Choosing a showcase for dishes in the living room

Many centuries ago it was believed that the higher the position of a person in society, the more luxurious the interior of his house. Each owner considered it necessary to put all the most valuable things. In the old days, these were walls and massive cupboards, now they have been replaced by display cabinets.

What it is?

Even if you have never seen a shop window, you will definitely recognize them among other cabinets. This product consists of a wooden or metal frame, supplemented with the required number of shelves. The contents of the cabinet from dust protects durable glass. Today, showcase cabinets perform 2 main tasks at once: storing dishes and small things, as well as decorating the interior of the living room.

A display case designed to house the dishes allows you to store china and crystal in plain sight.that is important for each hostess (a woman likes to be admired with her and her house).

Choosing a closet for the living room is a difficult and important task, since not only family but also guests spend their time here.

Special features

Storefronts differ from other furniture in certain features.


Glass in the cabinets protects objects from dust, temperature changes, moisture, as well as from the clutches of their favorite pets. At the same time all the plates, cups, teapots and other decorative stuff will always be in front of your eyes.


A display cabinet will create a feeling of lightness and transparency in the room, thanks to the use of glass, will make the display cabinet visually light. Glass will add room light and solemnity without overloading it. Carved patterns and vintage accessories will be an artistic decoration for this room. A separate addition to the interior will be the plates on the shelves and the old sets.


If you put a showcase in the room, you no longer have to think about where to put the dishes that you don’t use at regular times. All things will have their place on the shelf, and you will get free space and clean tables.


In today's market, the choice of all kinds of cabinets is very diverse.You can choose a model that will be located both in huge halls and in small living rooms. When making a living room such items should be selected based on the size of the space and objects that will be in it.


Such products are selected for the full use of the corners of the room. They are of medium size, take up little space, accommodate a decent amount of things. Such models usually have a semicircular shape, add completeness to the interior. Basically, corner windows are single-door.


A low display case is a cabinet that has 3 or 4 glass walls; it is called a chest of drawers. Usually put a chest along the longest wall or near the sofa. Since the chest of drawers is clearly visible, all the things that the family is proud of are exposed to it (antique sets, plates from the oriental bazaar, exotic porcelain figurines).

Pencil case

A narrow showcase looks quite impressive. It is used as a place to store things that can be seen only from one side. These are mainly painted plates, beautiful Soviet porcelain, elegant crystal glasses.These cabinets often make narrow because almost all the hostess prefer to admire their services, and not to accumulate the same tasteless plates. These varieties are usually two-door: they are not widely released.


These varieties are hung on the wall, occupying the free space of a vertical plane. They are placed above the furniture, which stands on the floor. These windows give completeness to the interior, adding beauty to it and emphasizing a certain design style. They can be straight, rounded with glass doors that allow you to admire, for example, a family tea set. In this case, the mount must be particularly durable so that the cabinet does not fall down along with all the fragile dishes.

It is advantageous to use such display cases in the living room or in the dining room, if you have one.

Modular furniture

Such furniture allows you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, because you yourself develop the interior of the room to suit your taste and stylistic preference. It is convenient in that it consists of separate modules, which can be made up differently, starting from the existing interior and features of the layout.


Cabinets showcases made from different materials. Consider the main.


Wood is a traditional material that was used in the old days. In the modern world, traditions are also not abandoned. The most common wood color is walnut. Such furniture looks elegant and is combined with a classic style. If you decorate the cabinet with carvings, it will enhance the impression.

Pleasantly pleased and the fact that each model is made according to individual calculations. Masters carefully process the wood, give it the form that is needed, and at the same time invest in every detail a part of their soul. Wood is durable material.

Lacquered wooden cabinets can serve more than one generation.

Traditional mat

You can not ignore the derivatives of the wooden array. For example, MDF is made by pressing the smallest chips under the influence of high pressure and temperature. This material is considered the cheapest, so it is in high demand of buyers. It should be noted that these cabinets are not as durable as counterparts made of solid wood.

Chipboard - a board made of compressed chips with the addition of various resins. The most common option is a varnished chipboard. The varnish applied in one layer protects the surface of the boards from various damages, gives the cabinet a light shine.

Products from this material are heavy enough, but also durable. However, if moisture gets onto the material, it will begin to swell and deteriorate.


Showcases of tempered glass - a great addition to the modern interior and rooms decorated in the style of art-deco or classic. They are appropriate in other styles. Due to their transparency, glass surfaces seem to be weightless, do not occupy free space. Such containers for dishes from tempered glass is advantageous to use in areas where space is particularly small.


Shelves with metal shelves are also worthy of attention. Metal racks are made from steel, they are painted using powder enamel. Elegant display cases with characteristic glossy shine will fit into the interior of minimalism, loft, modern or high-tech styles.


Cabinets showcases do in different stylistic directions.


Modern style - a full and diverse association of several trends.Living rooms in a modern style only at first glance seem the same. In fact, it is this direction that allows to emphasize individuality. In fact, modern stylistic directions are rather free. But there are important points to remember.

For the design of the room in a modern style it is worth choosing simple monophonic materials It can be glass, wood or stone. Light plastic shelves, where you can save a lot of money, are also appropriate. One of the most interesting offshoots of this style is loft. It is characterized by the use of available tools as a decor, the lack of decoration, the abundance of stone and metal in the design. The loft style will be perfectly complemented by metal shelves or dark wood display cabinets.

The next style is hi-tech. Here, designers follow simple rules, use a lot of metal, modern technical innovations and minimalist details. A cabinet with a glossy shine will decorate such a room better than other models. Due to the gloss the room will appear more visually.


For living rooms in a classic style suitable for display of wood.Such models are luxurious and majestic, which speaks of the impeccable taste of the owner, his conservatism and the desire to adhere to the rules in the design of their rooms. Classic furniture is made of expensive wood, often decorated with gilded decor and various patterns. In this case, the dishes need appropriate. For example, classic porcelain is suitable for products with carved legs in the old style.


The Art Nouveau style appeared at the beginning of the last century, but still remains relevant. It includes furniture with straight forms without ornaments. These are light wooden racks, decorated with dark patterns and gilding. On the shelves of such cabinets, you can arrange antique trinkets, collectible books and even expensive alcohol, which young people indulged themselves in the "golden" twenties.


Depending on the size of your apartment, they also select showcases. For small-sized drawing rooms, narrow show-windows, which most often have a semicircular shape, are ideal. They are put in a corner: this is how they save room space. To make the furniture look appropriate and not overload the interior, it is better to choose a model with strong shelves of tempered glass.Due to the transparency of this material, the cabinet will not seem bulky.

The height of the windows is different. Most often, cabinets are selected low, 40 cm deep, to accommodate all the necessary things (sometimes in two rows). If the room is small, it will be enough cabinets with shelves 30 or even 20 cm wide. A standard display cabinet has a height of about one and a half meters. If you have an apartment with high ceilings, you can safely take the model above, so as not to think about how to occupy the space between the ceiling and the edge of the cabinet. Hanging display cases or low chests of drawers, as a rule, are made very small: their height varies from 40 to 60 cm.

Color solutions

It is important that the color of the display cabinet is combined with the palette of colors used in the room where you are going to put it. If you live in a bright room, it is better to supplement it with furniture of contrasting dark colors. Recently the noble shade of wenge is especially demanded. Dark cabinets in this shade are ideal for a living room in a classic style with light wallpaper. If you are engaged in the design of a dark living room, you should pay attention to the metal racks of dark colors (black, dark gray or blue tone).

Dark rooms sometimes seem too gloomy.To dilute this dark atmosphere, designers recommend using light furniture in the interior. For small or dimly lit rooms, a showcase of white or ivory shade is suitable.

If you want to add a bright accent to the interior, use furniture of a bright color (for example, turquoise, pink or green). Against the background of beige walls, it will look appropriate and harmonious.

Manufacturers Overview

The abundance of furniture in the modern market will amaze even the most sophisticated buyer. Showcase cabinets can now be found for every taste and wallet, which can not but rejoice. One of the best are the windows of Italian manufacturers. Virtually all major furniture companies in Italy do not skimp on materials, so they choose for production only the best: durable mahogany, strong oak, cherry-proven over the years and other types of wood that are of high quality. The most popular manufacturers in the country and abroad are considered brands Prestige and Rococo.

Italian furniture is distinguished by resistance to mechanical damage, deformation over time, which is important when buying furniture.After all, every owner wants the product to stand for more than one century. Italians, wanting to earn a good reputation of their customers, certify products. By purchasing their products, you can be completely sure that you do not waste money. No one will deny that such furniture is quite expensive, but, thanks to the manufacturer’s warranty, it will serve for a long time.

The budget consider stained glass cabinets, which are produced in Belarus. The basis of the materials of the Belarusian modern furniture is oak and birch. These materials are also quite durable, so the products of these brands are valued throughout the world. Such brands as Krynichka and Gomeldrev are widely known.

A large range of modern and classic windows and relatively low prices can be offered by Russian companies. Despite the fact that Russian-made furniture is not so popular, it is actively bought. Russian companies offer to make orders for individual orders, as well as provide a guarantee on your product. Therefore, these display cases fully satisfy all the wishes of the customer.

The most common furniture company (especially among young people) is the furniture company Ikea, which has Swedish roots.The owners of one of the world's largest furniture retailers in the world produce stylish display cabinets. Many do not like the furniture of this company, but not everyone can resist low prices, as well as a European atmosphere. These display cabinets are also not inferior to the Italian furniture in the original design.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The first example is a modern room. It is based on light colors: the walls are white, the floor is beige. This combination looks harmonious and visually increases the space. For storage of dishes here use cabinets showcases. Two of them are mounted, the third - floor. They are protected by a layer of durable dark glass.

In contrast to the white base, this combination looks interesting. At the same time through the dark glass you can see the contents. The dishes should be chosen, one that does not violate the rules of high-tech style. If you have old Soviet sets, they are best hidden in another place. In a modern showcase, plain white plates and vases of unusual shape look better. You can fill the space with interesting statues.

The second example - a room in the Khrushchev, decorated in classic style.The main room of the apartment deserves to be the most beautiful in the house. Due to the fact that the wallpaper is pasted in a strip, the room seems to be higher. Therefore, it is possible to put in it even a tall cabinet, while the corner window will save space and show your dishes in all its beauty. The main cupboard consists of three sections, in which there is a place for dishes and for decorative trifles such as statuettes, artificial flowers or candy vases. The furniture is made of wood of dark colors, so it blends in well with the wallpaper.

The interior is complemented by a picture in a massive frame of dark wood.

The next room is decorated in baroque style. Therefore, the furniture here is selected appropriate. Cabinets used to decorate this room, despite their large size, seem to embody fragility and grace. The framework from light wood is added with a huge amount of glass. The surface of the tree is decorated with elegant carving and dark patterns. Such wardrobes themselves would have looked luxurious, here they were successfully completed with a chest of drawers and a table in the same style with the same decor. The entire furniture set will advantageously set off the wallpaper that is suitable in color and style.They resemble fabric wall coverings that were used in the eighteenth century. The floor and the ceiling in this room are also bright so as not to disturb the harmony.

On the inside, the display cases are far from being filled with the simplest dishes. Of the tiny tea cups and painted teapots, which stand on the transparent glass shelves, the queen herself would not disdain to drink. Among the elegant dishes found beautiful decorative details: antique-styled candlesticks, vases, glass holders and even patterned photo frames. When you enter such a room, you involuntarily admire the sense of style of the one who lives in it.

Showcase cabinets are far from a relic of the past. They can be used in modern living rooms. Choose a product with a suitable texture and color, it will be a great addition to the interior of your living room. You can fill the shelves of the rack with beautiful dishes and admire it.

Next, see the video review of the cabinet with a showcase for the living room.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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