Living room in modern style: the secrets of design

The phrase "modern style" is very popular and in demand today. But it is very important to understand what is behind it, and how to decorate the same living room, for example, so that it fits the principles of this approach. And with this are related requirements for the design of rooms of various sizes, and the choice of materials, and to the prevailing colors. Experienced designers offer a lot of interesting options and give their recommendations on this matter.

Style features

The modern style is attractive by the fact that it is ideal for the realization of bold designs, but limits the designer to avant-garde delights and dubious decisions. Every year, some moments change and this must be taken into account. So, in the late the peak of fashion, there were rooms with a large space where an optimum level of comfort is maintained. Among the keys in the first place are calm colors.

Typical design accessories are:

  • pillow;
  • ceramic vase;
  • flower pot;
  • wall shelf.

The abundance of light and receiving it with the help of unusual-looking lamps is another characteristic feature of any modern living room.

Room rules for the reception

To begin repair work is required from the selection of wallpaper. Ceilings are often made stretch, which should be as light as possible and very well lit. For the hall in the apartment, decorated in a modern style, you need to create the most accurate and concise design. It is for this reason that rectangles, angular surfaces and perfectly even circles are almost always used. As for furniture, the table and sofa should also be straightforward, but this fact does not require abandoning the convenience and practicality considerations.

Whatever style the designer and owners of the house (apartment) like, they should follow the general requirements when designing the guest space.After all, this room is invariably put up for public viewing, and according to the impression of it, the owners and tenants themselves are appreciated. It is required to combine harmony and dynamics, although these motifs seem contradictory, there is no other choice anyway.

Be sure to highlight and emphasize the visual center of the composition in the room. It is from him start counting when placing other furniture, even small decorative items. It is the central semantic node that sets the whole mood, and the subsequent decor only unfolds the proposed design concept, but does not break it.

No need to fear that the free setting of furniture will violate any canons of design. On the contrary, pressing the furniture tightly to the walls, people go against fashion trends. And they themselves are deprived of the opportunity to flexibly distribute zones in the room, functions between its parts, and make the territory of the house visually wider. Also, designers have recently clearly expressed their preference for eclectic compositions, when furniture and decor of different tones, dissimilar geometry, and so on are randomly mixed.

Modern living rooms are increasingly subject to semantic mobility. In a matter of minutes, they turn into a territory for friendly feasts or for a solid banquet, and soon they can become a platform for children's games in the house. This result is achieved simply: it is enough to buy furniture that moves easily, freeing up additional space if necessary. But even when the space is fully used, it should not be cluttered, all the decorative elements and stylistic accents only complement the main part of the room. By following these simple rules, you can get the most out of the modern style, like any other, however.

Ideas for different areas

The living room is not always large enough so that you can embody a variety of ideas in it, without limiting yourself with anything except the relevance of one or another solution. But even at 12 square meters. m, you can create an impressive interior, and for this it is not necessary to invite world-class designers, study a lot of literature or spend money on exotic interior materials.

There are some simple techniques that will allow you to achieve the desired result easily and quickly.

  • The room is 14 square meters.m will be appropriate shades of purple, making the room refined and sophisticated. Gray and white colors, in some places diluted with bright details, will look very powerful and aesthetically pleasing.
  • On an area of ​​15, 16 square meters, it is quite possible to organize a space for watching television, and even allocate a plot that is separate from the rest of the living room for this purpose.
  • To visually expand a small corner or not to narrow the room into 18 square meters. m, it is necessary to use light colors or extraordinary design of the main wall.

If the living room area is 35 square meters. m, you can safely allocate two or even three design centers, and not one as in a smaller space. A skilled designer easily implements a complete and expressive design in each of these parts. The main thing is that all decorative elements and concepts should correspond to each other, should not create the impression of bad taste and lack of organization of the room.

Fashion trends decor

Fashion in the field of interior design changes a little less than the seasons. But there are several approaches that have more or less settled lately and allow you to create a truly attractive composition.In 2018, a popular solution is the merging of different rooms among themselves, especially in small apartments. As a result, beautiful living rooms appear, occupying considerable space.

Another fashionable idea is the combination of ecological purity and external laconicism of decorative objects. Such requirements are imposed on accessories, and furniture, and finishing materials.

The main fashion colors are now light., and among the motives of the drawings in the first place are natural scenes. Bright inclusions are recognized only in one sense - as a way to attract attention to something. The modern style of living rooms may well be diluted by the inclusion of other stylistic trends. At the peak of popularity - the use of a variety of shelves, rolling out drawers and racking designs. They allow you to bring the room closer to the canons of minimalism and at the same time increase the efficiency of its use.

People who follow interior fashion now prefer tempered glass coffee tables. It is much more popular to allocate space with the use of furniture than to use plasterboard partitions; they gradually move to the category of outdated solutions.

As for visual zoning, then it can be applied to:

  • wallpaper;
  • elegant plaster;
  • paints and varnishes;
  • compositions of lamps (as well as individual central chandeliers and floor lamps).

Traditionally provides for the use of the central elements of the interior design of the room. As an accent detail of the hall, tables often set in the middle of a room, upholstered furniture or an elegant fireplace are often used. The main decoration accent should not go against the rest of the room, otherwise it will not be possible to create a harmonious, attractive design. Among the colors, one should give preference to the classic basic ones, which are best combined with original accent tonalities.

Color solutions

The color of the hall in a house or apartment deserves separate consideration. In small living rooms, light tones should be used first to compensate for the lack of real space. A very fashionable solution is the use of orange and cherry paints. If the wallpaper is stuck on the walls, it is better to choose the green color.

In addition to general recommendations, you need to pay attention to the specifics of each particular room:

  • her style;
  • value;
  • used or intended furniture;
  • the level of illumination and its distribution in space.

Whatever efforts are made by designers, whatever new materials and designs appear, black and white paints remain the undisputed leaders. No wonder, it is these tones that are most neutral, have many meanings and variations. However, a pure white living room looks like a hospital room or laboratory; correctly used bright paint, which is applied to one of the surfaces or a large object of a bright color, will help to revive it.

The black tonality is underestimated by many people, perceived as something frightening and connected logically with unpleasant events and incidents. But if you do everything right and avoid excessive concentration of dark colors, you can achieve a very impressive result with minimal losses.

Soft colors (peach, yellow-cream, beige-brown tones) have their advantages, they create a calm and balanced atmosphere, allow you to relax mentally and physically.People coming to the house feel harmony, balance of space from the very first steps. It is not recommended to use any one color, including purple; This decision will be outwardly boring and inexpressive compared to others.

The beige tone goes well with:

  • chocolate;
  • red;
  • yellow;
  • blue (blue);
  • green paint.

In combination with gray, white, mint and various shades of blue manifest themselves well, this approach allows you to form an attractive picture and make the atmosphere fresh. For additional decoration of gray living rooms, experts advise the use of more saturated colors, using dotted color spots. A visual overload of the room with unnecessary meanings and symbols is undesirable, unless this is the chosen concept of design.

Among the warm shades should pay attention to the brown, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere, overwhelming stressful conditions. Yellow color should not be introduced excessively, because then, instead of optimistic mood, there is unjustified emotional arousal.

Orange is even more energetic than yellow and is recommended to those who are too calm, but would like to receive a charge of cheerfulness and energy. It is inadvisable to use such a color more than for several elements of the decor, it will be too colorful and intrusive. Red tones generally require caution, it is advisable to use only muted varieties of this color. Be sure to take into account the complexity of its stylistic interpretation and the inconsistency of many combinations with other keys.

Of the cold colors, almost everywhere, green is well suited, and the variety of shades makes it possible to create a comfortable atmosphere in any place. It is better to emphasize the naturalness of the step taken by designers by introducing white, brown and beige diluting elements. You can talk about colors and their combinations for a long time, but it's time to touch on an equally important problem - how to trim the living room and what can be used to decorate it.


To cover the walls in modern living rooms are widely used liquid wallpaper, among their usual varieties came to the fore vinyl and wallpaper.Stonework is quite popular, but experts recommend using it only on a strictly defined wall, and not in the whole room. Floor coverings are most often represented by parquet and planks, in the light room a mostly dark floor is taken to play on the contrast.

Using modern moldings, you can ennoble the space without resorting to expensive and time-consuming in the performance of traditional stucco.

Convex parts have several basic tasks at once:

  • decoration;
  • architectural (creation of original configurations);
  • replacement of the usual plinth;
  • replacement of a simple patch element in the doorway;
  • the role of window casing.

In urban apartments, moldings made of polyurethane and polystyrene are most often used; products based on other types of plastic are rarely used. Lovers of natural materials should opt for gypsum elements, especially since they always look exclusive and original. With the help of moldings decorate even the furniture, and those who want to conduct an extraordinary experiment, can use wooden or marble structures.

Avoid common mistakes, especially to those who previously had no experience with such products. In the living room with low ceilings, it is better to abandon the wide slats at the very top, the more differing in color from the main decoration. For miniature rooms and decorative items should be selected not too large.

In general, the optimum proportion should be maintained between the size of the molding and the room. Which one depends on the subtleties of perception in a particular place. For at least 24 hours prior to installation, it is necessary to store the moldings in the room that will get rid of them, then there will be no temperature distortions.


The design in the living room of modern style depends not only on the decoration of the walls, but also on what furniture is used. The severity of contours and forms is a mandatory requirement today, but the owners of houses should decide the question of symmetry or its absence. In modern furniture, furniture is either not used at all, or is used very limitedly, preference is given to highly technological options.

Practical considerations dominate the decorative, excessive saturation of the decorating elements is perceived rather negatively.But the originality of each individual accessory is only welcome, since it must compensate for the weakness of other design elements.

Room furnishing should be flexible enough, home furnishings adapt to a specific environment and must form with it a single, inseparable whole. Contrary to popular belief, it is impossible to create a minimalistic interior by simply removing certain elements. A rational and modern approach requires the use of new items, and neutral colors and modular furniture are best suited for this. All sorts of ruffles and decorative folds on soft objects are categorically unacceptable, they are supposed to be strict and outwardly smooth.

Furniture color should be in one color, maximum two at a time, the same requirement applies to textures. Lovers of experiments are much better off looking for original combinations of materials, combining metal with eco-leather, plastic, and so on.

Combination of styles

No matter how attractive and expressive the classics itself is, those who are not completely satisfied still remain.Then it remains only to work on a combination of classical and other motives. There are clear rules here: for example, bright pink tones are harmoniously perceived alongside exactly the same or neutral ones. The combination of blue and red will be a win-win option.

Modern style can be combined even with its formal antipode. - a classic, an optimal approach in this case is the addition of traditional in spirit items of furniture with carefully selected textiles. In combination with the loft, emphasis is placed on the cold color gamut, which can be the main filling of the interior. But all this is very subtle and complex combinations that are best left to professional designers. No matter how well the ordinary owner of the house knows his dwelling and does not represent the desired result, experts select the best way to achieve this result.

Designer Tips

According to professionals, the ceiling is best done in one of three types:

  • one-color hinged;
  • on the basis of wooden beams;
  • using suspended luminaires.

For the design of living rooms and giving them an expressive accent is recommended to use paintings. In newly built houses and apartments, the modernist style with the use of furniture of unusual forms and colors, wallpapers with rather large patterns turns out to be more popular than many other options. To create a feeling of luxury and not to overfill the room, you can apply these colors: beige, gray, sand and chocolate tonality. Enhance the sense of elegance of space helps the use of a single selection of colors for furniture and decorative objects.

Many designers believe that you need to use a combination of corner sofas, cabinet furniture with drawers and poufs. From lamps it is best to take built-in models or an unusual type of chandelier. Modern style living room also implies the active use of the backlight.

Living rooms with columns are different in that they allow you to create the feeling of being in an old palace or in the atmosphere of an ancient Greek house or temple. Similar elements can be used only with a sufficiently large area. Pair columns give an interior completeness, and single allow to set certain spirit to the room. Living rooms with a working area often have no columns, because these two options are very different from each other.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Making a stylish living room is not very difficult.The brilliant mirror wall, which only in one place is diluted by an opaque white square for anchoring the TV - is an excellent decorating technique. The staircase with white steps and the same color of the floor add to its charm. It is interrupted only once by a square of light blue color.

One-room apartment should use the most light tulle for windows, and place on the ceiling a directional lighting device. As can be seen in this photo, the underlined unevenness of the relief of the ceiling only improved his perception, made the situation much more interesting.

Comfortable living rooms with storage systems are easiest to demonstrate with this example: white, flat surfaces, the placement of shelves is clear along the tiers (and even the space around the window is used). A completely logical stylistic decision is the grouping of the whole composition on one of the walls relative to the TV.

Another type of room arrangement, inspired by the same task, is dark and exquisite, and elite wood is used in the interior. The walls and floor are lighter than the furniture elements, several fixtures are used for local lighting.Carpet on the floor, entering under the storage system, but contrary to its color, creates an interesting contrast effect.

Studio living room may well contain fancy shaped ceiling lamps., and a chain of wall paintings located at the same height, and a storage system divided into compartments (simultaneously serving as a stand for several decorative objects).

You can decorate a living room with one window in a variety of ways. One of them is the “bright spot”, which on a sunny day is literally flooded with streams of light. Slightly descending elegant curtains break the clarity of a square divided by a transverse strip and bring it visually closer to the form of a “book”.

      And here they decided to use two types of curtains at once. In light hours - a translucent curtain, at nightfall - heavy, even in appearance, light yellow matter. The beauty of the window is set off by plants and stained glass windows symmetrically set around it, inserted into the screens at some distance.

      On the features of interior design in a modern style, see below.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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