Stretch ceilings for the hall: beautiful design of the living room

A living room is a room in which people spend a lot of time. Here they gather with family or friends to pass the evening. That is why the design of the hall should be taken responsibly.

The focus is on high-quality finish of the ceiling surface. Nowadays, among the wide range of materials can be distinguished PVC film. Stretch ceilings for the living room hit a large selection of different options.

Advantages and disadvantages

Stretch ceilings have become common and popular among people due to the fact that they have certain advantages:

  • high level of moisture resistance - it is possible to use the material for the decoration of premises, the humidity indicators in which exceed the normal level;
  • masking of defects - if the ceiling in the living room is covered with irregularities and defects, such structures will make it possible to hide them from prying eyes;
  • masking communications - under the ceiling you can hide the wires and cables that spoil the beauty of the interior;
  • simple installation - installation of various types of suspended ceilings takes a minimum of time, so that you can very soon enjoy the results of the work of professionals;
  • saving ceiling preparation - do not have to engage in work related to surface preparation.

All these advantages influenced the prevalence and demand for tension structures. They are installed not only in residential but also in public spaces. With their help, you can drastically change the interior without any special effort. The cost of suspended ceilings varies widely, so you can choose the option that you can afford.

But it is worth mentioning the shortcomings of such paintings. Thanks to this, people will be able to avoid problems in the process of their installation, as well as further use. Remember that stretch ceilings of any kind are very easy to damage with sharp objects.That is why you need to be extremely careful if you need to rearrange the furniture. There are no other deficiencies in the structures.

Types and features

The range of beautiful designs that can be installed in the hall is very wide. But it is necessary to determine the features of the paintings in order to make the right choice:

  • You can choose designs that are made in several levels. However, such options are suitable only for those rooms in which the ceilings are high enough. In all other situations, a single-level ceiling is recommended that minimizes the loss of valuable space. This canvas is easy to perform.
  • In the living room with high ceilings, a two-level ceiling is appropriate. To install these canvases, you need to equip with special tools. It is better to entrust such works to professionals who can carry them out correctly. With the help of a multi-level construction, it is possible to transform the interior of the hall beyond recognition.
  • You can opt for a stretch ceiling, which is equipped with lighting. This is a very original version that will emphasize the magnificence of any room, with an emphasis on its benefits.

These are the main features of the canvases.But in the process of choosing them one should pay attention to other important nuances on which the appearance of your living room directly depends.


There are several common types of materials, among which you can choose the appropriate option in each specific situation:

  • Matte ceilings These are universal canvases that will fit into the living room, decorated in any style. The white surface is perfectly smooth, which instantly draws attention to the ceiling. It is appropriate to use this option if you need to select walls and furniture. Most often matte ceilings can be found in a classic interior.
  • Glossy - these canvases reflect those objects that are in the room. Thanks to these properties, you can visually increase the area of ​​the room. Glossy ceilings look great in the living room, which is decorated in a modern style. Beautiful prints that make it original and stylish look interesting on the surface.
  • Satin - this version combines the features of the above canvases. The ceiling mimics the weaving of fabrics. The glossy surface reflects light, gently scattering it around the room.Due to this, the interior is radically transformed for the better.
  • Combined ceilings look most impressive and original. Variants of combinations can be many: in color, shape and, of course, the appearance of the surface. The combination of matte and glossy canvas allows you to create real works of art on the ceiling.

Each of these options looks great. The smooth surface of the ceiling will hide various communications and defects. The main thing is that the selected material blends harmoniously into the overall interior of a particular living room.

Choose the appropriate option with the help of professionals.

They will focus on the features of your room to suggest successful options.


Particular attention should be paid to the choice of the color of the stretch ceiling. White canvas will be relevant in any interior, since it is considered a classic option. However, you should not make a choice in favor of such a coating, if the walls in the hall are also white, because it creates the sensations of a hospital ward.

It is worth choosing other shades, being guided by the following recommendations:

  • If the room is low, the ceiling should be bright.If you like the dark beige construction, then install it is only if the ceilings are high. With this solution you can balance the existing proportions of the room.
  • Cold shades in the design of the canvas are used if the living room windows overlook the sunny side. The combination of two shades, for example, white and sky-blue is appropriate. Thanks to this solution, you can save valuable coolness in the room. If the windows overlook the shadow side, the design of the canvas in warm shades is recommended.
  • If the walls are brown, it is necessary to abandon the ceiling, made in an identical shade. The same goes for other colors. If you decide to make a choice in favor of this option, then combine the matte and glossy surfaces. You can also stop the selection on the relief surface of the structure.

Always in fashion will be black and white ceilings that look solid and presentable.

Such paintings are appropriate in any style of interior. High-quality two-color ceiling attracts attention with its luxurious design, standing out against the background of the living room.

You can decorate the living room with photo printing, which is radically different from all other options. On the surface of the material can be applied to any image.Ceilings with patterns are the highlight of the room, because they can not be ignored.

There are options that imply the possibility of applying to the surface of the canvas of your photos. This ceiling design will not be overlooked. Your family will appreciate the non-standard solution, because with such options in the house it becomes much more comfortable.


A variety of designs of stretch ceilings that can be installed in the house, also varies widely. H

o in the process of choosing the appropriate option, it is worth taking into account the features of the room

  • The most simple canvases are single-level constructions. They are appropriate where the ceilings are not too high. Ceilings significantly save valuable space, so the interior of the living room remains attractive.
  • Modern two-level ceilings suitable for high rooms. Their installation is more complicated than the installation process of the first option.
  • Presentable multi-level ceilings instantly transform a room for the better. These are very stylish designs, the configuration of which varies widely.You can choose exactly the option that is suitable for installation in a particular room.
  • Original and non-standard are considered designs with bay window or wave. They are radically different from other options for their creative execution. With the help of these canvases, you can breathe new life into any room.

Each person will be able to choose the option that suits him. If you do not have enough experience in this area, use the help of qualified professionals.

They are always ready to create a unique interior that will satisfy your highest expectations.


The issue of lighting should be given special attention.

The quality of the light source determines the overall situation in the living room:

  • Sources of local decorative lighting can be a variety of lamps. They not only divide the living room into zones, but also focus on the winning details of the room. If you direct the lamps in the room in different directions, you can achieve an interesting effect.
  • Additional comfort will create a lighting fixture aimed at the table. Such accommodation will allow guests to feel comfortable.If you install the lamps lengthwise, the room will visually stretch. Such tricks are appropriate in the living room with insufficient space.
  • If we are talking about a multi-level ceiling with lighting, you should pay attention to the bright LED strip.

LED strips - devices that have many advantages:

  1. they are durable;
  2. do not heat up;
  3. energy is consumed sparingly;
  4. There are no hazardous components in the fixtures.

With the help of LEDs you can create a comfortable and even lighting. In the assortment of stores there are ribbons of different shades, so you can realize any ideas of designers. LEDs should be used in conjunction with a large chandelier, which is installed in the center of the surface.

In this case, you can create the necessary accents, without losing a lot of time and effort.


You can choose the design of the stretch ceiling, which emphasizes the features of the style of the living room.

In this situation, certain rules also apply, since it is necessary to achieve maximum harmony in the room:

  • If the hall is decorated in the style of a classic, you should opt for a matte canvas.With this option, you can focus on exquisite furniture, as well as on the refined surface finish.
  • The living room, decorated in a modern style, will look even more refined if you install a glossy canvas. This is a luxurious material that reflects all the objects around. It also has an attractive shine, thanks to which the interior is transformed for the better on the eyes.
  • If you want to emphasize the originality of the room, you should choose ceilings with ornaments. Typically, patterns are applied using photo printing. You can choose the picture to your taste, so it is easy to create the interior design that you have always dreamed of.

To choose an option for your room, take into account its features.

If you pay attention to every detail, the design is sure to be a harmonious conclusion and complement the interior of the living room.

How to choose?

The process of choosing stretch ceilings for the hall is an important and responsible matter. Only the right decision will help to realize the main ideas of designers.

You can use the advice of experts to avoid mistakes:

  1. Remember that the shape and color of the design should be in harmony with the overall interior of a private house or apartment.
  2. If the room has high ceilings, stop your choice on a multi-level design. It can be round or rectangular canvases that look very original.
  3. Single-level constructions are appropriate in a small hall. They are characterized by ease of installation, as well as an attractive and neat appearance.
  4. If suddenly there are wooden objects in the interior, their shade should be repeated in the stretch ceilings, because only in this case the style of the living room will be complete and harmonious.

You can seek help from professionals if you do not have experience in this field. They will bypass the ceiling with plasterboard or other materials, observing all established rules and technologies. Thanks to this you will only enjoy the results of their work. But you can cope with this work and independently, if you learn a little bit.

Specialists will select the best canvases for each room. Suitable options for a narrow room or a long hall will allow you to transform the interior beyond recognition.This may be a room of 16, 18 square meters. m, as well as a room of a different size.

Examples in the interior

Very beautiful and stylish stretch ceilings can be used in different ways in the interior of the living room.

Here are interesting and popular options, in favor of which many people make the choice:

  • fantasy suspensions will be the main decoration of the minimalist interior, as they hang from the ceiling, reflected in its glossy surface;
  • It is possible to focus on the sofa area located in the hall using the original chandelier in the center of the canvas;
  • if it is necessary to create an original and non-standard interior of the room, it is worth making a choice in favor of structures of complex shape;
  • it is possible to make the room volumetric, and its design is deeper if the central part of the ceiling with a glossy effect is darkened;
  • classic interior will become more fresh, original and dynamic, if you use a two-color canvas for its design;
  • rectangular motifs in interior design will easily underline the two-tier design, which looks solid and attractive;
  • using a mirror-type canvas, you can visually expand the space, making the hall not so narrow and cramped;
  • highlight the center of the living room will help glossy ceiling;
  • Matte-type canvas looks like the ceiling is covered with an even layer of whitewash.

These are the main ideas that you can use to decorate the interior of the living room. Remember that stretch ceilings are the most common designs that have become popular and in demand in our time. Try some interesting experiments to find the perfect style for your room.

More information about how to choose stretch ceilings for the living room, you will learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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