are expensive types of wood, often decorated with beautiful carvings or painted fronts;
  • good old "Classic". The furniture of this style is distinguished by the strictness of its forms and lines, which makes it possible to successfully fit it into many styles in the interior. For its production are also used only natural wood. Most often, the models have impressive dimensions and are suitable for spacious rooms. Particularly beautiful in the interior of the living room look classic white sideboards;
  • furniture in style "Modern". Models have a more modern design, are distinguished by simplicity of forms and the absence of an intricate decor. In the production of this furniture can be used not only natural, but also artificial materials, which significantly reduces the cost of the final product and makes it available to a wide range of buyers.

How to choose?

Before you go to the furniture salon to get a luxurious sideboard in the living room, it would be nice to think about what purpose you are going to use this piece of furniture. If its main function will be reduced to the storage of expensive porcelain sets, Bohemian glass or crystal, then you should opt for sideboards, show-windows with built-in lighting or models with large glazed facades.

The functionality of the cupboard or sideboard, which is purchased for storing utensils, is also very important.

So, modern models of servants can be divided into the following types according to their utility:

  • sideboards slidesThese modifications, in addition to many convenient shelves and sections, have in their design a special niche for the installation of household appliances, such as a TV or home theater.Such models are perfect for modern living rooms in apartments, where they often like to gather in a warm home circle with the whole family;
  • corner models, are issued both for spacious rooms, and for small rooms. Various modifications can have one or several sections and vary greatly in their dimensions;
  • traditional buffets are a classic of the genre for storing expensive tableware and porcelain products. Buffet models are also available for various interior styles from classic to modern;
  • sideboard - an elegant vertical model, in appearance resembling a narrow cabinet-case, the main purpose of which is to serve as a showcase for expensive items. Models are often produced with built-in interior lighting, which allows creating a cozy romantic atmosphere in the living room in the evening.

If, in addition to dishes, you intend to store in the sideboard and other things you need in everyday life, then you should pay attention to models with unglazed doors at the bottom of the product, with built-in side tables and deaf drawers. Modern manufacturers of sideboards offer many models that differ in their functionality. It can be:

  • models with different number of sections, with two doors, as well as three- or four-door models;
  • products with a closed or open bottom;
  • models with mirror or frosted back walls;
  • products with expensive elegant decoration or without extra decoration;
  • all-glass models or with wooden frames, drawers, shelves and doors.

Selection for interior design

The choice of any furniture directly depends on the style in which the interior design is made. For example, if your living room is decorated in the style "Provence" or "Chebbi-chic"then when choosing furniture it is better to give preference to light or white tones. In such an interior, a white sideboard will look perfect. If you stop your choice on the white model, it is very important to pay attention to its dimensions. Roomy sideboards and cupboards with many convenient shelves and drawers will be appropriate in spacious rooms and large living rooms, where they emphasize refined luxury and elegance of the interior. But in a very small hall, it is better to limit yourself to a mini-model with one door.

Sideboard for dishes, made in a classic design, you can fit in almost any interior. In appearance, these models look like traditional buffets, the only difference is the additional storage compartments. The lower doors, unlike the upper doors, in such models are not glazed - this mandatory requirement applies to all classic models of sideboards. By purchasing such a model in your living room, you can easily fit all the necessary kitchen utensils in the lower part of the sideboard, leaving the upper part for beautiful dinner sets, vases, glasses and other elegant porcelain things.

Buffets made entirely of natural wood, are not cheap, but they also look more luxurious, and will serve your family for a long time. On sale you can find a large number of color variations of classic models: from dazzling white to completely black cabinets for dishes. Especially richly look models equipped with internal illumination.

The owners of small apartments, who certainly want to decorate their living room with an elegant cabinet for dishes, it is best to opt for the corner model,which is considered one of the most convenient modifications of this product, because it has special advantages in its design. Among the main characteristics of this type are the following points:

  • the design of this model fits easily into almost any style of interior, it is perfect for both spacious and very small rooms, saving the owners of the house a lot of free space;
  • if a fully glazed showcase is chosen, then there can be no talk of storing household items in such a cabinet. Model showcase is intended solely for display on the general review of expensive sets and art objects;
  • As a rule, corner models are mostly designed to showcase beautiful dishes, so if you intend to store some household items, you need to choose models, complemented by special lockers and unglazed doors at the bottom of the furniture.

Whichever option you choose, the model should fit well into the overall design line of the room. It is very important to choose furniture of the appropriate style and combined with all other interior items.

Useful tips

Today, the furniture market offers a variety of cabinets for storing dishes will satisfy even the most discerning buyer. But before you finally decide on the choice of the model you like, It is recommended to take into account all the important nuances:

  • The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a sideboard for dishes is the size of the furniture. A large and roomy buffet is, of course, a good acquisition for the home, but it is worthwhile to reasonably evaluate the possibilities of placing such a solid piece of furniture in your living room. If you are cramped in free space, it is better to refuse such a purchase, giving preference to less bulky models. And on the contrary, if you are the happy owner of a very spacious living room, you should not decorate it with a mini sideboard and display case. How beautiful it would not seem to you in the store - in a large room such furniture will visually get lost;
  • the second thing you should pay close attention to when choosing a cabinet for dishes is the quality of the structures and the reliability of the shelves, which must withstand a large load;
  • then you should make sure of the strength and absolute transparency of the front glass.Since any sideboard is primarily intended for the demonstration of objects inside, the transparency of the glass behind which they will be located should be ideal;
  • the accessories of the product should also be thoroughly checked, all the handles on the sideboard should be comfortable and reliable, and the color of the furniture should certainly be in harmony with the rest of the furniture in your living room.

A comfortable and beautiful sideboard is an indispensable thing in any home. And if, when choosing it, you take into account such important parameters as: correct dimensions, good combination with the design of the room, convenience and safety in operation and environmental friendliness of the material the model is made of, then together with the sideboard you will get maximum comfort and decorate your living room with a small masterpiece of furniture art.

To learn how to independently restore an old sideboard in the decoupage technique, which will be an ideal addition to the Provence living room, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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