How to arrange a living room in the Scandinavian style?

Refinement, ease and spaciousness in the living room - what many owners dream of. All these wishes are fully consistent living room in the Scandinavian style. This style best demonstrates naturalness and ecological purity.

Such an assessment of style is well deserved. Although at first glance it seems too simple, it can create a cozy atmosphere in the living room. In addition, this interior is particularly practical and comfortable.

Specific features

Due to their geographical location, Scandinavian countries are distinguished by rather severe weather conditions. In this regard, making the room under the Scandinavian style, the design approach involves creating an atmosphere of purity and freedom in the room, filled with light and freshness.

As the main color is used white. At the same time, the chosen style is characterized by heat in large quantities and light colors, also some orderliness in the details and a comfortable atmosphere. The peoples of Norway, Finland and Sweden, distinguished by resourcefulness, sought to create warmth and comfort in their homes, for this they chose white as the basis and their shades. And this choice has provided comfort in the home, even though the sun's rays due to the harsh climate almost do not fall into it.

The right choice of colors in the living room is based on the provision of freedom and spaciousness in the room. For this, the living room in the Scandinavian style is not forced by pieces of furniture and a large number of decorative details. For example, the windows rarely hang curtains. Even if they hang it, the curtains are usually pushed aside so that there is no obstruction to the flow of fresh air and the rays of the sun.

The decoration of the living room in the Scandinavian style, meeting the requirements of modernity, is very close to functional minimalism, which provides a manifestation of specific ethnic features and draws a kind of analogy in aesthetics with Swedish houses and their design.The above-mentioned approach to the interior is quite popular in Europe, and it is used for finishing and decorating urban dwellings and private houses.

The Scandinavian design of living rooms during the cold period is distinguished by particular comfort, coziness and an abundance of light. In summer, however, they become a haven of freshness and coolness.

It is worth noting that this style is very easy. It is simple and versatile, so making repairs in the living room is not that difficult. It is only important to find out and realize the basis of what makes the chosen style. It will be made up by an abundance of light and white in the room, spaciousness, the absence of clutter and unnecessary details, only natural material, an abundance of lightness, airiness of textile elements. Hall for a girl with an organized workplace can be fully organized in such a style.

It is important to add a lot of lamps and a small fireplace (preferably not artificial). It should also be remembered that the materials for finishing such a room should be simple and the details as concise as possible. It should be noted that decorating the living room in the style of Scandinavian countries is also a budget option.

Color palette

The north is characterized by coolness, pallor and the use of light shades. Thanks to this color scheme, visually increases the amount of free space in the living room. It becomes more spacious. Its borders are expanding.

It is unlikely that someone will like a home in which the Snow Queen would feel great.

Therefore, to the abundance of cold shades should add a couple of warm colors:

  • yellow;
  • soft cream;
  • light wood;
  • saturated green.

However, excessive brightness and contrast are alien to the chosen style, because it seems to the northerners absurd.

The presence of shades is acceptable for Scandinavians:

  • silver;
  • soft blue;
  • cool blue;
  • light lilac;
  • cream beige;
  • tender milk.

It is also possible to use shades of caramel, metal, wheat, cobalt and turquoise.


For decorating the ceiling in the style of the Scandinavian countries, according to the recommendations of specialists-designers, it is better to use whitewashing or white paint on acrylic. In order to create diversity, you can add wooden elements, such as beams. As for the walls of the living room in the chosen style,here it is preferable to use the cladding in the form of lacquered panels of light color or slats made of wood.

This finish goes well with a variety of details. For example, such walls are organically complemented by a gray facing stone by the fireplace. A good addition will also be gray back walls of the rack.

It is better to cover the floors with matte maple, oak or birch parquet. Also a good option for the floor - whitened boards. Through a combination of such elements, a luxurious look is obtained, showing notes of refinement and dignity. Organic for Scandinavian interior will be hornbeam wood floor in sandy or milky tones.

Such a parquet will create a slight contrast with the rest of the decorations, while complementing them with a peculiar shade. However, as recommended by experts, one of the best options combining accessibility and high quality is a laminate of white, yellow and brown colors. When choosing a coating, take into account the color range of the walls so that the shades smoothly and smoothly move from the walls to the floor.

To create this effect, you can choose a light plinth that fits well with the interior.If we talk about the windows, it is worth remembering that in the Scandinavian countries, they perform the function of the review. Coloring for windows and doors is better to choose a light, optimally - white, since such tones will ensure their combination with the design of the room as a whole.


Scandinavian style should be distinguished by conciseness and proximity to minimalism, which does not involve cluttering the living room with unnecessary elements and furniture. It will be enough to place in it only the most necessary. For example, you can get by installing a sofa, armchair, small closet, table and chairs. The best raw material from which furniture can be made is natural wood of light species (pine, birch, bleached oak).

Style can also be wicker, for example, they can be a chair or table. Such furniture items will be an excellent addition to the interior. It should be noted that the wood should be processed minimally, so that the natural pattern is visible.

The sofa should not have a complex structure, it must meet the requirements of convenience, simplicity, it can be trimmed with leather, suede, linen or fur. It is possible to add a sofa and an armchair with a small ottoman.In order to provide comfort in the living room of this style, the optimal presence of a chest of drawers, a rack, small shelves. All this is recommended to buy from a tree.

Lighting and decor

The style of the Scandinavian countries involves a lot of light, for which a lot of lighting should be placed in the living room. So, in the center of the ceiling a metal chandelier with a canopy made of transparent crystal can be placed, chandeliers-bras can be hung on the walls, floor lamps can be placed on the floor. As an additional light source can serve as a beautiful fireplace chandelier.

As for decorative elements, the main thing here is not to overdo it. However, to create a special atmosphere of the Scandinavian countries in the living room you need to place a lot of blankets, jewelry boxes, glass vases, sculptures, musical instruments of natural shades. You can diversify cool tones with bright paired elements, which will give the living room a kind of excitement. Such details can be a Scandinavian pattern on the carpet, curtains and covers. This design will give the living room peace and comfort.

The monochrome of the interior can become boring, if you do not dilute it with several trinkets and bright decorations.The task can be accomplished with the help of rugs, coasters, colored pillows and flower pots. Also do not interfere with metal, porcelain parts on the walls, besides, you can place a family photo on one of the walls.

It is better to decorate the living room in the Scandinavian style with the use of textured fabrics. Here you can not do without velor and velvet, which can be used in the upholstery of sofas, armchairs, which can also be covered with a blanket of fur or a Scottish-style plaid. Drapery can be used from flax and similar natural materials in a natural shade.

You can also decorate the window, for example, hang decorative classical curtains or Roman curtains, and you can also use Japanese screens to decorate windows. Fabric material should be lightweight and weightless. You can create a lightness effect by leaving the window open.

A distinctive feature of the Scandinavian style is that it can not get bored, such an interior will always be different modernity and fashion. And some details will only add to the overall atmosphere of comfort and positive, despite the general restraint and conciseness.Moreover, such an interior will always remain original and luxurious, although it does not contain a lot of luxury items or especially original elements.

Style involves a combination of subtlety with simplicity. For example, you can place a bundle of logs near the fireplace, and place wicker baskets on the windowsill. A detail that does not fit this dwelling at all is a living flower, so you should not use pots with plants.

You can complement the northern style with plaster figurines, also made in white. But it is better not to overdo it and leave more free space. The latter is one of the most specific and positive features of the Scandinavian peoples' style. To emphasize the simplicity of the style, you can leave the wires in sight, the northerners are welcome. With the right combination of cold and heat in shades, the right selection of furniture, with convenience and a minimum in details, you can achieve excellent results that will cause admiration not only among households, but also among visitors.

Another one of the acceptable colors is a strip or a cell. You can use blue, pink or green colors.The main thing - to remember that the style of Scandinavia does not involve fanciful details. Practicality and comfort, ease of cleaning and everyday use should prevail in everything.

How to repair and furnish an apartment in the Scandinavian style from scratch, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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