Provence style living room: examples of design

Nowadays, consumers can design their homes in absolutely any way. This can be as simple as possible, and very original ensemble. Today, one of the most popular is such a style as Provence. Such demand is easily explained by its elegance and pleasant pastel colors. Let us consider in more detail how you can arrange the living room in this stylistic direction.

Special features

Every person dreams of his home being as hospitable and harmonious as possible. To do this, refer to the appropriate style of its design. One of the most important rooms of a private house or apartment is the living room. Some designers call it the "calling card" of the home, so it should look organic and stylish.

Fortunately, modern buyers have everything for this: a huge range of furniture or finishes, and a long list of attractive styles. One of the most beautiful and memorable is Provence. Its main distinguishing features are that it always creates a cozy, warm and comfortable atmosphere.

The living room, decorated in this vein, has a characteristic naturalness and unique natural motifs. As a rule, such interiors are devoid of fanciful and pompous components, as well as colorful elements of the glamorous style.

Provence has a lot in common with such a popular and well-known style, like classic or country. This is due to the fact that in all the listed options most often natural materials are used, distinguished by their excellent texture. Often, the interiors are replenished with unpainted and even poorly processed structures that have a natural shade.

The delicate design of the living room in the style of Provence is always performed in low-key light colors. Sharp contrasts in such an ensemble you will not find, but pastel and soothing colors are observed here in excess.That is why this stylistic direction is more close to the classics than to the modern style, in which contrasting palettes are standard solutions.

Another feature of the Provence style is an unobtrusive floral print. It can be observed on the upholstery of furniture, curtains, decorative textile details, and even on the surfaces of furniture. As a rule, Provencal flower compositions are also performed in neutral and pastel colors.

In such an interior, you can safely use aged furniture, and this suggests that Provence is a companion of such a trend as vintage. Even artificially aged and stylized antique objects have surfaces of pastel and delicate colors, which makes their design even more interesting and memorable.

The distinctive feature of the Provence style also includes the need for a large number of appropriate decor. This applies not only to woven objects, pillows, curtains and other trifles, but also living plants in pots of suitable shades.


The living room in the Provencal style should be made in calm, pastel and neutral colors.You should not turn to too colorful paints, attracting too much attention. In such ensembles, you can use items with both matte and shiny coating.

Most often, pieces of furniture and the main background of such a hall is made in beige, soft green, soft turquoise and sky blue colors. Too dark and depressive scales should be avoided, otherwise the interior will be inharmonious and inhospitable.

In the Provencal interior, it is permissible to use objects of decor, whose color repeats the colors burned out in the sun.

In the living room style French Provence will look organically such colors as:

  • saffron;
  • ocher;
  • terracotta;
  • pistachio;
  • pale peach;
  • pale coral (in moderation).


An attractive living room in Provence style will look very organic not only in the apartment, but also in a country cottage or in the country. In such circumstances, the best looking pieces of furniture and finishing materials made from natural raw materials.

Especially worth noting are unsurpassed Provencal combinations in which there is high-quality solid wood furniture.In such ensembles it is recommended to purchase models that have a clearly defined wood structure, demonstrating the nobility and reliability of a sofa, armchairs, chairs or tables.

In the living room, made in the style of Provence, you can use furniture from a variety of wood, so you can buy not only an expensive model made of solid oak or beech, but also a more affordable copy of pine or birch, which in our country are not too expensive.

This also applies to flooring. In the Provencal interiors, the floors are laid perfectly, laid with parquet board or laminate of natural wood. These coatings are expensive, so designers can turn to less expensive options that mimic natural material. Also in these delicate and attractive ensembles look good parts made of ceramics, glass and high-quality, but light textiles, as well as forged steel.


In the style of the French Provence should refer to the appropriate decoration of the floor, walls and ceiling. Otherwise, the interior may seem less harmonious and attractive.


As mentioned above, carrying out the repair of the floor in the Provencal room, it is recommended to refer to high-quality and natural materials. It can be natural wood, which is quite expensive.

There are many alternatives to this material, as well as other floor coverings used in Provencal interiors:

  • laminate;
  • floorboard;
  • fluffy carpet (or decorative carpets lying on the main floor trim);
  • baked clay plates;
  • ceramic tile (it is desirable that it had an aged look).

Another interesting material used to finish the shelf in the Provencal interior is a massive stone. However, it is recommended to apply to it only to owners of private houses and cottages, since it is not very convenient to use such material in a city apartment. Instead of a stone in these dwellings, it is worth using tiles (for example, a suitable terracotta shade).

If you chose a quality tile as a flooring, then it is better to stop the choice on options of large sizes, which would echo the colors and furnishings of the room.As a rule, in the interiors of the Provence in the center there are cozy rugs with invariable floral patterns. The color scheme of this thing should also be combined with the other palettes in the hall.


For the decoration of the walls in the Provencal living room, high-quality plaster is recommended material. It is advisable to give preference to the compositions of white, cream or beige.

Experts recommend to apply the plaster on the walls in such a way that the surface of the brickwork remains visible on its surface, especially if it has a light shade. Competently plastered walls in the Provencal room look very stylish and neat.

It is not forbidden to apply in such interiors and to the decoration of the walls with wallpaper. Designers recommend to buy canvases decorated with small floral prints and basic pastel colors. Of course, they do not necessarily cover absolutely all the walls in the room. Floral canvases can be used as accent materials and can only be glued to certain floors in the hall. However, it should be said that the wallpaper is still an exception to the rule, since the classic Provencal style does not provide for a similar wall finish.

Especially neat is to be, trimming a small room with floral wallpaper. A large number of such prints can visually reduce the space and make it not the most comfortable.

Many people find that finishing with plaster is quite complex. If you hold a similar opinion, then you should turn to the design of the walls with wood or wood paneling. Such surfaces not only look stylish and fresh, but also allow you to change the color direction of the ensemble, as they can be painted. But do not forget that such wall decoration also performs a decorative function in the hall.


The ceiling in the Provencal interior must be bright. However, in such cases, the coatings often seem too boring and monotonous. To slightly dilute them, you can use decorative beams. However, they can be accessed only if there are sufficiently high ceilings in the room.

To install the parts should be approached as carefully as possible and balanced. It is recommended to contact professional craftsmen. Today both dark and light beams are on sale.Most often, outwardly, they are as close as possible to natural materials and are matte or lacquered.

Also, the ceiling in the living room can be trimmed with cheaper material - MDF. It is worth choosing embossed materials with an attractive texture that repeats natural wood. Experts strongly do not recommend to refer to the design of the ceiling with PVC elements, even if they are applied to a natural woody print. This is due to the fact that most of the time on such surfaces there is a slightly glossy coating that does not fit into the Provencal interior at all.


In an attractive Provencal interior, antique-styled furniture looks especially organic and attractive. It's no secret that antique interior items are quite expensive, and those things that are stored in "grandmother's attics", as a rule, have long lost their function and visual appeal.

Fortunately, modern manufacturers produce many beautiful and colorful collections in which you can find high-quality and harmonious pieces of furniture that are ideal for Provencal style. In addition, many surfaces can be aged with their own hands.In the living room in the style of Provence will look good design with matte facades. As a rule, they look a bit rude, but they do not become less attractive due to this.

In a delicate living room in the style of Provence, as a rule, have the following pieces of furniture:

  • wooden TV cabinet;
  • sideboard with glass doors through which beautiful statuettes or dishes in retro / vintage style are visible;
  • soft corner (sofa and one or two chairs);
  • attached bedside tables (one or two);
  • coffee table opposite the soft corner;
  • book racks or cabinets (in some interiors);
  • dining table and chairs made of wood, if the hall is combined with a dining area;
  • wicker baskets (both decorative and functional);
  • aged chests with appropriate fittings;
  • wall cabinets.

Forged details look organic and attractive in Provencal interiors. They may be present on any furniture or lighting fixtures (floor lamps, table lamps, or sconces). As for sofas, in the Provencal living room most often put compact "puffy" designs with woven floral upholstery.They can also be worn textile light covers of velvety fabric.

You should not have in a similar room modern wardrobe. Instead, it is better to use the good old wardrobe made of natural wood. You can also refer to a spacious cabinet with an aged surface.

It is not recommended to put furniture with visible metal and glass elements in the Provence Hall, as they are closer to modern trends and the rustic French style is hardly suitable for them.

Design solutions

Today, Provence-style interiors have become very popular, because you can relax and have a good rest in them. This is especially important in modern life rhythm, filled with stress. This effect is due to the fact that such interiors are filled with furniture from natural textured materials and are distinguished by soothing pastel colors.

Decor plays an important role in the formation of the Provencal interior. Properly selected parts can make the interior complete and more harmonious. Designers recommend focusing on wall decorations.

For example, on one of the free and empty walls will look good clock (antique or stylized antique). You can also hang in the room beautiful paintings with pastel landscapes or delicate flower arrangements, without which Provence style is impossible. Many owners get beautiful murals for such living rooms and use many mirrors.

Mirrors are good attributes for the visual expansion of space. This solution is recommended to contact the owners of compact and small premises.

In the design of the provencal ensemble should refer to the floral motifs. They can be on decorative pillows, tablecloths (if they are present in the room), decorative napkins, light curtains or carpets.

To decorate an attractive living room are perfect:

  • white or pastel ceramic vases;
  • delicate pots with various fresh flowers;
  • photos on walls and curbstones / tables (both color and monochrome and with sepia effect);
  • carpets (most often with floral designs);
  • porcelain vintage (and modern) figurines;
  • porcelain tea set with small cups;
  • Wrought iron furniture furniture.

Beautiful options in the interior

Provence style is the perfect solution for lovers of soft and discreet paints, as well as natural materials. So, on the background of light wallpaper with barely noticeable prints will look harmoniously soft blue sofa with decorative casual pillows. Decorate the space above the furniture with an aged cabinet with glass doors, and on the side, install a “peeling” light cabinet with bronze lamps. Complete the interior with a wooden ceiling, dark tiled floors and tall floor lamps with white shades.

A cream sofa on wooden legs is a great option for upholstered furniture for the Provencal interior. It can be placed opposite the accent wall with "floral" wallpaper. The floor in such a living room should be trimmed with light parquet or laminate flooring. Complete the ensemble with a wooden coffee table, sand carpet, soft purple pillows and decorative plates on the walls.

In a room with walls decorated with snow-white wooden panels, a cream sofa with decorative floral pillows will look great.Opposite him stands a dark wicker table and a pair of chairs in a similar design (you can also use wicker models). Hang a beautiful mirror with a decorative frame behind the sofa and place a gentle ceiling chandelier with four lights over this ensemble.

If the height of the ceilings and the area of ​​the room allows, then the ceiling in it can be decorated with wooden beams. For example, beautiful light designs will look organically in the Provencal hall with beige walls and soft gray tiled floors. Place two woven sofas and a chair of neutral colors in this room. Not bad in a similar interior the snow-white fireplace with a brick internal basis will look. It is necessary to dilute light paints with decorative pillows in a strip and wall sconces in the form of horns or branches.

Comfortable and attractive living rooms, in which the wall decoration combines several colors. For example, against the background of coatings in white, green and pale yellow stripes gentle textile sofas with stripes and a flower will look great. In this setting, it is worthwhile to place a cabinet under the TV and attached tables made of coarse natural wood.Complete the interior with greenish floor carpet, live plants in vases and wall compact paintings.

In the soft-green rooms in the style of Provence will look great sets of upholstered furniture with chairs and sofas that have flower covers. They should be beaten with white wooden tables, a fireplace and mirrors on the walls.

How the living room in the “Provence” style in Dmitry Nagiyev’s apartment can be seen in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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