Classic style living room furniture: examples of beautiful design

Furniture in classic style do not go out of fashion for many years. Classics is an established exemplary art that has not lost its value in world culture. Therefore, art lovers choose a classic style in the interior. After all, it will never lose its relevance and attractiveness, even against the backdrop of modern interiors.

Features and characteristics

Classic style symbolizes luxury, precision, sophistication. All these qualities are perfect for both small and large living room.

The interior design has distinctive qualities:

  • Use only natural materials.
  • Harmony between pieces of furniture is a mandatory rule for interior design.
  • A huge amount of luxury items. The ceiling is made of molded decorations, the furniture has carved carvings, and fabric products are decorated with hand-made embroideries.
  • Massiveness prevails both in furniture and in decorative objects.
  • Creating a composition around the main subject in the interior (table, fireplace).
  • The use of paints is inappropriate in the classical style; for the strength of wood, a thin layer of clear varnish is applied to it. Special glue applied on wooden coatings provides reliable protection of wood against external influences.
  • The perfect combination of rectangular, square, rounded shapes. A sphere fits without fail. Columns, arches firmly entered the idea of ​​classical style.
  • The walls are painted in one tone or finished with wallpaper. They are welcomed with floral motifs. Cloth - exclusively from natural materials (flizelin, paper, textiles).
  • It is impossible to imagine the style without a large carpet in the center of the room (carpet).
  • A large number of upholstered furniture. For greater effect, you can purchase decorative pillows with various decorations.
  • Used parts custom shapes handmade.
  • An important role is played by windows and doors.The openings are made by arches, and the handles on the doors are installed mainly of gilded metal of an unusual shape. Modern artificial materials are strictly prohibited (double-glazed windows).
  • For lighting use different options for illumination. The main thing is to have a large suspended massive crystal chandelier. For the zoning of the room table lamps are installed. Candlesticks with candles additionally add an intimate setting to the living room.
  • Use of large mirrors and paintings inserted in wooden frames.
  • To decorate the living room is appropriate to use antiques (old books with gold bindings, porcelain sets, antique). This will create the greatest effect and similarity with one or another era.


The style of the interior varies depending on the furniture, luxury items and decorations. Having gone a long way, the classics of the interior took something new in each era and was constantly improved.

The materials used in the classical style:

  • Dark natural wood is used in flooring, walls and furniture. Suitable wood walnut, cherry, oak.
  • Marble is intended to create columns, arches, figurines.
  • Crystal - for lighting and dishes.
  • Natural fabrics: silk, satin, brocade, velor, suede, leather, organz, jacquard - for the manufacture of curtains with lambrequins.
  • Natural stone, ceramic tiles are perfect for floor decoration.
  • Decorative plaster - for wall decor.
  • Live plants to create home comfort.

In addition to the model white and black shades, light pastel colors are used, which are the basis of the whole interior. From warm shades fit beige, coffee, chocolate shades.

It is not necessary to arrange the living room with flowers opposite to each other, for example, red and green, yellow and blue. Decor and luxury items are decorated in golden colors.

Over time, the classical style absorbed something new, transformed, but its each branch differs from the previous era.


Especially the classic image of the interior stands out in the modern neoclassical style. At the heart of this interior are classic motifs with the addition of modern objects, experimental and non-standard solutions. Neoclassicism requires simplicity, a moderate amount of furniture, a harmonious palette of shades.

This combination will appeal to people who love specifics. This interior is used in residential premises with large windows and high ceilings and requires a lot of space. This is another difference of this style from others.

Mostly light shades prevail in it, the idea to take the snow-white color as a basis is welcomed. Extra furniture and decor should not be, just what is needed.

The use of a fireplace is a mandatory attribute of modern neoclassical style.


Baroque architecture is symbolized by a large number of decorations, voluminous forms, pomp. The bulk of the forms is formed with the help of intricate ornaments. Pictures are inserted in massive wooden frames. The walls and ceiling are decorated with frescoes.

Expensive fabrics are decorated with gold. Thanks to expensive materials, a wealth of style is demonstrated. It is suitable for spacious rooms.


Rococo style appeared at the beginning of the XVIII century, successfully reflecting the times of the Middle Ages. Rococo attributes - mythical drawings, complex lines, a large number of stucco. To create such an interior requires a lot of pillows, screens and figurines.Predominant colors: white, pink, blue, green. Perfect for small apartments. Be careful when choosing the amount of decor, otherwise the house will turn into a museum.


A distinctive feature of style - chic and luxury. Symmetrical rigor harmonizes with bright hues and intricate ornaments. Furniture items there are a large number, but they should be low, which emphasizes the massiveness of the interior.

The basic attributes of the style are winning trophies, logos, lamps, ampels, roses. Empire - the era of the appearance of tips for cornices. They become like a signboard for the manifestation of expensive matters. An abundance of lemon and sand colors is welcomed, and the atmosphere of celebration is in harmony with blue and red.


Renaissance is a classic style that fills the house with peace and tranquility. This direction gives the concept of beauty, which is expressed in furniture, rounded arches. The walls are decorated with paintings and beautiful stucco. Headsets are finished with thread.

The room is decorated with garlands, patterns, drawings, animals' heads. Great importance is attached to works of painting.Relevant colors: maroon, blue-gray, gold and rich green.


Indicative features of the English style are moderation and luxury. This is reflected in the furniture. Dominated by massive backrest, luxurious upholstery.

Items for decoration: crystal chandeliers, stucco ceiling, painting. An important place is occupied by textiles - curtains made of thick fabric, lampshades, leather covers on furniture.


A special feature of this classic trend is that there is a smooth transition from one piece of furniture to another. Straight lines are excluded. The main material used is wood. The coloring is likened to the colors of nature (light green and gray tones).


  • Spanish living rooms, produced by renowned manufacturers, are distinguished by elegance, first-class quality. For a fairly low price, you can create an "expensive" interior.
  • Russian-made living rooms are made using modern technologies. A distinctive feature of furniture manufacturers from Russia is low cost due to the use of domestic materials.
  • Belarusian manufacturers make modules for living rooms. All decor items are in perfect harmony with each other. The furniture is made of pine, oak, ash wood.

Due to the natural qualities of the materials are not exposed to external influences and protected from fading, deformation of wood.

  • Manufacturers of Chinese and Italian furniture have exceeded all expectations of customers, making high-quality products. It impresses with its safety and durability. From generation to generation passed on the experience of manufacturing furniture. Manufacturers from China conquer their widest choice of colors and types of interior items, thereby allowing you to choose one or another set in each interior.

How to choose?

Classic has requirements that must be observed when choosing upholstered furniture. Modern manufacturers of interior items for the living room make it possible to purchase ready-made furniture in the living room, as well as individual modules.

An important role in the acquisition of furniture is the size of the room.

Bulky things out of place in a small apartment, they only spoil the whole interior.For such rooms it is better to buy compact decor items and furniture.

It is important that the interior contains soft outlines that allow you to hide the strict forms of the headset. Against the background of plain wallpaper, handmade elements look great (embroidery, lace, wickerwork). Depending on the base color of the design, furniture is selected to match.

To create a traditional style, you must choose furniture made of wood. After all, the quality of your stay will depend on its quality, appearance and comfort. Furnishing items of oak, maple and mahogany wood are preferred. For economy class furniture is made of cheaper material - pine.

Expensive materials can be replaced with cheaper ones, but not inferior to them in appearance. This is possible thanks to modern types of finishes that can fully imitate expensive coatings. Replacing parquet laminate is welcome. Columns and natural stone are replaced with plasterboard materials. Instead of pictures, it is allowed to use a photo taken by a professional, but necessarily inserted into massive frames.

Only furniture cannot be replaced by analogs, it should be expensive and of high quality. It is chosen in such a way that it is combined with the general color gamut. When buying upholstered furniture for the living room, it is necessary to pay attention to what it is made of and what mechanisms are used in it. Upholstery should be made of genuine leather or thick fabric.

To increase the lighting of the room, it is better to hang translucent curtains on the windows. Dense heavy curtains are used to reduce the amount of light in the room and create an intimate twilight.

When choosing a sofa and chair you need to make sure that the backs and armrests are comfortable. An irreplaceable object in the decor is a coffee table, which is installed in the center of the hall. It should be combined with a sofa and armchairs.

When choosing a wall, pay attention to its size.

Bulky furniture will simply be impossible to install in a small living room. It is preferable to opt for a wall consisting of 2-3 cabinets.

Not only the appearance of the furniture matters, but also the internal design. All items are checked before the payment of the goods, so that in the future there are no problems with its use.Visually, you need to imagine how and where objects will be stored.

Classic is not friendly with modern technology. If you are not used to doing without modern gadgets, you need to choose a headset with the ability to disguise modern equipment.

Connoisseurs of neoclassicism can opt for elegance in the decor and furniture. Economy class materials are not suitable for this style. After all, neoclassicism is based on wealth. The headset desirable elements of decor in gold and silver.

The main pieces of furniture in the living room in the neoclassical style:

  • Armchairs on wooden legs;
  • Chairs (2-3pcs);
  • Coffee or coffee table;
  • Sofa.

Options in the interior

Options to create an individual style of a classic living room a large number. Depending on the type and size of the room, large-sized or compact furniture and decorative objects are used.

If the area allows, you can install musical instruments. The design of such items must be in complete harmony with the overall interior. The furniture is arranged in such a way that there is free space for moving.

We must not forget that the fireplace - the main attribute of the classical style. Previously, it was used as a source of heat, but now it is the subject of decor. Its design needs special attention. If there is no possibility to install a home, this is not possible, since there are no communications for this in multi-apartment buildings, then it is quite possible to dispense with a fireplace.

The analogue of live fire in the form of electric flames of the flame will fit perfectly to decorate the living room in a classic style. But in this case, it is important to properly issue a false fireplace. The portal can be finished with gypsum plasterboard and decorated with plaster moldings, to put candlesticks or gold-plated candelabra on top of the shelf. Such an elite set of accessories will complement the style and emphasize the sophistication and delicate taste of its owners.

Tips designer to create a classic style in the living room, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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