Hall with fireplace: interior design ideas

The interior of the room with a fireplace has been very popular for many years. At first, the fireplaces were too large, they took up a lot of space and were used exclusively for heating the room. Now more and more they are used as a decoration. Modern designs can be of different types: furnace, electric, gas and falshkaminy.


Fireplaces are different in performance.

  • Inline. The advantages of such models can be attributed to significant savings in space, but their installation will take a lot of time and financial costs.
  • The walls. Installed directly near the wall. Such models look very interesting and stylish. They are mainly used for large areas, because they occupy a lot of space.
  • Island Used to divide rooms into zones. Placed in the center of the room, can be mounted to the ceiling without touching the floor, or installed on the floor.
  • Corner. Installed in the corner of the room. Do not require a lot of space, easy to install and operate. Great for small rooms.

    The type of fireplace is chosen based on the size of the room itself. Dimensional wall option is inappropriate in a small room. In this case, it is better to opt for a corner or built-in model. In addition, the design of the fireplace must be in harmony with the interior of the room.

    Most often in apartments establish an electrofireplace because of the complexity of the device furnace, where you want to hold the chimney. Installing such a model will not cause much difficulty, even if you are doing the repair yourself.

    In addition, the device does not need a lot of space, it can even be placed in a room of 18 square meters. m

    Fireplaces powered by electricity have their advantages:

    • can be turned on and off at any time;
    • fast heating of the room;
    • no burning products;
    • high level of security.

    Minus only in its price.Electrofireplaces are more expensive than wood structures. Electric models are presented in a wide range of sizes, designs, functions, etc. This model can be easily matched to any interior. Some products even mimic the crackling of burning logs and the reflections of the flame.

    Furnace fireplaces include all features and characteristics of electric models. The only difference is the use of wood, coal and similar materials for heating, which requires additional attention to the safety of the use of the hearth. In addition, it is necessary to provide in advance a place for storing firewood or coal. Such species are most often used in private buildings, they are even included in bath projects.

    Falshkamina is becoming increasingly popular today. It is safe and, at the same time, allows you to create a warm, cozy atmosphere in the room. The rich model range makes it easy to get the right fit for your interior.

    Falshkaminy today produce very many brands, but one of the most popular and sought after manufacturers is Alex Bauman.

    Gas fireplaces allow you to enjoy the live fire, while excluding the bustle with firewood and arranging for them the necessary space. But unfortunately, not all the premises had a gas pipeline, but somewhere it was completely absent. Using the same gas cylinder is not the best solution for the interior of a residential house.

    Most often, fireplaces do not need additional decoration, however, if desired, they can be decorated with the help of modern types of wallpaper and other finishing materials.


    Modern fireplaces can be made in several stylistic directions.


    This trend includes three types at once: Baroque, Classicism and Empire. These styles have a lot in common in terms of form, type, parameters. Most often, a stone is used to create classic models.

    • Baroque (in translation - "artsy"). In the products created in this style, there is an abundance of decor. This can be seen in the finishing materials, and in unusual forms. Of the materials dominated by marble and bronze with gold.
    • Classicism. Unlike baroque, it has a discreet décor. For the decoration is often used bas-reliefs depicting Greek gods. To create models, only natural stones are used, for example, marble, which harmonizes well with the frame of cast iron and wood.
    • Empire (in translation - "empire").Columns, scenes from battles, bas-reliefs of weapons and laurel wreaths are used for decoration. The images often found Egyptian symbolism. The material used is black marble.

    Country music

    The style is original for its simplicity and closeness to nature. The decor is most often made of brick. The fireplace portal is made in the shape of a house. Drovyanik is traditionally located at the bottom of the product.


    This direction has absorbed almost all the styles used to create fireplaces. The firebox in most cases has the correct form. Material: glass, plastic, less metal. Convenient and simple design combined with elegance and refinement of design.

    High tech

      Free style with high technology. Glass, steel or plastic are basic materials for manufacturing. In the design of the most commonly used dark colors.

        Some elements of chimney products are made in the style of Kasli casting. It can be decorative elements, as well as items used to work with the hearth, such as a poker, a scoop, and similar accessories.

        Use in the interior

        When choosing a suitable model, you should not forget about the combination of the fireplace with the rest of the furniture in the room. It is best to place a couple of chairs on either side of the fire or at some distance. Between them, you can put a small coffee table, preferably suitable for the style and color to the fireplace. You can put a sofa from the set, coming with chairs.

        Harmoniously combined with the fireplace should not only furnishings, but also accessories, and decorative accessories. These can be paintings on the wall, photos in a frame, suitable for the style of the interior textiles, etc.

        Fireplace shelves can be designed according to the direction in which the main product is sustained:

        • In the classic version, the shelves of the fireplace are decorated with candlesticks, flowers in ceramic vessels.
        • In the Baroque style look great antique watches and photos in beautiful frames.
        • Unusual jugs, decorative chests and photographs are suitable for country style.

        Complement the design of the fireplace decorative fixtures used for furnaces.

        Fireplace as an object of design does not harmonize well with the TV. And even harmful due to the return of heat (meaning flue and some electrical models) for electronic equipment, especially if the room is small.Even if the TV is mounted on a chimney surface, the hearth will distract attention from watching television. If to place it opposite to the center, then fire will shine on the screen.

        It turns out that the best solution would be to install television equipment on the side wall of the room. As a result, the furniture must be arranged so that it is convenient to watch TV.

        You can place a television set in the right or left corner of the fireplace.

        Useful tips

        Before installing the fireplace device, it is necessary to weigh all the nuances:

        • If the fireplace is wood-burning, then, considering its severity, it is necessary to give reinforcement to its base, and also to provide its protection against high temperature. As materials for the manufacture of better use of bricks and asbestos.
        • If a wooden floor is arranged next to the hearth, the room will become much warmer. To enhance the effect, you can use a fluffy carpet.
        • Fireplaces are installed on the outer wall of the room only if there are no other options, since in such an arrangement the heat will be given to the street.
        • All furnishings should be placed at least half a meter from the fire in order to avoid fire.
        • Before choosing a fireplace you need to decide on the material from which it will be made. Brick fireplaces - the best option, as it is combined with any design directions. The same properties have chimney products and from various types of stone. But the brick is more accessible, and the laying from it turns out easier and more accurate. The color range and size of the stone can be very diverse. It looks interesting to the design option of stones of different sizes and colors according to the type of mosaic.

        Fireplace - a great option for interior decoration in different styles. Depending on the shape, design, material of manufacture, you can choose the best option for any wallet. Fireplace walls allow the use of various decor options to decorate the product. Regardless of the model, the fireplace allows you to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere in any room.

        How to make a fireplace with your own hands, see the next video.

        Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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