How to choose the equipment for the production of "Lego" bricks?

ABOUT brick production "Lego" we wrote in another article.

Now we will consider the most important factors influencing the quality of Lego bricks. They are:

  • machine pressure;
  • matrix quality;
  • electronic sensors that analyze the size of the produced brick.

The pressure of the machine must be at least 130 kg / cm2, those. a machine with a single die of size 12 * 24 cm. must have a pressure of at least 30 tons.

 Lego brick machine

The walls of the matrix should be of metal with a thickness of at least 20 mm. Pay attention to its strength, otherwise the abrasive will destroy it in just a few days of work.

Matrix quality play a very important role, because the Lego brick is placed on each other, and any error can lead to the fact that the wall will be constructed incorrectly.

 Lego Brick Matrix

Availability of electronic sensors It is very important because it is very difficult to understand the difference in the height of the product manually. These sensors control not only the thickness of the brick, but also the depth of the backfill of the raw material.

 Machine with sensor for lego bricks

Machine productivity

When calculating a business plan, one of the key points is the correct calculation of performance.

The theoretical (maximum) performance is many times different from that obtained in practice. So, if you purchase a low-power machine with a pressure of less than 30 tons with a capacity of 4 bricks per minute, you will receive that in 8-hour working day we will produce 1920 bricks.

 Productivity lego machine

In fact, even with the most efficient use of time, you will get about 400 bricks at the output, which is about 5 times less than the calculated performance.

This is due to the following factors:

  • Initially, when removing a brick from a machine tool, it is quite fragile, so it takes a lot of time to eliminate the defect. A failed brick is processed, which means the new mixture will be somewhat different in structure, and it will take time to adjust the machine further.
  • Employee rest time. Such mechanical work is exhausting, therefore, such downtime is necessary for full-fledged work.
  • The brick is laid on a special surface.And then, after drying out and partially gained strength, they are shifted to special pallets, which also takes time.
  • Also, time costs are spent on periodic cleaning of the matrix and its processing with an anti-stick composition, loading of raw materials and setting up the machine.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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