Original wall design ideas in the living room

The heart of any home is the living room. This is a multifunctional room in our home, designed to give its household the feeling of having a family hearth, close loving people, warmth and security.

The living room is the generator of our mood. For any guest this room in our house will become a calling card. She will tell about his tenants more than the people themselves, tell about their relationships in the family, about interests, about tastes, about the level of culture and about the hospitality of the owners of the house.

The walls are the basis for the design of any room; therefore, designing them in the living room, we set the tone for the whole room, the choice of furniture and accessories.

Special features

Regardless of what complexity is planned interior living room, it is necessary to follow the advice of professionals when choosing a wall design.

  • Wall decoration must fully comply with the design concept.
  • In the case of a combination of materials, they must be in harmony both among themselves and with the surrounding interior.
  • Consider room lighting: if the windows face the north side - there should be enough warm shades and gloss in the room, for the southern room, on the contrary, the blue and olive spectrum and a minimum of reflective surfaces are relevant.
  • Room dimensions play an important role in the choice of materials. Large patterns and drawings should not be used for a miniature living room. Delicate ornament will be just right.
  • A question with an unsuccessful layout can be resolved with the help of wall decorations. Excess ledges and unused corners can be transformed by plasterboard structures and partitions.
  • In the finished room should be comfortable and cozy for all family members.
  • If the living room is used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a bedroom or study for someone from the household, this should be taken into account when choosing a future design.

Finishing materials

Today the market of finishing materials is so rich and diverse that it allows you to choose an option even for the most pretentious design ideas.


The most demanded and accessible material for the majority of consumers. The wallpapers are eco-friendly, provide a wide range of colors and patterns, are easy and quick to replace, have the ability to paint. It does not require large labor costs and special experience in the process of applying on the walls.

To create a spectacular decoration of the walls in the living room textile wallpapers are relevant - they look elegant and expensive, emphasize the wealth and good taste of the owner of the house. Wall-paper on a fabric basis is suitable for many styles: both artsy baroque, and rooms in classical execution. The disadvantages include the high price range and whimsical to the operating conditions.

It is interesting to look natural wallpaper cork veneer, cane or jute fiber, bamboo, and even nettle. Such materials can revive any interior, to bring the natural wealth of colors and textures. They are highly ecological and do not bear any harm to human health.

Natural wall-paper is successfully combined with other materials, they are used both for finishing of all walls, and for creating accents in the room.

Metal wallpapers are incredibly beautiful, they can be cast in gold, silver or bronze, contain embossing or any pattern.At the heart of paper or non-woven, which is glued to a thin layer of aluminum foil. Materials visually expand the space, add light to the room. They are resistant to sunlight, do not require special care, are not afraid of fungi and mold, and most importantly - have a unique appearance.


Coloring walls - the second most popular way to finish. Thanks to the paint, it is possible to change the space of the room beyond recognition, to create an exclusive design that is not found on the wallpaper. To radically transform the living room, you can experiment with shapes and textures, colors. Designers are trying out all the new options: they make the effect of aged surfaces, deliberately apply large blots and stains.

The latest fashion trend is walls decorated with slate paint, which allows not only to draw on them, but also to make all sorts of useful notes.

Painting can be done using stencils, purchased or manufactured independently.

Decorative rock

This material gives a stylish look to the room, is used more often to create accents in the room, but can also be used as a basic finish.It is characterized by reliability and durability, does not require special care. The drawing, laid out of stone tiles, will be a spectacular decoration of the living room, will bring a special mysterious atmosphere into the space. The pattern imitating brickwork is in the greatest demand among the modern consumer.

Ceramic tile

The optimal solution for creating the original design of the walls. Despite the biased opinion about the irrelevance of tiles for residential premises, it is increasingly common in modern interiors.

Fashionable art deco styles, brutal loft, African style with elements of the ethnic group can not do without this finishing option.


Not only practical, but also a stylish solution in the design of the room. The material is incredibly convenient and picky in care. Laminated boards are durable and resistant to mechanical damage. The floor, smoothly turning into the wall, effectively looks and visually expands the room.

Decorative plaster

Plastered walls in the hall will always look outstanding. All sorts of patterns are created with a spatula, after drying the wall is painted and varnished.

Venetian plaster is popular, it can imitate natural stone. This allows you to get a smooth glossy surface that resembles marble.

It is not afraid of moisture and temperature changes, does not crack, it is easy to restore.

Among the examples of unusual types of plaster is worth highlighting sgraffito. Its technology involves the gradual application of several multi-colored materials with a scratched relief pattern.

Terrasite is another interesting type of plaster that realistically conveys the look of natural rock.


This wall decoration is gaining increasing popularity. This is a relatively new material that is suitable for both residential and industrial premises. Most often, vinyl is used to finish the interior. It is moisture resistant, durable, practical in terms of operation. Vinyl panels are able to imitate natural stone, masonry, but even in a single-color version look advantageous.


Soft panels of genuine leather and imitation leather are suitable for decorating the wall by the TV and above the sofa, they help to mask the imperfections of the surface and create high-quality sound insulation. Materials used for placement of accents in the room.Thanks to the synthetic and foam rubber, you can get a softer finish.

The wall of the living room, trimmed with natural leather, will always cause envy and admiration.

3D panels

3D wall panels are three-dimensional elements with a bas-relief and a high relief. Unique material allows you to create amazing compositions, the beauty of which can be emphasized by skillful lighting. Installation of panels is quite simple and can be done independently. It does not require perfect wall preparation.

The material has many positive qualities: it increases the insulation of the room, is able to visually adjust the dimensions of the room, perfectly combined with another finish.

3D glass panels look easy and airy, often decorated with images of various natural species.

Natural wood

Wood in the interior of the living room always looks spectacular, transforms the appearance of the room, brings people closer to nature due to the environmental friendliness of the material. The array is appropriate in almost any design, it is only necessary to choose the breed. Light bleached oak is close to the Scandinavian style; black wenge is a coarse rustic, light walnut and warm ash are very important for gentle Provence.


GKL allow you to implement the most incredible design ideas.Unique material is able to take any intricate shapes and lines. The drywall constructions are not only beautiful and aesthetic, they fully meet the functional requirements of the room. The modules perfectly zone the space, hide the defects, and the built-in niches are often used as capacious storage systems.

Additional advantages include ease of material and ease of installation, as well as the ability to create hollow structures for wiring and lighting.

Wood, metal, plastic and other finishes are combined with drywall.


The decoration is one of the most interesting stages in the decoration of the walls, where you can let your imagination roam. However, when planning the decor of the living room walls, it is worth adhering to the general stylistic decision of the room.


Among the architectural elements can be distinguished moldings - decorative details in the form of overhead convex slats, which add relief and volume to the room. Designers use them not only for wall decoration, moldings decorate ceilings, doors, fireplaces, arches and niches, giving them a more expressive and neat look.

Decorative trims in a spacious room can be a way of zoning rooms into separate sections. They are often used to mask defects and finishes. Moldings are used as a ceiling plinth to hide the joints adjacent to the wall. Thanks to these elements, you can divide the walls into several sections, decorated with different types of wallpaper or other types of finishes. It is interesting to look at the decorative frames on the walls for paintings, mirrors and photographs.

With the help of several curved planks, you can create all sorts of artistic forms and geometric compositions on the walls, imitate columns and cornices, spiers, sockets. Light panels are versatile, presented in a wide color range, can be both smooth and decorated with stucco.

For modern styles and classics, preference should be given to even strict panels, elaborate baroque and rococo molded baguettes.

Photo printing

Photowall-paper on walls - a stylish and modern way of decoration of living rooms. They are in a short time capable of drastically changing the appearance of the living room without any extra material costs.In order for the finished decoration to cause genuine interest, you need to select the wallpaper according to the basic design concept and use it as a zoning item.

For example, a wall depicting flowering lavender fields or a panorama of a French street will be the final element of Provence. A modern computer graphics will be the perfect solution for fashionable high-tech style.

An interesting panel can serve as an accent wall indoors.


If there is a long empty wall in the living room, it is appropriate to decorate it with a painting. Images can be applied with acrylic or fluorescent paints, spray cans and even felt-tip pens. Modern technologies allow you to draw using liquid wallpaper, through which they receive the most incredible compositions.

Be sure to follow the style decision. Rebellious graffiti inscriptions will look strange in a classic or Scandinavian interior. A gentle floral motifs alien to the industrial loft and steam-punk.


As wall decorations can be decorative stickers and posters, paintings by contemporary artists,professional photos from exhibitions or family collages. Even the most demanding consumer will be able to choose an option for the soul.

Wall decoration under the TV and fireplace

Making the TV in a niche of plasterboard with lighting is one of the most successful solutions that not only looks modern, but also saves space. The wall can be additionally painted or finished with plaster, decorated with a mosaic or a picture with a calm plot. The stylistic decision can be any, because TV is an essential attribute in different living room interiors.

Do not overload the wall with a TV with unnecessary details, it itself is a major accent.

A specific area for a TV set-top box can be distinguished using wallpaper, for which it is worth using paintings in contrasting colors. Option with fabric wallpaper will add comfort and warmth to the room. Additionally, you can emphasize the TV with the help of decorative moldings. The frame of plastic panels will give a strict finished look to the wall.

Decorative and natural stone is relevant for decorating the fireplace area, the materials are close to the spirit of fire and are often used to decorate stoves and fireplaces and the surrounding space.In the classic interiors are often used brick masonry, trendy living rooms can afford to finish with metal. As a security, you should not hang pictures and other flammable design elements on this wall.

Beautiful examples in the interior

An interesting decoration of the walls in the living room can be done both in a private country house and in a small one-room apartment. A wide range of materials for every taste and wallet allows you to select the desired option. In most cases, you can implement the repair yourself, there would be a desire.

Simple dark wallpapers imitating bookshelves are able to transfer you to the library of an old English castle. The room no longer pays attention to furniture and accessories - after all, all attention is riveted on the walls, so precisely betraying the spirit of the Victorian era. The final touch in the interior - stylized portraits on the walls in heavy bronze frames.

A fireplace built into a mirror wall looks eccentric and unexpected. Such a wall is not just an accent, it is the main feature of the entire room, which sets the tone for the rest of the space.The mirror surface visually expands the living room, and the snow-white fireplace seems to float in the air.

Mirror inserts, indicated by decorative moldings, look unusual, add light and space to the room, as if pushing its boundaries. So you want to look out of the mirror "window" and find yourself outside the living room.

Restored wooden countertops can give a second life as a unique wall decoration. The rounded shape perfectly complements the organic curvature of the vaulted ceiling. It all looks very creative! Non-standard finishing solution is more suitable for a large private house than an apartment.

From the photos you can "weave" the whole carpet, if you fill the entire wall with them. They will successfully replace the expensive wallpaper and will be the subject of admiration of the guests. As a "material" you can use not only pictures of relatives and friends, but also domestic animals, memorable places and beautiful views of nature. Black and white gamma and sepia look vintage, do not irritate the eyes, it is easy to disconnect from a homemade panel if necessary. Due to the bright walls in the room the interior does not look oppressive.

Peeling photos off the wall can be difficult, so it’s worth taking those pictures that are not in the singular.

Photowall-paper with the image of Marilyn Monroe and a large American megalopolis evoke memories of the cinema of the 50s of the last century. Very spectacular design, which will be appreciated by lovers of the era of black and white cinema and the work of a woman legend.

How the decor changes an interior, look in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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