How to choose a coffee table for the living room?

At all times, people tried to give furniture not only a functional value, but also a beautiful appearance. Modern technology and the development of the fashion industry has turned interior design into an indispensable part of our life. In the house everything should be in harmony in style, color and shape. And such a piece of furniture as a coffee table sometimes plays a decisive role in the design of the living room.

Special features

Coffee tables in Russia gained popularity in the middle of the last century. When the massive construction of budget and small-sized housing began, compact furniture began to enjoy unprecedented demand. Now the variety of shapes and colors allows you to choose a product for each apartment or house for every taste. The coffee table differs from the usual in the first place for its small size.

Based on the name, it was intended primarily for the storage of magazines and the press.In the living room, it is located in the recreation area for comfortable reading, a small tea party or a snack in front of the TV.

Height usually does not exceed 40-60 centimeters. Although some models just slightly rise above the floor. This is inspired by the increasingly popular Oriental style in design.


The form and functionality can be distinguished the following types of tables:

  • Pridivanny. It may be g-shaped or p-shaped (located vertically on the middle surface). Such products can be conveniently pushed under the sofa or moved very close to it from the butt or in front of the seat. By weight, as a rule, they are quite light and are made from a minimum number of parts. Such a table is used mainly as a stand for small things.
  • Mini-dining. Very similar in appearance to the usual kitchen table on 1 or 3-4 legs. This table is stable, but has a lower height. It is convenient to use it for tea drinking and snacking, when guests have descended on you.
  • Table set. Usually it is simple in form - square or rectangular products of different sizes, which can be assembled into a single structure, either in a compact form or in a cascade.The convenience of using such a product is that you can offer a separate surface for each guest or family member. And the look of such a table is quite original.
  • Directly coffee table. In it the main feature is the presence of various shelves for the location of the press and books. It may be more difficult due to additional elements. Drawers and partitions make it convenient and allow you to organize things in your room.
  • Stand. A table on one leg basically has a small tabletop of regular shape (circle, square, triangle). It is mainly used for the location of a separate object, which is convenient to keep apart, - a floor lamp, a telephone or a decor item.
  • Showcase. Very interesting table option. The table top is made like a drawer with a glass lid. Inside, you can mark up beautiful elements of decor or souvenirs, so that when you use it, treat the contents as if on a display case.
  • Table transformer. The most multifunctional model of all. Such tables can easily turn into a dining or writing, shelf or stand, depending on the design.


For the base choose most often:

  • tree;
  • fibreboard;
  • metal;
  • glass;
  • plastic.

Finishing can be made of the same materials as the table itself, but they also use leather and textiles. Stone countertops look very impressive in most styles of decor.

Coloring can be found any. Natural materials give natural shades to the product, plastic allows you to choose brighter, more brilliant, glossy and acid shades. Concise white and transparent tables look great love and popularity among discerning buyers.


We all try to sustain the interior of each room, and sometimes the entire dwelling, in a particular style. And the coffee table in the living room can be an additional element emphasizing the chosen direction of design, as well as its central accent.

Fans of modern styles of high-tech and minimalism should pay attention to the strict models of simple shapes with metal, plastic or glass surfaces and details.

Classical interiors and palace themes of baroque and Empire style suggest a rich decoration of the room.And in this case it is most appropriate to use wood and stone as materials for the table. Carved patterns, colorful marble or granite emphasize the luxury of the decor.

Bleached wood or chipboard suitable in the interiors in the style of Provence. Rounded shapes and ease of design emphasize the romance and airiness of your room.

Fashionable trends of environmental friendliness and naturalness will take root in ecostyle with the help of tables made of rough stone or emphasized structural wood of regular and natural forms. In this case, wickerwork will also be appropriate, giving the interior the effect of a terrace of a country house.

The metal and glass details of your table will underline the industrial interior of the studio in the style of a loft.

How to choose?

You need to choose a table in accordance with its necessary functionality and your budget. Products made of stone and natural wood, as well as designer tables can have a very high price. But the production of plastic and chipboard is quite affordable and offers a wide selection of designs and colors.

For connoisseurs of fine decorative tables are perfect.Owners of small apartments with a small kitchen and the lack of a dining room will be interested in transformers that turn into large dining tables. This will save space and allow you to comfortably accommodate a large number of guests.

For connoisseurs of books and people who love to comfortably sit on the couch reading your favorite publication, a traditional wooden table with shelves will suit. And supporters of luxury and chic can get lacquered wooden tables of precious woods, decorated with patina-coated handles or inlaid stones.

Spectacular ideas in the interior

A round black table will be an excellent choice for lovers of strictly design. It will emphasize and calm the bright details in the interior, and the correct form and base color will add sophistication and refinement.

An unusual table with a bio fireplace will look impressive. Functionality and beauty will create a unique comfort in your living room. And the look of the flame will give a feeling of warmth and comfort. Such a table will perfectly complement a variety of interior styles.

Oriental-style living room is usually filled with bright colors, rich scarlet, golden modulations and large carvings.A low wooden table with a carved simple ornament will complete the rich and antique Oriental decor.

A table with MDF panels of soft shades of natural wood and with soft outlines perfectly emphasizes the tenderness of floral interiors of Provence.

The main thing is not to overdo it with the design of the table, so as not to overload the design already filled with small details and drawings.

The combination of laconic glossy white plastic, strict forms of a square and glass will turn the table into a real art object. Fans of minimalism will appreciate this decision in their living room. True, the glass tabletop requires constant care, because at the entrance to the room immediately catches the eye.

The golden color and imitation of stucco will luxuriously complement the palace interior. Table with patterns on four legs is perfect for secular tea.

To learn how to make a coffee table in the living room with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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