Decorative stone in the interior of the living room

Decorative stone is very popular in modern interiors, as this material fills the room with a special atmosphere of comfort and homely warmth. Most often, artificial stone is used in the design of the living room.

In this case, stone wall decoration is recommended for spacious rooms, in small apartments it will not be appropriate, because the bulk compositions can visually reduce the space. If the living room in the house is small, then it can be decorated with separate fragments of stone, combining them with other natural materials.

Features and benefits

Living room has a special place in the layout of housing, so this room is given the largest part of the area in the apartment and in the design of its interior using the most fashionable and creative decor.In order to zoning in the living room in an original way, designers recommend using an artificial stone. They can revet both walls and lay out the material in the form of separate fragments near the fireplace, shelving.

Beautifully looks such a finish behind the sofa in combination with wallpaper.

Before you decorate the living room with a unique type of decoration, you must first choose a stone. For the hall you can use both natural material and artificial. At the same time, natural stone is characterized by good strength, durability, but it is very expensive, therefore its acquisition is not available to everyone.

As for the decorative product, it is an excellent alternative to natural materials and It has many positive benefits, among which there are:

  • Low weight;
  • Affordable price;
  • Easy operation;
  • Huge selection of textures and colors;
  • It does not require special care;
  • Aesthetic look.

So that the decoration does not reduce the lighting in the room, it is best to choose light shades of the material. Unusually looks like a white stone in the living room. You can also alternate in the interior dark elements with beige wallpaper or plaster.

The design of the living room with a TV will suit the decoration options with stone panels.Such compositions will perform not only aesthetic, but also practical functions, protecting wall decoration and corners from damage.

To the interior of the room acquired gentle touches, it is recommended to place living plants in the apartment.

Where to use?

Artificial stone is so versatile that it can be used to decorate all kinds of surfaces in the living room. Today, most apartment owners prefer to decorate arches and doorways with this material. For the classic style is well suited for facing columns with stone. Often in the modern design of living rooms you can find small fountains or waterfalls. Such designs will be a win-win in combination with products that mimic natural material.

Separate attention also deserve the composition of stone walls and wrought iron railings. In this case, the walls can be decorated with artificial elements in the form of strips or panels. The main subject in the interior of most living rooms is a fireplace. Facing it with stone will allow to emphasize the beauty of the design against the general background of the room, and the floors, lined with such material, will make the hall stylish and chic.

In small living rooms you can decorate stone at the bar counter. This design method will allow you to visually differentiate the space and make the room comfortable.

In order for the room to acquire an unusual and cozy look, its strict design is recommended to be supplemented with elements from natural wood.

Popular ideas

With the advent of the decorative stone, enormous opportunities have opened up for designers, thanks to which many creative ideas can be translated into reality. This material is great for decorating living rooms, as it is quickly and easily installed, is inexpensive and allows you to create beautiful interiors. In addition, the hall is considered to be the ideal place for laying an artificial product. The decoration made by him will complement the original classic furniture models and decorate the simplicity of design.

An unusual combination of hard and soft material on the surface will give the room an amazing atmosphere.

For the interior of the living room is best to choose light shades of material. If in the design of the room to apply a laminate of coffee color, beige plaster on the walls and lay out a separate fragment of stone, the design will be stylish and modern.

If the surface is laid out with material up to the ceiling, then it is recommended to reinforce the effect with blocks of wood.

The texture of the product, painted in a bright white shade, also looks good, it will be well combined with furniture and other decor items.

Stone trim fits any interior style, but the material must be selected correctly. For example, for a living room decorated in modern style, the best solution would be to decorate a wall in the form of a brickwork.

A surface made of irregularly shaped material, on the contrary, will spoil the symmetry of the room.

As a rule, for spacious halls it is best to use large fragments that are able to decorate the volumetric area of ​​the wall. The surface, lined with large slabs of slate, will not only give the room a feeling of comfort, but also emphasize the natural color of the stone. We should not forget about the lighting in the room.

Without good illumination, the material will lose its attractive appearance, and its color and texture will look dull.

Special attention in the design of the living room deserves a stone fireplace. This type of decor makes the room more modern and expressive.“Neighborhood” of the hearth and natural stone is a great way to show the unity of nature indoors. To continue the harmony of the palette, in the living room is recommended to additionally revet the walls under the brick. Shades of brown and red will fill the room with home warmth.

The walls in the hall, decorated with river stone, also look unusual, and the finishing should be done across the entire width of the wall and at least one and a half meters high. The low and long decoration will be a unique addition to the living room. Sometimes in the interior of such rooms used cladding walls of cobblestones. As a rule, it is chosen for country and traditional style. If the owners of the house want to make the living room special, then in its space you can lay out a ledge of a multicolor stone, which will be placed from floor to ceiling.

A floor from a natural tree and expensive furniture will be beautifully emphasized by finishing from dark gray slate. If the interior of the living room contains rough rocks, then “warm” the atmosphere will help carpets, pillows and furniture upholstery made of soft fabrics. In addition, the strict forms of decor can be “softened” with warm shades of walls, carved shelves and sofas.

So that the room does not turn out gloomy, it should be filled to the maximum with lighting, so the feeling of all the colors in the living room will remain.

A modern living room is a room that should simultaneously be suitable for both family holidays and entertainment with friends, so its interior should be decorated exquisitely and refined. In the design you need to use more white and light. Original in large rooms looks like facing of white limestone walls or separate compositions in the form of stone shelves.

As for the decor in the form of bricks, in the living room it is usually used for framing niches.

Do not forget also about the design of the flooring in the hall. In this case, decorative slate is considered to be a fashionable option, which today is also widely used in the decoration of walls.

Using various variations of this material, you can lay out an elegant floor, and the harmonious combination of dark and light shades will give the room a special touch of refinement.

Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of a spacious living room, but even in small rooms you can use stone trim.In order not to reduce the space visually, it is recommended to decorate only part of the walls. Partial decor will not only transform the room, but also complement it with beautiful colors and texture. In addition, using the finish in the form of a panel, you get a good savings on the repair.

Make the room interesting and unusual will help the bright colors on the walls.

It is important to ensure that the stone inserts on the walls are combined with the general appearance of the living room and are a kind of continuation of the shades of furniture and curtains. Compositions from different types of stones look great, for example, in the center you can use a material with a smooth surface, and framing can be made from volumetric and rough elements.

You can put a decorative stone yourself. Detailed instructions can be viewed in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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