The design of the living room in the style of "high-tech"

 Living room design in high-tech style

Knitted tablecloths and embroidered napkins are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and today the rhythms of the big city dictate their rules. Most residents of megacities exist in a dynamic rhythm, so when they come home, they prefer to see in their interior, above all, practicality and functionality. That such characteristics has a high-tech style.

Features and characteristics

This style is characterized by the absence of unnecessary details. All interior items have their own clear purpose. For zoning the living room space, decorative glass partitions are used.Sometimes glass parts are decorated with metal elements.

The interior is hi-tech dominated by regular geometric shapes. This is the realm of glass and metal, so that this interior seems somewhat unreal, even cosmic.

For the manufacture of furniture is often used plastic, glass or metal. At the same time, the furniture itself is up-to-date, maybe even from the collections of fashion designers. The same applies to technology. It may be appropriate to a large plasma panel of the latest model, home theater with excellent acoustics, as well as all sorts of gadgets.

The peculiarity of this style is that it is equally relevant in a large townhouse and in a small studio apartment.

Despite its modest size, such an apartment should be crammed with all sorts of fashionable technical innovations.

Since the kitchen area in such apartments is combined into a single space from the living room, it should be equipped with the latest technology: a “smart” self-defrosting refrigerator, induction hob, oven with self-cleaning function, etc. It is advisable to remove all kitchen utensils from your eyes and keep in mind only the little that is really necessary in daily use.

We select the room design

Since minimalism is characteristic of a high-tech stylish interior, the decoration for the hall should be simple. To slightly diversify the design, you can decorate the room with some kind of reproduction of a modern artist in the style of abstract art. No images of flora and fauna, only clear lines and correct geometry.

Walls and floor

The living room in the high-tech style can be decorated, for example, with decorative panels with imitation of natural stone or brick. If you prefer wallpaper for walls, it is better if they are monochromatic - gray or white. You can glue wallpaper for painting and paint the walls in two colors, not more. At the same time it is also necessary to withstand a monotonous gamut - no drawings and prints. Mirror panels will be suitable as decoration for the walls.

If the wallpaper seems to be too complicated element of the decor, you can just paint the walls with paint. Glossy paint looks very impressive, however, in this case the walls must be leveled. They should be perfectly smooth, without irregularities - the gloss will ruthlessly highlight the slightest flaws.

As for the floor, the high-tech style does not provide for any long nap cover.Ideally, if there is no carpet at all. If the living room has no boundaries with the hallway or is connected to the kitchen, you can zone the space by combining ceramic tiles with other materials, such as laminate or linoleum. Ideally, both types of flooring will have the same pattern, but it is better to do without it at all.

Modern industry offers a wide variety of materials for the floor:

  • Porcelain stoneware looks like a ceramic tile, however, more durable, and, therefore, more durable. This type of decoration is more suitable for the living room of a private mansion than for a city apartment.
  • Recently, the fashion trend has become Self-leveling floors. The undeniable advantage of such a coating is that it does not leave joints. The surface is perfectly smooth and even. Designs of a bulk floor there is a huge set. For a living room in a minimalist style, it is better to select monochromatic colors.

If you want a creative design, you can make the floor dark or black as opposed to light walls. And to slightly soften the coldness of the finish, you can throw a small short-haired carpet with a dim geometric pattern on the floor near the chair or sofa.

  • If the above types of flooring seem to you too expensive, then you can put on the floor discreet linoleum. It is also suitable for the style being described.


Since the high-tech style involves the use of modern "frills", it would be reasonable to make a stretch ceiling in the living room. It looks very impressive glossy multi-level coating with built-in backlight. When reflected in a glossy surface, the light becomes twice as large.

Also a good mix of various plasterboard constructions with a stretch ceiling in high-tech. Another good design option in the living room minimalist ceiling - just paint it in a solid color and add metal bars.

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Needless to say, properly selected lighting can completely change the perception of the interior of a room. The light in the living room is especially important - this is the main room, in it we gather with the whole family, and in it we receive guests. Therefore, it should be the pride of the owners. Her vocation is to surprise and amaze.

Light can be present not only as a chandelier, but also as a backlight of furniture and various interior items.

The presence of one central chandelier is not typical for a living room in high-tech style.Lamps with a shiny chrome surface are appropriate here. This may be a point or hidden lights (built into some kind of light bulb surface), and there may be heaped hinged structures with a dimmer or with a control panel. Spot lights can be present everywhere: inside the cabinets, around the perimeter of the mirrors, in the worktop, and even around the perimeter of the floor.

High-tech lights can also be floor mounted. At the same time they are made not only from metal, but also from plastic. Not uncommon among them are glassware. At the same time they can take various forms: a sphere or a cone, a cube or a trapezium. In this case, there is also a place for the beautiful, and some specimens can be decorated with rhinestones and crystals. However, this pleasure is not cheap.

If you still prefer a single central lighting, you can choose a lighting device on the tires or on the strings.

With the help of lighting you can zone a room. Above the sofa area, you can hang chrome-plated sconces on a metal beam, which can be given in any direction. And the plasma can be effectively illuminated from behind, so that the light comes from inside, scattering in all directions.


In order for your living room to conform to a given design direction, it is necessary that the furniture also be combined with the overall decor. For this, it is necessary that its parts be made of the same material as everything else. In the room, made out in the style of high-tech, you can put a coffee table on wheels with a glass top. If the living room is also a dining room, it is possible to install a bar counter, and to buy chairs for it on a stand made of open metal.

Plastic swivel chairs, modular sofas, and various built-in structures will also be appropriate. A rack with a plastic case and glass shelves is suitable for storage. For a small living room, the setting of transformer furniture will be especially appropriate. The bar counter is removed and transformed into a kitchen bedside table, the bed is folded and transformed into a sofa for friendly gatherings, and it is convenient to hide the vacuum cleaner in the pouf on wheels.

If the living room assumes the presence of a wardrobe, then it would be nice if this is a full-wall wardrobe. At the same time, it is desirable that he should be one with the wall and, if possible, merge with it.


Since all the space in the high-tech style should be sustained in soft colors, you can slightly dilute the interior by adding some bright accents. For example, you can add a sofa or chairs with red upholstery to the black and white walls. Gray wallpapers harmonize well with lilac and purple. However, it is necessary to follow the unchanged rule - all colors should be of cool shades and, if possible, uniform.

Since the high-tech interior does not imply the presence of natural materials, then artificial leather can be safely used as an upholstery.

Making curtains on the eaves can be varied with decorative details - smooth pickups in the form of rings made of white or yellow metal. Ideally, they will repeat the color and design of the cornice itself, on which they hang.

Curtains should be simple and concise - no folds, draperies and ruches. Ideal for roller blinds or blinds. Their care is minimal, and dust accumulates much less than on tulle. Even better, buy an automatic mechanism that can be used to raise and lower the curtains remotely.It is quite in the spirit of techno, which runs the red thread in the design described.

For windows, it is better to choose rigid fabrics with various impregnations - with a light-reflecting effect, dirt-and water-repellent, dust-proof. Such properties are usually synthetic material. However, you can use fabrics with mixed fibers, but such that they have a dense heavy texture such as satin, flax and satin.

Modern technologies allow to add artificial fibers to natural fibers, thus obtaining a new generation of fabrics with enhanced performance properties. Such curtains keep their shape well, they are perfectly washed and almost not rumpled.

Beautiful examples and news

Despite the apparent external simplicity and the absence of everything superfluous, the high-tech style is rather complicated for the design of a dwelling, because housing should be, above all, comfortable, and in this interior a taboo has been imposed on all these cute things that give the room a warm atmosphere and home comfort.

However, here you can experiment with the decor and slightly dilute the asceticism of the high-tech interior:

  • The basic colors of this style are considered to be white, gray, black, brown and beige. However, from every rule there are exceptions and here you can give free rein to fantasy. For example, you can zone the living room space using the ceiling. At the same time, it can be not only multi-level, but also multi-color. For example, the main range of the room is white, and above the sofa you can make an olive or silver plot.
  • The same technique works for sex. If the living room is at the same time a bedroom, then the bed itself can be put on the podium, along the perimeter of which the LED lighting should be used. To soften the coldness of the design, you can divide the room into zones with the help of a cotton curtain. This is not entirely consistent with the classic understanding of hi-tech, but some liberties may be allowed in a residential area.
  • Monogamy of the walls can be varied posters in the spirit of surrealism or photographs in black and white. However, they must be decorated in a metal frame or be without them at all. Photowall-paper on a megapolis theme is allowed, as well as any avant-garde style images.
  • It is in harmony with metallic deep blue, and he, as you know, calms and pacifies. If you add soft blue lighting to the interior, then the living room will immediately cease to be faceless and thus be filled with the warmth and comfort that is necessary for everyone. In addition to such lighting, you can think of chairs with blue plastic seats, a sofa and armchairs with blue upholstery, or blinds on the windows.
  • Living plants are also able to add to the discreet interior additional comfort. However, in the case of hi-tech, they should in no case be curling or blooming such as roses or violets. Here, as in the interior, it is important to observe restraint. Decorate the living room floor pot with a palm tree, near the computer, put a cactus, and the window will feel great monstera or ficus.

Summarizing all the above, we can conclude that any interior can be made cozy by creatively approaching the issue.

How to create a high-tech style in the interior, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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