Advantages and disadvantages of building a house of Lego bricks

On the construction of houses of Lego bricks there are many opinions.

Such construction attracts many, but so far there is practically no feedback, because it is rather scary to be the first to try to build such a house. After all lego brickAlthough it significantly reduces the time to build a house, it also takes a lot of money and effort.


Pluses when building a house made of Lego bricks:

  • impeccable appearance and simultaneous receipt of the lining during the construction of walls;
  • you can build houses of any complexity, make permanent formwork for monolithic columns, etc .;
  • fast and accurate masonry;
  • the possibility of laying inside engineering communications;
  • cost-effective masonry (using special glue).

Ideal option - use of a brick of Lego as facing of the building.

 Lego brick house construction


  • untested technology;
  • the lack of GOST, uniform standards for production, which makes it difficult to be confident in the quality of purchased bricks.

The way out is to give a brick for examination before buying or to buy only from reliable suppliers.

The main characteristics that you need to know during the examination:

  • strength;
  • density;
  • frost resistance.

If you take into account these factors and get recorded and documented results that will be suitable for your climate zone, you can safely buy such a brick and build.

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 Lego brick for building a house

The next point, which is strongly questioned, is laying brick on glue. This technique, of course, significantly reduces costs and construction time, but later can cause various structural deficiencies. That is why often at construction rods are inserted into the holes - a special guide wire for stability and rigidity, and all this is poured with concrete.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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