Features interior design living room in different styles

In the field of interior design, there are many different styles, each of which can be embodied in the design of the living room. All directions have characteristic features, and it is difficult to take into account all the nuances when creating the atmosphere in the hall. It is necessary to get acquainted in advance with the nuances in furnishing the living room and the main features of each style. Such awareness will help you not to make a mistake in choosing the right concept and successfully implement it.

Special features

The living room performs one of the key roles in any apartment. It is a “business card” at home, because it makes the main impression on guests. In order not to be mistaken in the furnishing and decoration of this part of the dwelling, You should be familiar with the basic requirements for the components of the living room:

  • The central part of the room usually includes the free space located near the fireplace or wall with a TV. On this site is usually located carpet, sometimes it is possible to place a coffee table. This place creates a favorable atmosphere and prevents the appearance of excessive clutter of furniture.
  • An important element is upholstered furniture. It adds comfort to the room and gives the room a warm, homely atmosphere. Be sure to have a sofa. It can be of any size and shape, depending on the style of the interior. Chairs will be successful additions to the sofa, but in some concepts it is permissible to do without them.
  • In most types of living rooms there is a headset or wall with different compartments. It is needed for the most functional way to store and place things. Sometimes it includes elements of decor, located in the form of lighting effects or accessories on the shelves.

The set does not have to be bulky, it can vary in various sizes, including miniature versions.

  • Whatever style you choose, it is not recommended to leave the walls in the living room empty. Part of the surface is recommended to fill with accessories and decorative elements that match the style. They will help the room not to lose the cozy atmosphere, additionally emphasize the chosen concept and add to the design of originality.
  • In the design of the hall is welcome combination of different types of lighting. It is not necessary to limit the lighting to just one chandelier. In addition to the overhead light, you can install cozy floor lamps, sconces or table lamps. With various types of fixtures your apartments will look much more interesting.
  • The compatibility of the furniture with the surfaces of the walls and the floor is important. The combination is usually based on the reception of contrast or proximity of shades. Contrast is used to emphasize the outlines of the interior and create rigor in the lines. The proximity of shades is applied in such directions that prefer smooth lines and pastel shades.
  • Like any room, the hall can not be deprived of accessories. They can be seen in the form of textile elements, figurines, vases, lively vegetation, lighting.All these details are sometimes key indications of a room’s belonging to a particular design concept.
  • Each living room must have a central element. Depending on the characteristics of the operation of the room it can be a fireplace or a TV. If you have both of these elements in the hall, it is not recommended to install them side by side so that they do not interrupt each other.

Carefully work out all the subtleties of the living room need both before and after the final definition with style. It can take a long time to work out all the nuances, but the result always justifies the efforts.

Style and design

There is a huge number of interior concepts, each of which has unique furnishings, shapes and colors. Before considering each direction from the standpoint of the choice of furniture and color, you should familiarize yourself with the types of living rooms for which styles can be adapted.


There are different layouts of the hall. It is the features of the structure of rooms that influence the choice of concept. There are the following types of rooms:

  • Isolated living room. This room is not connected with other parts of the house with the help of arches and partitions.It is an individual room for receiving guests and family vacations. For this type of hall is provided the greatest variety of design.

This type of room usually has either a medium or small size. They will look most comfortable in English, French, classic styles. Some modern concepts are also acceptable.

It is not recommended to apply concepts for small rooms that require a large amount of free space, such as the direction of a loft.

  • Living room with zonal distribution can combine in itself a zone of the dining room or office. In such rooms it will look great interior loft, chalet, country, Scandinavian and other modern styles.

The overall space best of all promotes zoning, and the open space helps to create a smooth and elegant transition between zones.

  • In some houses the living room is a whole banqueting hall. Dimensional rooms of this type can be drawn up in the concept of art deco. Sometimes they are even equipped with such elements as columns. Another suitable variation can be fusion, which allows for the combination of a eating area, a rest area and a bar.


An important part of each style is the furnishing features and the leading forms of the interior.

  • Chalet style Preferred is the presence of a fireplace, decorated with stonework. In upholstered furniture and decor dominated by rectangular shapes. Often the continuation of the hall are the areas where the dining tables are made of solid wood.
  • For the direction of baroque characteristic pomp. The furniture uses expensive natural materials with elaborate carvings and gold trim. Soft sofas with rich upholstery are complemented by a carved coffee table from the same series and luxurious curtains. Fireplace will be a good addition to the interior.
  • Mediterranean style drawing up living rooms in private houses, where usually there are several windows and an abundance of light. This concept is characterized by the tenderness of colors, elegance and simplicity of form, a lot of light and air. The furniture has smooth rectangular outlines without sharp corners or round shape. Textiles gently complements the atmosphere and creates additional comfort.
  • One of the leading styles of the modern group is high tech direction, which focuses on the clarity and conciseness of the forms, as well as minimal clutter.The style is based on compactness - upholstered furniture is presented in the form of a long, but low sofa, a small suite with open facades includes a separate area for placing a flat-panel TV. On the ceiling are usually placed spotlights around the perimeter.
  • To arrange a hall in american styleIt should be correctly combined with each other smooth and clear forms. While upholstered furniture and coffee tables can be based on smooth lines, curtains with soft drapes at the eaves will not be an extra piece. On the couch you can watch the abundance of small decorative pillows.
  • Scandinavian lounge It is a spacious bright room. In the center of the room is a carpet, complemented by an elegant coffee table made of glass or a round table covered with upholstery. The sofa is often angular, and the chair is deliberately different in its design - it can have an unusual shape of the backrest or even be woven. On the walls usually hang elegant paintings of rectangular shape, designed in the same style.
  • Interior hall Japanese style usually clear and concise.Sofas are always located near the walls or in the corners of the room. The rectangular wooden coffee table complements the low-key concept. Instead of large sets on the walls, you can see shelves or cabinets with an open facade.
  • Direction modern welcomes such details as low solid-colored sofas of impressive size and chairs from the same series. Upholstered furniture is not necessarily located near the wall, it may be in the middle of the room. The compact headset is usually made with closed facades, in the center of the design there is a niche for the TV.
  • Techno style implies the absence in the hall of such elements as headsets. The main focus is on a large flat-screen TV, near which there is often a low rectangular nightstand. In furniture and accessories can be traced lines and shapes. The room is not overloaded with decorative elements.
  • Arabic design suggests the presence of such elements in the living room, as an ottoman with velvet or silk upholstery. Above the construction is often a canopy. The decor is complemented by a coffee table with a carved tabletop or legs.Particular attention is paid to textiles - massive curtains and a carpet with an oriental ornament perfectly emphasize the concept.


Colors characteristic for different styles:

  • The preferred colors of the chalet style are natural wood, white, which can often be seen in furniture upholstery, dark red, gray, beige and other restrained shades.
  • For the Baroque concept, natural wood colors are preferred. In most cases, dominated by ivory, milk oak, beech. Sometimes noble brown tones are an alternative. Among textiles are often found fabrics of golden shades, emphasizing the luxury inherent in this direction.
  • Mediterranean style includes a combination of white and various shades of blue. Most often you can see in this type of interior textiles or ornament on upholstered furniture, embodied in turquoise or sea shades. Salad color is sometimes used as an accent, a beige shade can complement the whole combination.
  • In the high-tech direction, a contrast of colors is used, especially black and white. Sometimes three colors are combined with each other. The favorite shade in the concept is gray.In the room there can be no more than two bright accents embodied in textiles and decor.
  • American style has a restrained palette of colors. The main shade is beige, it is complemented by gray, brown, milky colors. As an accent, there may be yellow elements in textiles and accessories.
  • The main color of the Scandinavian living room is white. It is embodied in the walls. In furniture, the white coating is combined with light gray, dilutes this range of brown or beige tint. As an accent can be selected turquoise or lemon shade. The carpet is usually either plain or it has a striped or diamond pattern.
  • Japanese interior is usually designed in a contrasting range. The main part of the furniture has a dark brown shade. Upholstery and textiles are made in milky tones. For bright accents, choose orange, pink or red.
  • Shabby chic is an unusual style combining white and pink colors. Upholstered sofas covered with floral print. Monophonic pillows are made in soft pink tones. In the room there is an abundance of plants and accessories that dilute the interior with light green tones.

How to choose?

In order not to be mistaken in the choice of style, you need to consider the following criteria:

  • Materials They are environmentally friendly or with the addition of chemical elements, they also have different costs. For example, upholstery for design in oriental style will be much more expensive than for the rest.
  • The degree of occupancy of the room. If you like the abundance of furniture, then you will not do such directions as techno or minimalism.
  • Some areas require a lot of light in the room. If the room does not penetrate a lot of natural light, you should not make out a room in the Italian or Mediterranean style.
  • Color plays an important role. If you do not like too light mark surfaces, choose styles that allow color or dark shades.
  • Fans of clear lines will appreciate the strict styles without elaborate finishes, while romantic persons will like such styles as baroque, chebbi-chic, Provence.

Useful stuff

Do not forget about the intricacies of accessories, many of which are the main elements of the concept.

  • Arabic style can be supplemented with pendants, falling from the ceiling.
  • For a chalet, a hanging lamp can play a decorative roleif it is framed in the form of animal horns.
  • Include loft elements such as pipes and fire extinguishers in the décor and interior lighting. They reflect all the features of the attic style.
  • An electric fireplace will be a wonderful element of techno or high-tech styles.

Designer Tips

Interior designers recommend decorating the living room with the following nuances:

  • An important role is played by the size of the room, because it determines the admissibility of the use of certain concepts. Pay attention also to the height of the ceilings, because some types of interior imply the presence of a large pendant chandelier.
  • For classic styles it is not necessary to use expensive materials. You can focus on the decor, which will hide the use of cheaper raw materials for furniture.
  • Use technology to add originality to modern styles. For example, to diversify the high-tech style, you should provide the areas of the headset with backlight. It is preferable to choose a cold tone lighting.

Successful examples and options

Classics and modernity conquered many users with their unusual features.

Some managed to successfully implement popular concepts in the interior of their hall:

  • In eco-style, you can beat the dark color that is not typical for the concept, making it a niche in the wall.
  • Art deco design looks original in the hall, if we add section of the room with cotton curtains. With a successful incarnation, this style can be used both in female and male premises.
  • Country style looks most brightly if you build wooden slats on the ceiling.
  • For the interior of the vintage fit acid accents on the necessary details and elegant open bookshelves.
  • Nothing decorates the Empire style as refined stucco on the ceiling. An interesting relief can be created using overhead parts.
  • Relief on the walls can actually be embodied in the concept of Rococo. Within the embossed elements will look good small oval-shaped paintings.
  • A French-style living room will look complete if you choose straight curtains for the side of the window and combine them with tulle.
  • For the interior in the Russian style is better to choose wooden furniture of simple forms. The surface should not be coated with varnish and decorative elements.

No matter how you decide to decorate your living room, choose a style that will emphasize all the advantages of the room and will be a reflection of your individuality.

For more tips on decorating your living room, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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