How to choose a rack in the living room?

 How to choose a rack in the living room?

Modern approach to the arrangement of the living room depends on the furnishings. Take at least a shelving unit: today such an accent is especially popular - it replaces large cabinets and is distinguished by its functionality. Such furniture is especially in demand in the arrangement of the hall - a room that is the heart of the house. However, not every model is worth buying. We will understand the subtleties of choice.

Special features

The shelving in the living room is an open piece of furniture with many shelves. This is the mass of the shelves, united by a common frame of metal or wood and its derivatives. Shelves may vary in configuration and size, which is reflected in the overall shape of the product. This allows you to choose your model for a specific room footage.

In this case, manufacturers take into account not only the dimensions, but also two particularly significant factors:

  • compliance with a specific design style;
  • color solution.

This piece of furniture is a light accent, which explains its popularity. Due to the open facade, everything is in sight. However, it is the openness of the rack is its disadvantage. With external attractiveness and high functionality, it is externally capable of creating a feeling of clutter, replete with a mass of items stored on the shelves.

The disadvantage of open shelves is also a tendency to accumulate dust, because it falls on the open surface especially quickly.

The shelving in the living room is different from the dressers and cabinets, windows and classic hanging shelves. This is a separate type of furniture, through which you can place the necessary items and accessories, while demonstrating some of the features of the interior. The style of such products is directly related to the material of manufacture, location and method of filling (the planned functionality).


Due to its functionality, the rack in modern living rooms performs several tasks:

  • allows you to place small items on the shelves without overloading each of them;
  • provides for the placement of objects of a certain functional area, combining small parts together for their intended purpose;
  • demonstrates certain features of stylistics, being decorated with modern lighting;
  • saves the useful area of ​​the room, creates room for movement;
  • is a piece of furniture, through which you can perform the division of space.

Depending on the specific design style taken as a basis, the theme of the items placed on the shelves changes. For example, in a classic design it is appropriate to keep books on them, which is convenient for every household.

In the design of modern trends, it is customary to use the wide horizontal plane of the TV rack. It looks interesting and stylish. This technique allows the maximum functional arrangement of the video system, related accessories (for example, discs), giving a clear organization of space through the rack.

Book shelving is appropriate in vintage directions. Having the right color and texture for the transfer of the era, it will allow you to demonstrate the atmosphere of lightness, which is often lacking in rooms with a lack of wall height and total footage.Even toys can be stored on the shelves in such a key if they are not out of the general picture of the design. For example, this would be particularly appropriate in the style of country music, which is inherent in the use of textiles in many of its manifestations (sofa cushions, capes, chair covers, sofa and chairs, a floor lamp).

The use of shelves for toy shelves is also appropriate when the living room is the only living room of the apartment, and you need to equip a children's corner, as well as zoning the space.

Such products are not intended for tableware., because there is a great risk that it may accidentally break. However, occasionally these designs store and sets. Perhaps someone likes this decision, although in reality single vases or figurines on the shelves will look more harmonious. An important feature is the moment of location: for the purpose of this furniture to be as functional as possible, it must be located close to the wall.


On the modern furniture market there are many models of shelving.

Conventionally, they can be divided into 2 groups:

  • linear;
  • angular.
  • At the same time the rack can be open from two parties, or to have the closed back plane. Each form has a different form.More often the product is a rectangular design with several shelves of different lengths and widths. You can rarely see symmetry in them. As a rule, these are chaotically located shelves with one accent place for TV.
  • Symmetrical designs adhere to classic design. In them there are shelves mostly the same size. Occasionally, these products are a rack with a small stack under the plasma, above which additional shelves can be placed.
  • Especially stylish and interesting designs with glass windows. At the same time, the basic idea remains unchanged: the rack does not change the design, does not look like a showcase cabinet. It can be narrow and long, which is especially appropriate for rooms with limited space, since such a product replaces the wall. The central part can be open or equipped with a low cabinet for a TV with draw-out drawers. The thickness of all the shelves is often equated to the main box, which unites the whole structure.


In the manufacture of racks use different raw materials. Often this furniture is made of wood (and its derivatives).The basis of the design consists of vertical frames, crossmembers and shelves.

When choosing a variety from an array, preference is given to:

  • pine;
  • beech;
  • mahogany;
  • oak tree

Of the derivatives are popular models of laminated chipboard, OSB and plywood.

The metal structures in the living room are inappropriate, although this decor will look in modern design directions. Often the component of the rack is glass. This technique allows you to add lightness and airiness to the interior, even if the size of the structure is rather large.

Color solutions

The color palette of shelving shades obeys a certain style. Most of these products are characterized by natural shades of wood. Today they have their favorites. The focus is on models in the shade of light and dark oak, wenge, Sonoma. From traditional tones in demand options of cold beige and chocolate shades.

Black color in the finish is used less frequently. - it creates a visual limitation of space (the rigid geometry of the shelves interrupts the style). White color is one of the most popular. It deprives the space of limited, allows to use the bookcase as a partition, but it does not contrast with the main details of the furniture.It is also convenient in that it fits in with a different style, without having a tight binding to the color type of the design.

Location in the room

The standard method of placing the rack is the location against the wall opposite the sofa. This saves space by determining the position of the video zone. If the area of ​​the room is small, and the rack is designed for books, it makes sense to put it in the seating area. This may be a bay area, a wall ledge, a niche. Not bad it will look on the side adjacent to the location of the sofa.

Corner model is purchased in order to save spacetherefore, its location will depend on the characteristics of the room. You can order a product that is suitable for the hall hall features, making the rack, for example, built-in. If there is almost no space, it is possible to use a special design approach, noticing the area available for placement that does not overlap the location of the furniture details. An interesting solution would be the option with shelves in the form of a ladder and closed doors on the bottom of the product.

It is recommended to place the model open on both sides against the wall.

How to choose?

To purchase a rack was successful, it is worth considering a few nuances:

  • you need to choose it thoroughly, given the shade of furniture;
  • you need to choose the size of the shelves: their height should be sufficient to accommodate books, vases, figurines, sea shells;
  • you should not forget about reliability: the wood variant is stronger and more durable;
  • the number of compartments should be sufficient; oversupply of compartments is unacceptable;
  • in order not to wrestle with the location of the TV, it makes sense to correlate the size of the equipment with the space allocated for it;
  • It is important to take into account the height: it should be no more than the growth of the owner, otherwise it will create discomfort during operation;
  • the model must be selected in the same design style with the interior of the hall;
  • closed shelves are desirable, as they will allow to remove items that you do not want to leave in sight;
  • the decor is also important: if the model has handles for closed shelves, it is preferable that they repeat, according to the texture or shape, the decor of the main furnishings, wall lighting.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The rack should look stylish and attractive.

This model will look organic in many ensembles:

  • A symmetrical model of a beige shade withplace under the TV and glass shelf.
  • Looks luxurious rack under the overall interior in a dark brown shade. It allows you to arrange at the same time books, TV, dishes and even a desk lamp. At the same time, everything looks stylish and harmonious.
  • The model of the angular form with an asymmetrical arrangement of the shelves looks unusual, harmoniously fitting into the interior of a spacious living room. Because of the white color, it does not overload the situation.
  • The rack under the modular wall can be placed near the window. This will illuminate the working area of ​​the furniture. Imitation of a modular design creates the illusion of a clear organization, zoning the rack to its destination in the workplace and video zone.

How to make a rack with your own hands, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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