What should be the living room in a modern house?

The term "living room" was first introduced by wise Buddhist monks. In order to provide shelter to unexpected guests and at the same time to protect their home, they decided to arrange a separate room. Guests in it were provided with the most necessary: ​​warmth, a place for lunch and rest. Over the centuries, this view of living rooms has undergone dramatic changes. Now this main room of the dwelling is designed to be the most functional, comfortable, stylish and modern.

Features and purpose of the room

The key stage in the arrangement of the living room is the choice of the tasks it performs. This is a place of rest, where the whole family gathers every day for heart-to-heart conversations by the fireplace or watching a home theater.Recreation area should fully contribute to relaxation. It is not enough to just hang a TV on the wall: you need to equip a comfortable place to watch your favorite TV shows.

Soft furniture set, cushions will help create the necessary atmosphere of comfort and coziness. To highlight a soft zone use carpets or tapestry butterflies.

In the living room, storage systems (wardrobes, dressers, shelves, sideboards) are often placed in which personal belongings, clothing, books and other accessories of the owners of the house are stored. The work area and home library located in the living room provide for maximum privacy and silence. They are traditionally located in the back of the room. To isolate the zone, use a roller blind or screen.

If guests often stay overnight, the living room can serve as a bedroom. The ideal option for such a solution is a sofa bed, which during the day serves as an element of rest, and at night turns into a bed-bed. The pull-out bed, which is hiding in the closet for a day, is no less relevant now. Furniture with transformation is an excellent solution to the interior of the living room.

The modern trend of interior design is the unification of living space. A living room combined with a dining room and a kitchen is a rather fashionable decision for today. To separate the soft zone from the dining area, furniture is used (for example, transparent light racks, a sofa turned upside down to the dining area). The bar counter can act as a zoning element.

If one of the households likes to play music, the hall can be an ideal place to organize a music salon. The concert venue can be decorated using the podium. The piano placed on it will look elegant and aristocratic. It is necessary to choose appropriate accessories for this situation.


For modern halls relevant any style directions. Consider a few.


Classic-style interior is preferred by people of mature age with exquisite taste. The direction is characterized by calm light colors, natural materials of decoration, high-quality furniture and semi-antique decor elements. For such a living room will be relevant columns of marble or plaster, stucco and any embossed decorations, wrought cornices, fireplace, gilding.

The interior picture of the classic room is complemented by large mirrors, expensive satin curtains, and elegant carpets on the floor.


The style of a mountain house in the Swiss Alps has recently become increasingly popular in Europe. This interior will appeal to people who adore the warmth of the home, simplicity and practicality. Business cards of this direction are protruding beams on the ceiling, rough stone in the finish, massive raw board on the floor.

The central figure of the living room is traditionally a fireplace, near which the entire interior of the house is focused. As decorative elements, you can use sheep skins or imitation fur instead of rugs, stuffed wild animals, weapons on the walls.

The living room in the spirit of the chalet would be appropriate in a country house of a bar or log.


Minimalism attracts with the amount of free space, the functionality of furniture and the complete lack of decor. The style is characterized by neutral colors, low furniture of strict forms and practical textiles. This interior allows you to take a break from the frantic pace of modern life in the noisy metropolitan areas.It differs frame and modular furniture with no frills with the possibility of transformation.


Industrial loft style is more often chosen by the younger generation and creative personalities. He skillfully combines current trends and elements of unfinished repairs. Characteristic features of the style are peeling plaster, brickwork or its imitation, open communication systems, open planning and the absence of partitions.

Furniture is installed at the corners of the room, not forgetting that the interior should resemble the lived-in industrial object.


Baroque aristocratic living rooms are designed to demonstrate the power and wealth of their owners. In the decoration of the rooms murals and thematic paintings, abundant moldings, wallpapers with the effect of silk-screen printing, patterns with monograms are welcomed. Luxurious ornate furniture should be richly decorated with curls, carving and inlay.

The pretentious setting suggests a touch of ivory in the decoration and decoration of surfaces in the form of gilding. The floor must be paved with marble tiles with semiprecious stones. High-quality textiles are represented by velvet, satin and brocade.Stylistics materials are expensive, emphasizing the solemnity and pomp of the interior.

Wall decoration materials

The modern building materials market offers a wide range of wall finishes. Of these, there are several.


Wallpapers - the most popular material. A rich assortment and affordable price range allow even the most pretentious buyer to choose the right option. Canvases can be very diverse, including simple single-layer paper-based.

For stylish living rooms you should choose better and more spectacular vinyl-based materials, expensive textile fabrics, exotic reed wallpapers.


This finishing material allows you to create the most unusual compositions on the walls. Its only drawback is the fact that it is suitable only for a perfectly flat surface.


Decorative plaster in any living room looks extravagant. Finishing can serve as a uniform drawing, plot illustration. By choosing a relief in the form of a picture for facing the wall, you can be surethat it will be unique (to repeat the pattern in this technique is almost unreal).

A rock

Natural or decorative stone is a reliable and durable finishing material. It allows you to implement the most unexpected design ideas. She can turn the living room into Ali Baba’s cave or give it the effect of the Middle Ages.

Lightweight, environmentally friendly material helps to hide the irregularities of the walls, it is able to visually change the size and shape of the room.

Ways to finish the ceiling and floor

When making the floor of the living room in the house the most successful options are:

  • Parquet - simple and durable solution. Natural wood always looks spectacular, creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Not everyone can afford this option, because parquet is an expensive material.
  • Laminate has an attractive appearance, high durability and relatively affordable price. The aesthetic surface skillfully imitates the valuable wood species, so the laminate is often confused with the floorboard. It does not incorporate solid wood, but this does not detract from its merits.
  • Tile not always typical for the living room, although this version of the material is convenient in installation, practical and unpretentious in the care. By itself, the flooring is quite cold to the touch, so when choosing it, it is worthwhile to consider the possibility of floor heating.
  • Carpet adds room comfort and homely warmth, it is nice to sit and lie down even in the cold season. The coating provides a high level of sound insulation, but it is difficult to attribute it to practical finishing options: it absorbs all the dirt and odors.

Decorate the ceiling space can be different material. Plasterboard constructions and stretch ceilings are most often in demand.


This material is quite flexible, it allows you to implement the most unexpected design ideas. Multi-level curved ceilings not only look spectacular, they:

  • open up opportunities for zoning;
  • help to visually change the space of the room;
  • skillfully conceal the defects of the ceiling base.

Drywall can be painted and veneered with other finishing materials.It is convenient to embed any lighting devices into such multi-tiered ceilings.

Tension structures

No less interesting suspended ceilings, the main advantage of which is the leveling effect. They form a perfectly flat surface, while spending a minimum of effort.

Depending on the light reflecting ability, the tension structures can be divided into three types:

  • Matte. They are considered a classic option, do not distract attention from the rest of the interior.
  • Glossy. A good opportunity to transform the room, fill it with light and visually expand the space.
  • Fabric Possess a fantastic appearance, thanks to the embossed surface and fabric structure, but expensive.

The variety of stretch ceilings allows you to make the repair of the living room in any style.

Color solutions

The color design of the living room is important. Like any room in the house, the hall should have a harmonious combination of colors used. This is the room where family members of different ages take a rest. Colors should be chosen carefully, so as not to annoy, but to promote rest.

A certain role in the choice of color plays and style decision room. Fashionable today minimalism does not accept the causing paints. It is better to give preference to simple and natural shades of the natural range. The best design options for the room will be beige, light gray, milky white, brown shades.

Bright colors are permissible only as accents, which can be curtains, upholstery, cushions.

If the interior is decorated in the traditional classic version, brown-gold, beige, turquoise, burgundy, bottle-green tones would be appropriate. They will favorably emphasize the luxury of natural furniture, stucco on the walls, high-quality textiles.

Vintage pastel colors are relevant for country country style, Chebbi-chic style and Provence French style, they will gracefully demonstrate the coziness of a country interior or a country house, set up a sincere mood. Light shades visually fill the space with warmth and light. Bright colors here will be inappropriate.


The living room of any home is designed to perform many tasks. Therefore, the lighting in it uses a combination that takes into account every available functional area.

Ceiling lighting is the main hall.The classic version for him is the installation of a chandelier, the choice of which is varied today. However, modern design systems of ceiling space do not always allow to use this version of the lamp.

Particularly sensitive in this regard, tension structures. But for them there is a solution: you can use spotlights or LED strip. General light is used for receiving guests, holding home parties and special occasions.

No less important for the living room is a local light. Small wall sconces, floor lamps, mosaic table lampshades make the room cozy and comfortable and help to place accents in the interior.

Local lighting is designed for quiet family evenings in front of the TV, for reading your favorite books or relaxing in a rocking chair.


The central figure of any living room is a fireplace or TV. Based on the placement of these items, you can arrange the room. The sofa should be comfortable, meeting aesthetic qualities and appropriate to the chosen interior style. The size of the product depends on the number of family members and guests who come regularly.Standard furniture consoles are designed for 3-4 people. Corner model or furniture set with a second sofa are relevant in the spacious living room of a private house.

Coffee table can be the most common, or multifunctional folding. The material of the product depends on the style direction of the room. The classic is suitable for a stable wooden product, a plastic model of an unusual color is relevant for the modern style, the glass table will look good in a modern style. If space is limited, it is worth buying an attached table.

Storage systems are wiser to choose based on the number of items and the design concept. In modern interiors are increasingly resorting to built-in wardrobes. They contain a lot of things and save space.

Armchairs and poufs should ideally be a single headset with a sofa, complementing it to the maximum. Chairs in the living room is better not to use.

Decor items

It is interesting to decorate the interior of the living room allows the decor. With it, you can add accents, add room comfort and warmth. If you can not install a real fireplace, you can do electrofireplace with imitation of live fire.Many samples of biofireplaces are similar to real wood products, they will perfectly decorate any interior.

The decor of any dwelling means the use of accessories, statues, dear to the heart of memorable gizmos, favorite photographs within, family heirlooms. For these priceless items, it is better to single out a separate corner. You can decorate the interior with paintings, placing them on the walls. Their subjects depend on the design concept of the room. It can be reproductions of paintings by prominent artists, modern abstract compositions.

Living plants create an atmosphere of comfort and unity with nature, they contribute to the purification of air.

Design under the area

The choice of design project living room depends on the size of the room. Architects call the most minimal area of ​​15 square meters. m, but more comfortable is the footage of 30 square meters. This space is important for the living room of a one-story house and a multi-storey building. Living rooms on the first floor are considered classics of the genre. Their special bonus is the possibility of access to the terrace and directly to the garden.

The arrangement of the living room in a two-story house has special requirements:

  • If the main room is located on the second floor, you need to harmoniously arrange the staircase that leads to the living room. It is more convenient for both guests and households to pass from the corridor directly into the hall.
  • You do not need to overload the room too much, the use of unnecessary pieces of furniture is inappropriate.
  • Convenience in the house is more reasonable to design on the same floor where the drawing room is located.
  • When planning you need to consider all the buildings in the house.

In houses with two floors and more aristocratic two-level rooms will look. In this case, the question of space zoning does not arise. On the ground floor there can comfortably accommodate a recreation area (sofa set, fireplace, home cinema). The second floor will be occupied by the study, home library, winter garden or mini-greenhouse.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Modern living room allows a combination of several styles. In the room with access to the terrace, the loft style is expressed by a brick wall trim. A drawing of a European street of the 19th century, resembling illustrations of novels by Victor Hugo, makes its way through a rough stone. Panorama successfully conveys the style of industrialists and manufacturers.

The bright sofa of the original form fits into the spirit of modern technology and fashionable hi-tech style. An unusual mobile design on a metal base resembles the interior liner of a space liner rather than the usual sofa in our understanding. Laconic strict floor lamps on chrome legs complete the picture. Unexpected, concise and complete project.

Ideas for living in your home, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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