Features of the living room layout

A cozy, warm, bright and spacious house gives pleasure not only to the owner, but also to the guests. The most popular room often becomes the living room. After all, it is here that it is customary to take friends, gather with the whole family, or just relax while watching a movie. Therefore, it is worth thinking about its planning.

Special features

Much depends on the size of the living room, as well as the number of people living in the house. It is important to understand whether the living room will be a separate room, or whether it will have to combine several functions.

The layout of the living room is small

If the hall in your house is a separate but small room (no more than 18 sq. M.), It is important to choose the right furniture and place accents in order to preserve free space as much as possible.

When planning a living room size of 16 square meters. m designers advise using built-in furniture or transformer furniture. Instead of the usual “wall” it is recommended to install an open-type structure. This will visually expand the room. Mirrors or mirror inserts in furniture, walls, and decorative elements perfectly cope with this task.

Avoid bulky items: heavy curtains, massive decorative items. It is better to dwell on a small number of things that express your individuality.

Bright accents (pillows, curtains) are indispensable when designing a room of small size. A bright, contrasting wall with a minimal number of decorative elements, such as a bookshelf or poster, will look great.

For those who prefer the style of minimalism, experts advise to look at the option of restructuring a typical room in the "Khrushchev" area of ​​17.9 square meters. m

The width of the room is only 2.2 m. Despite its small size, the designers pursued many goals: to get rid of the feeling of “narrowness”, to keep the feeling of spaciousness, but at the same time to provide apartment owners with necessary items.Proper use of niches for storage, light colors when designing, replacing bulky furniture with more comfortable, adding mirrors - all this helped to achieve the desired.

Those who decide to arrange repairs in a typical apartment “Brezhnevka” will be an excellent option to combine the living room and kitchen. A smooth transition from one part of the room to another is provided by the use of screens, columns, partitions, curtains, threads.

Layout living room of more than 20 m2

Many believe that the layout of a large living room is given to the owner much easier, but this opinion is wrong. To make a room cozy is a difficult task with any number of square meters. For its implementation, you should pay attention to the following points. For the proper organization of space in the living room you need a central core - an object that attracts the most attention to itself, for example, TV.

If you belong to the category of people who cannot imagine their lives without watching TV shows or a movie, the choice of the TV and its location should be taken very carefully:

  • First is the screen size. It should correspond to the size of the living room and the distance from the sofa to the monitor.
  • Secondly, the color and shape.In modern stores, you can choose a TV that will not only entertain you, but also correctly highlight the created image of your living room.
  • Thirdly, the location of the screen should be chosen, given the location of the windows, as well as other details of the room, especially attracting attention, such as a fireplace. Both objects can be central in the hall, so it is especially important to place accents correctly.

The presented photo shows the inconsistency of this item. Both objects, a fireplace and a TV, are black rectangles and are next. It disperses attention and does not give the impression of the unity of space.

In the picture below, the designers divided the room into cozy zones, each of which is appropriate and fits wisely into the overall interior.

In order to achieve the most hospitable environment when choosing upholstery for furniture, it is better to use fabrics that give heat (leather, velor, suede, flock). If you decide to decorate the walls with paintings, it would be most appropriate to hang them at eye level. This is the most comfortable viewing location.

The decor of a large room must fully meet the needs and hobbies of the owner.If frequent parties are planned, it is better to arrange the furniture around the perimeter of the room, freeing up space for action.

This option does not suit lovers of watching movies and quiet home gatherings - too much distance between objects in the room creates the impression of remoteness and does not contribute to conversation.

If you want to meet the needs of people with different tastes and habits, a great solution would be to divide a large living room into zones.


A well-designed zoning of space will help maximize the use of the entire area of ​​the room

Popular seating areas:

  • Rest zone. Separated part of the room with a corner sofa or armchairs, you will get a cozy place to chat with friends and family.
  • Work zone. If you are planning a personal space for working at a computer or books, it is worth considering the place farthest from the noise.
  • Children's Corner. Experts recommend happy parents to arrange a children's area with a bright, soft carpet and toys.
  • Open space. It is necessary for everyone who does not see his life without dancing and noisy parties.
  • Sleeping area. It is worth considering if you need extra space to sleep.
7 a photo

Zoning will be harmonious if, when dividing a room, to use partitions, screens, fabric products, columns, shelves. It also looks very advantageous to separate the zone with an aquarium or live plants.

Recently, it has become increasingly popular to combine a living room with other rooms.

Do not forget to adhere to a single style at registration. It is possible to combine several rooms when planning the living room.

Combining the living room and kitchen, we get a room that performs several functions at once: a place for cooking, a dining room and a seating area. Not only the previously mentioned partitions, screens, columns, shelves, but also various lighting devices will help to delimit the space. Bright lighting is suitable for the kitchen, but the rest of the room will look better in muted colors.

When reworking rooms It is important to remember about good ventilation.

In apartments with a small area, the owners often decide to combine the bedroom and living room. This is especially hard to do if the room is not more than 20 m2. For zoning small rooms, you can use contrasting colors in the design of the walls and the floor.

Wall shelves and hanging structures will save space as much as possible. The sofa bed is ideal for small rooms, performing two functions at once - furniture for relaxing with friends and sleeping facilities.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The owners of this living room had a square room with a large window. To separate the zones, a glass decorative partition, a multi-level ceiling, as well as transitions in lighting are used.

The minimum amount of furniture helps to preserve free space, and the presence of decorative elements (vases, ball) does not give the feeling of "emptiness".

A perfect example of connecting a bedroom and a living room can be the following sample. The use of decorative curtains of different textures on the one hand makes the design of the room unusual, and if desired, fences off the sleeping area from the hall area. The presence of two types of light supply, located at a different level, provides comfortable use of each zone.

In this photo, we see that the owners have combined living room and kitchen. Zoning was achieved through curtain threads, which only create the effect of a wall, but do not interfere with movement.Different types of flooring are not only a decorative function, but also practical. The use of light colors in the interior helps to compensate for the lack of space. With the same purpose stands the indispensable sofa-transformer, which, if desired, can be used as another bed.

Important nuances

A square, a rectangle or a trapezoid - a living room can have such different forms in plan. And this moment plays an important role in the planning. The most favorite among designers is the square. The ideal form allows you to choose absolutely any design. For best results, try to arrange objects equidistant from each other. This will help maintain a sense of harmony space.

For narrow rectangular rooms, furniture is recommended to be placed against the wall, freeing as much space as possible in the center.

An obstacle may be the presence of windows or interior doors on long walls. In this case, pay special attention to the location of the furniture.

Visually expanding the space will help competent choice of furniture and decor. For example, contrasting colors for opposite walls will help to visually enlarge the space.

Another excellent solution would be a wide doorway.He will give a feeling of spaciousness in such a non-standard room.

Do not be afraid if in your possession there was a trapezium-shaped room. The more unusual the original features, the more original the interior solution can be. Use a multi-level floor or ceiling - with their help, you can designate different zones in space, as well as balance the feeling of "wrong" room. Trapezoidal shape implies the presence of one or two atypical angles. Achieve a more standard number of right angles will help the use of furniture and shelves embedded in niches.

Windows are not only a source of light. Whatever the shape of your living room, you should not lose sight of the number and location of windows. Most often they are arranged as follows:

  • Two parallel windows. When combining the kitchen and living room such an arrangement is as convenient as possible. A source of natural light will be found in every part of the room.
  • Windows are located on adjacent walls. In this case, it is important to remember that the space between the windows is considered central and will attract attention as much as possible. It is important to use it properly.

Living in a private house can be a highlight of your home. When building your house or cottage from the moment the foundation is laid, it is worthwhile to consider in advance not only the location of the rooms, but also the layout of each of them. This will help in the future to realize all your ideas.

Having a staircase between two floors in a private house will not be a problem.

Use the space under it as a working area, a children's corner or a place where, comfortably seated, you can read a book.

A living room created with your direct participation is the best way not only to tell others about yourself, but also to try yourself as a designer. The plan of the main room drawn up in advance will help you in translating your ideas.

How to design a kitchen, living room and dining room in a common space, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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