Brick wall decoration in the living room interior

 Brick wall decoration in the living room interior

One of the most interesting decisions that make the interior of the living room as original as possible is the use of bricks.

The decoration of the walls with this material, made skillfully, gives its unique character, effectively decorating the interior of the room.

Everybody can achieve such a result: it is enough to follow simple recommendations, which will be described in detail below.

Material selection

To date, a considerable number of solutions are known, allowing to draw a brick wall in the living room. If you select those materials that are able to perfectly solve this problem, their list will look like this:

Real brick

In a situation where the structure is new, the material in question can be used as is, after cleaning it from small impurities. As for the old buildings, their exposed laying should be rid of the remnants of plaster and other coatings. In the future, the surface must be thoroughly impregnated with a protective compound that significantly prolongs its operational life.

Facing brick

This material has a lot of indisputable advantages, among which are the clarity of lines and a large number of forms, as well as many textures and color options. Given this circumstance, it is reasonable to use such a brick to decorate fireplaces, columns, niches and other decorative elements of the interior.


The presented option can "boast" such advantages as practicality, accessibility and ease of use. Another obvious advantage of such a brick is its lightness, which is primarily important for decorating plasterboard walls.


The use of this material is justified in situations where the owners of the living room have a minimum time to transform it. It is an imitation of brickwork, a distinctive feature of which is the wealth of the proposed design options.

It should be added separately that with the help of wallpaper “under the brick” it is really possible to get both a smooth and textured surface.

The second solution involves the use of embossed wallpaper - a material that can replace natural brick in the best way.

Suitable styles

Practice shows that the use of bricks in the interior of the living room is not always justified. This is due to the specifics of this "industrial" material, ignoring which can hopelessly spoil the interior of the room.

Experts note that the most suitable areas for brick are:

  • Loft. In such situations, brick wall decoration is a recognized norm, dating back to the 1940s. The loft style is characterized by rough and poorly processed surfaces, and therefore it most often involves the use of ordinary brick or its high-quality imitation.
  • Scandinavian style. A key feature of this direction is naturalness, making the use of decorative bricks one of the best solutions. Depending on the characteristics of the design, such materials can bring a variety of features into the living room interior - from simplicity to nobility.
  • Pop Art. This style is interesting for its originality, involving a combination of bright colors and original accessories. In such a design, a brick wall can become one of the most remarkable elements, especially if it is white, playing the role of a background for an effective decorative composition.
  • Art Deco. The presented direction is characterized by a bizarre mixture in which strict outlines, sturdy materials and ethnic elements are organically combined. In such interiors, brick is also very appropriate: as an option, it can be an excellent substitute for stone surface.
  • Mediterranean style. In such cases, the owners of the hall need to rely on comfort and some negligence, which is in harmony with the luxurious decorative elements.Using a brick in such a living room, you can not only achieve a balance of the tones used, but also get an excellent background for accessories.
  • Eclecticism. This style is remarkable for a skillful combination of many other areas, often belonging to different countries and eras. Provided that the used decorative elements are organically combined with each other, the eclectic interior of the living room will become a real decoration of the apartment. To achieve such a result allows the brick wall, complementing the interior decoration of the transformed premises.

In addition, the design of the living room described material is important for many other popular styles. In particular, the use of bricks suggests areas such as Provence, Country and Kitsch, as well as fusion, effectively combining the features of any, even very dissimilar styles.

Interesting design ideas

To make the brick wall look as organic as possible, bringing beauty and originality into the living room interior, the owners of the premises should pay special attention to its design.

To solve this problem, it may be useful to consider the following useful recommendations:

  • In situations with painting bricks, the simplest solution is to use a tone that coincides with a hue of other walls or blends seamlessly with it. Creating a contrast can be a good alternative to this solution.
  • One of the most original design options for a brick wall is considered to be an imitation of an aged surface. In order to bring such an idea to life, you can cover the surface with a single layer of paint, and then carefully treat it with sandpaper. Another solution is crackle - a technique of artificial aging, involving the creation of a set of cracks in the texture.
  • Through the application of decorative plaster can be obtained very original relief - provided that only bricks will undergo processing. The seams in such cases are best left unchanged, retaining the original texture of the masonry.
  • So that the brick wall looked advantageous, it can be varnished. This technique allows you to achieve the best result in situations where light falls on a glossy surface. True, this solution is not suitable for every interior.
  • If the owner of the living room is a supporter of bold contrasts, it is reasonable for him to rely on the selection of stitches. As for the colors of the grout, most often used to solve this problem, these are black and white.
  • To emphasize the beauty of the wall decorated with brick, you can use decorative lighting or decorate the surface with an original image.

Experience shows that in this way it is possible to truly transform any wall of the living room - larger or smaller, in whole or in part. It is worth mentioning and such a stylish solution, as the design of a brick one of the corners of the room.

If increased attention will be focused on the transformed surface, then it is desirable to choose the wall that is opposite the source of natural light.

In addition, you should not overly close a brick wall with furniture, accessories and other elements of the interior. Ignoring this recommendation, the owners of the premises risk reducing the effect of the decorative surface they have created.

How to use?

In addition to the aesthetic, the brick wall in the living room plays another role - functional, the significance of which is no less.

It can bring many benefits in the following qualities:

  • Background for TV, home theater and other multimedia technology. Brick contrasts very effectively with modern devices, and therefore this technique enjoys a growing and fully deserved popularity.
  • The partition separating one zone of the room from another. Particularly advantageous against the background of such an element looks living area, intended for recreation.
  • The basis for decorative compositions. Alternatively, artworks or original accessories can be placed on the brick wall.
  • Niche. The considered decorative deepening, lined with brick, is justified to create in living rooms, differing in sufficient area. Inside the niche you can have several shelves or a whole cabinet that fits well into the interior of the room.

Another stylish solution is to use a brick wall as the basis for a fireplace, making the living room even more comfortable. In addition, this surface can play the role of the background for one or several shelves with souvenirs located on them.

Having relied on the design of the living room wall brick, homeowners can realize many of their fantasies - from elementary to those characterized by increased complexity.To do this, it is enough to observe the rules listed above, each of which regularly confirms its viability in practice.

To learn how to make a brick wall in the interior with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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