Brazier from a brick with his own hands

 Brazier from a brick with his own hands

Brazier made of brick - a special brazier for cooking kebabs, built of brick. A solid brazier made of bricks is often more functional and is used as a grill and barbecue, and often other dishes are cooked on it, even just preheating food. It is also an interesting art object on a country site. Around such a facility is nice to gather a large company.

How to choose a place?

  • Do not forget that this structure is an object of increased fire risk. It should not be located near the house, wooden and other flammable outbuildings.
  • The building should not be too far from the place of rest.Ideal - near the gazebo or near the summer kitchen. You can put a wide canopy, which not only protects the brazier from bricks from precipitation, but also covers a couple of benches and a table.
  • Be sure to arrange the site. There should not be flower beds or beds nearby, as the grass will simply wither away from the heat. It should consider a convenient approach, but rather a few. Nearby should not be located toilet and garbage containers.
  • If the wind is constantly blowing in one direction, make sure that the smoke does not fall into the windows of residential buildings.
 Brazier made of brick

What is needed for construction?

The best material to build - fireclay brick (stove). It withstands large temperature drops and does not collapse. As a solution for masonry use clay with sand. But it requires pre-soaking.

For a brick outdoor brazier, you need a good foundation, which means you need building material for the foundation (cement, sand, rubble stone, plywood or boards for formwork, reinforcement, stones and rubble).

You will also need metal corners, grilles, latches, iron sheet. If you plan to make a niche and workspace, then you need a stone worktop,doors can be made of wood or metal.

From the tools needed:

  • shovel;
  • Master OK;
  • level;
  • buckets for solutions;
  • concrete mixer or trough;
  • Circular Saw.

Be sure to develop a project or taken ready. According to it, it is not only convenient to perform work, but also to calculate the necessary amount of materials. A small supply never hurts, but large surpluses are useless.

 The appearance of the barbecue

Foundation casting

A stationary brick grill requires a foundation:

  • It is necessary to dig a hole in accordance with the size of the project.
  • Lay the bottom of the pit rubble stone with rubble, formwork is set (it is better to moisten it).
  • Next, the pit is filled with concrete mixture of cement and sand in a ratio of 1: 3, but in layers and laying of reinforcing mesh. Under no circumstances should the armature lie at the bottom of the pit. If the pit is small and the walls are smooth, then the formwork is not needed.
  • From above the foundation is covered with roofing material or a usual film.
  • When the weather is hot, to evenly dry the base, it is recommended to spray it with water sometimes. It takes 1-2 weeks for the concrete to grab and dry. Brick laying is carried out only after the foundation has completely solidified.
  • During this time, you can prepare a clay solution. In the tub, it is necessary to soak the clay for a week, stirring occasionally and adding water if necessary. Then add sand. A good solution of consistency resembles thick sour cream, it should be easily taken by hand and not spread.
  • Check the quality of the solution easily. To do this, mix a small amount of clay with dry sand. Roll it into a bundle with a diameter of 1 cm. It should not lose its shape, crack or spread.
 The foundation for the brazier
The foundation for the brazier is required, it is a responsible part of the work


The day before the brick is recommended to pour water or lower it for 20-30 seconds immediately before laying. This will provide better traction, and the material itself will not take moisture from the clay.

The order of the brick barbecue is shown in the following figure. If you want to draw your own order, then it is most convenient to do it on a piece of paper in a cage.

 brazier order
It looks like order brazier

The easiest way of laying brick for the brazier is to move each row to half a brick, then one or the other. Start laying the base should be from the corners to the center along the previously marked lines.Every 3 rows, make a check with a level and plumb, and also put a reinforcing mesh.

The first row of masonry, as well as the second, are made continuous. The basement can have different heights, depending on the project, and several compartments in which it is convenient to store firewood, charcoal, some utensils, etc.

Next, proceed to the laying of the firebox (central part).

For the brazier, you can use a pre-cast concrete base with reinforcement or lay it out of brick.

 Brazier Brazier

If the firebox is planned to be arched, it is used to circle. Between bricks left a gap of 1 cm. It is best to use chips for this. So you can evenly distribute the bricks. Only after this, the space is sprayed with water and filled with a solution. Circumference is left for 1-2 days.

 Brazier from a brick with a circle

From above, the firebox is covered with a reinforced concrete beam or iron corner. On the jumper on top is laid out another 1 row of bricks.

When laying it is recommended to leave small gaps, this will allow air to penetrate, and burning will be better.

If the brazier made of brick is planned to be used as a barbecue, then you need to think in advance about the place of installation of the grill. For this, small projections are made.The lattice itself is placed on the reinforcement rods embedded in the walls of the building. It is possible to make several protrusions in order to be able to place the grid on different levels.

Further wind walls are put and the smoke collector becomes. The pipe is attached to the supporting columns and gradually narrows. This is the simplest design. And to protect it from precipitation, a metal visor is installed above it.

In simple schemes of braziers made of brick, the pipe may be completely absent, as well as wind walls.

 Brazier made of brick

Trim and canopy

In order for the building to serve as long as possible, it is necessary to build a carport.

He might be:

  • common and cover the entire recreation area;
  • be directly above the brazier.

For this purpose, under the canopy posts, concrete bases are made or fixed to the base. The supports can be metal or wooden. In the latter case, according to the fire safety regulations, they must be no less than 16 cm from the structure and are treated with special antiseptics.

 Canopy on the grill

The roof for the canopy is made of absolutely any material. But if it is combined with the roof of the house and other outbuildings, the brick grill will harmoniously fit into the overall landscape.

The construction can be left as it is, only slightly passing through the grinding machine. Can be coated with special paints for brick ovens. It looks interesting decoration of decorative stone. You can also use a special plaster.

You can also use various decorative elements not only on the grill itself, but also on the doors of built-in wardrobes, shelves, etc.

Watch the following video where the process of building a brick barbecue is clearly shown.

Projects, schemes and drawings

There are many ready-made projects of braziers made of bricks, different in terms of complexity of execution, cost and decorative options. You can develop your own drawing based on existing schemes.

We present the brazier scheme, according to which it is easy to build a brazier from a brick with your own hands.

 The scheme of brazier brick

Usually the height from the ground to the brazier is defined as the distance from the level of the hand to the floor. If the owner is tall, then the firebox will be high enough. The width of the broiler does not exceed 30 cm, otherwise the standard skewer will simply fall into it. In length, most often it does not exceed 1 m, based on 10 skewers.

You can build a brazier of bricks with your own hands according to the next drawing.

 Drawing - a brazier of bricks
Perhaps this drawing will suit you more?

Another drawing and a real photo to it, step by step instructions on the construction of the brazier of brick.

 Step by step instructions for the construction of mangal
Step by step instructions for the construction of mangal

The easiest option

The easiest brick grill has only a plinth and a roaster, sometimes protrusions for the grill. It is not difficult to lay, it does not need a little space and materials. This will be an excellent option for barbecue to give a small company or a family of 4 people.

 Simple brazier made of brick
This is the easiest version of the brick grill

If you plan to build a solid structure, which could be used all year round, then put a fixed brazier of brick, complemented by wind walls and a chimney.

We recommend to watch the following video. It provides step-by-step instructions for the independent construction of the brick barbecue.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

Entrance hall

Living room