Choosing hinged shelves in the living room in a modern style.

The shelf for a drawing room is rather simple product. Thanks to her, all things will be compactly placed and will not litter your room. Modern hinged shelves are made of quality materials and can be used in many rooms, but today we will talk about their use in the living room.

Special features

Hinged shelves not only perform their functions, but also serve as an additional element of decor. For modern living room designers offer many options for these products. They will be able to complement any interior and decorate the room. The highlight of the large living room will be the small shelves that can combine the rest of the interior. Designers often use this technique to achieve a particularly bright and unusual effect.

Hanging shelves preferably hang in rooms of square or rectangular shape. They can also serve as a subject that will help to correctly zone a room. Thanks to them, this process will look easy and unobtrusive.

Functional purpose

For books

In the modern living room is often used the classic version of the shelves. If you look at the interior of a Soviet apartment, you can see that books are stored on shelves or in special bookcases. Such products take up quite a lot of space and can clutter the room. A modern person needs to fill the room with air as much as possible and therefore this option is absolutely not suitable.

The modern living room uses wall shelves made of metal or wood. These are the most commonly used materials. Sometimes it is possible to use shelves from both materials at the same time.

It is perfectly safe to choose products of unusual shapes. This will add a special zest to your interior and complement it. Popular model - a few crosses, which are located at a right angle.

The most common forms of wall shelves:

  • models that have side and rear walls;
  • multi-tiered products;
  • single tier models;
  • with rounded corners;
  • vertically or horizontally;
  • with angles of 90 degrees;
  • massive models and other options.

Making the room, you must choose the shelves that match its stylistic direction.

For plants

A variety of hinged shelves have always been and will be an interesting and practical piece of furniture. They usually contain books, souvenirs, photographs and decorative accessories. You can have them simply on the walls or in various designs.

Placing shelves between the window slopes will be an unusual solution in the interior and will suit people who love house plants. You should not use the entire width of the opening, so as not to leave the room without natural daylight. A small stack is sufficient, which is compactly located, but at the same time it will be roomy for small indoor flowering plants, such as violets and cyclamens.

For those who like to plant indoor plants, the space on the window can often be missed. It is not necessary to place the shelves for flowers in the window opening, you can also place them on the walls, while hiding any flaws, such as irregularities of the wall.Also placing flowers on the walls will not prevent the penetration of sunlight.

Shelf material can be different, but for large varieties of plants it is recommended to use a metal base that will withstand a lot of weight. Even such a coarse material can be decorated for any interior, using it in combination with wooden elements or forged lace.

Decorative models in a niche

In many rooms in the process of creating the interior may appear planned niches in the walls. It can also be a design feature of a room that was originally impossible to hide. In such cases, niches can be used to advantage, placing shelves in them, and turn a disadvantage into an advantage.

Shelf dimensions are selected according to the size of the niches themselves.and the material should be close to the style of the entire interior. In addition to the placement of shelves, you can add textured finish in another color scheme or LED backlighting, which will highlight the zone being settled.

Unusual options

In many stores you can find standard shelf types,but now designers are moving away from stereotypes and in most cases create individual furniture compositions for interiors, also using regular shelves. There are new extravagant forms, for example, shelves located at an angle of 45 degrees, held by additional racks, or compositions recruited from shelves of various colors and depicting certain figures. Such a solution is not always practical, but very impressive and stylish.

Many designers use shelves as objects that divide a room into functional zones. In each style there is a certain system of shelving.

Where to place?

Modern owners prefer the most free space and want the living room to be filled with air rather than unnecessary furnishings. However, if there is a lot of free space, then it doesn’t look very beautiful. Bare walls sometimes bored.

The wall above the sofa is often devoid of any furnishings. In Soviet times, a sofa or pictures hung over a sofa. Now this solution is not popular. Modern designers are advised to hang wall shelves above the sofa.On them you can put your family photos or some trivia from the decor. They will give the room extra comfort.

Shelves look more attractive if you place them not one next to another, but in the order of a chessboard. Sometimes such compositions look quite massive. To remedy the situation, it is necessary to choose short wall shelves. Maximum length - 1 meter. Average width - no more than 15 cm.

If your room is decorated in the art deco style, then you need to use more hanging elements. An excellent accent of this style can be wall shelves. They can hang over the sofa and fill the empty wall. To keep the interior light and not overloaded with unnecessary elements, choose products that are made in bright colors.


Hinged shelves look great in the interiors, decorated in various directions:

  • High tech. In this almost pure style of decorative elements, zigzag-shaped shelves made of wood or metal, not overloaded with complexity of forms, are used. Also you should not place on them a large number of decorative elements, a frame with a photo or a watch is enough, since they are often an independent art object.
  • Modern For this style it will be enough to have a separate hanging shelf without an abundance of accessories: a pair of books and a vase will be enough.
  • Provence. Open shelves in the style of Provence are used extremely rarely, and their use for storing things is not allowed at all. It is acceptable to use in the interior shelves of tempered glass in combination with light vases or figurines.
  • Country A style in which shelves have a special place. It is in this direction that they can be made from various materials using rustic motifs. Basically the shelves should look simple, although forged and openwork elements are permissible. Accessories placed on the shelves may be present in sufficient quantities, filling the entire space.
  • Baroque. The interiors in this style involve a large number of decorative elements, in connection with which the shelves become a real decoration. They can be executed with various carved patterns and details of stucco with a touch of luxury inherent in this style.

Sometimes closed shelving can be one of the most striking objects in the interior. The main thing is to choose them correctly.They will not only help you to place many things more comfortably, but also provide an easy zoning of the room. The decor of the room will change dramatically, without any extra effort on your part. Of these, you can create a separate composition or make part of some piece of furniture.

Rely on your taste, our advice and create a unique stylish interior in your living room.

How to make a nice hinged shelf with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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