Tumba bar for living room: advantages and disadvantages

Tumba bar for living room: advantages and disadvantages

The main purpose of the living room is the reception and accommodation of guests, a pleasant pastime, an area for relaxation and entertainment. Furniture in this part of the house has an important practical function.

The modern market offers a wide range of multifunctional furniture, which can be equipped with a comfortable environment for communication, while taking up a minimum of space. Consider what is the cabinet, its features, advantages and disadvantages.

Special features

Tumba bar is a practical option for a living room of any size.Most models are portable, which allows you to save as much as possible the free space of the apartment. The main purpose of the furniture is the storage of alcoholic beverages and tableware. Also, the product can be used as a convenient and compact bar counter.

This furniture has a mini format, but you can find on sale larger and larger versions resembling sideboards or display cases.

For convenience, portable bars equip wheels. Their appearance can be varied. Curbstones can be open or closed. The design is equipped with special compartments for convenient placement of bottles and dishes.

Role in the interior and functionality

If the dimensions of the room allow, designers recommend to make a choice in favor of bulk pedestals. They give the overall decor chic. In addition to drinks, they store dishes and other household items.

Specialists from the sphere of decor have made a number of rules to which you should listen:

  • For convenience and practicality, choose a model that is divided into sections. They will help to place more items. Alcohol and tableware will not mix.
  • Vintage, collectible wines look elegant. If you want to show them off, the dresser must be equipped with glass inserts. Beautiful dishes perfectly harmonize with elite drinks.
  • If there are pets or small children living in the apartment, the locking mechanism must reliably protect the contents of the drawer.
  • Sturdy shelves and holders guarantee that they can withstand heavy weight and constant loads.
  • A chest of drawers can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a compact table or stand for various decorative elements.

Advantages and disadvantages

Experts identify a number of advantages of side tables compared to standard racks and high tables used for the equipment of the bar area:

  • nightstands are much more practical and convenient to use. Due to their compact size, they are mobile and suitable for small rooms;
  • the shape of the model can be varied. From standard rectangle to circle or oval. Non-standard versions are available in the form of barrels, globes and other things;
  • care is simple thanks to the size. It does not take long;
  • different materials are used in the manufacturing process. From natural wood to plastic. This gives customers tremendous choices;
  • additional compartments, multifunctional designs and other elements will allow you to place all your favorite drinks;
  • original model can be an expressive and attractive addition to the interior.

The compact dimensions of the bollard-bar act simultaneously not only as a plus, but also a minus:

  • if a big company came to visit, it’s impossible to settle down as if behind a bar.
  • In addition to storing drinks and dishes, this type of furniture can only be used as a small tabletop.
  • a full bar area is not only for drinking, but also for preparing various cocktails. This requires not only special tools and devices, as well as a wide tabletop to accommodate all the necessary and convenience in the process.


Tumba-bar is increasingly common in living rooms and halls. Given the wide range, it is necessary to choose the right model.

The main criterion when choosing furniture is the style of the decor.Manufacturers offer customers products in standard, classic colors, as well as models in unusual shades. Also it is necessary to consider the type of construction and the shape of the side table.


This trend is one of the most popular modern styles. His main idea is a minimum of things, a maximum of practicality, use and free space.

For minimalism, choose models in a strict geometric form. Materials - plastic and glass. Corner chest of drawers, designed for storing wine, brandy and other beverages, perfectly cope with the role of the bar and does not take up much space.

High tech

High-tech style is based on the principles of minimalism. The ideal color scheme for the cabinets-bar: gray, white, black. Perfectly suited for models decorated with chrome details. Futuristic shapes, unusual bends and lines are welcome.

If you want furniture to become a key element, make a choice in favor of bright products. They will stand out against the background of neutral colors. It is desirable that the surface of the cabinet was glossy, with uniform gloss.

Furniture for the above design is made of glass, durable plastic, with the addition of metal parts.

Country music

Curbstone bar for country style should be made of natural wood. The more expressive the material, the better. Choose textured wood, decorated with annual rings and other patterns. The model in the form of a barrel or an old chest will harmoniously fit into the interior. Color palette: natural and natural.

Pay attention to the products with the effect of antiquity. Small scuffs, chips and cracks give the furniture a special charm. For country style also fit models decorated with wrought-iron elements and coarse iron parts, such as chains. A patina is used as a decorative coating.


Snow-white dresser from the boards - ideal for decor Provence. A model decorated with three-dimensional floral ornament or decoupage prints will look more attractive. The color palette consists of soft and light pastel tones. In these shades can be furniture for this style.

Scandinavian style

This style of light and lightness. It is characterized by brevity and simplicity.In this case, you must opt ​​for models in light colors. Ideal white and light beige thumbs. Material - natural wood. Tumba-bar should be without decorative elements and excesses.

Classic (Baroque, Rococo, Empire)

Products of these styles as a supplement adorn carving, stucco, volumetric details, golden elements and much more. The color can be any other than bright and catchy colors. Bedside tables for classic decor are made from high-quality wood. The material is coated with clear varnish or special enamel. The most common color options are white, beige, black and brown.

To make the product more attractive and expressive, the masters use paint that imitates silver, gold, copper or bronze. Models complement curly arms and legs.


This style characterizes the presence of industrial elements (pipes, brickwork, ventilation, supports and much more) and brevity. The curbstone bar from a natural tree added with metal details will ideally fit into the general decor. Many models are artificially aged.

Glass and metal products are also a win-win option for guiding a loft. Stop the choice on strict forms and compact dimensions.

In the next video you will learn about the intricacies and convenience of a tubma bar for the living room.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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