The design of the living room with a fireplace in the style of Provence

Provence - rustic style of the south of France. It is difficult for city dwellers to imagine a world without fuss among the flower meadows bathed in sun.

The interiors of the living rooms in Provence style are light, it is an ideal place to relax after a hard day’s work.

Consider the features of the design of the living room with a fireplace.

Style features

Provence implies coziness and simplicity, pretentiousness and expensive decoration are unacceptable here. The simplicity of this style is rude, it seems rustic, but outwardly it differs from the dry direction of minimalism style. The interior in Provence style allows a glut of space with furniture, decorative knick-knacks, and floral textiles of light pastel colors. Sometimes Provence is confused with the direction of the country, which has absorbed the provincial elements of many countries of the world.They have a common rural theme, but Provence is a flower field of calm and light shades, the style prefers halftones to a specific color.

The interior of the living room in the style of Provence embodies light and peace. The fireplace in the living room setting can be electronic or decorative. It will add to the space a feeling of home comfort. Live fire would become a brighter accent of the interior, but only owners of villas and private houses can afford it.

To create an interior Provence, you need to understand its features:

  • Simplicity is the meaning of style. The whole situation is simple, it is worth using beautiful furniture and accessories.
  • Furniture should be either antique or artificially aged.
  • The fireplace becomes a special decoration of the interior.
  • The floral color of textiles is preferred.
  • Dishes that adorn the living room display cabinet should be multi-colored.
  • Required fresh flowers in pots or vases.
  • The style does not like clear geometry, it is created from smooth lines, free edges of fabrics. The seeming chaos and perfection are combined in one interior.
  • Handmade things are preferred for decoration.

Provence is a field of lavender, an olive tree and a rustic sunflower. If the Internet feels convenience and comfort, then it is arranged correctly.


All materials involved in the decoration of the premises should be natural. Linoleum, wallpaper and suspended ceilings in this style are inappropriate. The simplicity of the French countryside is identified by plastering or painting walls in colors of pastel shades. Negligence of work in this matter is even welcome. One of the walls can be sheathed with wood, then painted in the color of the environment. Finishing can be made invisible to highlight furniture and decor. Doors can be artificially aged using a special painting technique, or decorated with floral inserts.


In the arrangement of the living room style Provence can not be used wardrobes. The cupboards, dressers, pencil cases, whatnot will look more harmonious in it. It would be nice to find old furniture, restore, repaint it, creating the effect of rubbing. High legs of the structures, the presence of forging in the decor of chairs, chandeliers will emphasize and deepen the chosen style. Upholstered furniture, covered with covers of linen or cotton fabric, should be slightly rough.It should not be placed along the walls: you can select a slightly chaotic group. Cases and shelves filled with colorful boxes, wicker baskets and drawers.


Items made using decoupage technique, vintage watches, black and white photographs, flowerpots with fresh flowers will decorate the interior in a rustic style. Handwork in any manifestation is welcomed: crafts, knitting, embroidery.

The decor is chosen in the style of the French country flavor:

  • baskets of wicker;
  • porcelain figurines;
  • wooden utensils;
  • mirrors in a massive white frame;
  • paintings of flora.

The fireplace can be decorated with imitation bricks, made in a light gray color or a shade of ivory. At the same time, you can arrange the facing of the fireplace projection or part of it.


Natural fabrics should not be bright, the priority is gentle colors: lavender, peach, mint. They can contain a large number of small flowers or straight lines. Textiles for decorating the window looks good with ruffles. Fireplace decorating textiles is not desirable. The maximum that is permissible is a decorative napkin on a shelf located above the fireplace itself.

Fireplace in the living room

The interior in the Provencal style is permeated with warmth. The device of a fireplace will become logical end of a comfortable situation. Let's try to figure out how it should be. First of all, he needs to maintain the overall color scheme of the interior, to be a neat accent, organically built into the situation. Such an effect is achieved by painting with elements of scuffed, jagged edges, like a fireplace affected by a touch of time.

There are special techniques with which you can age objects:

  • A special lacquer is applied to the painted and dried surface, the layer of which cracks when dry. Through the cobweb cracks peeps paint.
  • Using a hard dry brush, paint is unevenly applied to the protruding parts of the decor.
  • The fireplace is painted with a dark layer, after drying it is applied light, then the surface is sanded so that the dark paint is visible in places.
  • Old metal elements can give a vintage look to the fireplace. They are treated with hydrochloric acid solution to the oxidation of the metal.

In the old days, gypsum was actively used to create a decor, so a Provencal style fireplace can be decorated with stucco.It does not have to be lush and intricate patterns, as in the historical directions of design. More interesting looks simple and clear modeling, supported by the surrounding interior trim. Only natural materials are involved in facing the fireplace: stone, brick, ceramics, and sometimes expensive types of wood.

The hearth decor looks like a wrought iron grill.

It is desirable that the portal of the furnace of the artificial hearth looked realistic (forged grill, charred logs). Sometimes such fireplaces imitate fire, and even the crackle of firewood. The color of the fireplace should be in harmony with the lining of the living room. Usually milky white, bluish, pale pink, dull yellow tones are chosen. White color is easy to age. The Provence style living room will be the place where the household can communicate with each other, comfortably sitting by the fireplace.

How to create an interior design in the style of Provence, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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