Modern living room design ideas: fashion trends

Each owner wants to see their home as harmonious, stylish and comfortable as possible. One of the most important rooms in a city apartment or private house is the living room. It often gathers the whole family and held friendly gatherings. Today we will talk about how to arrange this space in accordance with modern fashion trends.

Special features

The living room is present in absolutely any home. It can not be replaced by anything, as it is the most functional and practical. It often organizes not only a recreation area with a soft corner, but also a working space, a dining area, book racks with a rocking chair and other similar components.Of course, it all depends on the footage of the hall and its layout.

Fortunately, modern manufacturers produce a great variety of finishing materials and furniture, corresponding to a wide variety of styles. This suggests that you can pick up decent options for the interior, made in any way, whether it is a strict and elegant classic or a shocking avant-garde.

Fashion does not stand still and changes regularly, and this applies not only to clothing and accessories, but also to design solutions in the interior. Nowadays, the design of living rooms is significantly different from the images typical of the past centuries and even decades.

If you want to make a really fashionable and relevant ensemble, then you should rely on the latest fashion trends, and the result will not disappoint you.

Many designers call the living room the “hallmark” of the home, so its appearance should be perfect. Properly selected furniture and high-quality finishing materials collected in a harmonious ensemble will surely demonstrate the wonderful taste of the owners and impress the guests.

Create custom design

Modern fashion trends relating to design ideas, allow you to safely experiment with the interior of the living room.Particularly interesting are creative ensembles, in which there are several different shades on a light background.

For example, in combination with white walls, decorated with barely noticeable contrasting lines and relief textures, you can arrange the furniture of a heavenly and soft gray color, as well as bright accents of deep and dense tones (for example, a dark blue blanket). Dilute standard palettes with permissible glass parts (cabinets or small tables).

Recently it has become fashionable to combine several stylistic notes in one ensemble. For example, it may be wooden inserts on the walls, stylized antique, snow-white leather furniture with black inserts, angular coffee tables and tall metal floor lamps. So in one room you combine elements of rustic country style, progressive hi-tech and eco.

Accent walls are used in many modern living rooms (and not only). For example, it may be a single black ceiling among the white walls, on which a TV and a snow-white console stand will be installed.

The floor in such a room should be finished with a soft-brown laminate and furniture of neutral tones should be placed on it in order to dilute the contrast of the accent and the rest of the walls.Such interiors look stylish and progressive. As a rule, they are referred to modern directions.

Furniture and lighting, stylized as antique, remained fashionable and popular.

Such elements look great in modern living rooms, as they have a cozy atmosphere that conveys the spirit of the past years. For example, it can be an expensive stone fireplace with stucco details, metal high sconces with aged surfaces and woven soft sofas in ashy shades.

Interesting and unusual looking living rooms, in which there are natural and high-tech materials. It can be wooden panels on the walls and ceiling, as well as plastic or tile glossy inserts on the floors and fluffy white floor. Such an environment will become truly unique if you place a modular bright blue sofa with dark decorative pillows in it.

Many owners today choose an interesting design of living rooms in a modern style from Ikea. The furniture in such rooms, as a rule, is monochromatic and has rather simple forms. The whole entourage will be in the finish.

So, one of the walls can be decorated with decorative white brick, the second with black and white wallpaper, and the rest left white. Lay on the floor carpet with geometric contrasting pattern. Such design solutions look unusual and bright, but not suitable for everyone, as some people try to avoid sudden color changes.

In many modern living rooms, LED backlighting is allowed. It can be present under the furniture, in a multi-level ceiling or on decorative objects. As a rule, it is used in more progressive or futuristic interiors.

For classic or fancy ensembles, such parts are not recommended.

Of course, in the creation of individual design projects, first of all, it is necessary to build on the footage of the room and its stylistic direction. So, if the hall is small, then you should not have too large and massive furniture of dark tones in it, otherwise it will make the situation even closer. Also it is necessary to refuse finishing materials of gloomy tones. It is better to turn to lighter or pastel options.

Deciding on a style

Drawing up a harmonious and complete interior depends largely on the style of the living room. Modern consumers have the opportunity to arrange this room, as they just want. Let us consider in more detail what characteristics the ensembles have in one or another stylistic direction.


At present, fashionable classic living room interiors are classified as elite, as they most often contain finishing materials and furniture made of precious woods.

It is worth noting that in these rooms most often there are beautiful interior items, carved details and elegant lighting fixtures. Upholstered furniture and coffee tables in a classic interior most often have wavy lines of legs, armrests and backs. It is recommended that modern objects (both ordinary and “English”) bring objects with an expensive woven upholstery made of velvety fabrics.

From the use of chrome, glass and other more advanced or futuristic objects should be abandoned and set aside for modern interiors.

High tech

This style is chosen by many owners of houses and apartments.Designers call it "classics of modern youth." As a rule, in such interiors there are pieces of furniture and decor made of metal (unpainted, painted or chrome-plated), inexpensive plastic or glass.

Experts recommend making parts with futuristic, but uncomplicated forms into such ensembles. From the classic ornate and carved elements should be abandoned, as they are absolutely not suitable for such progressive stylistic currents.

Art Deco

Art Deco style is luxury. Modern living room in a similar vein should look rich and elegant. You can use in the design of a beautiful mirror panel, expensive crystal lamps, pompous marble in the decoration and a lot of silver details, characterized by a unique brilliance.

As a rule, a characteristic feature of art deco is color contrast, which makes the interior very bright and memorable. Especially often to such a stylistic design appeal in cases where the living room combined with the dining room. It is recommended to install large and luxurious sofas in such halls,made of expensive and high quality materials.


This style belongs to modern trends, and its name speaks for itself. In a modern minimalist living room should have a minimum amount of furniture and decorative items. Pompous and artsy elements should be avoided, as they will weight the ensemble.

Interior items in a minimalist room, as a rule, have simple and uncomplicated forms, devoid of non-standard inserts.

Making such a room, you should adhere to the basic and simple rule: the simpler the furniture and decoration are, the more harmonious will be the image of the hall.


Modern style is also referred to modern directions. Currently, many owners turn to it, since it does not look like anything and allows to emphasize the bright individuality of the interior.

Most often in such ensembles there is a low furniture, complemented by light upholstery. The lighting in the modernist hall is more like minimalistic elements. In some details of these interiors there can be beautiful wavy lines and interlacings (but without an excess), however there should be no stucco or “heavy” decorative objects.


A modern living room in ecostyle should be filled with finishing materials and furniture from high-quality natural materials. For example, it is permissible to decorate such an ensemble with textiles (curtains, decorative pillows, bedspreads on sofas) from environmentally friendly fabrics such as jute, calico or bike.

The main nuance that should be remembered in the design of the hall in eco style is its spaciousness. It is believed that in such a room should be enough free space. In addition, nothing should be sharply conspicuous and “dragging” too much attention to yourself.


Currently, this light and unobtrusive style of the interior is at the peak of popularity, as it is easy to hide from the crazy rhythm of life and constant stress. This is explained by the fact that Provencal furnishings are carried out in delicate pastel palettes, which have a calming and soothing effect on the household.

As a rule, in such halls beautiful and high-quality light-wood furniture with a pronounced structure is used. On the sofas and armchairs there can be pleasant woven upholstery with floral prints or charming covers with frill at the bottom.

The choice of colors

Modern living rooms can be made in absolutely any color palettes. Everything depends solely on the personal preferences of the owners and the size of the room.

However, it is worth paying special attention to the trend colors, which are especially popular and relevant in the design of the halls today:

  • White. The last couple of years, white paint are the most stylish and fashionable. However, some designers claim that such tones are too “sterile” and uncomfortable. To get rid of this unpleasant experience, experts recommend turning to bright accents in the interior.
  • The black. Black living rooms look incredibly solid and expensive, especially if they are supplemented with furniture with glossy surfaces and contrasting objects. However, it should be borne in mind that these colors can be accessed only if the living room has a large metric area.
  • Green. In 2017, the grassy-green hue was recognized as the most dynamic and stylish. It looks great in modern living rooms.
  • Blue. This color belongs to the new face of black and is a good alternative for those who are afraid of too bold color solutions.
  • Red. This color is the most fashionable in the design of modern interiors. However, it should be diluted with contrasting "soothing" tones (white, beige, cream).
  • Beige. In modern living rooms, this classic shade looks great. With it, you can create a very warm and cozy interior, which is unlikely to go out of fashion.
  • Brown. About the same effect has a trendy brown color. It belongs to the classics, so it can be safely used without fear for its rapid loss of relevance.
  • Violet. This shade has become fashionable recently. It is an excellent solution for active and cheerful people who prefer “live” and rich colors.
  • Yellow. This color can not be attributed to the traditional palette in the design of the living room, but with it you can break all the usual stereotypes associated with this room.
  • Gray. This color, like the classic palettes, has been in trend for quite some time. But it should be borne in mind that you can not overdo it, otherwise the ensemble will be too boring.

Modern design ideas

As mentioned abovein the compilation of a modern harmonious interior, you can use extraordinary color combinations, combinations of completely different materials and even bold and striking elements with contrasting patterns or prints. It all depends solely on the preferences of the owners and their sense of style. Let us consider in more detail what components play the leading role in modern fashionable interiors.

Decor items

The most common and indispensable decoration in a modern living room (and many other rooms) are curtains. These attributes play not only a decorative, but also a functional role. They protect the room from annoying sunlight and prying eyes from the street. As for the decorative purpose of the curtains, here it is worth noting that thanks to them you can easily complete the interior or even radically change its image.

For more elaborate and pompous ensembles, it is recommended to choose dense and sturdy canvases, demonstrating the richness and luxury of the situation. In more gentle and modest interiors it is recommended to hang light and airy options.

Do not do in a modern living room and without decorative pillows.These details can be selected for any style. So, for the high-tech style ensembles, original models with geometric prints or simple combinations of two or three plain surfaces (for example, black and white) are ideal.

In the selection of decor one of the most important roles is played by the style of the interior. For example, in classic environments crystal details look great. And this applies not only to lamps and lamps, but also statuettes or small figures that can be put on the table, attached pedestals and other stable surfaces.

If you are looking to create a luxurious and rich interior, then you should get unsurpassed marble panels. They look organically in many styles of modern halls, making them more respectable and aesthetic. Of course, installing them on all the walls in the room is not worth it. It is better to single out one overlap for them.


Lighting is very important in the interior of a modern living room, and it doesn’t matter in what style it is made.

Today, designers advise to refer to the following attractive devices that can provide sufficient and high-quality lighting of the space:

  • Spotlights. You can choose options with adjustable direction and brightness.
  • Track lights that will be the perfect complement to modern stylistic trends.
  • Suspended and ceiling chandeliers.
  • Elegant sconces.
  • High floor lamps made of wood, wrought or chromed metal.
  • Wall lamps.
  • Built-in appliances (in walls, ceiling, floor and even furniture).
  • Table lamps (for attached side tables and shelves in the hall).


As for textiles in the interior, the designers allow you to conduct various experiments with it. Some woven pieces are able to take on the role of bright accents of the ensemble.

For example, in a dull pale gray or snow-white room, rich and attractive cushions of purple, red, violet or sky-blue hues will find their place. They can be applied contrasting patterns and prints that do not spoil the image of the hall. If the upholstered furniture is not made in the color in which you would like, then it can be supplemented with special covers. Fortunately, in modern stores these practical things can be selected from any materials and with any color solutions.

Do not forget that the color and texture of curtains and tulle must match the style and color of the interior.

Designers recommend to select paintings that would differ from the wall decoration in the hall at least a couple of tones, otherwise the interior risks “merging” and becoming too “bland”. Contrast tandems can also be addressed, especially when it comes to modern living room style. If you want to use too colorful and flashy fabrics for curtains, then you should be careful with them and hang them in the premises of the appropriate style. In the classical ensemble such options are unlikely to look.

In modern living rooms, you can use floor carpets. It can be round, oval, square, rectangular and even rugs-paths. Also, many buyers today are buying luxurious canvases in the form of hides of wild animals. The choice of a suitable model depends on the style of the interior and its color orientation.

Beautiful examples

In a cozy atmosphere with an area of ​​17 square meters. m, you can put a light sofa and light chairs, as well as center the glossy black table between them. Install the cabinet, shelves and cabinets in white for these items, and hang up the TV.Finish the ensemble with chocolate curtains, pillows with contrasting patterns, fresh flowers and white floor carpet.

In a modern room with white walls and a ceiling, it will be interesting to look at a creme brulee laminate. Light one of the floors with light wood panels and hang a TV on them. Place in front of the technique of a gray low sofa and blue chairs. Finish the interior with blue pillows, similar floor carpet and pastel Roman curtains on the windows.

An interesting and expensive living room can be arranged in a wooden house. A milky puffy sofa, a white coffee table with a glass top, snow-white chairs with dark pillows, small pendants of soft brown wood and a large white fireplace with decorative black candles will look great against the background of white boards and light wooden floor. Complete this non-trivial and rich interior with gray curtains, a brown-gray carpet and a ceiling chandelier with black translucent shades.

Above it was mentioned the popularity of "live" purple. A sofa and armchair of a similar color will find their place in the living room, which is decorated with panels imitating a wooden structure.Lay on the floor two-way laminate, and leave the ceiling white or beige. Opposite the upholstered furniture it will be nice to look dark wooden table with a glass insert. Complete such an original ensemble of dark ceiling chandelier imitating forging and decorative pillows of chocolate, white and black and white.

Interesting tips on living room design can be viewed in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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