Beautiful living room design ideas

Being the heart of any home, the living room needs a special approach to creating an interior composition. This is a common place, the atmosphere of the hall should be comfortable for each family member. To achieve this, you should understand the intricacies of creating beautiful living room ideas.

Special features

Any living room is individual. Depending on the layout available, it can be straight, narrow, wide square, rectangular, in the form of a square with a semicircle attached, or have a beveled or broken perspective. Often, this room is limited in the usable area, having for the arrangement no more than 17-18 square meters. m. In addition to lack of space, living rooms can have projections, niches, panels, very narrow doorways and incomprehensible superstructures that do not carry functional loads.Other rooms, on the contrary, are distinguished by freedom and provide unlimited access to the design style, sometimes combined with adjacent rooms or a balcony or loggia, forming a peculiar area with a bay window.

Whatever the space, in the “Khrushchev”, a small apartment or a spacious country house or studio apartment, you can create a home-like atmosphere, be it a small apartment or a room with a mass of free space.

The main features of creating the necessary disposing atmosphere of the living room are:

  • saturation of the room with light by means of the basic shade of stylistics (use of light tones of beige, pastel scale);
  • increasing space visually by activating glass and mirror surfaces;
  • giving the design features of the room the right channel, giving the appearance of advantages to disadvantages;
  • filling the space with the required size and number of items of furniture in accordance with its size and theme of the style;
  • reasonable choice of ideas of design direction, corresponding to the available footage and temperament of each family member;
  • proper use of lighting devices, the maximum natural temperature of the light flux;
  • use of no more than 4 basic colors in the design of the space (1 dominant, 1 contrast and 2 of their binders);
  • harmonious combination of combined rooms in terms of style and color design.

The arrangement of the hall depends on the available financial possibilities, therefore in some cases the demolition of bearing walls is permissible, in others only the budget option is acceptable using visual design techniques.

In this room, you need status materials with high practical properties that are resistant to wet cleaning, so you need to choose design elements with a high class of abrasion resistance and occasional mechanical damage, not forgetting the aesthetic side of the issue.


Beauty is an individual concept for everyone. However, in any case, be it classic, modern or ethnic, vintage styles, it is beautiful to arrange the living room in interesting design techniques for everyone even with a limited budget.

The main thing that needs to be taken into account: all objects of the interior composition should obey a single style in moderate quantities. Their abundance will lead to visual visibility of the disorder.

It is important to follow a simple rule: the larger the room, the harder or more creative its arrangement should be. It is unacceptable to use elements of the palace theme in the Khrushchev, where the low ceiling and furniture of a folding type must be used.

Successful and sought-after living room designs that are appropriate for decorating a special room in a dwelling include the following styles:

  • minimalism;
  • modern;
  • neoclassical;
  • classicism;
  • vintage;
  • baroque;
  • Art Deco;
  • grunge;
  • loft;
  • industrial.

In each case, the situation is emphasized by the availability of its materials and finishes, objects for decorating the space by means of wall and floor cladding, and lighting devices.


Under the zoning, which is a fashionable stylistic design, means unobtrusive division of space into separate functional areas (in this case, guest, dining, fireplace area or resting place) in order to increase the area and give the organization a room.

If the living space is minimal, it is the only living room of an apartment or house, it is often equipped with a working area.

Zoning is carried out in several ways:

  • by combining wall finishes using the game of contrast of color, pattern, texture, mixing facing materials with each other;
  • using various kinds of partitions, including those made by hand with a hint of dividing a room (for example, from drywall, glass, textiles);
  • selection of lamps with a separate illumination of each functional area, giving this area the desired atmosphere and the degree of dispersion of the light flux;
  • by rearranging pieces of furniture (sofas, shelves, narrow cabinets), zoning the space by arranging in each zone different interior elements;
  • using the existing design features of the room (ledges, bay windows, podiums, columns).

In each case, the arrangement zoning is individual and depends on the available furniture, although, if desired, it can be updated without significant financial investments. To do this, you can use eurocovers, through which you can put together a scattered sofa and chairs, giving them the appearance of the original furniture ensemble.

Capes, decorative pillows, carpeting, curtain textiles are excellent zoning elements, unobtrusively but clearly indicating the organization of the space reserved for each functional area of ​​the house.


Beautiful design of any living room consists of several main factors:


In the design of the walls is to choose between several materials, the main ones are:

  • wallpaper or photo printing;
  • laminate;
  • plastic panels;
  • decorative plaster;
  • brick or masonry;
  • concrete finish;
  • broken glass mosaic.

With a certain style, materials can be combined with each other or buy raw materials with imitation of the necessary texture to maintain the atmosphere of the desired style.

For example, wallpaper with a white or brown-gray brickwork with a relief texture perfectly demonstrates the style of a loft, especially with the support of the material for painting or in natural colors to match the natural size of the brick. Laminate allows you to accent the fireplace or guest area, being a practical lining: it is easy to erase dirt from the surface, while it does not lose brightness for many years.


Lighting design of the hall, models of lamps obey the size of the room and the design features of the ceiling associated with the division of space into separate functional areas. The ceiling can be multi-layered, figured, constituting a specific composition, in which the central chandelier is a key element of lighting, complemented by wall, floor lighting, or individual turned lighting fixtures on the perimeter on opposite sides, going from ceiling to walls.

The atmosphere of home comfort is supported by a warm and neutral tint of the glow of regular lamps, which include halogen and diode lamps.

They do not irritate the eyes and the retina of the optic nerve, do not emit mercury vapors into the air when they are heated, they are harmless to health, and they shine with a shade close to natural daylight.

The central luminaire can be suspended (on a chain, cords) or near-surface (located close to the wall), the backlight in the form of a sconce should be smaller in size to emphasize rather than interrupt the beauty of the main chandelier. In this case different design of different lamps is allowed, if zoning requires it.


The main decoration of any living room is a set of upholstered furniture and a coffee (coffee) table, thanks to which you can receive guests.

To make the decor beautiful and cozy, when choosing a set of a guest zone, they start from the room footage and the space reserved for the guest zone: the furniture should not seem cumbersome, it destroys the harmony of the interior.

In a small room there is enough of a linear sofa with a table attached to it, which can accommodate the minimum set of necessary trifles. In the spacious hall, under the guest zone, there is a set consisting of spacious corner and direct sofas, complemented by armchairs. This kit can be modular, classic or lightly eclectic, made of different materials, but in a single color scheme.

Be sure to center the composition becomes the table, which in most cases has a spacious glass tabletop. Today in fashion painted reinforced glass, resistant to mechanical damage. Being performed in noble chocolate shades, it brings into the interior a feeling of lightness and nobility, harmoniously fitting into a set of furniture, complemented by poufs, audio and video systems.Often glass has a laser pattern in the form of light lace motifs, decorated with metal legs. Less often, the support is made in the form of stones or glass structures.

In addition to the main set of furniture, the living room is often settled dining area. To do this, buy narrow tables and chairs with high backs or perform a bar with bar stools. If there is enough space in the room or it is a studio apartment, indoors they arrange the cooking zone, which includes a kitchen unit, a stove, a sink, a refrigerator and its own lighting.

It is desirable that the dining area and the place of cooking differed externally by the shades of decoration or by the materials of application.

To decorate the living room space you need different racks, which can be customary or built-in, with glass shelves and lighting.

Beautiful examples in the interior

You can create a beautiful interior of the hall using examples of fresh interior compositions from a photo catalog, adjusting the room arrangement to suit your preferences and financial capabilities.

A small space can be completely diverted to the living room by completing the composition in brown and beige colors of the color palette and choosing dark furniture to the light walls and floor covering.

You can highlight the video zone with a fireplace on the sides of the trim-imitation of a dilapidated brickwork, adding decorative pillows, unusual vases and living greenery to the decor.

In a spacious room with a large window, made in a combination of white, cream and olive color, curly lines in the form of projections of walls and ceilings are allowed; , glass seating table, crystal chandelier and long pile carpet).

The projections can be turned into the advantages of a cream-white small living room by highlighting the accent zone of the wall with contrasting wallpapers, dressing the planes with small paintings in laconic frames. It is better to fill the space of the room with white upholstered furniture, a two-level round coffee table with a glass table top, two attached tables with classic table lamps and a shelf for decorative design elements.

Imitating the style in the spirit of country, you can design in sunny gray and white colors: the walls can be sheathed with light panels and decorated with paintings in strictgilded frames, furniture and textiles better to pick up in sand colors with motley upholstery. On the sides of the sofa you can arrange two miniature tables, decorate their countertops with lamps with floor lamps in shades of the main style.

Experimenting with the studio theme, you can arrange the fireplace area with brickwork with a constructive projection, add a flower shelf to it, place expensive upholstered furniture in the room, decorating it with a wooden table. You can divide the space into a kitchen area, a guest room and a resting place by completing the composition in uniform shades of the color palette, using different materials.

If you want a Turkish theme, you can use cream, lemon yellow and purple as the basis: decorate the walls with light veneer accentuating the guest space with a round mirror and symmetrically arranged wall sconces with crystal and floor lamps, highlighting the sofa with a purple tone. It is necessary to pick up chairs or couches that are identical in style to it, complementing the furniture with decorative pillows of different shapes and colors and adding a cupboard with a glass facade and a table with an identical table top to the decor.

See the following video for tips and ideas for decorating your living room.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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