Interior combined kitchen in a private house: design ideas design

 Interior combined kitchen in a private house: design ideas design

Private house opens up great opportunities for interior design. Individual planning and spacious rooms allow you to translate into reality any design ideas, but despite the presence of a decent amount of square meters, most homeowners prefer to further expand the space and make the room brighter. Therefore, in a private house you can often find both zoning and combining premises.

The most popular way of planning is considered to be a combined kitchen with a living room or a hall, and the combination of a cooking zone with a dining room also looks good in the interior.

This arrangement makes the house cozy and comfortable, and the kitchen turns into an ideal place for friendly and family gatherings.

Accommodation options

The interior of a country house, where the kitchen is combined with other living rooms, depends on the area and shape of the room. At the same time, the place where it is planned to cook food is placed against the wall, the furniture set is also installed there. As a rule, modules are arranged L-shaped or in a row. In a two-story building with a staircase, kitchen cabinets can be installed in a niche under the structure.

To make the design of housing both stylish and functional, it is recommended to use the following types of equipment:

  • Dining table and work surface to arrange large areas.
  • Complement the small tables with a bar counter. This will not only beautifully distinguish the kitchen, but also create a comfortable environment for snacking or quick breakfasts.
  • For a spacious room suitable option kitchen with an island. This will expand the functionality of the room and there will be a place for storing kitchen utensils and appliances.
  • For a wide space, it is best to use the interior in which the cooking zone is located in the center, and on the sides it will harmoniously complement the living room or dining room.
  • Creating a real sense of comfort will help setting the dining area by the window. The distance from the desktop to the stove should be small.
  • In order not to interfere with comfortable rest and eliminate the appearance of food odors, the living room and kitchen areas must be located remotely.

Also need to worry about the presence of a ventilation system.

Interior features

Designer design of modern kitchen often provides for its association with the living room. To do this, dismantle the walls and get one large room with two zones, which differ in functionality, but must be in harmony with each other. To make the interior modern, the combined space is made to fit one style. That is, common decor elements are used and surface finishing is performed in the same palette.

It is also allowed to use a combination of styles in the room, but this should be done moderately.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the design in each zone will be characterized by its individual features. For example, finishing materials for the kitchen are chosen practical and do not require complex care,but they cannot look beautiful in the living room. In this situation, you will need to apply a harmonious combination in texture and color.

As a rule, to decorate the ceiling, walls and flooring, they acquire materials of neutral colors, and in order to bring original notes and colors into the interior, they fill the room with light textiles and furniture. In addition, if the room is decorated with light shades, further selection of the palette is simplified.

Contrast upholstery, styling a colored apron or decorative elements will help to add bright colors to the interior.

The most fashionable option for country houses is the combined kitchen, decorated under the classics. This room is characterized by light and dark shades in the decoration, as well as decorations made of natural wood, glass and metal. If the owners prefer to design the style of country, then the space will need to fill with rustic motifs.

Wrought chandeliers, large oak furniture and animal skins are well suited for decoration.

As for the modern types of interior, they are the most popular.Thanks to modernist style, the modern kitchen is transformed into the central room of the house and is characterized by comfort and high functionality.

Zoning methods

The main task in the design of the combined kitchen is not only the exposure of a single style, but also the competent division of space into zones so that they are not lost on the general background and do not merge with each other. To do this, use different methods of zoning, which allow you to visually select a particular area in the room.

The most common types of division of space are:

  • Beams, gypsum columns, arches. They are used in homes with high rooms.
  • Sliding wardrobes, modular partitions and fabric screens allow you to isolate two zones at a time, for example, when you need to protect the living room from the noise and odors of food.
  • Multi-level ceilings. Traditionally, the kitchen is separated by lower structures with bright lighting, and the resting place is decorated with original compositions with regulating light sources.
  • Floor. The cooking area is decorated with stone or ceramic tiles, and the hall is decorated with soft carpets.
  • The bar counter is an excellent choice for small spaces.
  • Niche. It is installed in the wall or in the place of the old pantry, which "spoiled" the view of the location of the rooms. It is rational to fill this space with a U-shaped kitchen.

In addition to the above zoning methods, you can apply other original ideas. The most important thing is that the general style should not be lost in the room, and the dividing structures fit harmoniously into the interior.


A huge role in the design of the combined kitchen with a hall or dining room plays the right lighting. For the recreation area it should be dim, and the place of cooking on the contrary, requires a lot of light.

Therefore, in modern layouts, they try to fill the working area with artificial lighting as much as possible, and in the dining room they place luminaries with adjustable so that at any time you can create a calm and cozy atmosphere.

Much of the interior also depends on the location of the windows. Therefore, if there is a possibility, then the cooking place is set near the window. This will also help to solve the problem of air circulation. At the same time, the working area should be flush with the window.To do this, purchase tables of standard sizes, the height of which does not exceed 85 cm.

If the window opening is below the table, then you need to perform a restructuring, as the table top will interfere with the work of radiators.

A good option would also be the installation of multi-level suspended ceilings. A large chandelier can be installed in the center of the structure, and the edges of the decoration can be equipped with spotlights. In addition, the complete set of most kitchen sets includes lights, it will compensate for the lack of light.

Options for wooden houses

Often, suburban housing built of logs or timber. In a wooden house to arrange the interior is very simple, especially the finishing combined kitchen with a hall or dining room. In order to preserve the naturalness and beauty of wood in design, it is recommended to decorate all types of surfaces with natural materials. Chairs from the massif, a huge table from an oak, and also wickerwork from a rod of a vase and pots will become obligatory pieces of furniture in this room. For the interior is best to choose a classic style or country.

In such houses, the kitchen is most often combined with other rooms when the ground floor area is small and requires expansion of space.Therefore, when zoning a room, it is undesirable to use different types of partitions, since they will hide the beauty of the tree. The interior needs to be made open and free from unnecessary decorative elements.

Sometimes suburban housing performs the role of givingtherefore, it is erected small. To save cramped rooms from the lack of space can also be achieved by combining the kitchen with the hall. As a result, the room will become more spacious and comfortable. In this design, it is recommended to use furniture of circular forms and zoning with the help of a bar. To make the interior stylish and “warm”, the space needs to be filled with decorative objects with natural themes.

The process of phased alignment of the kitchen with the living room, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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