What wallpaper pokleit in the hall: beautiful solutions

When facing the walls in the living room, everyone would like to end up with a room that looked stylish and in harmony with the situation. Today, the choice of wallpaper is great, so you can get confused and buy is not what you need. To understand what kind of wallpaper pokleit in the hall, it is worth considering a number of nuances.

Room features

Living room - a special room of any home. The atmosphere in it should be good: the household should be cozy and comfortable to spend time together watching a movie, a board game, a family dinner or just relaxing in the guest area. That wall sets the main background and mood, which affect each. Facing should be easy, even if the space of the room is replete with footage.

Depending on the type of layout of the apartment (“Khrushchev”, “Stalinka”, “Brezhnevka”, modern, improved, standard) choose the type of finishing material. If the room has a direct perspective, the choice is more extensive. With a lack of quadrature, one has to use special techniques that give the visual effect of changing space.

Often in the houses of the old layout in such rooms there are ledges, columns, niches, arches, which visually change the aesthetic perception is not for the better. Especially bad when the walls are sloping, the doorways are insufficient in width and height, and the size of the windows is minimal. Another problem is the low height of the walls. This creates a feeling of heaviness in the hall.

What is important?

Buying wallpaper today compare art. At their expense, you can visually correct the flaws of the layout, turn them into the dignity of the interior, demonstrate a subtle sense of style, coupled with fashion trends. Important:

  • visually extend the ceiling;
  • give space maximum illumination;
  • erase the boundaries of the walls;
  • give visibility of space;
  • take into account the practicality of the material;
  • pick up quality material;
  • choose the right shade and print;
  • perform zoning;
  • pick what will please all households.

It should be avoided:

  • demonstration of creativity, if the family lives in the house;
  • use of the three-dimensional effect;
  • use cheap finishes with a simple texture;
  • choosing an impractical option.

Possible options

There are many types of wallpapers that can be used to decorate the walls of the living room of a house or apartment. Materials differ in the form of release and are rolled and packaged. Of the first, preference should be given to varieties with a width of 1 m or more (up to 1.3 m). The latter sell in the form of a dry powder or a finished wet mixture, for which they are called “wet”. This wallpaper provides seamless application technology.

Worth noting are:

  • paper - budget varieties of single- and double-layer type, often having a smoothed surface appearance;
  • Vinyl - expensive versions of vinyl and non-woven base, one of the most durable, high-quality, beautiful, different practicality and simplicity pasting;
  • non-woven - some of their best wallpapers today, environmentally friendly, can decorate the surface of walls up to 15 years;
  • textile - premium woven wallpaper, formed from textile fibers glued onto a paper backing, is characterized by capriciousness in pasting and durability;
  • photo printing - photowall-paper with a different image, presented in the form of a single sheet or component parts (with a large figure);
  • glass wallpaper - durable wall material (operation for 20-30 years) of glass fiber, which is woven and treated with special impregnations to fix a clear form;
  • liquid - packaged wallpaper, which is applied with a roller, spray gun, trowel, evenly distributing on the surface of the walls.

Each category has its own pros and cons. Some of the described varieties provide for a repeated painting of the surface with a roller with paint, which allows you to update the interior of the room at will.

It is undesirable to glue in the living room three-dimensional wallpaper, visually changing the space: if the footage of the room is limited, it will constantly seem that the wall is moving. This will create discomfort in the room.

For tips on choosing wallpaper, see the next video.

Popular styles and designs

The choice of material depends on the intended interior style.What matters is the number of households, their age, hobbies and temperament. The selected design should please everyone - it is a pledge of home comfort. If you wish, in any living room you can create a style in the classic, modern, ethnic and vintage design directions.

If the area of ​​the room is unlimited and has a fireplace (fake fireplace), you can choose classic line, which includes classic, neoclassical, classicism and Italian style. Similar to them and English design. All directions are inherent elements of the palace solemnity. This is a massive wooden furniture with carved legs and leather upholstery, quite a solid coffee table, dressers with glass windows, cabinets, weighty multi-level chandeliers with forging, crystal and a mass of lampshades.

Gypsum stucco on the ceiling and an abundance of gilding is a must-have technique of this style. If the room is small, you can select individual elements of a classic design.

Instead of curtains, you can decorate the curtains with light but expensive curtains, leave the gilding in the decoration of the chandelier and the frame of the mirror, pick up the compact furniture. Instead of a wardrobe, you can add a narrow chest of drawers with or without a mirror to the space.

If you take the current modern trends (for example, modern, brutalism, hi-tech, bionics, loft, grunge), you should take care of the availability of modern furniture with a transformation made of technological raw materials. It is necessary to supplement the decor with a glass table, modern audio and video equipment, a rack attached to the tables.

With an open layout and space in the space for the dining area, you should definitely buy a bar with similar chairs. Do not forget about the stylish LED spotlights plan, placing them around the perimeter of the ceiling or walls, depending on the planned composition of the backlight.

Current country theme (country, provence) adheres to a certain textile: in an environment, much attention is paid to the type of material of curtains, furniture covers and cushions. Here the light colors of the furniture and the print of the fabric are especially important. This is especially true of country music. It differs from the glamorous and sloppy boho, which skillfully combines motley upholstery and capes with different pieces of furniture.

If there is a bay window in the living room, it will decorate all the styles, for example, as a recreation area, guest, dining, play space.

Retro, vintage immersed in a certain historical era. Such directions are interesting, but they are not applicable where the family lives. The same can be said about the avant-garde and the direction of kitsch. The latter is the opposite of order, it is a kind of imbalance that will not be accepted by all households. They are characterized by pictures of complex perception, an abundance of contrast in the decoration of the walls, the share of creativity in the form of furniture and the selection of details, interrupting each other in shape and color.

Combination Options

Combining wallpaper is a stylistic device by which you can beat any lack of usable space. This is one of the zoning branches through which unobtrusive organization is attached to space. There are various methods of mixing, it saves the situation from boredom and everyday life.

You should definitely choose two contrasting materials: they will allow you to convey the versatility and depth of the interior, demonstrate the beauty of the furnishing details.

The main techniques include:

  • the combination of two paired wallpapers (identical background color, one companion is monophonic, the other has a print), which allows you to visually make the ceiling higher and the area is larger;
  • selection of monochromatic canvases and photo wallpapers (highlighting an accent protrusion on the wall or classical sticking of photo wallpapers on the wall in the place of a guest, dining area or a plot of video equipment);
  • buying contrasting wallpaper for patchwork or taking a “panel” (in the first case, square or rectangular fragments of different wallpaper should be pasted onto a wall or a part of it, in the second case a picture should be made into a molding, framing it into a molding or ceiling plinth);
  • giving relief to the wall (if there is room in the room) to highlight the guest area through a combination of wallpaper and cladding material (for example, laminate, plastic wall panels).

Combination can be classic vertical or horizontal. Unacceptable simple alternation of bands of different types and of the same width. This will visually crush the wall. If you want to use the same strip, it is better to glue embossed wallpapers on the walls: this way the room will look stylish, without gravity. With regards to the vertical reception, it is more expedient to stick on a part of the wall two or three strips of wallpaper with a print or to completely complete one wall with panels with a pattern.


The texture of the wallpaper is smooth and embossed. By type of visual and tactile sensations she may be:

  • glossy;
  • matte;
  • rough;
  • plush;
  • velvety;
  • embossed.

The relief type is the best choice for the decoration of the living room walls.

Today, the texture of the material can imitate stone and brick masonry, plaster stucco, decorative plasterer, wood, marble and much more. Such surfaces of wallpaper stand out against the background of smooth analogues, which have to adapt to the desired status by means of the original pattern.

Color and pattern

The best shades for the living room are beige, milky, coffee tones, a shade of light wenge oak, ivory, silver and of course white. Saturated red, blue tones, as well as an abundance of black are unacceptable. It can be used to underline light strokes, but no more. Good contrasts in a minimal amount are brown and brown-purple.

The best drawings are those that are made with silk-screen printing, brick and masonry, or photo printing. It is fashionable to glue the canvas with the image of lace curls, monograms, abstract stains and vegetation (branches, leaves are especially popular).The strip is good that which is poorly expressed, bright lines visually oppress, as annoying the mat and small cell.

A good photo printing is one that depicts landscapes, city themes or something oriental with sakura petals.

Drawing should not be much. This is a pledge of beautiful design. If the decor is located on all walls, it will lose expressiveness. Ideally, two or three colors on the canvas are good: it can be embossed or a relief effect due to different shades of the same color.

Beautiful ideas

To find a suitable sample of the future situation, you can look at examples of beautiful design. This will allow you to understand how best to equip the hall. Accent wall with horizontal stripes under the board in harmony with the ledge in a single color scheme.

Wallpaper with relief and photo print distinguish brutal sofa and fit into the style of the loft.

The canvas with the image of the continents is appropriate near the fireplace area in a single color scheme.

Wall mural perfectly hide the broken wall plane, giving it originality.

Stylization under the continents on the background of monophonic paintings looks stylish and fashionable.

Silk-screened wallpapers look noble, highlighting a zone with a plasma and a narrow pedestal for equipment.

In a creative design photowall-paper with a large patterned fragment, made to match the furnishings, is appropriate.

Realistic photo printing on the whole wall with a view of the city will visually make the space larger.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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