The subtleties of the repair of a small room of 18 square meters. m

 The subtleties of the repair of a small room of 18 square meters. m

Competent and stylish design of the rooms of the premises - it is not easy. To achieve a comfortable atmosphere in the apartment, it is necessary to harmoniously combine all the decorative elements and the color palette. On the basis of compact premises there are certain difficulties associated with the size of the room. They need to be considered during repair and decoration.

There are many design techniques that are used to decorate a miniature living room or hall of 18 square meters. m

Features of planning

Room sizes of 18-20 square meters are found on the basis of standard apartment buildings, for example, in the "Khrushchev". The typical form of the room is rectangular.The first thing you need to decide is the functionality of the room. Whether it is a separate room or a room combined with a study, bedroom and so on.

If you intend to place several zones on the same territory, you must use the zoning technique. With it, you can separate one part of the location from another, ensuring comfortable use of each of them.

We make the interior

Professionals from the design of houses and apartments have made a number of recommendations, which are recommended to listen for a successful repair of the premises. On the basis of compact rooms, it is necessary to use techniques that visually increase the space. They will make the situation more comfortable.

To do this, use mirrors, bright color palette, natural lighting and other techniques. Consider this in the repair process. Do not block windows with thick curtains.

You also need to abandon the bulky furniture, which occupies almost all the space in the room. Pay attention to compact and multifunctional products. Do not install a lot of furniture in the hall, only the most necessary.The room is littered with vases, statues, old dishes and other things that have remained since the Soviet period.


When choosing a finishing material for walls, ceiling and floor, preference should be given to the options of light and warm colors, for example, pastel. They do not strain the eyes and have a relaxing effect on the mental state of a person. Do not choose dark and bright tones as the main ones. They are used exclusively in the form of accents and additions.

With the help of dark and thick colors you can select one of the zones in the room. Using different colors, perform visual zoning. Against the background of the main color palette of light tones, dark shades contrast, denoting a specific area.

As for the textile design, make a choice in favor of light, transparent and translucent fabrics. This applies to curtains, bedspreads and other products. Ideal monochrome curtains or products with a small pattern.


Spot lighting is a practical and convenient option if the room is divided into several zones. Choose compact fixtures that won't catch the eye.Remarkably look and do their job LED lamps. Illumination of the canvas visually increases the volume of the room. Adequate lighting is a must, especially if there is a lack of natural light in the room.


Standard set of furniture for the hall:

  • Sofa (it is desirable to make a choice in favor of folding models).
  • Coffee table.
  • A pair of chairs.

If there is space, you can install a tall and narrow wardrobe, as well as a compact and roomy nightstand. TV is recommended to place on the wall.


Successful design is the right choice of style. With this question you need to decide before starting repairs. From the decorative direction will depend on the material and type of finish, the appearance of the furniture, the availability of additional accessories, colors and much more. Experts identify a number of stylistics that are great for decorating the hall with an area of ​​18 squares.


Classicism is one of the classic trends. This style is always relevant and does not go out of fashion, regardless of current trends.This direction is more restrained in comparison with Baroque, Rococo or Empire, and therefore is better suited for compact rooms. To make the design successful and happy day after day, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Colour. Prefer light colors. You can actively use the golden elements. They give the interior dynamics and expressiveness, and the play of light has a positive effect on the visual volume of space. Neutral tones can also be used as primary colors.
  • Lighting. A chandelier placed in the center of the room is a standard design for classic styles. It is recommended to choose a model with transparent elements, as long as it is not bulky. If a single chandelier is not enough, place additional miniature lamps.
  • Furniture. Furniture is best placed at the edges of the hall. Most items of classic furniture are decorated with three-dimensional elements and are large in size. To cope with this problem, classical models were developed in a more concise modern form.

Hi-tech and minimalism

The two aforementioned modern directions are ideal for decorating a compact room. The styles are very similar to each other, since high-tech was created on the basis of minimalism.

Characteristics of minimalism:

  • Restraint, brevity and free space.
  • Neutral color palette: white, gray, beige.
  • Minimum furniture.
  • Lack of decorative elements (it is allowed to place one picture or a couple of photos in the room).
  • The preference is given to artificial materials (plastic, glass).

As for the high-tech style, all of the above principles apply to it. The main difference of this direction is the use of innovative technologies: the “smart home” system, modern technology and much more. Also, the design uses chrome elements, mirrors and glossy surfaces.


Refined and sophisticated decor. At registration natural materials are used (wood, fabrics, paper).


  • The minimum amount of furniture and decorative items.
  • Asian motifs as accents: bamboo, fans, hieroglyphs.
  • Natural color palette: green, beige, white.As an additional color, red or orange is used.
  • Spacious, bright and peaceful atmosphere. Harmony with nature.


This trend is chosen by connoisseurs of naturalness and naturalness. The main color range consists of green, white, brown and beige tones. The interior creates an atmosphere of lightness and freshness, which is ideal for small rooms.

For repair only natural materials are used. This applies to decoration, furniture and decorative items. You also need to think about the lighting. The environment in eco-style is permeated with soft light. The floor can be decorated with green carpets with a soft nap, imitating grass.


When decorating used light colors. The main shades are white, light gray or light beige. Mostly used natural materials. For window decoration using translucent or transparent fabrics. To make the interior more expressive, use bright elements: rugs, decorative elements, padded stools.

Studio apartment

On the basis of residential premises of this type in one room combine several zones at once.If you think everything through correctly, you end up with a stylish and comfortable interior. To achieve the expected results, it is necessary to carry out repairs subject to the following rules:

  • Select spot type fixtures.
  • Use compact and comfortable partitions. Wonderful fit models of glass or thin plywood. You can also use zoning reception using curtains.
  • For furnishing ideal multifunctional furniture-transformer. It has a compact size and capacity.

Beautiful options

Practical and stylish decoration in the hi-tech style. The main colors are white and light gray. Yellow was used as a bright accent.

Walk-through hall in the style of minimalism. Strict forms, conciseness, minimum furniture. Used standard for this style palette with the addition of red as an accent.

Hall combined with kitchen in a studio apartment. A wooden structure is used as a partition, which also serves as a stand for flowers.

Design in the style of classicism. Soft and "warm" colors create a comfortable atmosphere. The room is set only the most necessary furniture.An elegant chandelier in the center is the best option for placing a lighting fixture in this interior.

Bright and spacious room in the Scandinavian style. The room is filled with natural light. White palette increases the size of the room. In this room it will be nice to spend a long time.

In the next video you will find a living room design of 18 square meters. m with a fake.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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