The subtleties of the living room design in blue tones

The living room is the place where guests are received, which is why it must be perfect in all plans. If you decide to arrange this room in blue tones, you should take into account a lot of subtleties and features of such a palette. For this it is necessary to develop an action plan for the repair and design of such an important room as a living room. Below you will learn more about the design options for the guest room in the blue range, learn various expert tips and interesting solutions in the interior.

Color features

Blue color always looks advantageous in the interior of an apartment or a private house. So consider not only professional designers and decorators. The so-called “benefit” of this color is also emphasized by psychologists, who are convinced that blue has a positive effect on people's minds, filling everything around them with peace and tranquility.Blue color is very favorable for bedrooms and living rooms, because it creates a sense of serenity, and also helps to relax.

Many designers believe that this color is the perfect solution., if you want to experience only positive and positive emotions from being in this or that room. All shades of blue are ideal for those who are regularly experiencing stress or susceptibility to irritability. In addition, this color will certainly delight not only households, but also incoming guests.

According to professional designers, the blue color can make even the smallest room more spacious, bright and spectacular. However, the use of one color is not enough to get a complete interior, here it is important to consider the correct selection of furniture and various accessories.

Blue surface

To give the room a serene and calm look, use blue wallpapers or any other materials to decorate the walls in this color. Only light shades will be the best option, very deep dark colors are suitable only for spacious rooms or as a single wall finish.

The refusal of very dark shades is due to the fact that overnight your living room can turn into a dark and uncomfortable place, so it’s best to give preference to something brighter.

If you have large windows in your living room, you can easily diversify the central wall with photo wallpapers with beautiful drawings or ornaments. When you design the walls, do not be afraid to include imagination and make the most daring ideas come to life, because the blue color was created in order to give a great mood.

Walls with striped pale blue wallpapers will look very attractive and fresh, although polka-dot options also look pretty good.

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As a floor covering in addition to the walls it is best to use dairy and any other light shades of wood. Laminate flooring or carpet is ideal for a living room. Economy options linoleum is better not to consider.

As for the ceiling, it is best if it is pale-milk or pure white. Light shades are a classic that always looks advantageous.


For a living room in which shades of blue will prevail, it is best to select furniture of turquoise, blue, white or milky color.Soft sofas and armchairs with decorative embroidered cushions will be the perfect solution for this kind of room.

It is very important not to forget to combine colors correctly. If the walls are dominated by rich and deep shades, then the furniture should choose a few shades lighter and vice versa. Be sure to pay attention to furniture sets with sofas and armchairs in gray and silver shades, however, in order not to create a “cold” feeling around, it is best to complement such furniture with bright decorative elements: a rug or pillows.

Light furniture will quickly get dirty, however, if you purchase leather models, it will be several times easier to look after them.

If you like everything natural, including shades of wood, then be sure to pay attention to corner sofas, which are combined with textiles and wood. Not too much in the living room in blue will be the placement of a coffee table in the color of brown wood or completely glass. Bleached models of tables, stylized antique, will also look very unusual.

In the living room very often place small lockers for storing household equipment, as well as small bookshelves.In addition, this room can be easily equipped with a cozy corner by the fireplace for reading, where you can place a wicker rocking chair.


Any specialist will confirm that lighting plays a key and final role in creating a flawless interior. With the help of light, you can even visually separate the various functional areas of a room.

As for the living room in blue, in addition to natural lighting, it is very important to choose the right artificial one.

The ideal solution would be to place spotlights on the ceiling and in niches on the walls. A chandelier should be used as a central lighting: crystal and glass models will look most advantageous in combination with metal parts. Cold shades of gray and silver colors on chandeliers and lamps will be advantageously combined, for example, with blue walls and textiles. It is very important that the light itself is warm, since it is he who will help revive the room and make it more comfortable and attractive.


Not a single room will have a complete appearance if there are no properly selected curtains, carpets and other decorative accessories in it, which make the room cozy.

  • Be sure to place in the living room various vases, for example, under a natural stone of white or any other light color. Such products will be in perfect harmony with the blue shades of the walls. Not bad if there are flowers in the vase. It is not necessary that they were alive.
  • If the living room has a fireplace, then on its shelf you can place decorative candles, and hang a picture above it.
  • As for the curtains, it is better to choose them in a single-color format. Too colorful options will unduly draw attention. Airy tulle in light shades with frills will be very useful for the living room in blue shades.
  • If your living room will be decorated in the so-called nautical style, then do not forget about the most important elements inherent in this style. Place the wheel on the wall, on the coffee table you can place a few shells or a vase with sea stones. Painting with a sail in a thin frame is also not superfluous.

You can decorate the living room as your soul desires. Most importantly, this room created a special mood, and in it you were as comfortable as possible.

However, if you considerthat you cannot cope with the choice of the right building materials on your own or you will not understand the selection of the design, it is best to seek the help of specialists who will surely make all your dreams come true.

Interesting ideas in the interior

To make the room as unusual and memorable as possible, you should pay attention to the following design ideas and tips:

  • Do not be afraid to buy furniture with forging for the living room or hall in blue tones. Such furniture can set the mood and recall the warm summer in the country. The same applies to wicker sofas with chairs.
  • Glass partitions in the spacious living room or portable screens will be very useful if you need to separate several functional areas, for example, for reading, watching TV and relaxing.
  • So that the room does not seem boring, you can diversify it with green plants that can easily refresh the atmosphere of any room.
  • Fluffy carpets of light shades can perfectly harmonize with the blue walls.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the glass furniture, which always looks airy in the most unusual interiors.

In the next video you will find tips on how to arrange the living room in cold colors.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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