Two-level stretch ceilings in the living room interior

 Two-level stretch ceilings in the living room interior

The living room is the main place in the house for receiving guests. It is here that all family members gather to watch interesting films, celebrate holidays, tea-drinking and just joint recreation. The interior of the living room can tell about the tastes, habits and material well-being of the owner of the room.

Many designers choose a universal solution for the design of the living room ceiling - suspended ceilings. Modern manufacturers of these products offer models of various sizes, designs, textures and colors, so you can choose the best stretch ceiling in any room.Today we will talk about two-level stretch ceilings in the living room interior.

Special features

Before you start to consider the features and advantages of this finishing material, it is worth noting that 2-level tension structures will look harmoniously only in large rooms.

Today, the market offers many options for tensioning structures from different manufacturers, The most popular are products made in the following styles:

  • Classic. The surface of the canvas is made in standard colors: white, beige and gray. This canvas will be an excellent addition to the classic interior.

The images of the ceiling frescoes of vintage interiors, printed on the upper part of the structure, will look particularly impressive.

  • Modern For stretch ceilings, made in this style, characterized by a combination of bright colors, drawings in the form of "plant" lines and clear boundaries of structures.
  • Country The coating is a matte solid canvas, often sustained in one tone. Suitable for decoration in the "folk" style.
  • Ethnic. This could include Indian, African and other exotic ways to design canvas stretch ceilings.The combination of two-level designs, made in this style, with wood panels, national motifs on the walls and massive elements of the decor will leave a lasting impression on the guests of the house.
  • Minimalism. The most popular style for tensioning structures. They can be matte and glossy, made in soothing colors: white, gray, light beige, blue.
  • High tech. Glossy canvas, including products with the color "under the metal", will be the highlight of the living room and emphasize the sophistication of the interior.

The peculiarity of 2-level tensioning structures is the possibility of zoning the space, that is, dividing it into several zones with different functionality. In the living room, the installation of such a design will help to provide space for rest, meals, work.

Thinking through the installation of lighting, you must consider some of the features and properties of paintings. The PVC film has high strength properties, however, with prolonged heating from the lamp, the material may soften. Luminaries emitting heat can deform the fabric, which, after several years of operation, will lead to its sagging.Therefore, when installing a PVC film structure, it is better to install LED and energy-saving lamps. Since the film does not imply the installation of electrical equipment directly in it, the installation of lamps should be carried out using special mounts.

Two-tier designs have the broadest prospects in terms of equipment lighting. Such suspended products will help to hide electrical wiring, ventilation system and other engineering communications, leaving parts in free access for repair and replacement. In the construction of drywall to make holes for lamps is very simple, and their number is limited only by the imagination of the owner.

The use of lamps of different types will allow you to create the original texture of the canvas, add depth to the ceiling and fill the room with bright light.

Two-level designs are often made out of LED strips. They highlight the shape of the ceiling and give bright daylight. For lovers of original solutions on the market are flexible neon tubes with a bright and sharp glow.

They are not very suitable for classic living rooms,but they look great in studio apartments and high-tech rooms.

Spotlights are suitable for installation in a drywall frame, and in the film sheet. Often they are placed evenly around the perimeter and are used to enhance the level of illumination in the room. The central element of the living room remains a chandelier. Usually suspended ceiling lights are the most powerful sources of light and the main details of the interior. Reflected in the mirror surface of the film, the chandelier saturates the space with light, creating an atmosphere of solemnity.

Unlike solid canvases, 2-level constructions can be arranged in the form of a starry sky, skylights, windows, weight options, most importantly, choose the one that is best suited for a particular living room.


As a base material, which is used to create a 2-level stretch ceilings, apply drywall. Using it, it is possible to give the product form any design, to make the design two- or even three-level. Drywall has excellent technical and operational properties.Simplicity and speed of assembly are the main advantages of this material. That is why it is considered the most suitable for the organization of two-tier structures.

Finishing materials

There are many materials for finishing such a ceiling.

The two-level ceiling today is not just a rational, but also an original solution for decorating a living room:

  • The most popular type of finishing material in the apartment is a film of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Its advantages are long life and affordable price, variety of colors and resistance to temperature extremes. PVC film can be installed in rooms with high humidity, for example, in the bathroom and toilet. Almost all manufacturers offer a standard canvas of film, the size of which is quite small. Therefore, installing a PVC tension structure in the living room, connect several strips of film, welding them together.
  • To decorate a spectacular interior design will help, where high-strength fabric is used as a canvas. Opaque suede cloths are good because they do not shine from the lighting devices, however, they quickly collect dust.Such cloths are produced rather large (up to 5 m) therefore they are capable of covering the ceilings of large living rooms.

Unlike film products, fabric ceilings are completely eco-friendly, since they are made from natural materials, but differ in a relatively high price.

  • To create a two-level tension structures used drywall or metal profile. Today, the option of using a drywall frame and canvas is more in demand. Experienced experts make the shape of the ceiling a two-level, using original combinations of geometric motifs and pleasant colors. The size of the decorative part of the construction depends on the wishes of the customer and the size of the room.
  • Stretch ceiling of the profiles is a mounting baguettes, of which create a relief surface. And the use of modern technologies allows us to give the canvas any shape.

The use of such a tension product will allow you to hide the flaws of this ceiling, as well as all engineering communications located on it.

Modern manufacturers of these products offer several types of textures for finishing materials for the second level of structures:

  • Matte - does not stand out against the general background of the interior and does not shine from the lighting devices, and the surface color remains in its original form for many years. Often used for installation in classic halls.

Particularly impressive is the combined two-level design, when used as a matte and glossy canvas.

  • Mirror - recognized as the most spectacular, visually increases the space, so it is simply an ideal option for installation in small living rooms.

Experts say that the best manufacturers of such canvases are Italy, Belgium, France.

  • Glossy - just like the previous one can create a mirror effect, however, the image is more blurred. Glossy material is characterized by modest parameters, so when welding the web seams are formed.

Affordable price and spectacular appearance provide glossy texture of great popularity.

Thanks to the use of modern tools and installation techniques, you can bring to life any, even the most creative design ideas for creating two-tier structures. It all depends on the taste and wishes of customers.One of the most popular today are suspended ceilings with 3D photo printing. Almost any image can be applied to them, be it a starry sky or white clouds. Patterns, geometric lines, floral motifs will look especially good in the living room.

Color solutions

For large living rooms it is better to choose a canvas in a bright, soothing color. Fans of original solutions can choose a contrasting canvas, adding bright colors to the room. Two-level ceilings traditionally make out in contrasting colors, it helps to place accents in the room and bring zest to the interior.

Black or dark brown color in a white frame of plasterboard with a smooth surface will make the living room more voluminous, add charm and shine. This combination is what you need for luxurious interiors! Bright colors look no less impressive, but their use should be in moderation, otherwise the living room will become too aggressive. Ideally, rich colors should be combined with soft, soothing shades.

Beautiful examples

The appearance of the tension structures depends on several factors - the wishes of the customer,parameters and configuration of the room. The living room is the optimal place to implement any design idea of ​​a 2-level ceiling. This is where you can realize the most daring decisions: bright colors of paintings, unusual configuration of the design, realistic 3D printing and more. In this case, the larger the size of the ceiling, the more interesting and unusual it can be.

Thinking through the future design of a two-tier structure, remember that in the living room attention should be focused on furniture and decor items, and the ceiling should only complement the image, make it more complete.

We present to your attention beautiful examples of the illuminated hall, which have already become classics in the design of living rooms. Properly selected configurations and sizes of structures will create stunning stretch ceilings, especially two-level, which will become a real decoration of any living room.

In the next video you can see how to install a two-level stretch ceiling with a backlight with your own hands.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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