Fashionable interior living room in a private house

The role of the living room in any home is difficult to overestimate. It is judged by her about the taste and aesthetic preferences of the owners, their ability to create an attractive environment. Often there are too many ideas and it can be hard to implement them fully even in a relatively large space. In order to avoid mistakes, you need to thoroughly examine the recommendations of specialists.

Features of planning

Thinking through the arrangement of the living room, it is necessary to pay attention to even minor details, seeming trifles. Organizing a harmonious space in the future will be easier if the room is proportional. Hall area of ​​35 square meters. m and more need to make a square. The design will be more valuable if you select a semantic core - most often it turns out to be a home library, a hearth, a plasma panel, a soft corner.

In the summer house there is rarely enough space, and therefore sometimes a combination of kitchen and living room in the same room is used. One large room is invariably lighter and cozier than two relatively small ones. But keep in mind that this approach complicates the maintenance of cleanliness and order. In a bar-shaped housing, the total area of ​​kitchens, living and dining areas cannot be less than 60 square meters. m, how much space to give each of them - decide for yourself.

Usually in the living room put the stairs leading to the upper tier of the building. In a rustic wooden house should be equipped with a living room with large windows to give it increased comfort. Separate the dining room and guest area by partitions or not divide - only you decide. It is appropriate to decorate the space of the dining area with juicy shades that enhance the appetite and benevolent attitude. But at the same time it is unacceptable to deviate from the chosen single style, and if you still have to do it, the problem is corrected by light barriers between different parts of the room.

Making repairs in a private house that has a very small area, you need to turn to professionals. Prepare a rational layout of the hall in this case.alone is unlikely to come out.

Design solution zoning living room, see the following video.

Choosing a style

Carefully study all the nuances of your favorite style, so as not to disturb the harmony. Newer approaches should be used more carefully. Classic is recommended by most experts as a beautiful win-win solution. It will help to make the room cozier and more comfortable, but, in any case, try to convey your tastes and preferences through the chosen style.

Neoclassicism allows you to more flexibly change the design than the traditional style. Such a solution is designed to create a unique and amazing imagination of the interior, reminiscent of the atmosphere of a luxurious palace. Solemnity and even pompousness will easily provide a large crystal chandelier, especially in combination with satin curtains, the color of which coincides with the tone of the wallpaper.

A much simpler than a classic, rustic design includes varieties such as Provence, Country, and Alpine chalets.

All three subspecies imply the following features:

  • Simplicity and conscious refusal of frills;
  • The use of strictly natural materials, in extreme cases, their high-quality imitations;
  • Attracting attention to wooden structures;
  • Custom Made Furniture.

All this allows you to feel the warmth and comfort, and the costs will be less than when choosing a classic design.

The preferred solutions are the combination of light warm colors of furniture with carefully selected colors and texture of furniture fabrics. Be sure to think about the appearance of the curtains, the use of wooden chairs. Even insignificant hints of luxury, glam notes in the atmosphere are inadmissible. This style requires a similar design of the whole house, to create it only in one guest zone is wrong.

Such a format as minimalism also makes it possible to express a desire for simplicity, not oversatriating the space with various elements. The form, color will be used moderately, only the necessary elements will remain in the room. On the use of decor you can not think at all, it will be superfluous in a minimalist interior.

If there is a desire to create not only a simple, but also the most modern interior in spirit,need to choose the style of high-tech. It involves the use of the latest materials, bright accessories and decorative designs.

The underlined simplicity and uncomplicated execution are also characteristic of the loft style, which will surely please the adherents of everything industrial. The expressive means by which the association with technology is emphasized is not the same as in high-tech. This deliberately inaccurate plaster layer, open pipes and brickwork.

Of course, you can decorate the living room not only in these styles. The sea interior is always fresh and romantic, the English style is chosen by those who strive for severity and elegance in everything, and the Scandinavian trend betrays adherents of everything good and simple. Baroque needs to be applied if you want to demonstrate pomp and splendor.

Floor design

The floor in the living room of natural materials is perhaps the best solution, especially if the wall decoration is designed in the same vein. Such floor coverings as a stone and an elegant noble tree are combined practically with any other finishing materials.When there is an acute lack of funds, it is worth using laminate, linoleum or carpet, otherwise the choice is determined by personal priorities and the dominant style. You can apply, for example, porcelain tile, tile. Beautiful laminate is much cheaper than parquet, and at the same time ahead of its strength.

If, having considered different ideas, you decide to put a tile, be sure to complement it with a "warm floor" system. Otherwise the surface will be very cold.

You can often hear that discomfort is created not only by cold tones, but simply by dark floors. This is not so: such decisions, in fact, can be very attractive if you approach the choice of shade correctly. The dark floor externally integrates dissimilar in color surfaces, and thanks to carefully thought-out combinations, it no longer seems bleak. The simplest rule that even non-specialists can safely apply is the principle of contrast: if one part of a room is closer to black, the other should be as light as possible.

Wall decor

Using wallpapers is attractive because they are very diverse; Environmentally friendly paper and luxurious looking vinyl options do not exhaust the whole range of possible solutions.If you have sufficient funds, you can even glue the bamboo coating, and if there is not much money, flizelin is a useful solution. But the wallpaper can not solve all the decoration tasks, so they use other ways to decorate the room.

Decorative products from timber, logs, their imitations are ideally included in the rustic style. The built-in racks of simple designs, open wooden shelves will help to make the situation even more spectacular. Among the interesting wall accessories should be called home-made decorations based on hemp, various branches.

Some designers do not miss a chance to use a bay window, because they are well aware of its solid design possibilities. This architectural element is able to show all its advantages only on the second and higher floors, so its use must be thought out more carefully. The house will have more light, but you will need to thoroughly warm the outer wall. Standard glazing schemes are not suitable here.

Ceiling decoration

The ceiling can be made even very intricate ways - there are also suspended structures, and multi-level products from gypsum boards.Often, in order to make work easier for themselves, they make a simple variant, painted with an attractive paint that matches the colors of the walls.

In most cases, trying to create a long-lasting tension structure, its coloring is determined by additional goals. When the goal is not to distract attention from the rest of the room design elements, it is worth using a matte finish. If in the first place for you the task to push the space, then a bright glossy ceiling is best suited. Bright and expressive content will help create fabric coverings, but keep in mind that their cost is quite high, and keeping them in order will be more difficult than others.

When there is an intention to create a beautiful, durable and durable ceiling that does not require complex maintenance, a solution can be found in a log version. He has only one minus - the whole dwelling must then be wooden or completely natural, otherwise such an element of decoration would contradict the whole concept. A painted or thoroughly whitewashed tree in the upper part of the room looks elegant, it does not create problems (mold, rot).

We select furniture

The living room cannot be considered complete until comfortable furniture is installed in it; the least requirement is to place all of the people living in the house at the same time. It is advisable to use the sofa, even if it is small, but transformed or supplemented by poufs. A good solution is to use tables that transform from magazine to dining form and back.

Most often, in order to enjoy comfort and not spend too much time on choosing the optimal solution, it is worth confining to classic-style furniture that looks solidly and indestructibly. It is most convenient to store small things, magazines, figurines and other decorative objects using shelves or cabinets. The main criterion for their selection, in addition to strength and entry into the interior, is a large enough capacity, better even with a margin. In the classic version of the furniture should not absorb a lot of space. This moment is especially important when storage systems are selected. The only exception is a very valuable massive, decorated with antique.

It is more correct to put under the stairs a small locker or cabinet for storage of things that will be needed only occasionally.Regarding the number of chairs, stools and chairs, you should define it yourself, according to your taste and needs.

A wooden table of markedly rough shape, standing at some distance from the fireplace is a very attractive and rational solution. At the table, standing against the fire, it will be nice to sit in the winter evenings, looking at the flames.


If the layout is still being thought out or it is being prepared to change it, try to enter wide windows-doors, starting from the floor itself and leading to the courtyard. Adding or refusing textiles can equally become valuable stylistic discoveries, but only if the decision is made by an experienced designer. But whether tulle, drapes, roman blinds or anything else should be hung in a house behind 3 windows, only you yourself should determine. After natural lighting, they begin to think over the electric.

The standard solution is as follows: the lightening lamps illuminate the seating area, and large bright-colored chandeliers light up the dining part of the room.

The classic method of artificial lighting (using chandeliers) has been losing ground in recent years. It's all about its poor compatibility with suspended and suspended ceilings. Replacing the chandeliers in modern interiors are spotlights and LED strips. For a large room, one light source, even if distributed around the perimeter of the ceiling, may not be enough. Then you need to choose the lamps on the wall or on the floor. They are guaranteed to help focus on the features of the room and make it more comfortable.

Outdoor floor lamp is able to act as a source of evening light, if it is placed on a high stand. Sophistication and refinement make the decorated suspensions. To be able to move freely, they are placed above the furniture or near the walls.

When a sofa is placed in the room, you must place at least one wall lamp above it, which you will choose for comfortable reading or writing. Outdoor lighting systems are best placed at the corners of the room. Get by with a reasonable minimum of fixtures, buying them “for beauty”, dimly representing a functional role is a very bad idea. If a working area is allocated in the living room, it is necessary to use a desk lamp in it!

Niches in the walls, paintings and vases, aquariums and panels, collections of figurines or larger sculptures, compositions from photos are very well highlighted. But it is best to consult with experts to get the most winning and fresh look.

It is advisable to immediately consider how it will be a fireplace. If he is assigned the role of a central accessory, you need to put this element in front of the sofa or chairs. But when you need to create a zone for personal recreation, the installation of a fireplace in a remote corner will be correct.

Beautiful examples

According to experienced designers, furniture, windows (curtains or blinds), decorative items should be equal, they make the same contribution to the sense of style. In a country house, where people will relax and rejuvenate, it is worthwhile to prefer a design in the spirit of Provence or Country. Add diversity and enhance the emotions come from decorating the walls with 3D panels, but such a move is justified only in modern environments. Monochrome coverage, paintings and photos are much more aesthetic than wallpaper with a large ornament.

Of the other decorating elements worth noting stained glass.They will add solidity, will create the impression of the material wealth of the owner. It is not necessary to occupy the walls or window openings with them, no less stylish stained glass window will look on the furniture facades, on the interior doors.

In most homes, a corner sofa will be appropriate; whenever possible try to use with it the single most luxurious ceiling light. The original and practical solution - through the book shelves, along with its main function providing zoning of space.

A great idea - turquoise or blue sofa, but choosing it, you have to do everything else strictly monochrome.

The combination of a living room with a sleeping area is justified only if the total area is insufficient. If you still decide on such a step, eliminate bulky closets and other heavy items. Romantic, elegant and practical in the cottage houses will be a combination of rocking chair and floor lamp, carefully chosen for the surrounding look, they form a complete composition. The best proportion between occupied furniture and free space is 1: 1.

Interior items made of wood, are better than others in almost any home.

The true attributes of the classical style were and remain forged jewelry. Old fashioned bronze has become a fashionable variant of recent times. But what categorically should not be so saturated flashy tones and sudden transitions from one color to another. Subtly flowing into each other beige-honey and purple or deep blue color fit much better. To draw attention to the design of walls and ceilings will help the use of different shades of white or milky color.

The color also depends on the available space: it is more correct to use white in small rooms, and beige in medium and large. At the same time additional color accessories, blotches of lilac, lavender, lilac are necessarily applied. Having painted walls in green tone, it is easy to give them freshness. Yellow color looks calm and friendly, sets up a conversation.

Color patches contrasting with surroundings look elegant. They help to focus on individual parts of the room.The living room looks solid and stable, where combinations of a light top and a dark bottom are used. Visually deepening the room coloring one of the walls is noticeably darker than the others. When there is a desire to create something truly extraordinary, you should use a mirror coating or carved tiles on the ceiling.

From additional accessories it is useful to use books, vases, mirrors in elegant frames and paintings. The living room in country style is decorated with the help of candlesticks, photo frames. Cabinets with transparent doors, filled with stylized dishes, will also look good.

Fans of distant wanderings can express their hobby by exhibiting remarkable souvenirs, for example, figurines, exotic masks and the like. When a fireplace is provided in the room, they should be standing on it. For flooring used parquet or laminate.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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